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Release Date: Nov 8, 2012

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This content requires the base game DCS World on Steam in order to play.

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Contains F-15C, A-10A, Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29A, MiG-29S and Su-25 modules, some of which can be purchased individually.
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About This Content

DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 is the next evolution of the Flaming Cliffs series that operates with DCS World. FC3 features the F-15C, A-10A, Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29A, MiG-29S and Su-25. The FC3 aircraft provide an easy learning curve for new players and focuses on a broad range of aircraft rather than a detailed single aircraft. FC3 adds a number of new features and improvements to previous versions of the Flaming Cliffs series. FC3 is a module of DCS World, which makes it compatible with all other DCS World titles like A-10C, Black Shark 2, P-51D, Combined Arms, UH-1H Huey and Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight.

New Key Features for the Flaming Cliffs Series

  • A DCS World module that is compatible with DCS titles.
  • Professional Flight Models (PFM) for the F-15C, Su-27, A-10A and Su-25. New PFM coming for the Su-33 and MiG-29!
  • New 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) cockpits for all aircraft.
  • New and improved external models for all aircraft.
  • New campaigns and single missions.
  • Improved flight dynamics and sensors for air-to-air missiles.
  • Updated and improved HUDs and other cockpit systems.
  • Resource Manager that adds logistics control to missions.
  • Expanded theatre of operations map into eastern Georgia.
  • Countless other improvements in the areas of the mission editor, special effects, new models, improved terrain detail and AI.

F-15C Eagle

The F-15C has often been labeled as the greatest fighter aircraft in the world. Designed to counter the exaggerated capabilities of the Soviet MiG-25 "Foxbat", the F-15C has been the backbone of U.S. air defense for three decades. The F-15C, equipped with improved avionics and weapons over the original F-15A, has scored over 100 air-to-air victories in the service of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. without suffering any losses.

The F-15C rules the Beyond Visual Range arena (BVR). No slouch in a dogfight, the F-15C excels at finding targets, positively identifying them as hostile, and engaging them with AIM-120C AMRAAM missiles before the enemy can respond.

The F-15's versatile pulse-Doppler radar system can look up at high-flying targets and down at low-flying targets without being confused by ground clutter. It can detect and track aircraft and small high-speed targets at distances beyond visual range down to close range, and at altitudes down to tree-top level. The radar feeds target information into the central computer for effective weapons delivery. For close-in dogfights, the radar automatically acquires enemy aircraft, and this information is projected on the head-up display.

A-10A Thunderbolt II

Designed as a Close Air Support (CAS) platform to counter the massive quantities of Soviet armor during the Cold War, the "Hog" is heavily armored and carries an impressive weapons load including the deadly GAU-8A 30mm anti-armor cannon. Efforts to retire the A-10 from active duty began gaining momentum in the late 1980s, but fell by the wayside after the aircraft’s stellar performance during the 1991 Gulf War.

The A-10 was intended to fly low, using the terrain to mask its presence from enemy SAMs. Low flying, however, places the aircraft in the heart of the AAA engagement zone. Therefore, the aircraft is heavily armored, including a "titanium bathtub" that surrounds the pilot. When the threat of SAMs has been reduced, the A-10 generally flies missions at medium altitudes, placing it safely out of the reach of AAA guns.

The sub-sonic A-10 can carry AIM-9 Sidewinders for self defense, but should avoid dogfighting. It carries an impressive air-to-ground weapons load, but lacks the power for a sustained fight against a dedicated air-to-air platform. When confronted by an enemy fighter, the Hog pilot should use the A-10’s impressive turn rate capability to point the nose (and the dreaded 30mm cannon) at the attacker. When the attacker overshoots, unload and extend until the attacker makes another pass, then use another maximum-rate turn to point the nose back at the adversary.

Su-27 and Su-33 Flanker

The Su-27 Flanker B and its variants are some of the most impressive and capable fighter aircraft in the world, designed to beat the vaunted F-15C. Born in the waning years of the Cold War, the Flanker did not have an easy life. The initial design suffered serious problems. Then, the breakup of the Soviet Union hindered its deployment, denying it the opportunity to prove itself as one of the world’s greatest aircraft.

