The original revolution of action has arrived on Steam. Put your skills to the test in one of the most renowned action-oriented and diverse MMORPG experiences of all time. Play now for free!
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Release Date: Feb 17, 2016

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October 6

New Update Now Live!

The Never-ending Challenge to find the Ultimate Champion has begun

CABAL Online Episode XVI: Legends Unleashed has arrived, and now you can experience the trails of the brand new Legend Arena! With brand new skills and accessories to aid you in this ultimate test, you can experience the fury of Death Knight Baldus and prove your worth as the true Hero of Nevareth!

All of the glorious details can be found right here!

Only the strongest champions will survive Baldus' wrath. Will you be among them?

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October 5


Halloween has arrived in Nevareth, and with it an evil curse has befallen the land! It's up to you to save Yul from a terrible fate by combating the evil monsters that have spawned throughout the world, and earn powerful rewards in return!

CABALLOWEEN begins on October 6th, and ends on November 7th!

Make sure to check out all of the details here!

Happy Halloween!
The CABAL Team

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About This Game

Experience the revolution of action in ESTsoft’s original hit MMORPG, CABAL Online.

CABAL Online introduces fast-paced, fluid, skill-based combat as never before seen in the MMORPG genre. Explore the sprawling and diverse lands of Nevareth, a stunning world that blurs the line between fantasy and science fiction. Play now for free!


  • Seven unique character classes each offering varied and dynamic play-styles
  • Challenging time-limited dungeons featuring a ranking system and completion time leaderboards
  • Unrivaled skill-based PVP combat featuring a unique and intuitive combo system
  • PVP systems supporting all play-styles; experience intense and balanced team-matches in Mission Battle, enter the massive fray in Nation War, pick your own rules of battle in the Custom PVP Battle Arena, or roam the world freely to protect or plunder
  • Battle Mode allows your character to take on entirely new forms featuring exclusive abilities
  • Epic story-driven quests featuring travel across diverse landscapes and battles with deadly foes
  • Mount your Astral Board or Astral Bike and venture into the unknown, blurring the line between science fiction and fantasy
  • A dedicated and established community filled with active players
  • Continuous content updates ensure that CABAL Online evolves with time and always provides players with engaging new challenges and frontiers to explore

CABAL Online is free to play, no matter how much time a player spends in the intriguing world of Nevareth. Time limited dungeons, blazing and fluid combat, challenging puzzles, an enthralling story, and a constant stream of new game content drives the exciting and action-packed experience that is CABAL Online.

This is your true calling. Go forth and become a champion of Nevareth.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 2000 or above
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.0GHz+
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon 9800PRO/Geforce 6 Series or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 2000 or above
    • Processor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD/Geforce 7 Series or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 16
memories for my first mmorpg!
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1 of 13 people (8%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
44.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 22
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
447 of 635 people (70%) found this review helpful
54 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
2.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 18
I tried, I really tried to get into the game. I spent as long as I could but unfortunately it was difficult for me to stay playing. I did come up with a small list for pros and cons and I apologize for not getting a better list:


- Decent music
- Class variety
- Cute female outfits
- Unique weapons not usually seen in other mmos (Gladiator Chakra)
- Easy to use combat system
- Dated Graphics, not terrible but extremely dated. I got a PS1 feel from it. Lot of people probably wouldn't like it though
- FPS, being an older game, I was hitting about 100 FPS, which is always nice in any game.


- Security Codes, if anything turns me off faster it's telling me I have to protect my account two and three times more with ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t.

- Bugs, specifically with the warehouse not working or loading and trying to chat with nothing I said showing up, which as a newbie made it super difficult to ask a question.

- Clunky UI, couldn't really find everything I needed and most of the windows were almost too big.

- Unclear Text, Had a lot of issues with the red text, mostly, it felt like there was almost too much and made it hard to identify why it was red. Some items were highlighted as not red, though my character still couldnt wear it, and the info never seemed to declare why.

-Simplified Questing, In 2 hours of play, only one quest was a fetch quest, the others were nothing but hunt this and dungeon that or warp here.

- Automated fighting, when I played as a Shielder, my skills worked automatically, I don't know how I got it to work but it made the game even harder to enjoy. Some might like that, but I didn't.

