A new breed of WARRIOR returns, committed to destroying the enemies of FREEDOM When ONE angry man, has a world to protect - There is only ONE future – HIS OWN No-nonsense hero Marlow never shied away from danger or trouble. But now he faces his ULTIMATE challenge.
User reviews: Very Positive (1,184 reviews)
Release Date: Sep 20, 2013

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"A low budget but surprisingly enjoyable spectacle fighter. Astonishingly stupid but revels in its own b-movie leanings."
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“Marlow Briggs is entertaining and wonderfully paced game.”
7/10 – GameSpot

“Marlow Briggs is nearly impossible to dislike.”
7/10 – Polygon

5/5 – Pixel Perfect Gaming

About This Game

A new breed of WARRIOR returns, committed to destroying the enemies of FREEDOM
When ONE angry man, has a world to protect - There is only ONE future – HIS OWN

No-nonsense hero Marlow never shied away from danger or trouble. But now he faces his ULTIMATE challenge. After crash-landing in Central America, he has an industrial evil to defeat whilst bound to an ancient Mayan Death Mask who’s had no-one to talk to for 2000 years. Another day at the office only this time Marlow is PUSHED TO THE LIMIT , his sweetheart has been abducted, the bad guys are making up their own rules and only one man can judge them – and EXECUTE THE SENTENCE .

Fearlessly fighting through Mayan temples and towering valleys, monstrous machinery, nothing, but nothing, will stand in the way of this bad ass warrior, his girl and the crushing of all opposition.

They told him to go to HELL, he was DEAD ready!!!

With cliffhanger over the top action and cinematic gameplay, Marlow Briggs takes inspiration from the best of blockbuster films, comic book heroes, and action games with its focus on relentless high-octane combat, exotic and danger filled environments and epic set pieces.

• Fight the enemies of FREEDOM with stacks of awesome combos and magic abilities,
• Single handedly destroy HUNDREDS of enemies
• Deploy MIGHTY weapons of destruction
• Leap out of HUGE EXPLOSIONS in slow motion
• Reveal the DEADLY secrets of the Mayans
• Save the ENTIRE planet

System Requirements

    • OS: Win 7
    • Processor: 2ghz dual core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 4000 Series and up / NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series and up - excluding mobile variants
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Win 7
    • Processor: 2.5ghz quad core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 4850+/5750+/6750+ or NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250+/450+/650+
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
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Posted: December 20, 2014
Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death is a third person hack and slash, action adventure that is probably the closest thing to God of War on the PC. It is fantastic game in general, let alone the budget price. It has over the top action, which means plenty of explosions and crazy moments like Marlow hanging from a helicopter and he needs to dodge left or right. The game plays great, the graphics are amazing. The camera will zoom out for you to see beautiful vistas, foreboding caverns and giant industrial complexes. There is a scope and scale to this game. You can be so tiny in a grand complex and you feel it. The game really shines with its gameplay diversity. You won't just be hacking and slashing. There are fun turret sections, plenty of not too difficult platform traversal, climbing, swinging, running from boulders, pushing objects, sliding down areas, working turnstile levers and even playing a top down vertical scrolling shooter. These other elements bring a lot of diversity to break up the brawling.

The story is simple and so bad its good. You're Marlow, visiting his girlfriend in a remote jungle, so she can quit her job working for an evil madman bent on immortality. To show her he means business, he kills you right then and there to kick off the game. Marlow gets killed with a magical artifact and the mask of Death resurrects him. So now with crazy magical powers, Marlow must save his girlfriend. The mask will guide Marlow along the way. There is a lot of humor between Marlow and the mask. Its not a comedy game, but has dabs of humor here and there. Marlow Briggs knows how implausible the situation is and doesn't always take things seriously. The mask is there to aide and taunt Marlow when he dies. To show the game's humor, the antagonist is named Heng Low. He makes some great announcements throughout the game, such as, "all personnel, go grab a gun. There's a nice reward for killing Marlow Briggs. You can use that reward to pay for the weapon rental." Oh and "All employees are fired, please avoid flaming death traps and bottomless pits on your way out."

The core game play is simple. You can move, double jump, weak attack, strong attack, grapple, block, roll in any direction with the right analog stick, use magic by pressing two buttons and change weapons with the D-pad. Marlow will get four weapons throughout the game. Each weapon has a different speed, range and damage, but for the most part they are pretty much the same. When he attacks he'll swirl around, causing beautiful death. Its visually appealing. There are four spells to earn. A fiery meteor shower in a circle, earth spikes in a straight line, frost to freeze a radius of enemies and a storm. Every enemy gives you experience to upgrade your weapon and magic levels. It seems like every spell depletes all your mana. Luckily each dead enemy brings you health and mana. There is plenty of mana, health and experience around each level. You just need to hold a button to absorb it, so if an enemy is around, they can keep you from getting them. Enemies can be grappled and thrown, but more interesting, they can be converted, making them fight for you! Your block can reflect projectiles if you time it right and you have magical projectiles of your own.