The Su-27 is tailored for air-to-air combat, not air-to-ground. Armed with the R-27 (AA-10) Alamo series of missiles, the Flanker has an impressive beyond visual range (BVR) capability. Meanwhile, the helmet mounted sight and high off-boresight R-73 (AA-11) Archer heat-seeking missile, coupled with the Su-27’s high thrust and sustained turn capability, gives the aircraft a powerful edge in a knife fight. High-AoA maneuvering helps the pilot point his weapons at the enemy. Finally, its very large internal fuel capacity keeps it in the fight well after other fighters are running on fumes. It carries as many as ten air-to-air missiles, giving it an impressive "punch".
Detractors criticize the Su-27’s avionics and cockpit layout, citing limited ability to track/engage multiple targets, high reliance on Ground Control Intercept (GCI) control, and high pilot workload. However, its passive Electro-Optical System (EOS) lets it find and engage targets without any radar emissions (which can warn the target). Debate continues whether high-AOA maneuvers (such as tail slides and the famed "Cobra") are useful as combat tactics or merely impressive air show stunts.
Su-27 pilots should keep in mind that although the Flanker has a very large internal fuel capacity, hence the lack of external fuel tanks, a fully fueled Flanker can be a very poor performer in a dogfight.

Originally named the Su-27K, this cousin of the Su-27 was specifically designed to operate from Soviet aircraft carriers. Equipped with canards for improved take off and landing performance, the first Su-27K made its maiden flight in 1985. The tail cone was shortened to reduce the risk of tail strike during high-AoA carrier landings, but this also reduced the space available for defensive countermeasures (including chaff and flare dispensers). The Su-33 uses the same radar as the Su-27 and, to a large extent, the same cockpit as well. Neither the Su-33 nor Su-27 has air-to-surface radar modes.

Su-25 Frogfoot

The Su-25 Frogfoot bears little resemblance to the U.S. A-10A, but it was designed for a very similar Close Air Support (CAS) ground-attack mission. The Su-25 was built to operate near the forward edge of battle area (FEBA) from rough, "unimproved" airstrips, and can carry a loadout with tools, spare parts, auxiliary power supply, a pump for manual refueling and other "self deployment" supplies. It carries a wide variety of weapons for missions including anti-personnel, runway denial, and tank killing.

The fortified cockpit and armored canopy help protect the pilot from anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) and small arms fire while engaging targets at low altitude. Ingressing at low level, the Su-25 hunts down targets, pops up, delivers its weapons, and dives back behind terrain. The Su-25 may arguably be the most power ground-attack aircraft in Eastern inventories.

The Su-25 is not intended for dogfighting though. Its primary defense against patrolling fighters is simple avoidance. When engaged, the Su-25 should operate at extremely low altitude, which hampers enemy fighters’ ability to engage it. Using terrain as available, the pilot should turn to face oncoming threats or extend away from the fight if given the opportunity.

MiG-29A and MiG-29S Fulcrum

Western observers often conclude, inaccurately, that the Su-27 and MiG-29 were born of a single design program, which copied the U.S. Navy’s F/A-18, no less. Indeed, the Su-27 and MiG-29 look quite similar and some observers cannot readily tell the two aircraft apart, despite the MiG-29 being substantially smaller than the Su-27. Both the Su-27 and MiG-29 design teams reportedly worked with common research data and drew common design conclusions. The MiG-29 has been much more widely exported than the Su-27, serving in many former Warsaw Pact air forces, several of which have since joined NATO (bringing their Soviet-made MiG-29s with them).
The MiG-29 originally shared most of its avionics suite with the Su-27 (including the radar, the Electro-Optical System (EOS), and the helmet-mounted sight), but was designed as a short-ranged fighter, not as an interceptor. The EOS lets the Fulcrum search for, track, and engage targets without emitting telltale radar signals. Being smaller, it doesn’t carry as many missiles as the Su-27, but its high-AoA maneuverability coupled with the R-73 (AA-11) Archer high off-boresight, heat-seeking missile and helmet mounted sight makes the MiG-29 a deadly dogfighter. The slow-speed turning fight is the MiG-29’s preferred arena where it can use its high-AoA capability to point its weapons at a floundering target. The newer MiG-29S includes onboard electronic countermeasures, a greater fuel load, and the ability to carry the medium-ranged R-77 (AA-12) Adder missile.

