In the year of 18XX, the west is overrun by thugs and outlaws. A group of bandits have kidnapped Mayor Johnsons daughter and are spreading havok across the land. Only Gunman Clive can bring order to the west and save the girl! Jump and shoot your way across 16 diverse and challenging levels and fight massive bosses.
User reviews: Very Positive (526 reviews)
Release Date: Jan 3, 2014

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“From start to finish, Gunman Clive is a fantastic platformer”
8.7 – IGN (3DS)

“the game is still a steal at $2. Fans of 2D action platformers need to check it out”
8 – Destructoid (3DS)

About This Game

In the year of 18XX, the west is overrun by thugs and outlaws. A group of bandits have kidnapped Mayor Johnsons daughter and are spreading havok across the land. Only Gunman Clive can bring order to the west and save the girl!

Jump and shoot your way across 16 diverse and challenging levels and fight massive bosses. Gunman Clive is an old-school sidescrolling platform game set in the old west with full 3D graphics and a unique artstyle.


  • Old school sidescrolling action
  • Full 3D graphics
  • Unique sketch shaded artstyle
  • 3 different playable characters
  • Dozens of different enemies
  • Epic boss battles
  • Supports Xbox 360 controllers

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: December 25, 2014
Gunman Clive is a pretty nice platformer though it has some flaws.

What i liked:

* Nice 3D feel book art graphics;
* Responsive and functional controls;
* There are some good level design ideas, like a big variety of moving platforms, enemy placements;
* Challenging;

What I didn't like:

*Sound effects and music. Music is very generic and seems like it was composed using Nokia 3310 sound sample library. Sound effects belong to an old NES space shooter;
* Enemies. I can understand outlaws and coyotes as enemies but ducks, bunnies and pelicans? Seriously?;
* No story. Who the hell is this Clive and why is he fighting ducks and bunnies?;
* Weapons and powerups. Same thing as with enemies. Restore your health by eating a slice of birthday cake. Why not beer, tabacco or anything else that should belong in a wild west based game. Also you can shoot lasers and bubbles;

Apart from things that I didn't like I still think that the game is worth it's price.
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Posted: February 3
I bought this game for Duck Mode.
Every game needs a Duck Mode.
Duck Mode = Instant 10/10.
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Posted: December 2, 2014
Gunman Clive is a beautifully simplistic platformer in a futuristic wild west setting featuring charming sketch like visuals and a great soundtrack. The controls are tight and feel precise, when matched with the fair platforming, creates a enjoyable experience. New elements are introduced every level, however many are gimmicks which only appear in their respective levels, due to this it should also be noted whilst playing the duck some of these gimmicks feel like a hinderance to play. Gunman Clive is very reminisant of Megaman and Donkey Kong Country as many of the levels feel similar to those I have played in the aforementioned games which I enjoyed. However whilst the game is great in all there are some issues; Difficulty only changes how much health/hits you can take whereas I feel the game would benefit more if it changes the levels or enemies. Whilst the game is indeed short, say 2hrs for your first run of every character combined, I wouldn't say it was repetative, each character handled slightly difficulty, where Clive was the standard character who was the all-round character, Ms. Johnston played a lot like Peach, where her jump has a extended reach thanks to the small float she recieves each jump. The duck was by far the most enjoyable to play as for me, it was more challenging due to the fact you had to avoid enemies rather than confront them. I would definitely recommend this to casual players and platform fanatics alike.

In Summary: 8/10 Great Purchase.
+ Stunning sketch like visuals,
+ Great soundtrack,
+ Tight, precise controls,
+ 3 different characters to play, most importantly a duck,
+ Platforming is fair.

- Not too long,
- Keys can't be rebound for controller, however can for keyboards,
- Some platforming elements are only gimmicks in a single level,
- Duck doesn't have an intro or ending sequence,
- The game can crash on occasion however this is rare.
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Posted: April 6
Your enjoyment of this game heavily depends on whether you liked NES platforming games, since Gunman Clive is highly reminiscent of those, albeit with better graphical assets among other things.

