Theme Park Studio is a powerful suite of tools that allows players to design, build, and experience stunning amusement parks of their own design. Players can build whatever they can imagine, and then share it online for others to experience.
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Release Date: Feb 27, 2014

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

PLEASE READ OUR DEV ROAD MAP BELOW. ANIMATED RIDES COMING PHASE 2, COASTERS PHASE 3 Theme Park Studio is still in development and is being released in stages. Please only purchase if you are interested in being involved in the ongoing development of this exciting project. This includes testing, debugging, and supplying new feature requests! We listen to our backers! We have been, and continue to be, a community based project!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Coaster construction is 60 percent complete and will be released in a future stage (see development roadmap below).

Current Status:

As described on our Kickstarter update, this first release basically allows our community to get started designing their parks, creating custom assets, and importing/sharing custom scenery.

Most modules are 70 percent complete. Each will be released in phases, with additional modules unlocked as we polish and add new features requested by the community.

Looking back, the game has branched out way beyond its original design, as we listened to our customer base. We have held focus group meetings with backers, interacted with forum members, and truly set out to build the ultimate theme park sandbox game, shaped by the community.

Below is our current development road map:

The Current Build Includes:

Full featured editor with easy to use transform tools and helper functions.

Dynamic Custom Scenery Builder. Using our build sets, or your own custom sets, create unlimited custom scenery that give your park a unique style. Objects created can saved with embedded meshes, textures, and thumbnails, then shared with friends. When finished simply drop into your library folder and they instantly become part of the custom libraries.

Extensive importing/exporting tools for easy file sharing. We have put extra effort into allowing players to easily share all their amazing designs with simple one click imports! Custom scenery, materials, lights, paths, parks and skies can be easily exported to a single file with an embedded thumbnail. When finished, simply drop into your library folder and they instantly become part of the custom library for easy inclusion into your projects.

Powerful real-time path tools. Please see the videos for a detailed view. This extremely powerful tool allows players to quickly build, layout their park with complex curved paths, walls, bridges, and foundations. You can even attach trees, meshes, or particles effects like torches that will be automatically created, and positioned, for you.

Particle Library - A few particle effects are included in this build, with the full particle editor coming in a future update. Particle effects are 80 percent complete.

Built in object libraries including shops, cafes, castle, and more... Easy placement makes creation a snap:

Full tee library using our proprietary 3d procedural vegetation system with automatic LOD generation.

Flat ride library: PLEASE NOTE: Flat rides are static and just for aesthetics. The animation module is 60 percent complete and will be unlocked in a future update.

Light Library: Place lights easily with fully adjustable properties including color and attenuation;

Terra-forming. Our engine will procedurally paint your landscape based on user specified textures and parameters. 12 textures are used to accomplish the final result, so smooth transitioning is done for you. However we realize some may want to paint paths and since this tech already exists in the engine, we are looking at painting in an upcoming update (based on user request). Other than that, the terra-forming is very complete and powerful. Creating complex landscape is very simple, and easy to use.

Environmental library with customizable properties

Water with customizable properties.

Our next Phases Include
Phase 2:
Custom flat ride designer and animator, with ultra realistic physics. This module is one of our finest. It includes proprietary tools and technologies that allow players to build custom rides from scratch, with amazing realism, using patented technology. This module is currently 60 percent complete.

Phase 3:
Coaster construction. This module quite a lot already finished including on the fly rail type changing, coloring, station linking, rail supports, lifts, cat-walks, and more... However we want to continue to add additional features requested by the community.

Phase 4:
Music streaming with new custom DLC sound tracks.

Phase 5:
Custom train design. This module is extremely powerful and almost fully complete. Please refer to our videos for a detailed look. Here you can create almost any custom train imaginable, including importing your own custom meshes, built by you or downloaded from the community

Phase 6:
Keyframer. This powerful module is 80 percent complete and is for advanced users that want to hand animate objects and physics for that extra detailed touch. Please see video library for a detailed look.

Phase 7:
Particle Effects. Particle effects are 80 percent complete.

Phase 8:
Guest integration with path-finding AI and behavioral trees.”
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February 13

***** Major Announcement And Ride Library Update *****

Hello Everyone

We are happy to announce the ride library should be released this weekend. Even though most of the rides were finished, we wanted to step back and devote some additional time for optimizations, cleanup, and polish. We also enhanced the lighting by introducing fast soft shadows. The new ride library looks great and we are very excited about the release

If you would like to jump in and see them in action, we will be testing a couple parks this weekend that host some of the rides. Which brings us to our special announcement.

