Liquid Rhythm is a wildly innovative beat generator, sequencer, and software MIDI controller. It's powered by a rhythm synthesis engine that gives you instant access to quadrillions of rhythmic patterns that can be manipulated with a comprehensive suite of MIDI effects called Molecule Tools.
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Data lansării: 28 mart., 2014

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Ce spun criticii

“Bound to rapidly become your go-to solution for beat construction”
DJ Times Magazine

“Opening the floodgates of beat heaven”
Electronic Musician Magazine

“Liquid Rhythm’s approach to beat programming is refreshingly original, and incredibly efficient”
Attack Magazine

Liquid Rhythm 1.4.5

We're excited to announce the latest release of Liquid Rhythm! Liquid Rhythm v1.4.5 features full compatibility with Cycling '74's Max 7.

Despre acest Software

Liquid Rhythm is a wildly innovative beat generator, sequencer, and software MIDI controller. It's powered by a rhythm synthesis engine that gives you instant access to quadrillions of rhythmic patterns that can be manipulated with a comprehensive suite of MIDI effects called Molecule Tools. Paint drum patterns using a palette of note clusters that provide new visualizations for MIDI data, make beats using multi-sample drum instruments or your own samples, and run it standalone or integrate into your workflow through VST/AU/RTAS/Max for Live.

Key Features

Accent Modifiers
Accent Modifiers target the velocity and groove of notes; basically the things that make music not sound like renegade robots hijacked your studio and started making music. You can think of Accent Modifiers as avenues to humanize your beats and free them from totalitarian robotic rule.

BeatBuilder: BarForm List
When you’re creating a drum track, the Beat Builder is your best friend. By default, it’s a really straightforward look at some commonly occurring patterns for whatever instrument you have selected. For example, if you’re working on a snare instrument, the Beat Builder will instantly highlight snare-specific patterns you can insert into regions with one click.

BeatBuilder: BeatForm Sequencer
A regular sequencer loops one or two bars and you input notes one at a time. The BeatForm Sequencer takes that model to the next level: Each space in the sequencer can hold one or more notes, up to six. You can think of the spaces in the BeatForm sequencer as placeholders for groups of notes. All it ever takes is one click in the BeatForm Sequencer to get a cluster of notes in any given space.

The BeatWeaver Rhythm Synthesizer can be an intimidating mass of information to negotiate through. That’s why the developers at WaveDNA built the BeatSeeker, an intelligent algorithm that highlights the most commonly occurring patterns for whatever instrument you’re working on. Our team of astute scientists studied several hundred songs from a variety of genres to ensure its accuracy.

In-Line Editing
Liquid Rhythm’s Pencil and Paint tools turn the Arranger into something it should always be– a Canvas. Rhythm is art, your screen is an easel, and these are the tools of your trade.

Media Library
Liquid Rhythm features a handful of distinct kits, each mapped to the General MIDI standard of percussion (which is a fancy way of saying that when you hook up your MIDI drum pad, everything will work just the way you’d expect it to). There are six electronic kits:

  • DnB
  • Dubstep
  • HipHop
  • House
  • Techno
  • Trance

...and four acoustic kits:

  • Acoustic
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Soul

The Music Molecule
The Music Molecule is a new representation of MIDI. More importantly, it’s a simpler and more musical representation of MIDI. Unlike traditional MIDI editors, Liquid Rhythm doesn’t require you to have any theoretical understanding of music or the piano. It’s our way of grouping notes together in a 4/4 bar to let you actually paint entire bars of music onto your arranger.

Integrate Liquid Rhythm into your studio setup using our VST/AU/RTAS plugins. Check out for more compatibility details!

Max for Live Liquid Rhythm Patch
Liquid Rhythm features an exciting new integration system for Ableton Live users: Liquid Rhythm’s powerful MIDI sequencing and editing tools can be used to create and remix MIDI patterns directly in Ableton Live clips. As you jump clip-to-clip in Ableton Live, Liquid Rhythm automatically displays the MIDI contents of each selected clip and Drum Rack information of each track.