- Objective KSing, Monsters can be kill stolen, making it super impossible to get certain quest done as any class that isn't a dps character such as the force shielder. For me, since it happened way too often, was really the first worst impression a game could give.

I think I might have missed something but it's hard for me to remember atm. I might come back and edit more in, but I've already uninstalled the game. Don't bother wasting your time with this one, too much of a headache and hardly enjoyable unless you're a die-hard fan.

Edit: I see that a lot of people are saying this review isn't helpful because either I have no answer for the loading issues or region locking, and I don't. Please don't take it out on me, take it to the dev's support page please. Link is here:

Also, I apologize if you happen to be a die hard fan and I gave a bad review about your favorite mmo, I had never heard of this mmo prior to steam this week, and I didn't know what to expect, I had a good feeling at character select but for me I did at least expect a bit of uniqueness from the game and it let me down. Sorry that you expect me to love the game, I just couldn't.

I'm trying to accept friendly comments, but a lot of what you people have to say has been telling me to kill myself or otherwise agreeing that I should. I've only asked that if you have an opinion that you keep it respectful, and people cannot even do that. Do not be surprised if your comment is deleted. I still hold the right to do so, if you cannot be mature about your post.
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114 of 145 people (79%) found this review helpful
30 people found this review funny
221.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 22
Oh hello again, teenage years.
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44 of 46 people (96%) found this review helpful
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401.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 26
- Good ol' grindy mmorpg, hello childhood
- Beautiful skill animation
- Can run above 60fps on a sht pc
- Dem soundtracks.
- Balanced classes, none OP over each other.
- Unique weapons
- Easy gear upgrade
- Upgraded gear can be obtained via agent/player's shop inexpensively (from 50k-10m alz) , meaning you dont have to spend money to get powerful +9 gear
- Nice game play for an 2005 game
- Nice gear designs [Free players can look just as fabulous as paid players]
- Free gear when you reach certain level(s) [lvl 110 - Red osmium +7 deathblow/amp]
- GM gets on everyday to buff players ("GM Buff bloody ice ch 9")

- Ping issue: If you're from outside of the US, you will lag. But that can be fixed with network booster like wtfast or mudfish which will cost money
- Not really Pay to win but sure is Pay to rush (if you don't play pvp/war, which isn't needed)
- Overpriced cash items [the only thing worth buying is the $5 starter pack]
- Limited cash shop costumes / accessory customization
- Quests get boring real fast
- If you still have enough patient to play until level 100, quests will get even more boring
- +30% (or even half) of players are bots [who names their character VGPT2R ?]
- BOTS everywhere, some advertising their website selling in game items or currency
- Really buggy, esp dungeons
- $8.49USD a month for premium [Gps warp, or else you have to waste time running around.]
- Goddam premium man
- Repetitive quests [fetch or kill monsters]
- Limited character customization when creating character [6 faces, 8 hair styles and like 6 hair colors]
- Dungeon entry costs force gems [Non-mission dungeons]
- If you die, to respawn at the spot costs you 10 force gems, otherwise you can respawn at the warp and run back
- Shtty community: You will see people wasting megaphone on server/channel's chat log arguing over pointless things everyday, Your kills/drops can be snatched, Non english speakers spamming in their language, PK in higher level maps (not against the game's rule, but annoying af especially when you have to do quest and some guy just keeps coming to kill you keeping you from doing your quests), but there are nice people who buffs others randomly.
- 1280 resolution, may not considered a as con for an old game, but developers could've upgraded.

For me: meh 5/10

I do warn you not to try spending money (on premium or upgrade) on this game, as I am certain you will quit sooner or later at some point. So far I have spent 24USD and Im regretting it right now.

