Super Time Force Ultra is an insane platformer filled with robots and dinosaurs and fun and time travel... sometimes all at the same time!
User reviews: Very Positive (401 reviews)
Release Date: Aug 25, 2014

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"A single player co-op sidescroller in which you manipulate time to create an army of yourself. A shooter and yet also a dynamic puzzle."
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“Probably the dumbest smart shooter I've ever played.”
85 – Polygon

“Not only is Super Time Force an incredibly deep, challenging game, but it has arguably the greatest “fun-factor” of any 2014 title. This quirky, spastic shooter has rightfully earned its seat at the Indie Game Round Table.”
100 – Hardcore Gamer

“Super Time Force is a satisfying run-and-gun game made even better with a fun (and funny!) take on time travel.”
90 – Destructoid

About This Game

Super Time Force Ultra is an action-packed platformer with a time-travelling twist! You’re in control of time itself, bending and stretching it to your advantage on the battlefield. Rewind time and choose when to jump back into the action, teaming-up with your past selves in a unique single-player co-op experience! Take control of up to 19 unique characters, and battle across 6 different time periods, from the long-ago past to the far-away future.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: Core i3 or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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8.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 18, 2014
This is an incredibly fun, challenging, and creative game that also happens to be quite hilarious. Like Dark Souls, it is a game that will punish you in the beginning, forcing you to learn its mechanics, and eventually master them. Once you do, you will feel very powerful, and the game becomes quite rewarding as you burn through the stages with a mini-army of your past selves. It's a great concept that borrows from its predecessors, yet still creates something very new and fresh. The game's sense of humor is wonderful, and the ending is the best I've seen in any game in 2014. An original, enjoyable work by a very talented developer.
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Posted: December 27, 2014
At the time of writing this I have played just over an hour of Super Time Force Ultra (STFU). I may update this review at a later date.

I feel the need to give my first impressions of STFU.
This game looked kinda cool, and seemed to have some really sweet ideas. But something just isn't quite there for me. I bought this game at 66% off. I thought that even if I didn't totally enjoy the gameplay I could still appreciate the visuals and game mechanics. I can't say I'd recommend STFU, even with a 66% discount.

Before I get into why I'm not a fan, lets quickly list some things I do like.
  • The visuals are pretty cool and unique
  • Dialogue is kind of humorous
  • The time travel effects are pretty damn cool

The game looks good, and the art is well made. But I have a fair amount of issues with the core gameplay.
  • The PC port feels lazy - The tutorial kept asking me to press controller buttons. Many parts of the UI still reference controller buttons. I honestly feel like there should have been a little more effort put into the port. It plays laright once you find all the buttons and perhaps change a few.
  • You have to look where you're shooting - At least in the PC port you can only shoot as you move, this makes hitting a stationary target very difficult. I have no idea if this is by design. But I often find myself struggling to hit things.
  • The time travel mechanics break the flow of gameplay - As soon as I'm even slightly getting into the platforming, I must go back and repeat the last 10 seconds.
  • Time travel is kinda repetitive - You're probably thinking "Yeah, of course you're repeating it. That's the whole idea!" My issue is that the repetition isn't made fun. It can often get quite frustrating. It feels like a mini grind. "Repeat the last 10 seconds 3 times to get through this wall."
  • Defeating enemies is a finicky task - The previously mentioned aiming/moving issues make killing enemies a somewhat troublesome task. You might be thinking "get good scrub, you obviously aren't good enough." I'm not saying the game is hard or too difficult. I just feel like killing stuff requires some luck/flailing around for 3 deaths. If that makes sense?
  • I'm told the game is kinda short - Aparently STFU only sports 3-4 hours of gameplay. I'm sure that's for a reason. The enviroments look lovely, and I'm sure they took a lot of time. You could also compare the price of a movie ticket to 3-4 hours of fun. But, for the price I would rather recomend otehr games.
  • Simply touching an enemy kills you - This may seem like nit picking, or trivial. Whatever. There doesn't seem to be a smart way to kill enemies. Progressing through the levels often feels like bludgeoning my head against a wall in the hopes I knock it down. Just move forward, flair around with some attacks, die a bunch, maybe succede.

Some of those things may give you the impression I hate the game. I don't. But I feel little motivation to play past the first stage.