As with the Su-27, critics cite weak avionics and poor cockpit design as weaknesses of the MiG-29. The later MiG-29S (Fulcrum C), though, incorporated numerous improvements including better defensive countermeasures and increased fuel capacity. The MiG-29 reportedly requires a significant amount of maintenance, especially the engines. German MiG-29s (inherited from the East when Germany was re-unified) have had their engine performance "tuned down" to somewhat lengthen engine lifespan. Obtaining spare parts continues to be a concern for former Warsaw Pact nations.

Russian forces in DCS World employ the MiG-29A and MiG-29S, while German forces operate only the MiG-29A.

System Requirements

    • OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: Core i5
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2 GB RAM card, DirectX11
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX11 - compatible
    • Additional Notes: Requires DCS World and internet activation.
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: Core i7+
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX780 / ATI R9 290 DirectX11 or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX11 - compatible
    • Additional Notes: Requires DCS World and internet activation.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
107 of 110 people (97%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Posted: October 2, 2014
FC3 is a good starting point for intermediate sim pilots looking to break into the world of high fidelity combat flight simulation. Simmers who are just starting out in the genre may become frustrated with the learning curve, though. As a beginner flight sim player, you should not expect to be able to pick this game up and be waxing bandits effectively in one night. On the other hand, the feeling of accomplishment from learning to exeute a difficult task or maneuver is great!

FC3 offers a good spread of different aircraft that perform different roles, ranging from air to air combat to close air support and ground attack. I am 25 hours into the game and I am just now starting to feel comfortable flying the F-15. I haven't even had a chance yet to touch the other 6 aircraft included in this title. In that regard, I would consider the replay value very high. The ability to create custom missions and scenarios is also useful.

The training modules included in the game range from good to very poor. Tutorials are aircraft specific for the most part, so be ready to seek out a DCS world gaming community or Youtube tutorials to get yourself oriented.

I would not recommend this game unless you have a flight control system of some kind. A gamepad probably wont do the trick, either. A simple flight stick may suffice, but you will find yourself having a lot of key bindings to memorize and manage. A separate stick and throttle setup is ideal. Head tracking is also a huge quality of life booster, but not required.

I sat on the fence with the decision to purchase this game for months. I am glad that I decided to take the plunge. My experience with the game has been very satisfying thus far. When other DCS modules go on sale I will definitely be picking some of them up!
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
48 of 48 people (100%) found this review helpful
23 people found this review funny
Posted: April 2, 2015
This reminds me of some of the Janes combat simulators from the late 90's but in modern form. There is a learning curve but that makes this sim great, it's not just an arcade game made to grab money. Anyone who played ATF, USNF, F-15 IAF or the Longbow sims from back in the day would enjoy this. If you are 14 with the attention span of a squirrel stick to COD. Once you figure out how to operate the radar systems and weapons systems this game will bring tons of excitement. Things happen really fast at mach 1.3 Graphics are very good, flight models are realistic. Supports my old Logitech Attack 3 stick.

-Fly toward radar contacts
-Switch to RWS and AIM-120's
-Dump them all at the four targets
-Switch to sidewinders
-End up in a dogfight with 2 SU-27's
-Wingman ejects
-Empty sidewinders on SU-27, he ejects
-Switch to guns, and go after the last SU-27
all that in 120 seconds.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
45 of 46 people (98%) found this review helpful
11 people found this review funny
Posted: June 15, 2015
Absolutely the best most people-friendly simulator out there. It's just complicated enough to make you feel like you're learning something, while remaining basic enough to let a total idiot be a combat pilot for a little while.

I'm an idiot, and I had a blast!