We have some very exciting news to share!

Theme Park Studio is proud to announce 'Live Parks'. Theme Park Studio's focus has always been on customization. It is our unique specialty and niche. To continue our vision, we are happy to announce a very special update that will take advantage of all our unique customization tools. This update is not part of our feature list . We love what we do and enjoy interacting with our supporters. It is simply a free bonus we are experimenting with, based on our personal goals, excitement, and vision, since we share the same enthusiasm as our community. If there is enough support for the service, we look forward to keeping it going! It is a feature we are super exited about, as we feel it will provide park builders a unique channel to express their dreams of building and hosting their own custom theme parks!

It begins with Theme Park Studio's new front menu interface. The title now opens with an animated photo book. With the turn of every page, players can select the park they wish to visit. Players can select different categories for parks, including:
"Featured Parks" Highlighted top picks.
"Subscribed Parks" Parks you subscribe to on Steam Workshop
"Live Parks" Parks located hosted by our server.

Live parks are completely unique and operate like real theme parks. They have operating hours, host special events, and include multiplayer rides, games, and activities. They are networked with live guests, stats are tracked, and leaderboards maintained. The author of the park is granted their own leaderboards and achievements, unique to interactive rides they have created for their own park. Finally, they are granted exclusive access to our unique "PHC" panel (Park Host Controller), which allows them to manage live guests, events, and more!

As a case example, when a member of the community has completed their park, it is submitted for live hosting. Once ready, the park is uploaded and a launch date and time is scheduled for opening. Goals for leaderboard status and re-hosting include getting as many live guests as you can to visit your park, and receiving positive ratings from your guests. Leaderboards and achievements will also be setup for unique visitors and satisfactory ratings. Once the opening date arrives, the author is granted access to the 'Park Host Controller'. From there, the host can open his park, and manage it, using specific features in the PHC panel. The host also has access to a special birds eye viewport for visualizing the park scene.

For casual players that just want to experience some great parks and have fun, simply select the park from our new front menu and you will be automatically logged into a live world. After the park opens, you will be able to tour the park, ride coasters, get on the leaderboards through challenging interactive rides, and rate the park to provide the author feedback and leaderboard status

We are super excited about the incredible possibilities this new service provides. Some awesome parks are already under construction by the community, designed specifically for live hosting. Here are just a few screenshots. These parks include (in order of their release):

1: "Enchanted Woods". A beautiful park that will be available at launch. It features go kart racing, bumper cars, coasters, and multiple flat rides. The scenery is simply stunning and beautifully highlights our new lighting. Go karts are connected to a Steam leaderboard for best time. Bumper cars are also connected to a Steam leaderboard for most hits.

2: "Splash Battle". A fun and highly interactive park. In addition to coasters and flat rides, this park features a unique interactive ride on a pirate ship. Each player has their own water cannon used to hit targets and set off special effects. Points are collected with each successful hit, similar to Buzz Light Year or Toy Story ride, and it is connected to a Steam leaderboard to maintain all time high scores.

3: "Majestic Gardens" An innovative park with stunning scenery featuring a hedge maze, interactive gameplay, custom lighting, and a beautiful night time environment.

4: "Four Winds" A beautiful park featuring extensive use of the Scenery Builder. No custom scenery was used and all the decor was constructed using in-game build sets. The park will feature multiplayer activities. Some of the architectural structures contain inside passages perfect for exploring.

5:. "Disney World" A Disney World recreation with 2 versions spanning different decades. Players will be able to tour the park, ride the rides, etc. The author's renders are a work in progress and do not represent the final project. In particular the texturing is only in its very earliest stages and most objects just have placeholder materials and textures for now. It is his goal to be as accurate as possible whenever he can find historical supporting data.. You can follow the authors progress here and on his twitter handle @DPEarchive.

We look forward to seeing the amazing parks the community will design.

Minus a couple new trains coming in the final update, this release completes our committed feature list for the Gold edition. This will free up some time to improve TPS and start a final round of bug fixes and community requests. If you have a specific feature request you would like to submit, now is the time to share your ideas. We have started a thread for another round of community requests here:

We will be doing some initial network testing this weekend. If you would like to join us we will announce the times on our forums. We are starting small, probably only around 50 to 100 concurrent uses, and will grow from there. Special thanks to all our backers who supported us during development.

