Crashed and alone on a world mankind tried to leave behind, Darkout challenges players to survive on Illuna, in harsh, procedurally generated biomes, utilizing the game’s sandbox features to build shelters, craft weapons, and research new technologies. You are not alone.
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Release Date: Dec 4, 2013

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September 11

Darkout Patch 1.3 in Open Beta!

Hello everyone!

The testing phase is almost over on the latest patch but we need your help to make sure it is as solid as possible. Due to our limited resources we thought what better way to get the patch tested than in an open beta on Steam.

If you would like to get access to the latest content and don’t mind reporting any bugs and balancing issues found then simply follow the steps below and you will have instant access to patch 1.3 Beta.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make a backup of any and all Character and World files before applying the patch below as any corruptions cause due to unforeseen bugs may well be irreversible.

1. Launch Steam
2. Navigate to your Games Library
3. Right-Click on Darkout and select Properties
4. Select the BETA Tab
5. In the drop down list select patch_open_beta
6. Wait for it to update and you will be ready to play!

We've created a category to report bugs for the patch beta on our forums and on Steam. Please use them in order for us to keep the current public version and the beta version reports in order and things will progress much smoother with fixing them :)

Darkout Forums:
Darkout Forums Patch 1.3 Bug Reporting

And now on to the patch!

New Content!

You read that right! We’re very excited to announce the upcoming arrival of the newest and perhaps the most game changing patch in Darkout history!

Check out the details and images below (we aren’t including everything, because… well… sometimes it’s fun to find new content on your own, isn’t it?):

1. New Content:

- Storage Vault, holds 100 items

- New item and blueprint
- With GPS in inventory press "G" to get current position.
- Equip the GPS to get continuous position updates.

- place beacon and add description to mark a location or resource.
- Description in new PDM tab with Teleporters.
- Beacons within a certain range are marked on the radar.

- You can now place Teleporters
- Player invulnerable while still invisible during teleporting.
- There is a minimum and maximum range for teleporting.
- You have to wait 2min before you can teleport again.
- Teleporter uses Player energy during teleportation

- Turrets to defend your base
- Sign on turret if out of ammo
- Turrets use bullets or laser modules
- When destroyed drop any ammo still in magazine

- Attack lights and turrets
- Target search sequence - Turret, Player, Lights
- 20% chance enemy killed by turret will drop loot

(in future this will be expanded to enemies attacking blocks and other devices)

- Arrow drops to ground when it reaches range limit.
- Added Health Points for all Lights.
- New PDM tab - Radar shows Teleporters & Beacons close to the player position. Also lists all placed Teleporters and Beacons, left click on name in list to edit description.

2. Current Content

General fixes and tweaks
- Mining drop increase not applied to placed tiles.
- Quest - If tech level too low for next log will now display hint.
- Fixed a problem that may cause crashes when you kill an enemy.
- Check when craft item for the first time if it is a group item.

- Increased the range combinator will search containers for parts needed for crafting or research
- Changed some stack quantities to be multiples of craft quantity
- Added Tier level separator in the Research menu
- Fix to show quantity select in multiples of the craft quantities in the Crafting menu

Camps and Chests
- Placement rework - make containers more visible with lights and also remove the shrubs around it.

Relic gates
- Check all inventory slots to get total for item in inventory, and go thru all stacks to update total used.
- When purifying a gate, enemies spawn thru gate and not all over anymore

Big lab cabinet
- Increased size in world
- Increased inventory size to 30.
- You will have to research the new cabinet before you can craft it.

NOTE: When you pick up any existing Big Lab Cabinets they will convert to the new size when you place them again.

- cleaned up data errors caused by old bugs.
- Added icon for graves under Player
- Added count for Relic gates found and purified under Player list

We look forward to hearing back from those who opt in and help test the beta, with your help we hope to make sure we deliver as stable a patch as possible.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Team Darkout

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July 13

Darkout Patch 1.2.9 - Easy mode is here!

It is that time again, Patch!

Through your continued support and feedback we are able to bring yet another patch, so check out the latest patch for Darkout containing what we know quite a few have been waiting for, Easy Mode!

Game Easy Mode
- Day/Night = 65% / 35%
- Health + 50%
- Fall without injury distance + 30%
- Oxygen capacity + 20%
- Energy usage - 20%
- Weapon damage + 20%
- Harvest drops + 50%
- Mining drops + 50%
- Random item drop chance + 10%`
- Chests and crate drop items + 1

- Do not drop suits or equipment on death.