  • Speed up the creation of rhythm tracks in Ableton Live clips.
  • Integrate with Ableton Drum Racks.
  • Create and remix MIDI patterns in Ableton Live clips.
  • Implement your rhythmic ideas into the MIDI clip piano roll instantly.
  • Build beats entire bars at a time.
  • Use your own samples to create truly original beats.
  • Experiment with variations and alternatives to your drum patterns, all in real-time.
  • See relationships between notes in your MIDI clips with Liquid Rhythm’s Music Molecule MIDI visualization technology.
This integration is only available when using Liquid Rhythm with Max for Live in Ableton Live 9 Suite. Additionally, Max for Live 6.1.6 is required for Ableton Live Clips Editing.

Purchasing Liquid Rhythm on Steam will result in the software ONLY working with the Steam platform running on your computer. If you wish to transfer your license to use Liquid Rhythm outside of Steam there will be a $30 USD fee, please contact

Cerinţe de sistem

Mac OS X
    • SO: Windows Vista
    • Memorie: 2 GB RAM
    • Rețea: Conexiune broadband la internet
    • Stocare: 500 MB spațiu disponibil
    • Placă audio: ASIO or WDM compatible sound device recommended
    • SO: Windows 7
    • Memorie: 2 GB RAM
    • Rețea: Conexiune broadband la internet
    • Stocare: 500 MB spațiu disponibil
    • SO: OSX 10.7.5
    • Memorie: 2 GB RAM
    • Rețea: Conexiune broadband la internet
    • Stocare: 500 MB spațiu disponibil
    • Memorie: 2 GB RAM
    • Rețea: Conexiune broadband la internet
    • Stocare: 500 MB spațiu disponibil
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80 din 85 oameni (94%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
O persoană a considerat această recenzie amuzantă
2.4 ore înregistrate
Postat: 27 iunie, 2014
Ok I'm gonna do a pro's and cons style review of this software.

We'll start with the pro's..

Its really easy to pick up and you can create any kind of beat you want with it. You can use any sample you want to create a drum or instrument with. Which gives you the ability to make truelly unique sounds and beats. The standalone is really awesome to work with. And you can come up with unique beat in minutes. If you know what your doing(which doesnt take much learning) you can come up with some really awesome stuff. You can get any style beat you want out of it. Whether your looking for hip hop, rock, dubstep, or really fast heavy metal with double bass and hard hitting snares.. it is all completely 100% achievable with LR. The only limitation in that area is your imagination and your ability to create samples.

Now the cons..

First off the biggest downfall of Liquid Rhythm is it is specifically designed to work with Ableton Live. So if you dont have Ableton Live the VST portion is really irritating to work with in any other DAW... I use Sonar X3. For instance most drum/beat VST have a built in loop to make it easier to refine certain parts of your beat. With the Liquid Rhythm VST you have to use the one that comes with your DAW and it is extremely frustrating and I feel makes the VST nearly useless. The standalone has a built in loop I have no idea why they dont keep it in the VST.

The support isnt very good for Liquid Rhythm especially if you dont have Ableton Live, it takes them a long while to get new updates onto Steam, and since I've bought this software it seems every update only adds to more functionality with Ableton Live adding very little for people who use other DAWs.

There is a bug that really hurts the VST that should have been fixed long ago but still has not been. You can't set each drum track to its own track within your DAW. The options are there to do it but it doesnt work. I have reported this bug and so have others. It doesnt cripple the vst or anything but it does make it a lot more time consuming to properly record a beat than it should be. The only way to successfully record each drum/instrument on its own track for proper mixing is to completely build your whole beat within the VST. When finished mute all instruments except for one and record them one at at a time. Doesnt sound like a big deal but if you've got a 5 minute song and your beat within LR consists of 15 instruments.. multiply 15 times 5 minutes per instrument... Thats 75 minutes or an hour and 15 minutes just to record a 5 minute beat(of course it will take more time than that as you have to create a new track and set the track you want to record on which will take a minute or two extra for each instrument). When you get that done you still have to take the time to mix it all. This bug may only be in Sonar X3 but if I remember right people with other DAWs were reporting the same trouble.

The DLC. I feel some of them should be part of the standard version like the randomizer and groovemover. It is completely functional without them but a randomizer should be standard equipment for any drum/beat plugin/software.