It is all a nice system, made even more enjoyable by a wide cast of enemies. The standard soldiers don't use guns, just machetes since this is a hack and slash. Rocket launchers that need you to reflect. Riot troops that need to have their shields knocked away with specific attack combos. Bugs that can be easily squashed. There are plenty of mini bosses that show up in the game. First they get their own fight, but then they appear later as common enemies. When most of the mini bosses get weak, you can hop on and control them. Not like the conversion, but rode. You can ride a giant scorpion and control it to kill enemies. You can ride giants the same way. The visual is better than the actual fun. I could kill the enemies a lot quicker without being on top of slow lumbering giants.

Speaking of giants, then there are the game's big bosses. The bosses so big that you're as tall as a single eye. Each big boss has many parts and they're quite memorable. Its all simple pattern recognition though so its easy enough once you figure out the pattern. The only problem is that you don't do much damage. At the end there is even a quick time event or mash the grapple button.

You have NO control over the camera. It is always carefully placed and follows you well enough. I only had a problem with that once or twice in the whole game. The load times are hid. I didn't notice one at all unless I came back to a save. Dying has a really quick reload time to the point its just a quote, then you respawn from the last frequent checkpoint. Its so nice to be back in the action.

To keep things interesting, there are challenges in the game. Things like you're sliding down a hill and need to move left and right. The challenge is collecting all the experience orbs! Don't collect them all? You can restart or just keep playing. You can kill all the helicopters in the turret section or the town down shooter section. It adds an extra level of challenge to what would be an easy game on normal (medium) difficulty. Even though the game stays the same level of difficulty, the later areas just take longer. Bigger enemies take more damage. Puzzles take longer.

Other elements in the game have players jumping between three mine carts to avoid obstacles. Floating with angels wings between platforms. Swimming through a swinging guillotine river. Climbing wall vines, killing worms. Inching with Marlow's back to the wall to avoid either falling or gears. Clinging to cliff sides. Dodging flaming wrecking balls. Turret shooting the pistons on a giant lava scooper as you ride around a cart. Getting chased by helicopters. Seeing giant scorpions get crushed by huge boulders completely unscripted. Escaping under a door by rolling just before spikes crushed the enemies in the room. Fighting enemies on a helipad as it flipped and flew through the air. Seeing the giant facility Marlow is in was really mobile with treads.

It all feels like a high budget game in a lot of ways, but lacking in a few, especially the cut scenes. There aren't many animated cut scenes, but the majority of the scenes are fly around of scenes. Its like bullet time. You'll see a still frame circling around Marlow as he's hacked through a flame throwing soldier. As the camera swings around, it will reveal a helicopter. Then Marlow leaping from the copter, only to swing around and show Marlow slashing through an insect. I'm happy that the cut scenes are the worst part of the game, especially since they're skipable. They spent the time in the animation, character models and gameplay.

The game is well worth the $5 price tag it currently has. I am shocked this game doesn't have a cult following or more popularity. Even with a 7 hour run time and not too much frills for any replay value, I think this could stand shoulder to shoulder with God of War. The diversity really kept me engaged. Nothing overstayed its welcome. 7 hours was the right time. Its best to leave players wanting more. Odd now Steam says that I only played 5 hours. Oh steam.
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Posted: February 13
If you ever played God of War and then you think to yourself "Oh man, I wish I could play as a black guy with ancient shaman powers who wields a shapeshifting scythe, have to master the four elements, save his girlfriend from being kidnapped and save the world while there are explosions everywhere!".

Then this one's for you.
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Posted: February 7
It's like God of War meeting Cory in the House
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Posted: May 26
Game Info
Name: Marlow Briggs and The Mask of Death
Developer: Zootfly
Genre: Hack and slash, action platformer, action adventure
Personal: Awesome, simply amazing, that was 7 hours of movies that ended climatically.

Marlow Briggs And The Mask of Death
A simply amazing action platformer game with the titular Marlow Briggs taking helm as a badass guy on a mission to save the girl, kick the bad guys ♥♥♥ and all the while slaughtering hundreds of faceless mook that dares to even stand between him and his objective. I suppose you could compare this game to legends like God of War although it doesn't have the brutality associate with God of War so you won't be tearing your hair in frustration but instead can enjoy this game in peace.

Along the way witness the dynamic duo of Marlow and the titular Mask of Death as they trade banter while killing enemies, facing monstrous creatures and wielding terrible weapons.

You probably won't believe how beautiful this game is despite the fact that it merely clocks at 2gb something in terms of size, fauna has a beautiful sheen to it, enemies and environment has beautiful and varied art to them and you will visit many location each [barring the temples] has their own art style and colour.