Please, please, please remember that these are only my first impressions. I'm planning on playing some more, but I felt the need to comment on some core issues I'm having.

Some people seem to really be enjoying the game, but I can't say I'd reccomend it after my first impressions. Gameplay feels iritating at times, and I often don't feel in control.
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Posted: December 27, 2014
A mechanically sound game that just happens to have mechanics I don’t enjoy. The whole premise of the game revolves around rewinding time to perfect your character placements and attacks. My problem with this is that instead of fighting your enemies you end up fighting the limited time limit, rewinding time to shave off a few extra seconds so that you can progress more efficiently into the level.

It’s a perfectionists dream but I just found it tedious and annoying.
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
9.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 17
At first glance, Super Time Force looks like a Metal Slug/Contra type of game: a 2D side-scroller in the run'n'gun vein.
While the aspect is similar, the gameplay is in fact very different, for better or worse.

The special feature of Super Time Force is to rewind time in the level while the previous occurrence of the player will do the same exact action. The player spawns with a new/same character, at an earlier point of time in the level, and exists alongside his past selves.
It is then possible to prevent the death of previous characters to pick them up for bonus combo attacks, or to be multiple characters shooting at the same target to gain time in destroying something, as there is a time limit to finish the level (which is very generous with all the bonus pick-ups to increase the time on the clock).
At the end of a mission, a replay allows to see an army of the player storming through the level and wreaking complete chaos.
This time feature is particularly well done and makes the game really really fun, as the players create their own challenges and time puzzles.
There is quite some variety in the level design and the atmosphere of the different levels (dinosaurs, post-apo, medieval, futuristic, etc), so it keeps feeling fresh and interesting.

The problem is that the gameplay itself is not exactly the best. Unlike for instance Broforce, most characters can shoot in diagonals and up or down. This sounds like a good idea of course, but it is badly implemented. Games where you move and shoot independently do the twin-stick formula. On PC, it would mean moving and jumping on WASD and using the mouse to aim and shoot. But no, they went with the same stick/WASD both for aiming and moving, which removes a lot on the precise possibilities of navigating through opponents while disposing of the enemies that are on a different plane than the player, and a LOT of enemies are on a different plane instead of just facing the player. The placement of the enemies is good, don't get me wrong. It just feels imprecise and approximate. Thankfully the game is reactive and not clunky, but really I wish the moving and aiming was better implemented to reflect the complexity of the game. The developers came up with buttons to lock the player from moving or to keep aiming in a specific direction, which seems like a weird patch-up instead of just using the mouse/another stick to aim. Especially on PC!

There are tons of characters to unlock, even if the main first ones are often the most suited. They different abilities are great and complement each other, it is really fun to use them and to think about which is best for which situation.

The story is simple, fun and silly, and the graphics are.... Well, it's a matter of taste, but from the developers of Sword and Sworcery I expected better. Everything in Super Time Force is very minimalistic and cubical, even a lot of effects. I did not really like the art style despite liking the variety in the environments and missions.

As a conclusion, this is a game with a great novel game mechanic that is fully mastered, and just in addition to the fun of shooting with interesting and different characters, it is worth playing it. The downside are the controls, having movement and aiming on the same keys does not suit a game with so many actions and it makes it feel imprecise and approximate. Movements/jump on WASD and aiming on the mouse would have felt so much better!
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3.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 13
The time-rewind concept of this game is very well done. It's one of the more intelligent ideas I've seen in a game and it works surprisingly well. The level replay is a mind trip watching all of the time rewinding you've done unfold in real-time. You have sixty seconds to beat each level but with all of the time rewinds that you have and time boosters you can pick up, you really get much more time than that. The graphics are great new-age retro and everything is done well. It reminds me of a megaman game. The music is fitting but nothing memorable, and the sound is very well done. A ton of indie games I have played have all been difficult mainly because of their slippery loose controls. Thankfully, this game has nice tight controls which is its best quality besides the super cool time rewind ability. It is a very refreshing, very welcome change in pace. The gameplay is a lot of fun. Explosions, gunfire, platforming, boss fights, it's all here. The time rewind lets you go back as far as you want and spawn in another hero and you can fight alongside the hero you were just using in a sort of ghost mode, giving you more needed firepower, but you also have to use it to be able to do enough damage to a boss in time to kill it. Normally timed missions are one of my biggest pet peeves in games, but this game I have never once felt rushed because of the ability to rewind time to make up for lost time. I have total control of whether or not I finish the level in time and that feels awesome.

