Salvation Prophecy is a military space epic. Human, mutant, and robotic factions are at war for galactic domination. Battles rage as space fleets collide. Invaders clash against fortified enemy colonies. Yet the greatest danger is the impending annihilation foretold by an apocalyptic prophecy.
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Release Date: Oct 7, 2013

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“the jump between space battles, ground battles and strategy elements are just about perfect.”
92%. – Space Sim Central

“Salvation Prophecy has some of the best non-scripted battles in any space adventure game”
6/8 – Out of Eight PC Game Reviews

“It's not just unique but the amount of gameplay features and scope of the game had me taken aback because even big budget AAA games usually don't include the amount of content present in Salvation Prophecy.”
Gaming Blend

About This Game

Salvation Prophecy is a military space epic. Human, mutant, and robotic factions are at war for galactic domination. Battles rage as space fleets collide. Invaders clash against fortified enemy colonies. Yet the greatest danger is the impending annihilation foretold by an apocalyptic prophecy. You must seek out the mysteries of distant alien worlds, and master ancient powers to withstand the coming storm.

Space Combat

  • Engage in epic space battles with 50 fighter ships, space stations, and battleships.
  • Upgrade your ship with more powerful weapons, missiles, engines, shields, reactors, and EMPs.

Planet Battle

  • Embark on drop ship missions to invade enemy colonies.
  • Battle against enemy troops, turrets, flier-bombers, and powerful mech units.

Alien Planet Exploration

  • Navigate your ship through unstable wormholes to unknown galaxies.
  • Explore alien planets inhabited by dangerous creatures.
  • Discover the secrets of an apocalyptic prophecy.
  • Seek out the guardians of ancient runes.

Military Command

  • Gain ranks by completing missions.
  • Rise up to lead your faction's military strategy.
  • Construct planet colonies, space stations, and military units.
  • Order new missions to attack the enemy.

System Requirements

    • OS: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
    • Processor: dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB. NVIDIA Geforce 8600 GT, ATI Radeon HD 2600, or better. Integrated graphics cards are not supported.
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10
    • Processor: dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB. NVIDIA Geforce 8600 GT, ATI Radeon HD 2600, or better. Requires NVidia/ATI proprietary graphics drivers.
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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9.0 hrs on record
Repetetive as hell!

Though at first the game looks interesting because of all the progression you can make you will end up maxing everything in 5-6 hours at which point the game starts to lose it charm.

So you start as a soldier who must obey his faction leader's orders. After each successful mission you get rank points and credits and sometimes badges that gives you bonus credits.Missions are 3 kinds. Land attack as a soldier, Space attack/defense on your spaceship. Land attacks are boring,you as a soldier must upgrade your skills and gear while the defender can have turrets,fliers and even mech and in numbers both sides are equal. 20v20 soldiers ... and defender got bonus toys. Space battles are fun for most of the time. 20v20 spaceships and defender got the his base with turrets and a battleship. In both fights attacker got less toys but wins most of the time. Sadly all this gets boring after you do ~20 of each fights.

GAME LACKS DEPTH! Which is the main cause to get boring/repetetive. As Droid I had only 3 weapons to use - blaster,claw and missle launcher. There are skills for your guy but you can max them quite fast. There is no specialization to make the game a bit more interesting. Everything looks the same because of lack of customization. Even when you reach the rank of Faction Commander you still look like everybody else in your faction.

I was hoping to see in the game option to gather a squad of 3-4 droids from my faction and go hunt bounty targets but nope,you are all by yourself.

Unstable Wormholes were nice but when I got to check 4th one I simply stopped playing because just the end part of the mission is different : check the wurmhole,dream about the planet and the animals on it, wait for cartographer to upgrade your ship and check the planet.

I thought when I reach the rank of Faction Commander the game will be a bit more interesting... Was I wrong... As FC you can build stations,colonies and order attack, no attacks, an attack because you need to take part in the attack. You can't order several attacks and pick one to join in,you cant send troops to support stations/colony that will be attacked and to order an attack you have to be on station from which you gonna launch the attack.

Overall I can't really recommend the game unless you feel like doing the same thing over and over again. The game doesnt make you feel important with the lack of customization.It just makes you one of the mass.
Posted: September 26
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14.8 hrs on record
Fun game.

The third person fighting plays like Star Wars Battlefront, without the respawns.

The space fighting is like Freespace. It is also much better with a joystick.
Posted: September 30
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27.0 hrs on record
A wonderfully engrossing game. It certanly doesnt disappoint with the large scale battles actually feeling epic. The music is on point. Just all around well done.
Posted: September 26
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5.8 hrs on record
The Thought
I try, trust me, I try to love this game, but the repetitive nature of it but my fun at a stop. The fact that the game was developed by only one guy merit my money and the 6 hours I got out of it I did not regret, BUT I would not recommend this game for the general mass, I think you really need to know with what you messing with. If the budget where there and a team would have work on it it could have been a masterpiece but for now is just a great game made by a single person.