Theme Park Studio Team

"Theme Park Studio....How many guests will visit your park?"

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November 28, 2015

***** Ride Library Update - 3 of 3 *****

Hello Everyone

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! This week we present the 3rd preview of our upcoming flat ride library. This preview includes:

Zamperla Backflash
Go Karts
Zamperla Rotoshake
Intamin Giant Wheel
Vekoma Sky Flyer
Zamperla Turbo Force

We are looking forward to releasing the library soon, so stay tuned! Thank you for your continued support.

Theme Park Studio Steam

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“For all the people who want to be an Imagineer , this is the game for you”
Orlando Attractions Magazine

“Theme Park Studio should make a lot of the Roller Coaster Tycoon fans very happy as well as breathing new life into the theme park and roller coaster sim market”

“Theme Park Studio is everything you could want in a theme park simulation game. Roller Coasters, Flat Rides, Theming, the entire package is absolutely fantastic!”

About This Game

Theme Park Studio is a powerful suite of tools that allows players to design, build, and experience stunning amusement parks of their own design. Players can build whatever they can imagine, and then share it online for others to experience.

'Theme Park Studio Professional Edition' is scheduled for use in 2014 by Intamin Amusement Rides to showcase their newest coaster designs.

Theme Park Studio includes Steam Workshop integration. You can now browse through libraries of Parks, Rides, Custom Scenery, and Environments built by the community, without ever leaving the program. There is also a new 'Publish' feature, for uploading your creations directly from Theme Park Studio.

The 'Enter Park' feature adds a new dimension by allowing players to take a virtual tour of community built parks. In addition, the upcoming Oculus Rift support will take the virtual park experience to a whole new level.

Theme Park Studio has been in development for 1 1/2 years and integrates our proprietary game engine and IDE used in the serious games industry.

Please join us, through early access, in continuing this exciting project. Early Access will provide the means to take this title even further, and make Theme Park Studio the ultimate theme park simulator.

Using our rich toolset, players begin by sculpting their terrain, creating lakes, rivers, and raising knolls and mountains. Next, the opening gate is set and paths are placed with our easy path tools. No staggered or sharp edges here, just smoothly curved pathways procedurally built on the fly. With the click of a button, fences are created, stairs are generated, and trees are procedurally placed. Now it's time to build some rides. Coaster creation is both easy and flexible. Coaster rails can be bent, twisted, and shaped into almost any design imaginable. Add brakes, accelerators, tunnels, or have the coaster scream through a custom mesh, like a volcano. There is virtually no limit to what you can come up with. Prefabricated template pieces are also provided as helpers. Want to add a batwing or cobra roll? Simply click the icon and it will drop right in. All the power combined with all the ease of use.

Theme Park Studio broke new ground when we unveiled our custom flat ride designer. This unique module allows to design, build, and invent custom rides. Physics can be applied to objects connected by custom joints. Next, animations are applied to these physics objects. Animation properties include, Torque, Force, Dampen Torque, Dampen Force, Position, Rotation, and Scale. With this functionality the number of flat rides you can create with Theme Park Studio is virtually unlimited! If building custom flat rides is not your thing, no problem, simply select from our library of pre-built rides. In just one click, the ride drops right in to your park, with full physics and animation built in.

Next, fill out your park with restaurants, gift shops, bathrooms, etc.. You can pick from our built in libraries, or download custom meshes and import them for maximum customization. Turn your park into a stunning, picturesque environment with our procedural vegetation libraries. With a simple click drop in trees, hedges, bushes, and flower beds, that subtly sway in the wind. Using our particle effects engine, add fountains, fireworks, smoke, and torches for the final touch. Finally, open the park to guests and watch the peeps tour your park and ride your custom coasters and flat rides. You can also take a first person virtual tour through your park, and experience your own rides. Theme Parks are easily saved and archived. You can upload them to one of the Theme Park Studio coaster exchange sites that will be coming out soon. Theme Park Studio is a product built for the community where players can truly build the amusement park of their dreams.

Theme Park Studio features include:

- Steam Workshop Integration. Players can now simply browse through libraries of Parks, Rides, Custom Scenery, and Environments, and with a couple clicks, become immersed in a virtual theme park world! You can also publish your custom built parks directly to Steam Workshop to share with the Steam community!