8.5/10 very fun game
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Posted: February 14
I hate puns. I think they're a really cheap way to make something humourous. At least try to make your jokes work on more than one level. Cracking stupid jokes based on some loose utterances while acting all clever is really funny...[Rewind]

So anyone who ever played Super Meatboy will attest that platforming games can be extremely unfogiving. Especially SMB, that just throws you back to start even if you mess up two pixels before the end. Wouldn't it be cool if you could rewind your game for a second or two, just to get that jump right? Super Time Force Ultra has you covered.

Rachet and Clank Future had these puzzles where you're constantly rewind time to move in tandem with yourself to open doors and stuff. They were really ingenious and I liked them very much because they made you think on more than one level. Unlike puns that are just flat gaffes that no one can really...[Rewind]

STFU (Yes, they made a pun....[Rewind]

STFU is a retro-style run and gun shooter where you play as a squad of inter-temporal mercenaries that have to stop some robots from messing up the course of history. However, your team prefers the "All solving hammer approach" and just makes due with shooting everything. The main key here is that you have about a minute to complete a stage. Not nearly enough. However, because you can rewind time to any point beyond the first second, you can run through segments, while you let your past selves deal with the enemies. If you end up dying, you can rewind to come in with a different weapon to tackle the enemy, rewind again to walk again, but this time the enemy will be blown up before it can hit you.

The mechanic is easy to use and tough to master. Seasoned players will find themselves growing comfortable with building a spectacular setup that resolves and obstacle in mere seconds, while beginners will be pleased that the retry button is lenient enough to keep them coming back.

The characters borrow heavilty from pop-culture and puns. Even the dialog is in a league of its own when it comes to making the same pun over and over again. The whole game revolves around repetition so it isn't entirely weird that names like Jean Rambois, Dolphin Lundgren and Melanie Gibson (pretending to be the road warrior) show up. It is groan inducing at times, but you'll get through it in time....Crap I just made a time pun. [Rewind]

The chaos on screen can pile up to such a degree that you wonder how you managed to get it done in the first place. Luckily the game replays your run through a level to show you just how clever you were at the time. Damnit! [Rewind]

So, all in all, be sure to check this game out, because it is well worth your time. ...[Rewind]

Just play it. It's fun, unique and full of explosions.
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6.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 5
The apex of indie platforming, Super Time Force Ultra (STFU) is the love child of Contra and Back to the Future, modernized for today's society.

A friend showed me this game, and at first glance I was convinced that it had a lot of potential. As an indie platforming game sailing a sea of indie platforming games, STFU does well to prove its uniqueness. We all remember the side scrolling platformer Shmup Contra, right? Now, imagine Contra resurrected, add some time travel, sprinkle it with fun gameplay and incredible visuals, and serve it with a side of internet jokes. The result is amazing.


STFU heavily bases its level transversal and progression on the popular Nintendo title Contra. In order to advance in some sections, you'll need to eliminate vast hordes of enemies and armored fortifications. The Super Time Force is composed originally of 3 characters, each with their own attacks, charged and basic. More characters can be unlocked down the line, and their mechanics follow a similar format. What keeps the game interesting is the use of a time limit, which can be overcome through the STF's ability to manipulate time to their advantage. Did one of your fighters die? Go back in time and prevent their death by taking out the baddie that killed them! Large gate that takes 10 seconds to destroy? Go back in time 4 times, spawn 4 more fighters, and destroy it in 2 seconds! It's as Hollywood as it gets, which I'm sure is what the devs were going for. While it may sound complicated, the tutorial level can do you a lot of good, and the Helladeck (named as such because the deck is hella in every sense of the word) contains dozens of practice levels for you to perfect the art of time travel battle.
The mini campaigns, which are just different periods of time such as 3048 CE, 1,000,000 BCE, and so on, follow a somewhat noticable and linear structure: Land on something stupid with your space pod, time battle your way through no man's land, take out a boss at the end of the level. Each level has 3 sub levels organized into 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3, the final level being the boss. Completion of one of these mini campaigns bestows upon you a fun cutscene, some humorous dialogue between the Super Time Force captain and his team, and the ability to replay the campaign for a better score or to get those items you never earned, which contributes heavily to the replay value.