It's awesome, its beaty track that fits well with the game and doesn't sound out of place, especially when you face some of the bosses. It's great.

And here is where MBATMOD shines the most, you will wield many different [actually just four but they are all different in how they play.] weapons, traverse many different locale and best of all, fight tons of enemies all with satisfying combo.

Granted I don't actually know why its more important to string longer combos since I don't actually notice any increase in reward but damn I would say its not that hard to pull off 100-200 combos by late game as your skill greatly outclass that of the enemies.

Enemies aren't dull dullard either, they will put up a stiff fight and unless you actually use those combos you will find yourself always running out of health and mana. Fun thing is killing enemies restore the meters albeit very very little. It's a fine system of risk of reward which is greatly enhanced by the fact that healing takes time and you can't just do that in the middle of a brawl with 10+ dudes so caution must be taken. One fun ability they give you in game is the ability to convert humanoid size enemies to your side by grabbing them and spamming the E button. Granted they do die quickly and are usually relegated to meatshield duty but I'll be damn if they didn't save my hide once when I got trapped in an arena with two hulking dudes and 2 never ending spawning enemies, which I proceed to convert naturally.

Did i mention boss fights are aplenty? Yes they are, and they are awesome, you will fight mythical creature, twisted monster and the demons of the underworld itself! Of course cleverly they disguise the mini boss fight as a tutorial segment to deal with the enemy type later.

So about controls, its very good and responsive. So far none of my button has mispressed. Although one issue with the game is the camera can be a backstabbing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ occasionally, It might swing behind you, in front of you or even block your off-screen view. I guess there has to be a con no?

+Awesome gameplay
+Killer Graphic
+Responsive combat and control
+Great enemies
+Actually smart AI

+/-Occasional Copypasted levels
+/-Repetitive levels before the next carrot stick appears

-Terrible Camera
-The camera, its awful

So MBATMoD, lets tick the checklist shall we? Great cheesy story, awesome gameplay and enemies and a game that actually understands the meaning of action adventure by shooting you across the world at breakneck speed. I'll give this little bugger a medal and for you I will presribe a dose of this awesome game.


Scoring Methology [Courtesy of Meat King]:
- S-Rank: excellent
- A-Rank: very good
- B-Rank: solid
- C-Rank: satisfactory
- D-Rank: inferior

By special Request: A musical
The game hits a high not as I enters the arena of death with the angel himself clads in black staring down upon me! Oh why lord, why has thou given upon me camera issues and terrible looking bridges ?! For what have i done to deserve it?! Down down the rabbit hole i go, i watch madness itself plays a tone that is deaf to all but he bird from which upon hiroari shoots! But aye the fair maiden awaits, with a song and companion by my side i could take on the mountain itself! Come come mountains of death! Stare upon me and rend upon my flesh as we take upon the skies.

Verdict: A-Rank.

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Posted: March 21
Denzel Washington role playing Death from Darksiders in a Michael Bay movie. 10/10
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Posted: January 23
God of War and Uncharted met and made a totally predictable but polished summer blockbuster equivalency. Reminded me of something Nick Cage might do.

This is an over the top character action game with all the tropes and mechanics you've come to expect. X and Y weak/strong attacks strung into combos. 4 different weapons types. Standard med speed/med damage/med range(sword type), fast/short range/med damage(dagger type), fast/long range/low damage(chain type) and Slow/low range/high damage(hammer type). As well as elemental magic attacks. Though these do more or less the same thing except the ice one. Powerful AOE attack.

Its got block puzzles, its got platforming, ledge grabbing, timed based swings and jumps. It also has a really weird and out of place vertically scrolling shooter that happens more than once.

The banter between the main character and the mask that gives the character powers is actually funny at times and very self aware. It never really gets in the way or become annoying.

It's paced pretty well, at the end it drags a little (but only a little). Maybe it over stays its welcome by a small unit of measurement. If it were maybe 4-5 hours long it'd be perfect. 6 or more if you're a completionist seems just enough to make me mention the length might be an issue.

It's more inspired by God of War mechanically but the aesthetics are pretty much Uncharted with some industrial zones. Even down to the Health Orbs being red, magic orbs being blue and XP orbs being gold/yellowish. Not to mention the right analog "push in direction to roll that way dodge)

Decent romp and palate cleanser, especially for $5.
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Posted: December 27, 2014
Marlow Briggs knows what he is a nobody but at the same time he is EVERYBODY
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Posted: December 27, 2014
Imagine the good parts of your favorite platformers and also aku aku from Crash bandicoot and plus mixed with some mechanics from God of war and you have this charming little masterpiece that does not seem to give one solid ♥♥♥♥ about what anyone thinks about it and that's ♥♥♥♥in' great.