- Custom coaster creation. Players can bend, pull, and stretch coasters into any design they wish. Prefabricated templates are provided as helpers, if desired

- Custom Flat Rides. Design your own flat ride from the ground up, or select from our pre-built ride library.

- Park guests: After opening your park, watch park guests (peeps) tour your theme park and hop on your coasters and flat rides.

- Mesh importing: Build your own environmental objects and import them for maximum customization.

- Particle effects, including fire, smoke, fountains, fireworks, and weather effects. Our particle effects module is very versatile, allowing the player to create a wide range of effects. Particles can have triggers for setting up shows or like coasters splashing through water.

- Landscaping: Import your own height maps and textures to create stunning landscapes, or custom sculpt one of your own design.

- Water: Control water parameters like speed, level, color, and ripple size.

- Vegetation: Our engine features an advanced vegetation solution. Our proprietary technology allows players to build everything from grass to elaborate oaks. Trees are procedurally generated and can be controlled by custom wind and turbulence settings. This technology has been integrated into Theme Park Studio.

- Oculus Rift Support: Due to overwhelming requests for this support, we are proud to announce this cutting edge technology will be included in all versions of Theme Park Studio.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz dual core processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8800 GPU
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz dual core processor
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8800 GPU
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Helpful customer reviews
4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 24
Early Access Review
I love this simulation in so many ways, don't get me wrong. I love the rides(thank goodness for the Ride Library updates; excited to check out the new stuff that' come since my last play in October! I (mostly) like the coaster builder (at times, but it can be seriously glitchy if you don't hit the snap point right; check out my snapshot of a piece of track the game made after I mis-clicked onto the path instead of the piece of track), and the peep system isn't too bad; they look realistic, and their AI isn't the best, but it's the best we have for now, at least until Planet Coaster comes out. No use in hoping for RCTWorld to be saved, because 1) Atari is still in charge of making it, 2) the game's developer has changed 6(?) times, and 3) while it looks bucket loads better than it did when the initial gameplay trailr came out, I'm not sold on the product because I made that horrible mistake with Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Anyways, let's get on with the greatness of this simulation.
1) Paths
-Path system is a hell of a lot better than it was, at least for my unobservant self.
-Everything is a LOT EASIER to connect, delete, and change around
-Paths actually look good while functioning at top quality at the same time, which is rare for these types of game it seems. :P
-Paths are nowhere near as bad as I made them seem in my negative review before! :)
2) Building Crap
-Still a bit "meh" every once in a while when it comes to resizing, but overall the system is nice
-Benches are a TON easier to actually place on TOP OF the pathways; before the simulation loved to just place them on the ground and pretend no path was even there
-Lamps and whatnot are easier to rotate, and the system as a whole is a lot better and much easier to learn than it was before
3) Coaster Builder
-Top notch customization, although connecting tracks at the end can be kind of hard
-So much better than RCTWorld's coaster builder will ever become
-Typically lagless, unless you place something wrong, and you KNOW when you have hit the wrong button or done something bad. xD
4) Ride Library
-Very impressive rides in a pretty massive selection compared to what I expected
-Great deal of customization; you can even make your OWN rides!
-Incredibly easy to rotate, place, customize, and control; no question from me (a first xD)
5) Effects and Environment
-Effects are sorta basic, but can add a lot to your park
-Environmental features are THE BEST so far. Suck on that, NoLimts 2! :D
-Customize everything from effects color and type, to height, start and end, and with environment, everything from the skybox, to the weather and sun/moon position
-Amazing simulation; by far the best product on the market, but we'll see when Planet Coaster comes out. :P
-Everything is done so well in this game, it's crazy! No wonder why it took so long for most of the stages to come out. :3
-Everything is fully customizable(except the entrance?), and can be changed in terms of color, size, and many, MANY MORE options!
OVERALL RATING: 9/10 Good job Pantera Entertainment! You learned from that...other coaster game you made a long time ago. :D
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
522.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 9
Early Access Review
Hey everyone,
After allmost one year of playing and new features, this game is sooooo much more then a simulation/sandbox. I build some awesome scenerys and coasters. And watch out! You can't compare this game with any other rollercoaster game.


Look at my screenshots on my page here at steam. You can build a park very quickly. Just select rides/ shops/ paths/ trees, etc. etc. And within one hour you have an amazing park!
And if Pantera goes on like this, I'm sure they have some awesome suprises in store.
It is an early access and sometimes you have to wait, but boy is it worth the waiting.