In an 8-bit world, STFU looks gorgeous. There's a lot of ambience to be seen and absorbed, and really contributes to one's feeling of the game. The animations are incredibly smooth for pixel art, much like Crawl. The art is incredibly well done, the pixel graphics don't look like rendered trash, and as irrelevant as it is, I feel like it's worth mentioning that the Steam artwork is done by one of the artists for Adventure Time, which is cool too. There's a downside, however. The game's time travel system runs on each linear continuum of one specific fighter, so any fighter will also have to render the data of every fighter in a previous space-time-continuum, which can make for some lag on low end computers. Dozens of fighters and a load of minigun bullets, rockets, grenades, and explosions on the screen at one time will sufficiently affect your ability to play, if not hinder it slightly. Aside from that, the game runs flawlessly.

Pros and Cons

+++Awesome and innovative gameplay and visuals
++Extremely enjoyable storyline and dialogue
++Runs well on nearly every computer
++Gamepad supported and highly recommended
+Fun easter eggs and other goodies
+Saxton Hale and the Pyro are unlockable characters in STFU

---Can have a very short lifespan in your list of installed games if you finish games quickly, maybe 6 hours of gameplay
--Time travel can be confusing and even frustrating at times
-The humor may not be for everybody. I mean, some people just don't like "♥♥♥♥" being replaced with "fudge"

But other than that, if you love platformers, pop internet culture, and explosions, you deserve this game.

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24.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 18, 2014
This is the best game I have ever played, but also once you do everything you're all like "HUH I WANT MORE TO PLAY" and of course there isn't more to play so you get bored and delete it. So let's hope they put together some ridiculous add on content, or some kind of level generator that makes there be infinity things to do.
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Posted: January 22
Max Paynes' Bullet Slo-mo + Braids' rewind mechanic + Classes of Team Fortress 2 = A Fun......
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Posted: February 13
After playing through both Normal and Super Hardcore Mode I can say that this game was definitely worth the asking price.

Super Time Force Ultra (STFU) is actually surprisingly deep after you get over the overwhelming game mechanic they throw right in your face moments into the tutorial. If you explained it to someone it'd be simple:

"It's a side-scrolling run 'n gun game except you can rewind time if you mess up."

But once you get your hands on it you'll start to realize it's so much more then just "rewind if you mess up". You can rewind to help yourself kill a boss in 2 seconds instead of 15. Speed up certain stage segments by being in multiple places at once all at the same time, etc, etc.

Getting into the game you'll quickly notice that the story isn't what drives this game. It's quirky, witty and not afraid to make fun of itself but eventually the jokes just get stale; thankfully we're not all buying this for the story and if you are then I'd recommend another game all together.

But aside from the quirky story and rewind mechanic the game features 6 stages with 3~4 chapters each, one of which is always a boss chapter so it's short (60 seconds for each final chapter). The stages themselves are beautifully designed and have specific enemy themes to them since you'll be in different time periods for each stage.

Now one playthrough of the game would take you about 3~6 hours if you just go from start to finish, there's another difficulty which may take you a little longer to complete since each squad member has 1 life and if they die then you're forced to either save them or forget them for the entire chapter. Also aside from the two playthroughs there's badges you can collect in each stage depending on what you do.

They are:
Chapter Clear - Just beat a chapter to get this badge.
Glorbs Get - Acquire all yellow diamond's floating about in a chapter to get this badge.
Shards Destroyed - Destroying all purple shards that appear after rewinding in a chapter to get this badge.
Looker Met - Reach the 'Looker' before he leaves his human form at the end of a chapter to get this badge.
STF Badge - Acquire all other badges in a chapter to get this one.

Going for all the badges in each stage will add a considerable amount of game time and it's extremely unlikely you'll get all of them in one playthrough so you'll probably be replaying chapters a bunch if you're going for 100%.

Ontop of the two playthroughs and badges you can collect they also have a seperate set of challenge levels called Helladeck Levels. These levels will test your skill and patience because each of the 50 (Yea fifty) stages makes you use pre-set characters with a certain amount of rewinds to try to collect all the glorbs before time runs out. They really do a great job of showcasing how unique each character in the game is from one another.