- Escape pod inventory different - will still be finalized - for now just increased bullets and torches
- Drops when harvest pod + 20%

Story quest line
- better detect if distress beacon placed so cubes do not decode as corrupted.

- more tweaks to stop killer elevator

Team Allgraf

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“Darkout is an enjoyable experience that is truly immersive as it is beautiful”
8/10 – GamingBolt

“To those people who enjoy to build and survive, this game will not be one that disappoints.”
4/5 – OnRPG

“This is one of the latest iterations in sandbox gaming with several mechanics that improve the genre. It’s not a clone of a preexisting game and it presents some unique features that gamers will come to love”
B – Gamefob

Steam Greenlight

About This Game

Crashed and alone on a world mankind tried to leave behind, Darkout challenges players to survive on Illuna, in harsh, procedurally generated biomes, utilizing the game’s sandbox features to build shelters, craft weapons, and research new technologies.

You are not alone. Light-sensitive creatures prowling the landscapes become most active at night and in a world shrouded by clouds the security of day will never come, instead, twilight periods allow players minor security to explore, rebuild, and gather resources.

Darkout’s deep history manifests itself through logs left behind by others, some recent, while others hearken back to long-extinct natives of Illuna, offering glimpses into what events led up to the pandemonium that now persists.

How will you survive?

Welcome to Darkout – Stage 1

What is stage 1?

Thanks to everyone’s feedback and a year of Beta the game is finally in a place which we can consider the base version of Darkout, Stage 1.

From this point on we will expand on the universe, Biomes, Gameplay, Items, etc.

We currently have 3 more Key stages planned and will reveal all the details of these plans as we develop the game further, not unlike our predecessors in the Sandbox genre.

In-between the stages we will also have some mini updates as needed :)

Stage 2 – 4 will contain
  • More Story
  • Why are you here and what is really going on? All this will be revealed as Each stage contains a new act for the storyline
  • More Biomes
  • Underwater Biome, Sky Base, Feral Jungle, etc
  • An End Game
  • Fix the Ship or Illuna? Only time will tell
  • More enemies
  • The Penguin Drones
  • More bosses with each Stage
  • Survivors
  • Dead, alive, evil, good?
  • Underground Bunkers / Labs
  • Unique treasures, enemies, stories
  • Vehicles
  • Sub, Mech, and?
  • Weapons, Devices, rewards, achievements, etc!

To know more about the current version of the game and future additions planned please read the post here:

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 1.3 Ghz or Better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL Graphics card that can display at least 1024x768 res (Nvidia 8000 series or better)
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • Additional Notes: Latest OpenGL Drivers
Helpful customer reviews
24 of 35 people (69%) found this review helpful
100.2 hrs on record
Written 09/25/2014

Technical Notes:
The game has a fairly good core, but is buggy (some bugs are even game stopping, like corrupted saves). In addtion parts of it is extremely grindy and unfun. It literally took me a day or two to find a single core I was looking for, and I needed 8. Additionally, some materials are so rare you will spend days looking for them.

Development Notes:
This game is extremely slow on releasing any patches (only one minor bug patch in a year). The community page and forums are mostly dead and the developer rarely releases any notes on what is going on. In fact it took quite some time for them to inform the community that they lost a core member of their team, were dropping multiplayer support. All and all the dev is extremely un-responsive to the community. The dev laid out a 3 stage content plan for the game. Stage 1 is not complete and baised off of the recent development woes I do not think they will be able to get out a stage 2 or 3.

I cannot recommend this game in its current state because it is rarely updated and the dev has terrible communication skills with their community. I would hold off several years before purchasing to give the dev time refine the game.
Posted: September 25
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
19.4 hrs on record
this game is amazingly hard but also completely immersive. Highly recomended
Posted: October 11
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0.2 hrs on record
Solid game. A bit slower paced than others of its type but very fun overall and has great atmosphere.
Posted: October 19
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.2 hrs on record
I honestly don't get the hate the game recieves. Crashes, Not Finished, Unplayable or outright crappy.

The crashes have apparently been fixed since i didn't experienced any and while it's out of EA, it is still not finished.
Only the 1. Stage has been finished, the other are coming soon. They are already working on new stuff (Next patch contains turrets, vaults, teleporters...).

