As the owner of a brand new railway company, you must manage train schedules, develop new railways, construct buildings, and manipulate the stock market on your quest to earn one trillion dollars. Have you ever wondered what it's like to manage a railway company, or how trains can impact the fate of an entire city?
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Release Date: Mar 21, 2008

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About This Game

As the owner of a brand new railway company, you must manage train schedules, develop new railways, construct buildings, and manipulate the stock market on your quest to earn one trillion dollars.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to manage a railway company, or how trains can impact the fate of an entire city? A-Train 8 answers these questions! The task will be fun, but not necessarily easy. Your company relies on the citizens for revenue, and the city needs your railway to function and thrive. If you fail to master this relationship, both your company and the city will face certain derailment.

The future of the city is in your hands!

In-Depth Management. Plenty of Challenges.
The gameplay of A-Train 8 is no simple affair. If you want to succeed, you will have to make decisions based on time, weather, terrain, financial status, and many other factors, but there are plenty of metrics and reports to help you out!

Realistic Trains and Buildings. Beautiful Textures.
A-Train 8 delivers more than just realistic gameplay. All of the visuals are inspired by real life, including the trains, buildings, and even monuments such as the Eiffel Tower!

Ten Default Scenarios
A-Train 8 will help realize your passion for railway management and city development with its ten default scenarios, intuitive gameplay, realistic 3D graphics, and in-depth map editor!

Choose from one of our pre-constructed scenarios, each with a different element of challenge that will help you learn and ultimately master the game. Each scenario includes a city that needs you to solve a significant problem, such as uncompromising terrain, underdeveloped infrastructure, and poor management.

Deep And Involved Gameplay
As a simulation game, A-Train 8 is all about giving control to the players. Nearly everything you can think of can be managed, from train schedules to proposed projects to stocks. Once you make a decision, the results begin to take effect immediately. Constructing the right kind of buildings in the right area will lead to more commuters and further city development, a win-win situation. On the other hand, poor schedule management and overextending will lead to a loss in commuters, severely impacting your company’s bottom line. Every decision you make is important!

Major factors that will affect your management include:

Time & Weather: Time passes continuously in A-Train 8, affecting train and construction schedules. Weather will change constantly: both snow and rain are possible at a moment's notice!

The Terrain: Certain areas are not ideal for development, and laying track over water is not cheap!

Financial Information: You will have complete access to your company’s balance sheet, railroad statistics, city trends, and stock/real estate reports. These reports are constantly updated throughout the simulation.

The Market: Equity and debt financing could very well give you the funds needed to expand your empire. You can buy/sell stocks, take out loans, and even sell real estate!

Building Tracks: Every track your company lays must be planned carefully. Not only does track cost money, but inefficient or inadequate track will slow down city development and decrease the amount of commuters!

Train Schedules: With the help of a Schedule Wizard and your own business sense, you will have the tools to create the most streamlined schedule possible given the circumstances. Smart scheduling will save your company money while still keeping the citizens happy.

The Trains: Each train has a slew of advantages and disadvantages. Elements such as speed, cost, maintenance, and capacity must be taken into account.

Realistic 3D Graphics
To ensure the most realistic experience possible, A-Train 8’s graphics are inspired heavily by real trains and buildings.

Trains: There are eleven trains available by default, ranging from commuters to freighters to lightning-fast magnetics.

Buildings: Dozens of hotels, factories, high rises, and residential buildings are at your disposal. Build 60-story skyscrapers, parks, airports, and even amusement parks!

Monuments: Place a unique stamp on your city with iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and the Colosseum!

Map Construction Mode

Whether you’ve already mastered the default scenarios or you want to build your own area from scratch, A-Train 8’s Map Construction Mode will ensure that each simulation is unique. Once you’re happy with your custom map, you can simulate it in Game Mode and manage your company for real!

Terrain Editor: In Map Construction Mode, you start with a large swath of flat land, ready to be molded into the terrain that you are envisioning. You have complete control over the map’s elevation and water, providing your map with uniqueness in both aesthetics and challenge.

Lifted Limitations: Construction does not cost money or materials, allowing you to build a large city from scratch before you even simulate a single day!

Customized Information: You can set the starting funds for your new simulation, opening up limitless possibilities for challenge. Imagine creating a minimalistic map with a large amount of initial funds, or a well developed town with a nearly bankrupted railway company that is struggling to keep it afloat.