People usually compare this game to Mega Man, but it's really more similar to Ghosts and Goblins.

The setting is obviously that of the Wild West, and you're entasked with saving some lady, or something... The story is definitely minimal, so if you're expecting a narrative about life as a cowboy, you might be disappointed.

All the sounds and audio fit well in the game, although they aren't extremely impressive. One of my main complaints on this topic are that some of the music tracks are quieter than others. Ironically, the boss theme is the most silent of the bunch, which doesn't do the game any good.

Personally, I'm glad the graphics aren't 8-bit, since we already have enough of those types of retro platformers. This game has a rather pleasing art style, even though it is a bit simplistic, and the color palette consists of mainly brown (with the exception of enemies).

When playing the game, I found it to be difficult, but not agonizingly frustrating when playing on the highest difficulty. There are three difficulty settings, which only affect how much health you have. If you die, you'll be forced to restart the enitre level. Forutnately, each stage is only around a minute long, but that doesn't stop them from being challenging.

You won't be forced to restart the entire game when you run out of lives though, because this game doesn't abide by that common and annoying feature. You're able to select any level you've unlocked once you've beaten them.
For its price, Gunman Clive offers a decent amount of stages: 16 standard levels and 4 boss fight stages.
While the game doesn't introduce any unique gimmicks I haven't seen in a platformer before, it's a polished game and certainly fun to play.

There are power ups too, which you can find from killing the many enemies you'll encounter, or just stumbling upon them on the ground. These are just different types of guns, and the occasional healing item.

One thing I highly appreciate about this game is that it retains the quirkiness of old video games. You'll have to fight pelicans, eat cake to restore your health and even travel to the moon near the end of the game.

It also carries a great amount of replayability. You can earn achievements for completing all of the levels quickly, or without suffering from any injuries. There are also two characters you can choose from: Clive, and the... one lady... (who plays much differently).

Most importantly, once you complete the game for the first time, you unlock duck mode. While being a duck, you can't attack, but get a jump boost to compensate. Boss levels don't appear here since ducks are extremely useless in combat situations. By the way, this is much more challenging than playing as anyone else, although it's not entirely apparent in the beginning areas.

It's basically a pacifist run of the game, except you can't change your mind half way through because you get annoyed at dying a lot.

  • It's a retro platformer, but not a poorly made one. The graphics are also of a unique style.
  • It made me hate pelicans and ducks, but taught me that large beaks are a great place to store explosives.
  • There's a lot of replayability.
  • The level design is well thought out.

  • The music tracks don't have a consistent volume.
  • The second boss (the train), makes all the other bosses in the game look stupid in comparison.
  • Nothing extremely unique is included here, with one exception.
  • No controller support.

7.5 / 10
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Posted: May 2
Please understand that I am NOT the best reviewer for a platformer like "Gunman Clive". I haven't played platformers much since about 1991, when the platformers of the time, with their extreme precision jumps and shots, never varying even an iota, created a feeling of a Holy Grail Quest that lasted long into the night. Now the term "platformer" is VERY different, with things like FPS platformers. Say WHAT!?

Gunman Clive. First off, I paid 99 CENTS for it, mainly because of the art. That and the incongruous images on the Store Page. Cowboys and space flight?! Sure, why not when the possibilities of that concept are nearly endless. The idea of cowboys firing ray guns from hover platforms is hard to turn one's back on, especially with such AMAZING, yet simple, art. And then one starts to play....