It takes to develope these things since those are rendered as 3D models instead of sprites.

Overall, it's actually a beatiful game with a rather unique Darkness/Light mechanic.

Perhaps it could be less grindy and needs more content but so far i'm content.
Posted: October 17
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9.8 hrs on record
This review must start out by being rude. There is no way around it. Darkout is a shameless attempt at replicating the success of other crafting games, no doubt. However, as tempting it is to mock and jeer at posers leaching off of other people’s good ideas, it is quite difficult to keep up the scorn if they do such a good job at it that it sometimes eclipses the original source of inspiration while bringing up new ideas and bouts of creativity.

Darkout can easily stand on it’s own rather than being a game people only turn to when they can’t get access to other crafting games. It has a steep learning curve, but otherwise it has everything a crafting game needs; resources, blueprints and places to build to your heart’s content. It also has an odd focus on lighting as a play mechanic and power consumption, which is different than almost all the other crafting focused games, but the game's ambition also has its minor hiccups.

The basic idea is that the player is a futuristic survivor that crash landed a spaceship on a planet that becomes more dangerous the darker it is. The survivor's goals boil down to savaging his/her way off the planet by exploring it, cultivating it, and finding out what happened to the other survivors through traces they left behind. The game is almost spooky in this way and playing tag in the dark while aliens are trying to eat you can be thrilling, but the same clash of elements that make the game interesting can also give way to long boring stretches.

For instance, the games’ learning curve and complete lack of direction more or less haunts the player the entire game if they are new. While using your own smarts is most of the fun, there are times where a bit of direction is needed. The best examples of this are usually when there are obvious solutions to problems the game won’t allow for; The player starts with a gun and ammo and then runs out the first night only to be forced to discover by accident that only torches, not obvious deadly sharp things like your axe, can be used to beat monsters to death until enough points and materials are earned to make a sword and arrows. Other oddities such as the player will invent things that run on a power source before they know how to build a power source also exist causing unexplained confusion.

In conclusion, the when player is on the roll inventing and discovering in the right order Darkout flows perfectly and really adds to that sense of thrilling survival, but when something is thrown out of whack and the randomly generated world gives out some secrets before others sometimes the pacing grinds to a frustrating crawl that leaves the player digging for long stretches searching for that next blueprint or that one unique material that doesn’t seem to be anywhere. Pacing disruptions are it’s only real fault however, and the rest of the games seems to function well enough so there is no reason not to try it anyway. There is some great fun to be had here and players are encouraged to see it for it's own unique qualities.
Posted: October 4
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4 of 8 people (50%) found this review helpful
37.1 hrs on record
The Devlopers ALMOST finished this game before calling it a release version. Bugs (Mostly annoying rather than actually game breaking) can make this a frustrating experience. Still I did enjoy some of my time here, and there is enough that it might entertain you to get value when it's on sale. I would not recommend full price for this.
Posted: September 25
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34.6 hrs on record
ARGH. Darkout frustrates me. So. Much.

Is it frustrating to play? OH YES. But that isn't what frustrates me. No, what makes me gnash my teeth is that in the grim and filthy world of Darkout, there's a little gem trying to shine its way into existence. At the heart, Darkout is a Terraria-like crafting action game. The platforming action is so-so. It's not as polished as I would desire, but it's workable.

There's crafting, and that's well done. Your crafting devices are even smart enough to pull materials from nearby chests, which something every damned Minecraft-y game should copy. Right now. (Really, why do I have to juggle around 20+ items in and out of my inventory just to build a few things?)

Crafting progression is.. Odd. It's tied to tech level (which controls overall access to receipes), but tech level is independant for each class of item. For example, I could have tech level 2 armor but tech level 4 tools. It's not entirely obvious how these tech levels work together for progression, and it becomes even more complicated when some items or component receipes won't unlock until you either have their base materials available or their base components. The game does not give you a list, but fills in the blanks as you figure things out. Which means it can be frustrating unless you want to pour over the (sometimes incomplete/outdated) wiki to figure out how to build something.

Worse, some items are locked to quest progression. You won't get the component or the receipe until you've triggered a certain quest. And this is where the game basically makes me want to eat my keyboard.