System Requirements

    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000+
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon 9500 Pro
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
60 of 71 people (85%) found this review helpful
71.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2013
A simple and intriguing game! The A-Train series has been published since 1985, and was the first game of its kind! It inspired Maxis to implement the isometric perspective in SimCity 2000! It has been a very long time since A-Train received a US release, since A-Train is developed by Artdink in Japan. The most well-known US release was published by Maxis in 1992. A-Train has a very large learning curve, but when you accomplish the basics through repetition. It can be a rewarding experience! As with any simulation management game, each one varies in difficulty and has to be approached with a clear mindset. No references can be made, or confusion is inevitable! A-Train 8 has simple mechanics in theory, but can have very complex behavior at times with certain situations.

First, you must build a simple passenger line from point A to point B. This system can be built anywhere on the map (unless you are trying to accomplish a scenario). Purchase a basic commuter train and place it at any section of track that is straight. Let the train make full stops at each station (which will be done automatically, unless you command it a specific route). When this occurs, the passenger line will attract people and businesses to your railroad.

Now that you have people swarming to you transportation services, they need materials to build houses and offices. Next, you will build a “materials factory” near your passenger line. You can choose the size of the factory, but larger the building does not produce any faster or better. Larger factories just have more lot space for storage. Materials factories produce “materials” which are used to build structures and houses for you town. Tip: material factories only produce materials on weekdays; Saturday and Sundays they are closed.

You can combine passenger and freight systems together on 1 rail system, but I see at times they are more efficient if you separate them (costs more money to build extra track though). Build a separate freight line to deliver the newly produced materials. Build another station next to the material factory and one of the passenger stations (for now, point A station we previously built), then build the new rail towards point B. At point B build a “materials depot” anywhere near the station. This is where the newly developed materials will be stored for you citizens to use.

Once all these basic systems are in place, your town will now start to developed and eventually turn into a giant metropolis! You can help further the growth and development of your city by purchasing company owned buildings and structures; when placed properly can earn you extra money. If you continually build more passenger stations around your small town, it will attract more and more people and businesses. Larger the rail system, the more volume of passengers it can handle.

And that is the basic mechanics of A-Train! If you need more information on how to play, I found a tutorial at their website:

Dated graphics, but not the worst. It accomplishes more in gameplay than visuals. Some mechanics need detailed explaining, but once you learn how they function then it makes sense. Map editor is a great addition, custom scenarios and maps make for endless replay value.
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81 of 126 people (64%) found this review helpful
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2013
It's a rather old game based on a very old game, that's Japanese. Now, being Japanese is important, because they have not been following the western developments of user interfaces. Specifically, nothing is intuitive and works as you'd expect. You can't just click on a train to get information, not even in the train list information window. No, in order to get information about anything, you must know exactly which window to open. The graphics in this game are just that, graphics. They have nothing to do with gameplay. A small city can bring much more passengers than a large one and there is no hint as to why. It's also all very dated being grid based even though it is in 3D, but A-Train 9 apparently at least improves on that aspect.
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10 of 15 people (67%) found this review helpful
10.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 13, 2014
A-Train holds a special place in my heart, as the 1992 version published by Maxis is the first video game I ever bought and I spent countless hours on it. I was a bit hesitant to purchase A-Train 8 as it looks dated, the GUI feels awkward and the reviews and overall player feedback seemed mostly negative. But I played the time-limited demo, and even if one hour is a bit short to get a good feel of the game, I ended up purchasing it.

The game has quite a learning curve, and trial and error is very expensive, so you’ll probably botch your first attempts. There isn’t much of a tutorial, the provided documentation is useful but minimal, and I found very little help on the web. The interface is functional once you get used to it, but not very intuitive and it doesn’t provide much feedback about what you can and cannot do. Finally, the track building is rather restrictive, as there is only one turn radius possible, and that’s a bit frustrating at times.

That being said, I am really happy with this game, and I am glad I bought it. The mechanics are simple (dispatching building materials and tweaking train schedules) but designing an efficient and profitable network is a challenging task. Watching the city grow and the numbers add up in response to your actions is very satisfying. The visuals are simple, but I like the style and it makes the game perfectly smooth on my mid-range video card, with everything maxed up on high resolutions, even when the screen is filled up with large buildings. I haven’t encountered any bug so far, and the game runs fine in windowed mode and allows unconstrained resizing.

It is a game that will not suit all tastes, and I think it takes time to start appreciating it. But if like me you are willing to bring back good memories from 1992, don’t hesitate.
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7 of 11 people (64%) found this review helpful
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Posted: May 17, 2014
Hard to use and very confusing for newcomers such as myself, however veterans of the series and those dedicated enough will find their way around the strange interface and design choices.
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Posted: December 19, 2014
NO TUTORIAL! It Just plops you in and you have to figure it out. On top of that, it is fairly confusing. I'd stay away unless you are a veteran at train simulators. Also, no intuituve at all. You can't click on anything but the UI, which also is quite confusing.
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