EDIT: Im giving this game a neutral for now, I may find more flaws in this game the more I play.
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41 of 47 people (87%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
14.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 9
A fun oldschool MMORPG expierience since 2008. Tons of enemies. Tons of dungeons. Tons of quests. No graphical issues or sound issues. I've seen a lot of people complain on the crappy connection, which really suprises me. I'm playing from Poland (Middle Europe) on Atlas servers and everything is fine. I can play, stand in crowded places, fight and dance without a single bit of a lag. The only thing that may bug some people is the difficulty level of dungeons, but honestly - it's better this way. One of the best games of this genere ever made - 10/10.
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73 of 103 people (71%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
57.8 hrs on record
Posted: February 21
This game brings so much fond memories even if its old. 10/10 would reccommend to a friend!
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47 of 62 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
240.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 10
Note: This is a review of someone who has played the game back in 2008 for months, and decided to check the game out almost 10 years later on it's steam debut.


- Pay2Win. They literally sell gold (alz) in the cash shop, aswell as enchantments and pretty much every ingame item is buyable with real money.
- High cash shop prices. Is this 2008? It's bad enough that it's a p2w game, but "premium" costs 13$! (same as WoW), costumes 23$. Yep, if you want to look like a cowboy or a schoolgirl that'll be 23$.
- Very Grindy. Korean mmo. You like those "kill 290 monsters" quests? And grinding millions of monsters to get to max level? Well this is the perfect game for you. To give you an idea, to get a must-have character ability called "Battle Mode 3" you'll need to kill 290 monsters per quest, and you'll have to do it 30 times, that's 8700 monsters you have to kill to get the ability.
-No hablo inglés. This is Cabal North America, but don't expect to see any american or english speakers. This community is made up of 90% brazilians and latinos who have no idea of how to speak english.
-Bad Community. Besides the language, everyone seems to have almost 10 years of experience in the game, as well as playing in multiple servers at the same time. This wasn't that bad if they were helpful, but everyone has no patience and just wants to grind till max level and steal your drops.
-Bad Support. There's only one person in charge of CABAL Steam forums, and he/she only gets around 5 threads per day asking for help, and they still get all unanswered. I've also had an issue for the past 2 weeks, which i contacted support with every information, pictures, and everything they could possibly need, and they didn't do anything.
-Armor class. Every armor is class locked now. No more heavy bladers or heavy mages, you have to wear what's meant for your class now. This cuts alot of what you could do with stat customization.
-Dungeons make no sense. To progress in a dungeon you have to do quests, and they consist of "Talk to this bookshelf" "Now go back and talk to this statue" "Now go and talk to a lamp".
-Different client languages. They have an english and spanish client, which is awesome. The problem is that it is not client based, but server. This means that if someone links a [CRITICAL RING +2] in the chat with a spanish client you'll see [ANILLO DEL ATAQUE CRITICO +2] even if you're playing with the english client. Same thing for the class names, if someone posts something like "Need AA for dungeon last spot!!", you have to guess that AA is "Arqueiro Arcano" which is Spanish for FA "Force Archer".


- No more 42 minutes maze dungeons in the story quests.
- Quests now give skill exp, no need to leave your character in the training dummies.
- Skills are grouped in "attack skill" now. No more Attack/magic separation, and grindind those 2 to transcender.
- Good leveling up event. You get free premium, free boosters and free items. If you level at a good pace you have everything to enjoy all the good things that the game has to offer.
-The graphics are still pretty. The skill effects are still up to the best in almost any mmo.
-Combo mode. This game is known for the combo mode, and It's still fun and challenging as it was years ago.
-Amazing soundtrack. It goes from chill music in the cities, to hard rock in action zones, it's awesome.
-GM's appear quite often. They usually show up, announce "GM buff channel9 BI", and you go and get a buff that increases HP and attack for an hour.
-PVP mmo. You can basically PK or PVP anywhere, which is something that every mmo lacks nowadays. It even has a nice nation system between player factions (Capella vs Procyon), and a channel that allows you to kill people literally anywhere, even in the cities.
-Frequent Events. So far. since it launched on steam, there is always an event going on.

I do not recommend this game. Although I have put lots of hours in it, I can assure you it's just nostalgia and the level up event. As soon as the free boosters and items run out, It will be the end for me.
The event will end on the 22nd of march, and if you didnt play and get to atleast level 150 by then, or if you're not thinking of spending hundreds of $ in Cabal, you'll be completely destroyed by the game.
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93 of 148 people (63%) found this review helpful
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1.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 17
I played CABAL Online for about 3 months nonstop a couple of years ago. The only reason I stopped was I got back into WoW hardcore for a while. I kind of forgot about the game, so I'm excited to see it pop up on Steam.