So don't hessitate. If you love to build your own park, without any limitations of grids, this game is certainly worth the money!
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
180.8 hrs on record
Posted: February 9
Early Access Review
Theme Park Studio is the best theme park creator out there. TPS is extremely flexible and customizable. Any object can be colored and given a sound, paths and coasters are entirely freeform, as well as the placement of objects. Because TPS does not have a money management aspect, it focuses on realism and additional tools to make the best theme parks possible. Most of the tools are simple to learn and simple to use, but it does require some practice before getting the hang of it. I am able to create the parks of my dreams and walk through them in first person! Not only am I walking through it, but there are also realistic guests who queue in line, ride the rides, and walk around the park with me. It really makes my dream parks come alive. With TPS, I can easily import, build, and animate custom flat rides, as well as make my own custom roller coaster trains. With the Steam Workshop, I can share my parks as well as download parks other people created and walk through them in first person.

If you have any interest in building your own realistic theme parks or only played sandbox mode in RCT, TPS is for you. If you are interested in managing a theme park, TPS may not fulfill your expectations.

I have been a part of TPS since the Kickstarter and it has only gotten better and grown since. The developer is extremely responsive to the community and our demands. The TPS team is focused on making the best theme park creator out there, and keeps impressing me with every update.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 11
Early Access Review
Thumbs up for trying. Thumbs down for the headaches.

Sluggish gameplay, non-standard way of launching pdf reader (minimize/maximize buttons are not there)

Glitchy track building, forgetting/reverting choices, invert pitch should also have an option for the "Enter your park"
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18 of 23 people (78%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
21.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 18, 2015
Early Access Review
I have been trying tp keep up wih this game to see how the game is progressing through its development stages and how the development team has been responding to the users and the issues they have been having while trying to run the software. I hope this review helps other make a educated decision on whether the game is worth purchasing. I am happy to report the following observations and my take on the game, even after playing for hours.

TPS is a must have for any hardcore fan of the Theme Park/Rollercoaster genre. Not only does the game provide a very strong studio editor for creating your own customized realistic Park, it provides the user with a good educational value of roller coaster physics and 3D edited flat rides. You are only limited in this game by your own imagination.

At first glance, the UI looks intimidating, but the staff at Pantera Entertainment have helped users overcome that obstacle very quickly by providing a strong background of how to use documentation included in the game along with a host of how to videos covering everything from building coasters to landscaping your own park. With that said, understanding the UI can quickly become second nature and easily managed after a few times of use. The incorporated Steam Worshop also makes it easy to import custom scenery and rides into the game without leaving the game interface.

The coaster builder will set well with RCT3 fans, as it employees some of the same techniques while adding the ability to easily manipulate the control of creating banked turns and twisted track with the help of track nodes, something that RCTW seems to also be incorporating with their spline based track editor. The track editor also has more features than RCT3 and without a doubt is better suited towards this game giving the user the ability to manipulate the track in every way possible.

Now with all that said, everyone needs to understand that this software is still in the early access program phase and that they may and probally will encounter bugs and crashes due to their computer hardware conflicts and not having updated drivers. But with that thought, I must also say from strong observation, that the development team is doing an excellent job of addressing those issues if the users will report the problems they are having in the forum threads.

Most of the people who are complaining and rating bad reviews are those who won't give the team the time to work out the bugs and put out a completed product that is highly polished. I have been able to play the game on a Windows 7 machine that was not build as a high end gaming outfit, very sucessfully. And although I have encourted a crash or two, I can clearly see the power that this game has that can't be found in other theme park builder games on the market.

Although the game does not concentrate on the financial management of your park, it still ranks among the top best in Theme Park building games to have for fanatics and should be included in anyone's library who enjoyed RCT3 and/or No Limits Roller Coaster Simulation and for those who are interested in creating a very realistic Theme Park.

On a scale from 1 to 5, the game gets 4.5 stars for the power that it has to create any realistic park and for the backup support the team has put into the game and continues to provide for the fan base it has. If it was not for the fact that the game is still development mode, it would carry 5 stars all the way. Bottom line, this game is highly recommended.

So the only question to gamers who are interested in this game, is whether they want to participate in the early access build or whether they want to wait until the game is completely finished. I hope this review helps those who are on the fence deciding on what the game provides and has to offer in the form of Theme Park Simulation building.
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