If you have any interest in aviation, and especially if you're not willing to spend several days learning the systems of a real warplane, this is the one you want.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
25 of 26 people (96%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Posted: December 6, 2014
Did you play with the free DCS Su25T yet? Did you like it? If you did, then get this pack. These planes all have the same flight model and learning curve of the Su25T, and are constantly getting major updates and overhauls completely for free every few months. You get to play with the world's best two air superiority fighters, two great Cold War era Close Air Support aircraft, and two additional Russian multiroles (one of which is carrier based). Sure, you could buy just the plane you want individually, but really, why would you do that? ALL of these planes are GREAT, you WILL want them eventually, so BUY IT!
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
24 of 27 people (89%) found this review helpful
Posted: October 4, 2014
I don't really understand their pricing model, but the game is great.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
17 of 17 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Posted: May 17, 2015
this is probably the best investment for any newbie, 7 aircraft with a good learning curve, you dont need no fancy equipment either, after you master these, time to try out the A-10C and all the other aircraft with bigger learning curves
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
12 of 13 people (92%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Posted: November 6, 2014
To anyone who wants to know how to play this on steaml: You need to verify DCS's game files. The addon should download after that.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
11 of 12 people (92%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Posted: October 9, 2015
10/10 Best fighter jet flight sim out there, flight models, high res 6dof cockpits. If you are into World War 2 fighter planes, they got that aswell...

Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
15 of 20 people (75%) found this review helpful
11 people found this review funny
Posted: February 3, 2015
"This is not a game! This is very good simulator!"

Why can't it be both? ;)
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
10 of 12 people (83%) found this review helpful
8 people found this review funny
Posted: December 25, 2015
3 years flying and still flying with keyboard xD
awsome dlc and im giving A10/10 points
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
Recently Posted
수까 블얃
Posted: July 29
Deeply flawed but still worth the time.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Posted: July 3
Good DLC

+Almost everything

-Only SU27 training missions in Chinese edition

Really having fun though
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Posted: June 29
It contains ALL the basic modules to start DCS World and more than enough to have fun , the stars of the bundle of course are the SU-27 and the F-15 , two very good fighters and also the legendary A10-A (basicaly an A10-C without the extra sensors meaning its simplier to start with this one before going for the A10-C...) the SU-33 which i believe is the only aircraft that specializes in Carrier OPS and lastly the SU-25 (not my favorite but still a nice aircraft) MiG-29A and MiG-29S
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Back In 'Nam
Posted: June 25
Only played a couple of hours with the DLC so far, and I can already say it is well worth the £25. (£18 when I got it.)
The addon includes 8 aircraft:
SU-27 (A nice platform to learn from, the "cobra" maneuver is so sick.)
SU-33 (The SU-27 with a refuelling boom for air-to-air refuelling. (No sh*t sherlock.))
MIG-29A (Both this and the "S" variant are sh*t quick, seriously.)
MIG-29G (German variant)
SU-25 (Not the SU-25T, the original version of the aircraft.)
F-15C (I have no idea how any weapons apart from the cannon work, but I really don't care.)
A-10A (Takes a while to get used to due to the slow flying speed, but the cannon is f*cking worth it.)

Re-designed air-to-air and air-to-ground mechanics. (How weapons work for those who didn't understand that.)

The ground mechanics on the SU-33 and the MIG-29's are f*cked up, the aircraft can turn around in a split second.
Nothing else.

Just buy it, this review was pointless.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Posted: June 24
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Posted: June 22
Great flight sim. 4 years of experience and still not mastered. (TIP) Also love to use controller? Try connect ps3/xbox(usb) controller with MotionJoy and Xpadder to config and set ur controls from keyboard to controller (1-80+ hotkeys can be configured.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Posted: June 21
Fan#%?&&@$^#*tastic! You get what you pay for. During a mission a friend walked in and said "what am I watching? " "WWII stuff? Need I say more
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Härlige Harald
Posted: June 7
A really good "starting pack" for anyone interested in trying this kind of sim.

If you're new to DCS - Expect to spend a fair amount of time learning how the radar, weapons etc work. The game is really bad at telling you how things work and there are next to no tutorials within the game.

Do your homework, watch some videos on YouTube and you'll be shooting down hostile jets in a matter of hours.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Posted: May 11
A great starting point for new DCS players. All 7 aircraft are simplifed (at least compared to the A-10C, for example) and are fairly easy to learn. It will take some work, but once you get the hang of it, this is a lot of fun. And once you've mastered it, try some of the advanced aircraft if you really want to experience what DCS is all about.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Sobhan Volkulak
Posted: May 5
I can say the DCS series are best simulators in graphics and... but so expensive!!!!!!!!!!!
Helpful? Yes No Funny