The story quest is broken. Simply BROKEN. And horribly designed. No other way to put it. Items refuse to drop, or spawn. Eventually, you can get the game to spawn the needed items by generating new worlds and exploring them, since like Terraria your character is easily transferred between worlds. It's never clear exactly why you can't proceed in a quest either; There are THREE different places to look in order to determine quest progression. I kid you not. Three different indicators across two different UI screens. Even so, these hints are vague and often don't point to the real cause as to why you cannot progress.

I've given up trying to beat the story quests. Maybe it's doable, with hours upon hours of careful combing and re-loading of games and generating new worlds in order to re-comb them for the necessary item drops, but screw that.

I had fun building my character so he could fly and have laser-guns and chop down trees with a plasma-cutter, but once I tried to actually beat the game, I realized it was totally not worth my time.

Do not recommend this game, even for $4 that I paid for it.

Pity, too, because the game looks rather nice and has an art style other than 8-bit retro, which seems like Every Damn Other crafting game has decided to copy.
Posted: September 30
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157.1 hrs on record
Wow! How did I over look this little gem for so long and as another reviewer noted, how is this game not more popular?

I have been playing Terraria for a year now and while I am huge fan I have started getting a little bored due to so much familiarity. This game went on sale and showed up as a recommended game for me so I bought it on a lark and I love it. I cannot speak to the story line so much on this as I have just been exploring, building and researching so far but it is exactly what I was needing to rekindle my sandbox play.

. Very nice 2.5d type graphics
. Sandbox type game that takes Terraria type mechanics and adds to them.
. Sci-Fi theme (pro for me anyways. :-) )
. The developers are still involved and evolving the game (not a beta game though, this is full release) and interact with users.
. immersive and extremely beautiful environment
. multiple world creation and exploration available

. not many, but it does have a very steep learning curve and the wiki is pretty limited at the moment since this is not as popular as some games on the market, at least not yet.
. no mapping system that I have found. This can make exploring and returning painful for large maps. reading up on 1.3.x though and it seems there may be an answer for this coming.
. the "auto" targetting system for digging can be a bit quirky.

. Be prepared to die over and over in normal mode when you first start and 1.3.x should make this even more challenging when it goes full release. This is not so much a con for me but I could see how this combined with a steep learning curve could be a problem.
. like any sandbox game, there is a bit of grinding that must be done for resource gathering. Again not so much of a con, but I know the grind can be an issue for others.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the 30ish hours I have put into this game so far and I have barely scratched the surface. This was well worth the less than 10 bucks I payed for 2 copies of the game so I can go multiplayer with my daughter when they add multiplayer mode.
Posted: October 1
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23.6 hrs on record
I love this game, and have kept up with it since almost it's inception. Unfortunately multiplayer (which i was never interested in in the first place) has been cut for now, but the developers seem to be doing their darndest to keep the game in new content and bug fixes every two to three months.

I would highly reccomend this game if your into 2D sandboxes and are tired of pixilated characters and enviroment. I would also recommend it to Sci=fi lovers as well, who are a little burnt out on the low teck setting of most 2D sandbox's.
Posted: September 27
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34.6 hrs on record
Just another Terraria clone? Maybe. But it's fun enough to keep me interested in playing with it, building, exploring. Plays very smoothly, and the crafting certainly is deep.

There are plenty of improvements that need to be in place to make it an engrossing experience however. I'd say, if you like the dig and build sidescroller, cavern exploration style games, this one is great. If not, skip it or wait for a good sale.
Posted: October 8
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3 of 6 people (50%) found this review helpful
0.1 hrs on record
I don't know what to think about this game. I say that because I could not even play it. There was no option to rebind any keys so the movements keys were stuck as WASD. I am left handed though. Maybe other lefties have learned to adapt but I am used to being able to rebind keys to the right side of the keyboard. Not having the option removed my ability to even attempt to play.
I saw some posts about the issue dated Dec 2013 and it is still not addressed. I have little hope that it will be any time soon. I'm actually let down such a simple mechanic was ignored. I looked forward to playing this game.
So a warning to other left handed people that rely on being able to rebind, skip this game for now.
Posted: October 3
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7.2 hrs on record
Terraria with higher-rez graphics, awesomely creepy lighting and a dark sci-fi theme. What's not to like?
Posted: September 25
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152.4 hrs on record
I can't seem to think how to write this review properly right now, so I'll just go with an easy pro-con list.