The Good
  • For a solo job, you can only admired the result.
  • 3 Faction, TPS, space battle, RPG element, RTS element.
  • The ambiance is great.
The Bad
  • Look dated.
  • Redundant gameplay.
  • Weird twist on the difficulty.
  • Almost no difference between the 3 faction.
Posted: October 7
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23 of 24 people (96%) found this review helpful
15.3 hrs on record
This game is a flawed gem. It's definitely unpolished, but unique and interesting in it's own way. If you're looking for a really smoooth, AAA title, you might want to look elsewhere, but I had a lot of fun with Salvation.

The game is basically a war game. You choose to play as a soldier in one of four factions, but the gameplay structure is the same for all four. Starting out in a space station that functions as a shop / hangar / communication hub, you get missions that fall in to one of two types: on foot, or in space. The "on foot" missions are pretty simplistic third person shooting sections where you run around a field and blow up buildings and enemies. Each race has three weapons: a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, and a special weapon (like an energy shield or a bomb launcher). Space missions put you in the cockpit of your space fighter, and generally play like a simplified version of a space shooter, similar to something like Rogue Squadron or Strike Suit Zero.

The game is technically open world in that you can go anywhere, land on any planet and walk around, but since there's a war happening in real-time in the background, there's not a lot of time to explore. Completing missions gets you rank points (which give you promotions to advance your career) and money, which you use to upgrade your gear for the "on foot" sections and your spaceship. You can also get skill points to level up your character. However, there isn't a lot of customization here. Each faction has only one character model, which you can't change (humans can choose a few different skin tones), and one spaceship model, which also never changes. You can't even change your name, as far as I could find, even though it's just a text string. And while you can level up your character, you'll generally get all the upgrades in the game in one playthrough. This isn't inherently a bad thing, just bear in mind that you won't be able to, say, play a stealthy commando one run and a patient sniper the next or anything.

Moment to moment gameplay tends to be pretty shallow. The "on foot" sections are pretty straightforward, just move the cursor over the enemy, hold the trigger, and use a healing item when you get low on health. Space combat is pretty similar, although movement is slightly more complicated, you're still just pounding on enemy shields and popping a shield recharging item when yours get low. Annoyingly, enemies also get health/shield restoring items, meaning that a lot of fights tend to be drawn out affairs where you beat an enemy down to five or ten percent health and he pops a potion and heals back to 100, so you beat him down to five or ten percent again and he pops a potion and heals back to 100, so you beat him down again, and so on, until he runs out of regen items. It's pretty basic stuff, but it does get the job done.

Once you get to max rank, you become your faction's leader, and can direct where you want attacks to focus on, as well as what buildings to build on colonies and so on. This isn't as game changing as it sounds, though, because you can't really control if you win or lose a battle except by going there and killing everyone yourself, and since you can't have more than one attack going at once, you may as well join in on the battle anyway. However, enemies can still attack your bases while you're out, so progress tends to be irregular. You may get back from conquering one planet only to find you've lost two somewhere else. Or, sometimes, none, since the AI's decision making seems to be random instead of adhering to a specific strategy or anything. The endgame does get a bit annoying, too. Story events basically negate the progress you made in the game up to that point, and the challenge ramps up, except "challenge" in this game means massive waves of enemies with titanic health pools that take forever to burn through.

But I don't want to exaggerate the negatives, this game is a lot of fun, especially early on. You advance in rank fast, earning new abilities and upgrades fairly quickly, but never so quickly that you feel overwhelmed. The UI is clunky and ugly, but straightforward and easy to learn. And one of the really great things this game does is gives a sense of scale: you're usually going in to combat with 20 other allies, so you feel like a small part of a large team, rather than some unbeatable lone wolf, which is a neat feeling. On those occasions when you do have to do something solo, that aspect always made it feel special to me, making that jump without a swarm of allies around me felt more dramatic and tense because of their absence.