The right hand moves, the left jumps and shoots (so far, at least on a keyboard.) That's all you need to know. Part of the reason I now avoid platformers is some physical issues. This is not a "jumping" game. THANK YOU! Yes, you jump, and some are quite precise, but not while shooting, and flipping. while cooking an omlet and reading Moby ♥♥♥♥. But that's not what this game's really about. The jumps are generally harder to MISS than to achieve. A player starts by searching for a kidnapped farmer's daughter, or some such, as either a cowboy named Gunman Clive. (Why not the more aliterative "Cowboy Clive" is a mystery) or a "Ms. Johnson", presumably the victim's mother. (VERY nice touch. I rather more enjoy the female character, with her dress-induced mincing steps, and her frequent floating to the ground, as result of said dress inflating.) A player has a choice of 3 skill levels. I haven't tried the hardest, but it seems as though the difference in the first two is mostly the amount of life one has. It's just you and you trusty 1,000 shooter. (Or some such.) You're attacked by cowboys, wolves, bunnies, ducks... Yes, ducks, too low to the ground to shoot. Usually. Sometimes shooting something results in "birthday cake" health, which shrinks in size and finally vanishes if you don't reach it in time. Or (naturally!) one of a selection of ray guns. Unfortunately, the ray gun is as hard to hold onto as it is (usually) valuable in battle.

It's true (at least for me) that some sections between save points must be played dozens of times. While this might be a dealbreaker in some games, not with Clive. Things change. A cowboy with a gun before now throws dynamites(sic), and he's GOOD! But maybe shooting him will produce a piece of cake or a ray gun. Nothing is ever exactly the same, but similar enough to encourage progress with most attemps. The differences are certainly enough to keep the game from getting boring, or excessively frustrating. The good news about achievements: GC has them. The bad news: you aren't likely to see any of them.

Hopefully this review will grow with time. I've not gotten far yet, primarily on middle skill level. If you'll excuse me, I really MUST get back to the game....
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Posted: March 17
Remember those very old games you had on your old cellphone? Remember the one with the snake, the one with the airplane, the one with the spacecraft? Even though, of course, this game has graphics that are different from those cellphone games, it kinda reminds me of then. It kinda reminds me of hours and hours I spent in my first cellphone, draining the battery by playing these sort of games. It kinda reminds me of when there weren't any games with good graphics and people still had loads of fun. It kinda reminds me of youth. And anyone of us, every once in a while, like to remember our youth.

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Posted: December 21, 2014
I only played first ten level when writing this review. Ok, my first impression is this game does have Megaman classic feeling (NES era) uses 3D with fancy pencil shading like valkriya chronicle use. Music is just acceptable. Level design is good. Grab it while it's less than a buck :)
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Posted: April 6
Playtime: 1h45m (Online + Offline)

Wow, Gunman Clive suprised me. Smooth controls, an enjoyable to the eye art and a pleasant soundtrack all in a game that only costs 2 euros. Replayability is not much but the "duck mode" you unlock after beating the main segment is rather interesting - shame it goes through the same levels - or else I would complete it. Totally recommend it though!
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Posted: March 29
Its a very good game, for being made by one person its great but the biggest problem it suffers from is simply being unfair at parts. Another game like this is Ninja Gaiden of course Ninja Gaiden is alot more unfair but at parts you might being to rage abit. I feel abit more play testing may have helped this problem or maybe its supposed to be a learning experience but I feel if its the latter of the two a checkpoint would be nice

Even with the problem its worth it
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Posted: February 20
it's cowboy mega man. it's AWESOME!
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Posted: May 11
Gunman Clive was a game that I had owned on my 3DS when it launched, however when the Steam Holiday Auction happened, I went to go see what games were very low on bids before the event closed for the day. I just happened to see this game that I never knew was on Steam.

Gunman Clive is an old-school style Run n' Gun game very similar to games such as Mega Man, set in the old west in the days of the cowboys. Your overall mission of the game is to save the maiden and defeat her kidnapper.

+ Great soundtrack.
+ Solid gameplay (Easy to move around and fire your weapon).
+ Vast array of different weapons that drop from enemies (Reminds me of Contra).
+ Levels are short and provide a good challenge (Great for speed running, not great for people looking for a longer game).
+ Great visuals, hand drawn artstyle really fit the game.

