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Crashed and alone on a world mankind tried to leave behind, Darkout challenges players to survive on Illuna, in harsh, procedurally generated biomes, utilizing the game’s sandbox features to build shelters, craft weapons, and research new technologies. You are not alone.
Release Date: Dec 4, 2013
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“Darkout is an enjoyable experience that is truly immersive as it is beautiful”
8/10 – GamingBolt

“To those people who enjoy to build and survive, this game will not be one that disappoints.”
4/5 – OnRPG

“This is one of the latest iterations in sandbox gaming with several mechanics that improve the genre. It’s not a clone of a preexisting game and it presents some unique features that gamers will come to love”
B – Gamefob

Steam Greenlight

About the Game

Crashed and alone on a world mankind tried to leave behind, Darkout challenges players to survive on Illuna, in harsh, procedurally generated biomes, utilizing the game’s sandbox features to build shelters, craft weapons, and research new technologies.

You are not alone. Light-sensitive creatures prowling the landscapes become most active at night and in a world shrouded by clouds the security of day will never come, instead, twilight periods allow players minor security to explore, rebuild, and gather resources.

Darkout’s deep history manifests itself through logs left behind by others, some recent, while others hearken back to long-extinct natives of Illuna, offering glimpses into what events led up to the pandemonium that now persists.

How will you survive?

Welcome to Darkout – Stage 1

What is stage 1?

Thanks to everyone’s feedback and a year of Beta the game is finally in a place which we can consider the base version of Darkout, Stage 1.

From this point on we will expand on the universe, Biomes, Gameplay, Items, etc.

We currently have 3 more Key stages planned and will reveal all the details of these plans as we develop the game further, not unlike our predecessors in the Sandbox genre.

In-between the stages we will also have some mini updates as needed :)

Stage 2 – 4 will contain
  • More Story
  • Why are you here and what is really going on? All this will be revealed as Each stage contains a new act for the storyline
  • More Biomes
  • Underwater Biome, Sky Base, Feral Jungle, etc
  • An End Game
  • Fix the Ship or Illuna? Only time will tell
  • More enemies
  • The Penguin Drones
  • More bosses with each Stage
  • Survivors
  • Dead, alive, evil, good?
  • Underground Bunkers / Labs
  • Unique treasures, enemies, stories
  • Vehicles
  • Sub, Mech, and?
  • Weapons, Devices, rewards, achievements, etc!
  • Multiplayer
  • Alpha/Beta in Stage 2
  • Beta to Completion in Stage 3

To know more about the current version of the game and future additions planned please read the post here: http://www.darkoutgame.net/index.php?threads/darkout-steam-release-dec-4th.3151/

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 1.3 Ghz or Better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL Graphics card that can display at least 1024x768 res (Nvidia 8000 series or better)
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • Additional Notes: Latest OpenGL Drivers
Helpful customer reviews
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- UPDATED! I no longer recommend this game, don't waste your money on it's current state!
Updated Introduction and Summary sections! -

[ Introduction ]
My opinion about this game WAS very ambiguous: I couldn't say if it was worth buying or not. Now that I sinked in more hours to discover what the game's about, I must label it as DO NOT BUY.
The current major version of the game is 1.2 and there's too many bugs (including game breaking bugs), story progression is broken, and there are many unfinished features.

Hopefully the review below will shed light on people that haven't bought yet and are looking for an unbiased review (I'm not an early supporter nor an early hater).

[ Overview ] :
This game is a cross of Under the Ocean and Terraria.
It's graphical style is very cool, with nice looking objects, equipment, armor, bases and world.
Also, a non-blocky-pixel-sandbox is a great change.
You're dropped in a planet that is very dark and the days are very short. The darker it is, the more frequent are monster spawns and some can even get tougher if you fight them in the dark (no worries on that, though, since your armors have lights - once you get some energy storage equipment).
Note: I have no idea why a human ship is orbiting such planet and no idea why you crash land in a pod there.
You discover the backstory through datalogs you find during exploration.

