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Krever hovedspillet The Maw i Steam for å kunne spilles.

Utgivelsesdato: 16 Mar 2009
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Merknad: Dette nedlastbare innholdet krever spillet The Maw for å fungere.

Nedlastbart innhold

Krever hovedspillet The Maw i Steam for å kunne spilles.

Kjøp The Maw: River Redirect

Pakker som inkluderer dette spillet

Kjøp The Mawesome Pack

Inkluderer 4 objekter: The Maw, The Maw: Brute Force, The Maw: River Redirect, The Maw: Speeder Lane

Om spillet

In this "deleted scene" from The Maw, raging fires block Frank and Maw's way, but with the powers of the Gastro and Puff-tor creatures, they change the course of a river and reopen their path. This part of the story takes place after the Looferland level.

  • Brute Bounty Hunter, introduced in the Brute Force DLC
  • New puzzles
  • New achievement
  • New cinemas
  • Uses the powers of Gastro and Puff-Tor creatures

To access this content in-game once you've purchased it, launch The Maw, select Play Game, then Load Level. The River Redirect deleted scene is inserted into the storyline after the Looferland level of The Maw.

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