- More of a personal thought, I felt this game took too much inspiration from games like Mega Man, such as stage elements.
- Game is pretty dang short. The normal game itself is only about a hour long and even with other modes, 100% this game will only take you up four hours max. In the main game, there are only 20 levels.

Final Thoughts:
~ Game has great features such as its soundtrack, gameplay, and visuals. However, the game's only has one standout problem, the Length. However, for it's cheap price, this game is a must have. I can only hope Gunman Clive 2 comes to PC.

Final Score: 8.5/10
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Posted: May 3
The game tries very hard to mimic Megaman, and it works at times. But the slippery and slow controls, much more slippery or slow than many of the Megaman games are, make the game very hard (or frustrating/cheap) to play. The levels are designed very well for a 2 dollar game, but its controls definitley need to be touched up.
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Posted: January 15
Review in English and Spanish / Revisión en Inglés y Español

A nice 2D Side-plataformer-Shooter with Simple but charming graphics, aceptable sound track and sounds and a enjoyable level of challenge. In some way, the gameplay makes me remember the gameplay of the olds Megaman from the NES.

The game is around 30 minutes long to clear the campaing, the duration can be prolonged if you want to try to do the achivments, speedruns, trying to clear the game in the less time or without taking damage.

Un bonito juego de plataformas en 2D con simple pero encantador apartado visual, aceptable apartado sonoro y un disfrutable nivel de reto. De cierta manera, las mècanicas del juego me hacen recordar los Megaman del NES.

La campaña del juego es aproximadamente de 30 minutos, la duración puede ser prolongada si quieres tratar de hacer los logros, speedruns, pasarte el juego en el menor tiempo posible o sin daño.
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Posted: January 3, 2014
Here's a review after finishing the game with both the main characters and trying the third, hidden one.

TL:DR? Challenging 20 levels of platforming with wild west style. Like Megaman, if you're familiar with those.

Gunman Clive is a short but challenging platformer of minimalistic but nevertheless adequate graphics. There are three playable characters, one of which you have to unlock, each with their special skills. There are about 20 levels, every 5th of which is a boss battle. They take you through the wild west and the story hilariously hyperboles towards the end.

Levels are sidescrolling action that last only a minute or so per stage. However, they're also quite challenging, requiring multiple tries to get through. Bosses have anywhere from 2 to 4 different attack types. Challenge rises from the low health of the player who can take only two hits before dying (on Hard difficulty) and also from death falls and insta-kill spikes of certain levels. Obviously, once you get familiar with the game it becomes a lot easier to avoid enemies and go through the previously difficult spots. Warning though if you're easily irritated, you might get momentarily frustrated with some spots.

After a while the game begins to resemble very much the Megaman games of NES. While you have infinite ammo, your rate of fire is limited by your weapon. Many features of the levels from enemies to obstacles also resemble Megaman, from moving platforms to appearing and disappearing blocks to alternating gravity and wind machines. Admittedly, these features are part of virtually any decent platformer, which this one certainly is. There are also a couple of special levels with slightly different moving capabilities akin to Gradius (continuosly moving, sidescrolling shooter) and just about any sidescroller with rideable minecarts.

I hope I'm not spoiling too much if I reveal that the third character is unlocked after finishing the game first and is a duck that can't attack, only fly short distances. This game mode is also a bit more difficult because of these limitations. Because of this there are also no bosses in this mode for obvious reasons and it is basically a different game altogether. This mode is very challenging to complete perfectly, adding several hours of play time to the game.

For such a small price this is a good platformer, maybe even too cheap for its content, for now it's like on a permanent discount. I hear it has been first released on 3DS, now rereleased on Steam with achievements. These are of the speed-run, no-damage run types with different characters. They can be quite difficult, though you can do the no-damage and speed-runs separately. The most difficult one is the one requiring completion of the game without dying. There are two versions of this achievement, one for the initial characters and another, probably more difficult one for the duck. I have yet to get all the achievements.