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Posted: December 19, 2014
Better than God of War.
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Posted: December 21, 2014
Now when I first picked up "Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death" I was quite skeptical, however upon launching the game I was greeted with the one of the most amazing games I had ever played, the story was among the likes of '"The Last of Us" and "The Walking Dead"' Gameplay wise it was amazing, with an intricate combat system rivaling that of many modern day fighters, and with a price tag of around $5 I would say that it was well worth it.

Also Micheal Bay made this game
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Posted: December 27, 2014
Play time: 8 hours (main story, not skipping cut scenes)

+Easy to pick up casual gameplay
+Good looking game
+Lots of action all the time all the way through the game

-Plot is not deep at all and just a frame for the action, doesn't make you care for what happens
-Combat system isn't that deep
-Gets a bit repetitive
-A few annoying "puzzles" (timed jumps)

Xbox 360 controller highly recommended
Graphics performance R9 280X, 1080P max settings: 60 FPS (V-sync) all the time, runs very smoothly

Picked up Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death for €0.99 during a sale, and for that price, the game was well worth the money. I wouldn't recommend it at full price, but if you're looking for a quite fun casual action game, god of war style, it's worth the money at a sale if you set your expectations according to the price level.

The game starts off right away with almost no plot, just start killing bad guys, god of war style. The plot is very thin, as well as the characters in the game.

The graphics look great, especially considering the price, and there's lots of action all the time, so you'll get treated to a lot of high paced nice looking action. It's like an over the top action adventure movie.

Even though you have a few different combos and get different weapons as the game progresses, combat isn't deep at all, you can just button mash through the whole game. Don't play it for longer stretches than an hour or so, or the repetitive nature of the game gets evident.

The game is best played casually half an hour to an hour at the time, that way it's quite fun to return to it, if you set your mind to mindless action, and don't expect a story line worth the name or deep gameplay elements.

The game is quite easy, I only got stuck on a few jumping sequences which were a bit annoying, otherwise the game has quite a smooth difficulty setting, making it quite fun but not too much of a challenge.
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Posted: December 20, 2014
Good game, good price, if you like this type of game :)
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Posted: December 21, 2014
This game is awesome. In my opinion it combines a bit of God of War + Darksiders + Uncharted + Dante's Inferno.... I would buy it again. Great game. Awesome to see a minority as a main chaacter as well.
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Posted: December 21, 2014
I recommend this game to anyone who wants God of War with a sense of Humor, its very entertaining, over the top, and doesnt take itself seriously.
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Posted: December 21, 2014
Overall - Strongly recommend this game. Under-rated.

Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 9/10
Gameplay - 9/10
Price- at 1 dollar 10/10

Time to finish 10 hours

Pro's - nice level design and environment
- runs well on my laptop - perfectly
- plays well with 360 controller
- simple game
- you can hop into and have a hard time hopping out.
- Length of game is 10 hours
- very little profanity (thinking of kids)
- A ton of work went into this game - see credits.

Cons - Simple Game
- Length of game is 10 hours
- a few levels are frustrating
- the small amount of profanity

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Posted: December 18, 2014
Enjoyable game, for those into hack and slash.
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Posted: December 21, 2014
I picked this game up for $0.99 during one of the seaonal sales. Less than a buck for a game that's pretty much a action comedy meets God of War. Some of the puzzles are annoying but not impossible. The cut scenes are unique "evolving" freeze frames which is a nice touch. Yes there are glitches, just a week ago I tried to jump up onto something I thought was a reachable ledge to maybe a hidden item. Instead, I jumped up and went into the mountain side and Marlow just kept up this long horizontal jump into the void. But who cares! This game is dirt cheap, has great voice acting, great graphics, and is extremely fun. A must have for any fan of the God of War style action games!
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Posted: January 4
There is basically nothing about this game that I don't like.
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Posted: January 4
This game is the best $0.99 I've ever spent. It is a very well done God of War Clone, with a likeable main character and fun story. Graphically the game looks great, and the controls are smooth. The voice acting is well done and performed by accomplished voice-actors. The game doesn't take itself seriously and it shows in the funny story. The banter between Marlow and the Mask is great. The Mask cracks jokes when Marlow is killing enemies and makes fun of him when he dies.

I only had one problem, sometimes when trying to grab a rope or ladder you would miss. Some locations you had to stand in a specific spot to grab on, or you would just grab air. Other than that the gameplay was great.
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Posted: May 17
Its concepts may be familiar, and its mechanics are not best-in-class, but Marlow Briggs switches gears often, always moving forward at a breakneck tempo.

You go from severing limbs in a trainyard with locomotives zooming through it, to dodging flaming boulders barreling at you down a narrow corridor, to leaping across moving platforms Frogger-style in a log-sorting facility, to riding a scorpion and jabbing scarabs with its poisonous tail.

Here's hoping the sequel teased by the conclusion comes to fruition; Marlow surely has a few more tricks up his bloodied sleeve.
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