Speaking of characters there's a ton, they range from a dolphin wielding a machine-gun to a jedi wearing a bathrobe. Some of them are hidden in chapters while others are unlocked once reaching certain milestones of Glorb/Shard/Looker badge completion.

Like I said at the start of this review, definitely worth the asking price in my opinion Capybara Games did a fantastic job and I don't regret any minute of playing through both difficulties and doing just about everything the game had to offer.

But if you're looking for something to quickly play for a night or two until you beat it once then I'd say purchase it on a sale since the game's short and the story doesn't take itself seriously at all.
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Posted: January 31
STFU is a rollicking good time. The core mechanic is well implemented and doesn't get tired--unfortunately the humor does wear thin.
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Posted: December 28, 2014
If you have ever wondered about the impracticality of time travel and the paradoxes associated with being in different planes of time and space simultaneously, then this game says ♥♥♥♥ YOU in a retro 8bit adventure full of puns and references to pop culture that will leave you grinning like this ╔╦╦╦╦╦╦╦╦╦╦╦╦╗
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Posted: December 31, 2014
The mechanics of Super Time Force Ultra are a lot of fun. A sidescrolling shooter, you can reverse time to 'double up' (and more) on yourself to help kill enemies and beat the level within the time limit. If you die, rewind and try to save yourself from dying by killing the thing that killed you before it has the chance!

The levels are varied in terms of art, each world has a level that mixes up the objectives and style, and each boss is really fun and zany. There's a lot of unlockable characters, each has their own style and abilities, giving you an ever-increasing pallette of tools to deal with the challenges you face.

The game isn't incredibly hard, but it is really fun, and the challenge level felt just about right for me. For the ultra-hardcore player, a hardcore mode unlocks on completion, that locks out a character completely if they die, unless you can travel back in time and prevent their death. Sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm certain it will make the game REALLY hard, so if you're after a challenge, there it is!

I enjoyed the game's art style, which reminded me of Bravest Warriors / Adventure Time, and the humour is really good. There are a few overlong cutscenes (namely at the start and the end of the game), but they're so well written and amusing you don't really mind.

There's a lot of unlockables and collectables too, so there's a significant amount to do after completing the game's stages. There's a lot to do and a lot of excuses to spend time with the game after completing it.
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Posted: May 10
Awesome, lots of personality!
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Posted: January 8
Super Time Force Ultra is a side-scrolling action/shooter game by Capybara (Critter Crunch/Sword & Sorcery).
You start each level with a 60 seconds counter. You need to finish it before the counter hits 0. The levels are based on various points in history like the middle ages, dynosaurs and also the future.

You can go back in time to do things differently (you must do it each time you get killed) about 30 times each level.
The fun part is that you can actually "save" YOURSELF from dying if you kill the enemy before he kills YOU FROM THE PAST (woah). You need to make several time travels per level to finish it in time.

Each time that you make a time travel you can pick another character, there is a great variety of them (Aimy McKillin is my favorite, the sniper one). Plus, there is a well known character from a famous valve title in this game that needs to be unlocked ^~^

The game has no local co-op or online mode, which it's not a letdown in my pov, cause the game's concept doesn't fit well in a co-op mode. It would be really chaotic to make it, since both players would need to work together and make every time travel to be useful and to not mess up with the other's player timeline.

STFU (yeah) it's a excellent game with a creative proposal, well crafted retro graphics, funny history and addictive gameplay. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great 2D platformer experience.
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Posted: December 14, 2014
Hey everybody! I work for Grab The Games website and I have done a first look of what this game is all about. So come check it out and let me know what you guys think about the game and my review.
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Posted: December 27, 2014
How to play Super Time Force Ultra.
1. Spawn
2. Kill Something
3. Die
4. Rewind Time
5. Repeat Steps 1-4
6. Profit

10/10 would rewind time agian.
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5.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 18
Really fun and addictive gameplay, super fast paced and silly in all the right ways.
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12.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 2
Kang The Conquerer simulator 2015


Seriously though this is a stellar action platformer with a really unique and fun mechanic. Well worth it at reccomended price.
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4.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 2
the humor in this game is so embarrassingly awful it basically ruins the whole thing.

the time rewind gimmick doesn't amount to much more than grinding out the same level/boss enough times that you can do it fast enough to reach the end.

it's kind of fun but kind of eh.

i'd recommend it only if you plan on skipping all of the cutscenes and dialogue.
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