In terms of graphics and sound, this game is pretty inconsistent, as indie titles often are. There are a few good bits, a lot of the models look fairly nice. But as a whole, the art direction is hit and miss, there are issues with lighting and materials, the environments are very low detail, and so on. Outer space is full of asteroids and fights take place at point-blank range, making the galaxy feel small and cramped, while ground fighting is almost all on a slightly hilly outdoor map with few decorations or geological features making it feel barren and empty. The UI, as I mentioned above, is functional, but clunky to use (especially if you have to use it in combat) requiring a lot of extra clicks and wasting a lot of space. Animations are inconsistent, with some of them being fairly good (the sexy swagger of a Salvation officer) some of them being really bad (the derpy run cycle of a Drone Unity soldier) and a lot of them being flat out missing (like any kind of forward diagonal movement animation, your character just animates like he's running straight forward and drifts to the side). The audio is serviceable, but doesn't really stand out. The game does run at a nice framerate, though, and never crashed or ran in to any other technical problems during my playthrough.

Overall, this is almost a poster child for indie titles. The lacklustre graphics and shallow gameplay are made up for by the fact that this game tries to produce an experience that's mostly fun and unique. It's full of issues that a larger studio could probably have fixed, but the quirky nature of it's core gameplay produces an experience that a more polished title probably wouldn't match. Overall, I can't recommend it to everyone, but I definitely had a lot of fun with this game.
Posted: May 27
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20.7 hrs on record
Got it for 5 bucks, not really hoping a great game...

I was wrong, this game is awesome, reminds me of Star Wars : Battlefront 2, with no vehicles but with strategy and open world

Whenever it's on sale, don't even hesitate, it will be worth every dollar
Posted: August 9
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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
1.0 hrs on record
I picked this game up for $5 during the sale, because I figured there wasn't too much to lose and it sounded interesting. There is no doubt in my mind it's worth the full price, now. I'm not the easiest person to please when it comes to single player games, but it definitely provides entertainment worthy of the price. I'd recommend getting it before the sale ends, though! you can't beat that price for the amount of gameplay it offers.
Posted: June 25
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4 of 6 people (67%) found this review helpful
15.1 hrs on record
While the gameplay isn't completely terrible depending on the race you play (I beat the game attack drone race which wasn't bad, then tried starting over as the Wyr whose aoe weapon requires you to stand still and charge the distance you're throwing the grenade which makes it practically unusable), late game mechanics are so repetitive that the game isn't really worth playing. As the game goes on the enemies and enemy buildings/turrets/etc become stronger and take more shots to kill, increasing how tedious everything is.

After you reach max level and become the leader of your race, you can command attacks on enemy bases and space stations, which you personally have to lead. You can only command one action at a time, which causes everything to move extremely slowly, and you can't combine the forces of multiple stations.

The enemy AI isn't that great either, once you power your ship up enough you can repeatedly do attack runs on the enemy station practically unmolested and win the battle while everyone else is flying around shooting each other. Enemy ships don't seem to target you or try to follow you, they just seem to shoot at you if there's nothing else nearby to shoot at. The ground missions aren't a whole lot better, other than the targeting on the enemy turrets is so bad you can just keep slowly strafing and they'll never hit you.

All in all, I like the concept behind Salvation Prophecy, but it really needs better enemy AI, better mechanics, and more improvements to your ship that you can make after halfway through the game.
Posted: May 2
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5 of 8 people (63%) found this review helpful
2.2 hrs on record
This game is politely describable as a very, very unpolished gem. It has a great deal of potential... but doesn't manage to bring that potential anywhere near fruition. Wherever I look, I can see a large number of things that could easily be improved or tweaked... but *aren't*.

The storyline? Good concept, undermined by poor voice acting and worse script-writing. The ground combat? It'd be a hundred times better with a few simple cover mechanics. The space combat? A better positioning display would do wonders. The overall gameplay model? The ability to run side-quests for money would be nice... and would avoid some of the more problematic aspects of the game's pseudo-RPG structure.

Sure, some of this may be alleviated later on. I don't know -- I've barely scratched the surface of what's in there.

The unfortunate part is that I probably won't do more than that. The game could easily be a true gem.
Posted: July 21
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21.5 hrs on record
What's to love in this game? Lots of stuff. You start off as a run-of-the-mill GROPO taking part in planetary invasions as directed by your higher authority. As you rank up you're given a fighter so that you can take part in space missions. You buy your upgrades, there's some minor customization on how you get to the end of each faction's 'tech tree'. At some point you'll become the faction commander. Now you get to decide where to send your fighters and grunts.

All in all. I had a lot of fun for the 15 hours (currently) I've put into it. It's a little of everything. Some base building, some rpg, some third person shooter, some space combat. The game makes sense it what's it's trying to do. You want to colonize a planet to get more resources for your faction. You need to invade the current owners colony and wipe it out first. Before you can wipe out the colony you need to clear space station and fighters in orbit. But before you can do that you have to launch the spae invasion fleet from one of your own space stations. But you have to build the fighters even before that.