[ Positive Points ] :
- Tutorial gets you through the basics, enough to move ahead.
- Non-blocky-sandbox.
- 3D characters on nice 2D environments.
- Tech-tree and rich crafting system comprised of resources and components. Your tools, equipment and armors aren't made only of metal ingots - sometimes you need to make secondary components like rubber and silicon, or more complex ones like a dynamo or motor. It is a fresh and interesting crafting and discovery scheme with great potential.
- Diverse lamps, technology, power and wiring makes base building look cool and planning ahead is necessary.
- Digging/mining spread of 3 blocks or 1 block, toggleable.
- When crafting or researching, the craft/research system takes resources from inside storage containers, like barrels and closets, so you don't have an inventory full of resources everytime you want to do something - you just have to be near your storage.
- Some itens takes time to crafting or research, which feels better than "instant crafting" in this case.
- Elevators, hover-platforms, switches, rifles..technology - nice features.

[ Negative points ] :
- ANOTHER game that puts "Survival" in it's description and features no survival at all. If "surviving" aggressive mobs is "survival", so all the games that feature aggresive AI is a survival game? There's no need for food, water or sleep, which made me wonder what's the fun in "surviving" an alien planet in this situation.
- Technical-wise, the game feels like a beta. It seems that every technical detail was made to annoy the player. If you keep autosave on, it will interrupt your game abruptly and prints a big "SAVING YOUR GAME" title every time it autosaves, it's terrible. Graphics can't be tuned at all (except toggling 5 or 6 options). This makes playing on older machines really hard or even impossible. Also, turning off dynamic shadows breaks the (bad) lighting system. Last but not least, the game can crash everytime you try to exit it - in my case, forcing me to CTRL-ALT-DEL my way out.
- Lighting system is weird (radius/spread/emanation) and annoying for a game that tries to be beautiful. It also doesn't look realistic - underground, you have to put way too many torches because of it.
- Performance can be bad for no reason in many situations, leaving me to believe the game isn't optimized at all.
- Movement system is annoying. Even if you tap a button, your character starts running, which looks bad and can give you many fall deaths (combine this with poor performance and autosave, guaranteed deaths).
- The music, initially "Okay", gets repetitive and annoying really quick, and the sound-effects sometimes are awkward or way too loud compared to other effects.
- Backgrounds look very ugly and out of place. Also, you can break very deep cave walls, and the background is usually a plain blue color that may or may not emanate light.
- Resource gathering and base-building takes a long time compared to other games.
- Research system feels weird: you waste the same resources to research a new item that you would use to craft it (also investing research points). It feels like a relabeled leveling system for crafting.

[ Summary ]:
Based on the points above, the game feels unfinished and lacking heart, which makes it, currently, a DO NOT BUY title. Plus, the devs had the boldness to launch it with no "Early Access" label.
It would show potential if it was a beta, but it seems the developers think it's safe to say it's an 1.0 (1.2 actually).
Even for 10$, it's not worth getting in this: no one should launch an unfinished, buggy and broken game with no warning about it.
If the devs leave it in it's current state, this will just be forgotten.
For your current sandbox needs, go for Starbound instead - even in BETA it's more finished, polished and stable.

I've ditched many hours and still haven't found what the game is about.
Don't waste your time.
Posted: December 12th, 2013
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After so many hours, I can not recommend this game in its current state. There is so many bugs, performance issues, partially implemented items, a broken story that it's just painfull to continue to play after a while, it's only a waste of time. Once the tech tree fully researched, the only interesting thing in the game is the story. But as it's implemented in the game it can take hours just to find a story log that simply ask you to find... another story log. I spent 20 hours just to find one and I still have to find 19 more to finish the story. It's just boring.