  • The environments are quite pretty to look at and the lighting is nice (though the player character looks like a bad CGI creature from a 90's music video)
  • Has a lot of nice variety in terms of stuff to craft, mine or place
  • Uhhhh... I really can't think of any other points at the moment

  • The story in this game is forgettable and uninteresting.
  • Poor audio editing (certain audio logs contain the voice actor/actress doing a line multiple times)
  • Game physics are very strange at times (falling the same distance at the same speed after activating a jetpack once in mid-air does significantly less damage than falling the distance normally)
  • The UI is occasionally a bit clunky and sometimes assumes actions you did not take
  • Controls in general feel unresponsive occasionally
  • Combat is an abysmal wreck, hit detection is very poor and usually works in the enemy's favor (their attacks can hit multiple times per attack)
  • EXTREMELY LUCK-HEAVY QUESTS, obvious padding
  • The game is WAY too dark, even for a game called "Darkout" and taking place on a different planet where darkness is a prevalent gimmick (seriously, 18 hour nights)
  • The amount of different, large, power-sucking devices required throughout the game to do separate actions is absurd
  • HAS FREQUENT STABILITY ISSUES, crashes, slowdowns, inexplicable framerate drops

In summary, if you must buy a 2D sandbox game and you already own Terraria, buy Starbound instead. If you own Starbound too, look into other games, but this game is not worth full price. Not by a long shot. Get this from a bundle or a huge sale if you must have this game for some reason.


For those curious about how I managed to spend over 150 hours on a game I hate, I didn't. 35-40% of that time is from me keeping the game in the background while I was watching videos or screwing around with Akinator. Of course, I did spend a good amount of time actually playing the game, since I did bother to get 100% achievements on it.
Posted: October 16
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0.7 hrs on record
unfinished, bugy terraria clone
Posted: September 27
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1.3 hrs on record
top ♥♥♥♥
Posted: October 19
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0 of 2 people (0%) found this review helpful
23.1 hrs on record
I know it is like Terraria, but I liked it
Posted: September 27
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1 of 5 people (20%) found this review helpful
0.1 hrs on record
Wow what a mess. This is no way near complete.
Posted: October 11
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2 of 10 people (20%) found this review helpful
0.1 hrs on record
Looks like garbage, plays like garbage. What a horrible, boring waste of time.
Posted: October 11
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2.4 hrs on record
There are still a few bugs to be worked out, but overall this game is highly underrated. It is a sandbox-style game, but the backstory and lore add a lot, and differentiate it from similar games of this genre. Overall the tech tree is very well balanced. There is a really good variety of craftable items. I only wish that the instructions at the beginning of the game were more clear, and for a little more combat balance (harder bosses would be great).

I'm not sure why it says only 2 hours on record, it took me about 40-50 to get to the end.
Posted: September 24
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13.6 hrs on record
"Darkout" is wicked: "Alien vs Predator" in "Terraria." Feels more natural than "Edge of Space."
Hot key 1 auto-changes to the tool you need for the resource; nice touch there. The parallax is like "Terraria" but with dynamic lighting galore & circa Playstation 1 styled characters. Slick UI, easy to use, nothing annoying.
Venture into the dark and monsters start to spawn... got to carry a latern or be a good shot to survive. The way the monsters collect is a bit like a TD sometimes. They do not like me mining n the dark at all. Lots of potential still for this one. More survival than sandbox, but still we've go ourt 2 layers to destroy, base to build up, etc.
The [m] button makes the tool you're using focus on 1, or hit 3 blocks at once... that alone is freakin' amazing.
Drag & drop placement out of inventory, very practical, indeed it's the little things
"Darkout" and "Windforge" are both really good for alternatives to "Terraria." It's got "1-more-block" syndrome & the story / atmosphere are new enough that it's an adventure. The art is especially beautiful, with glowing flora and fauna, sometimes I caught myself just looking around. Guns shoot well & are responsive. Fortress building is excellent, if a bit odd sometimes, it still functions faster and more efficiently than all the other sandboxes. It is possible to trap enemies as well, which is pretty hilarious, providing ways to make XP grinders and the like once you have enough resources. Greatest of all, "Darkout is, well, DARK; It's easy on the eyes, and strikingly beautiful.
Posted: September 25
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