CABAL is not a new game, and you can definitely tell that right off the bat. But it doesn't play badly like some older MMOs do. You just have to deal with some kind of ugly outdated quest texts/fonts and some iffy (yet readable) translations. You can click to move if you want, or use WASD (or reassign keys to whatever you want). I don't care for the camera very much, honestly.

The combat is pretty fun and low stress. The classes are about what you'd expect, your general MMO variety. They do play quite differently from eachother though- very unique. It's essentially a themepark with some neat mechanics. PVP is fun, but very DPS-focused (tanks and healers don't really play much of a role). Music is really weird for the genre, but it's pretty good. (It's like weird hard rock)

There is a cash shop and premium and whatnot, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's p2w. It's DEFINITELY pay-to-advance-way-faster, though. but I think you can have a good time with CABAL for free.
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27 of 35 people (77%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
50.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 24
Before installing this, know that this is the NA version of the game and there are a few countries restricted and if you're playing from EU you may have some lag but it's playable. I'm from Romania and I'm playing with 400 ms but it's alright.
Now, old players or people who played CABAL before know how the game is, it's features, etc. If you're a returning player and you're thinking of giving this server a try, do so! You get premium for a month and tons of other benefits right now. The economy is new, the server is populated and everyone's still mid to high level. Worth playing.
If you're new to the game and have no idea what the hell this is, here's a quick summary. This is a somewhat fast paced MMORPG that's been on the market for almost 10 years now and it's still awesome. In a way.


- Fast paced combat with unique systems such as the combo system which is very entertaining
- Awesome music
- Graphics? This could be counted as a good thing since that means this will work on older system as well.
- Flashy skills
- Tons of levels


- It's Pay2Win - Yeah it is, you can literally buy Alz from the Item Shop. It's not entirely game breaking since you can.. well, I dunno, it would take a ton of time to get a top kek gear set without spending any real cash but still, it's possible.
- Lags if you're not from NA which I believe is something they should add on the main page instead of the forum but oh well, I don't really complain about it. It's playable for me
- A few bugs here and there. It's not a very fluid game, you'll sometimes get stuck in invisible rocks and stuff like that.
- It's very grindy and repetitive - You'll grind a lot in this game. Levels? Grind. Dungeons? Grind. After a while it actually gets boring and well, yeah.
- Small maps - Compared to other MMORPGs such as WoW, GW2, Silkroad Online, PWI and other older and newer games, this one has a very small map. I mean, the Elwynn forest and Stormwind map in WoW make up the whole map in CABAL.

I guess that's all I can come up with at this time.
I love this game, it's my second MMMORPG I ever played and it's normal that I'd be so inclined to give this one a positive review.
Also, take note that this is my personal opinion about the game.
Overall, I recommend you give this game a try it least if you're unsure. It's 2 GB only and you don't have anything to lose :)
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Recently Posted
0.2 hrs
Posted: October 9
Its a great game....IF IT WOULD START!
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0.3 hrs
Posted: October 8
It won't even start !!
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0.1 hrs
Posted: October 3
So bad.
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shadow walker
0.2 hrs
Posted: October 1
dosen't work =/ R
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Tai Yang 太陽
0.6 hrs
Posted: September 28
Playing Cabal EU (before Cabal DE) for years I couldn't wait to play on Atlas via Steam.
I really liked the idea of a steam-connected server.
But starting to play there I had to realize that connecting this Server to Steam didn't really help the game but also made brought more problems.
From having long loading screens to many new and different errors starting the game I had to face dead and empty servers like it is on NA/EU.
In fact I like this game but I wouldn't recommend the steam version to anyone.
If you DO want to play this game use the normal Servers (without Steam) and play them.
In fact ESTsoft should focus more on fixing the already existing servers.

-NenyaTM (CabalEU/Mercury)
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95.0 hrs
Posted: September 20
it wont start anymore what do i do?
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GeneralDubz | QAF
18.0 hrs
Posted: September 19
[Sample Text]
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16.1 hrs
Posted: September 17
Great game
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