To be clear, this is not a bad game, there is some beautifful things in this game but do not expect a lot of replayability because the creative aspect is very limited. The devices, switches and lights are only cosmetics and are required only for the crafting system. You can build a nice shelter if you want, but it's really time consuming to search for the ressources. And since the last patch, as you need a lot of batteries, you will seek mainly copper to make these batteries to power your suit.

If you want to play this game, just wait until it's finished after the stage 4 because we really don't know how it will evolve in the future.
Posted: December 23rd, 2013
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I have been waiting for a year for this game to come out on steam ever since I played the Beta on a friend computer. It’s a great game to play while the internet is out. I quit enjoyed it. The game is 2 Dimension Platform where you can gather, mine, chop, farm and hunt for resources. Exploring new zones, finding rare artifacts in which I can use for research and development for advance weapons. Find clues on that has happen on the planet. I personally like how you can build your own base underground or outposts anywhere you want.

I would call it a chill out game for those nights you just want to take layback and take it easy.
Posted: December 4th, 2013
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Darkout presents itself as something that prides itself on being very close to Terraria or Minecraft, however, it has the unfortunate effect of feeling like a clumsy remake of an earlier Terraria build with "Hi-Def!" graphics slathered over the surface. Your character feels "floaty" and is prone to getting stuck, the enemies are sometimes so vague and non-chalant that you don't even realize they're enemies until they've started to attack, and at the very beginning of the game, I found I had to murder myself because I began skipping the never-ending slew of tutorial pop-ups, only to find out I can't progress without my (now unreachable) ship salvage.

It seems like there would be a promising game underneath the surface, but in its current state it's a muddled, hand-holding mess that relies extensively on the use of control-map tooltips to give some of the most basic information, and then entirely omits the simplest things, such as how to remove a placed object, or pick one up that you've (inevitably) accidentally dropped.

Riddled with odd typos, frustrating HUD, UI and crafting elements, Darkout feels bizarrely unfinished for a completed product, and plays more like an Early Access title. I still find myself desperately wanting to enjoy it, but buyer beware: This is not something that you'll find you can pick up and play without scouring through clunky tutorials just to figure out where they put that damned button.

If it's "Terraria in space!" you're looking for, just go invest your time in Starbound. This would have been an intriguing title had it come out a year or more ago, or had it more time to be polished into something that didn't require that you were all but forced to read in-game manual after in-game manual just to learn how to play the game, rather than the game teach you how its played in way that's more interesting than shoving your face in a textbook and inhaling.
Posted: December 4th, 2013
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Glad Darkout finally sees the light of day... or whatever passes for daylight on this dang shadow planet! Good to see Steam Greenlight in action. Great game so far. I've lost a lot of time with this already during the beta exploring and building my bases and spelunking into the depths of the world. I look forward to seeing this game evolve and expand in the future. There is so much room for expanding this game with more biomes and enemies in future patches.

Graphics are very nice to see in action. The lighting and fog is something you need to see in motion before it settles in just how dang atmospheric it all is! The game sure as heck does not look procedurally generated either. Nice terrain and deco that looks more akin to what you would expect from hand crafted levels in other 2d games. The list can go on for ages I am sure but I have not seen everything this game has to offer yet. I look forward to what’s in store!

The logs system reminds me of System Shock 2 and Unreal 1 with its story progression. It’s there for those folks that love their world and lore development, but not intrusive like so many other games these. Finding other abandoned camps and supplies in the world gives the sense that you’re always just one step behind some other survivors in the world.

I recommend this game for anyone that likes to build their worlds and get lost exploring alien landscapes. There is a cool, creepy, lonely atmosphere that keeps you wanting to see what is just over the next hill. Then again I’ve run back screaming to my base a few times with those bloody evil shadow wolves and their sonic howls…. Fun times!

Give this game a try and keep it installed. I think we are in for a fun ride this year if they keep it updated. Plus the future multiplayer alone will keep me coming back!

Now stop reading this and buy it already!
Posted: December 4th, 2013
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