I really wish Steam had a thumb sideways, as I dont want to give it a thumbs down or up. It may look like I had more bad than good to say about it, but the way I feel about it is the Standalone is awesome, you can come up with a totally unique beat in just minutes and just keep adding to it. But the VST I feel is just so horribly integrated with your DAW it will make you want to pull out your hair before you get a complete beat done with it. This probably isnt the case with Ableton Live but a lot of people choose to use other DAWs like Sonar, FL Studio, and Pro Tools..

Another thing that I find really irritating about the VST is the VST still kind of runs as a standalone it is not brought up within your DAW like most other VST's. Its brought up in its own seperate window. So you have to work within two seperate windows. Most VSTs you have them both right in front of you. With LR you have to constantly maximize and minimize between your DAW and LR.

Long Story short the Standalone is awesome, but the VST is just a pain to work with.

If you are wanting a fun Standalone Software to create beats, then by all means buy it. But if your wanting a good addition to your plugin library, then steer clear if you arent using Ableton Live.

I'm going to give this a thumbs down. As I cant say its a practical VST to buy if your a serious producer. I will gladly change it to a thumbs up if they start making it more useable within other DAWs.
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64 din 82 oameni (78%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
23.8 ore înregistrate
Postat: 31 martie, 2014
This is an revolutionary program for anyone interested in Music creation. I don't need a drumkit or a midi keyboard to create professional sounding loops for many different genres! Once you try this approach you won't be able to do it any other way without feeling like your wasting time. Also the Dev Teams really support the product well, replies to emails arrive within a day and they've got a good set of videos for learning how to use it.

Works well with whatever DAW you might be using and theres even videos on how to integrate with many of the big ones.

P.S. If your finding the program is slow to start there are a number of FAQs regarding audio drivers etc. For me I had to choose wait for audio engine to start a couple of times and it worked.
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15 din 16 oameni (94%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
13.8 ore înregistrate
Postat: 26 iunie, 2014
The controls are very simple, all the tools are understandable even for a novice like me.
Btw the random generator is simply amazing! But yea, most of beat makers are actually straightforward and beat programming has no shortage of tools.

I've tested the demo for weeks before buying. I really liked how the patterns are displayed and notes can be easily edited, this is where I think LR shines.

It seems they will add new features in DLC model. The complete pack can have these extras without any fees. Upgrades are the main reason which convinced me to pay a little more. The -35% for each extra (summer sales) made the bundle cost less than 50% in complete pack, leaving the full package with the best cost/benefits.

Some tips for Windows users:
Update Java to latest version: 'Java 7 Update 60' (for both x86 and x64 versions)
and force run with admin rights: Right click -> 'Properties', at 'Compability' tab settings: 'Run this program as an administrator'

optional (recommended to install it once with admin rights):

Also I recommend to disable Steam Overlay, it creates a copy of toaster popups in every damn LR window =_=
At Steam's 'Library' -> 'All Software', right click on 'Liquid Rhythm' and select 'Properties', uncheck "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game".

I hope they release Linux version at Steam.
(ew Java sucks, specially on Windows... geez)
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9 din 10 oameni (90%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
19.0 ore înregistrate
Postat: 7 septembrie, 2015
theres only one mabey two`` things i will say about this and it really is a good bit of software,, but every time i use it i have to change things in the settings to hear it, everytime` please fix this,,
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8 din 9 oameni (89%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
O persoană a considerat această recenzie amuzantă
11.3 ore înregistrate
Postat: 22 septembrie, 2014
When I first started working with music making programs creating a nice drum line was the most difficult part. Other programs offered all the capabilities, but each program was like wandering a maze at night. Even with extensive tutorials online by both the creators and the various users whom used said programs. It still took at least an hour for me to even begin to create a simple drum line, and when I had finally figured out the controls I had lost interest in the drum line I was thinking of. When I finally stumbled upon this program I couldn’t believe my eyes. I quickly installed the demo and from there on I was in love. Everything was so simple! No more maze like interfaces, no more having trouble getting the correct timing, no more problems! I still cannot believe how easy this program is to use! Sure it’s not as advance, but who gives a flying f%^k when you can easily create a beat in as much as five minutes. As a musician with no drum capabilities, or the space to own a midi drum set if I wanted; this program resolves all those issues. Now I can (in less than five minutes) open up this software and create a very catchy beat. I highly recommend this software to anyone interested in music (particularly the drum aspect).
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