Some people seem to have become upset because of some "misogynistic content". Myself, I found this concern hilarious. You can play either as the guy or the girl and save the other one. This is the incentive for the story. It isn't very original but the story isn't exactly the reason to play this game: it works splendidly for what it is.
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Posted: November 2, 2014
You could buy Gunman Clive or a large soda and trust me this game is much better than a large soda.
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Posted: January 3, 2014
Originally available on the 3DS as well as the iOS and Android, Gunman Clive is now (finally) available through Steam. Gunman Clive was a nice short little platformer with (what I thought) were some pretty smooth/minimalistic visuals and a not-to-shabby soundtrack (I'll be honest, it wasn't really my taste - but that doesn't mean I didn't like it by any means). The gameplay itself was pretty fun - the game's comprised of a total of 20 levels (4 of which are boss levels), 3 unlockable characters followed by a moderately high replay value; the game itself is also slightly challenging if you're trying to go for speed-runs or higher difficulty settings. For a full price of $2, this game was a pretty fun time-filler (took me about 20-30 minutes to complete it the first time around, but I'm not stopping there). Methinks you'd like this game if you are at least somewhat a fan of platformers or if you ever liked the first Megaman games (as it shows many similarities between the 2).

My rating - 9.3/10. Definitely consider getting it. Heck, think about it even if you don't like platformers, especially since it's so fracking cheap.

Also, if you're on Windows you may want to try to get a free demo off of Desura. They also have a Mac-friendly version there as well.
I've tried looking for demos compatible with both Mac and Linux, but I can't seem to find anything.... (I believe Linux is generally unsupported in in this case, but don't quote me on that.)

[Edit]: It seems the review is getting some negative feedback for one reason or another... What do you think I can do/mention to help make this a more helpful review for others?
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Posted: January 3, 2014
Charming coloring book visuals with all the simplicity of an early NES game. Specifically, it plays like Megaman, with some enemies' functions and patterns lifted right out of it, despite the wild west setting. All you do is run, shoot sideways, jump, and climb ladders. Bosses are pretty strait forward with highlighted weak spots and life meters. 90% of the audio is the subtle soundtrack, while the effects are extremely soft. A good standard $2 price tag on this one.
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Posted: January 3, 2014
There's not much more one can say about Gunman Clive other than that it's a fairly simple, two-button arcade-length action platformer with a fun little western presentation. There's a pretty good variety in terms of enemy designs, stage gimmicks and layouts, and boss enemies, and a decent selection of randomly dropped gun power-ups from enemies to mix things up here and there. Replay value lies solely in the Steam Achievements and personal satisfaction if that's your thing, and are aimed more toward hardcore goals such as finishing stages under par-times, without dying, and under certain circumstances which can only be unlocked by completing the game once.

What Gunman Clive presents is utterly simple, but it's executed well enough to bet that you'll have a pretty good time with it if you're into older-school games like Contra and Mega Man. You could really do a lot worse for the couple bucks this one's going for.
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Posted: January 4, 2014
Gunman Clive is a throwback to the old NES Mega Man games. In fact I often joke that Clive might have been Dr. Light's great great great grandfather.

The game is indeed short, but the price for such a short game is fitting.

Some may not like the coloring of the game, but I think it was a style choice given the old west theme. It didn't seem to bother me, but I'm sure some would disagree.
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Posted: November 26, 2014
One Sentence
A nice run and gun platformer with heavy mega man influence and some creative boss design.

A Bit More
The sound effects are probably the weakest part of the game while the music is excellent.
The game starts pretty easy and the difficulty ramps up almost too quickly into some really interesting platforming segments rather than just the run and gun of the early levels. Enemies are kind of lack luster but the tough platforming segments in the end are worth sticking around for if you are into those kind of things (there's a VVVVVV tribute as well)

Bottom Line
Worth the 1.99$ and I think it's a nice addition to any platformers fans.

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