Okay, don't get intimidated. It makes sense. Build your fighters. Point em at the enemy and launch. Go with em to make sure they win. Come back and launch the grunts. Go with em to make sure they win too. (Note, as far as I could tell you will never establish numerical superiority--which would be negative for me). Then build the colony, get it's resources and repeat.

Gripes. Each part of the game has it's own gripes. When I'm launching an invasion fleet, why can't I luanch multiple invasion fleets from different areas? Your soldiers/pilots who go with you do their own thing. You can't give them objectives. You can't ever esrtablish numerical superiority, even if by launching invasion forces from different stations. THere are more, but I can't think of them at the moment. But it comes down to the focus. Because the focus is wide, it doesn't neccessarily do each part of the game as polished as it could be.

Big Gripe: I played with a controller and two things really irked me.
1)The controls were a bit weird. A B Select and Start didn't follow their usual functions. As in, A (bottom middle button) = accept/forward, B (far right button) = cancel/back, Select = in-game menu, start = global menu. Salvation Prophecy has it to be A=Accept/forward/use, B = accept/forward, select = back, global menu, start = in-game menu. Also, no dedicated button to missles and emp? (missile defense)
2)When you accept a call/mission in the fighter it does not pause the game (no gripe there) but it does slow you down to a crawl while you try and figure out why someone keeps calling you every 5 seconds while you're in the middle of a dogfight...which, btw, if you accept said call in the middle of a dogfight you run an 80-90% chance of dying.
I have no idea if this holds true for the Mouse/Keyboard controller options.

Graphics are dated but not so bad as to detract from the story and what it is you're trying to do. The map is kind've small, the tech tree is kind've short, there aren't many weapons to choose from, the upgrades for your fighters are kind've short...

Through all that, I still really like this game. While it doesn't do any one thing stellar, taken all together it's a fantastic game. I hope the developer at some point in the future makes a sequel.
Posted: May 18
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10.1 hrs on record
Salvation Prophecy is one of those rare gems that remains somewhat unpolished and less lustrous than it could be but nevertheless fun to mess with. I like the mix of linear campaign structure versus quasi-open sandbox, though there aren't really many different mission types; pretty much everything boils down to shooting in space or on land. Even the "acid-trip missions" end up being little else.

But the sense of achievement and growth as you progress through the ranks is palpable, the options for using different stims and perks on land and equipment in space are enjoyable, and it doesn't really get old. It's definitely a game you can pick up for twenty minutes and play a quick mission or two and put down again.

It's fair criticism that the graphics aren't fantastic and the game is repetitive, but it's clearly a low-budget effort and packs a lot more fun than its tiny asking price suggests. I think I picked it up on sale for something like $4.99, and I've already enjoyed ten-plus hours with it before even beginning what I suspect is the end-game final conflict phase.

In short, it's a lot more fun than I thought it would be and highly recommend it for those who like sci-fi FPS or space combat games. There are bigger more polished games, but this is an overlooked and undersung value option that aims high and partially delivers.
Posted: May 25
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31.3 hrs on record
Beautiful merging of 1st person shooter, space shooter and a dash of space rts. A jewel who's sequel (if any) I cannot wait to see.

Starting as a soldier in any of 3 races you provide support in ground combat. Payment? Skillpoints and money. Gain enough skillpoints and get promoted until you get a spaceship so you can also provide support in space battles and do some bounty hunting. Upgrade your equipment as well as your ship and try to destroy or unite the 3 races. There is a 4th race coming and you'll need to focus all your resources on them soon enough.

Once you're a faction's leader, you can engage in diplomacy, build space stations and ground structures, train troops, build combat vehicles, plan attacks both in space and on the ground, colonize planets, etc.

It's worth taking a look as this is the sort of game you won't see too often.
Posted: July 12
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0.3 hrs on record
It needs a lot of work, battles don't feel epic at all, and you take down giant buildings with like 20 blaster shots.
Posted: July 16
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0.4 hrs on record
If you like pretty bad graphics and a very slow intro to every game, then this is your game.. i was pretty dissapointed with the game... this game needs a lot of work.
Posted: May 11
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9.5 hrs on record
Fun Game. It gets a bit repetitious after a while but quite addictive. I caught myself playing for several hours straight... Just one more battle then I will go to bed.....
Posted: August 3
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0.4 hrs on record
wow this game is pretty REALLY bad...I'm just glad I got it on sale...Don't waste money on this.

To better explain, they tried to make an open world, MMO style of game where you choose a faction and work your way up the levels and eventually command space craft, etc. Not a bad idea, however the controls are bad, the character animations are worse, the combat is boring, the voice overs are laughable and the game just handles very, VERY poorly all together. Avoid this title, it's not worth your time.
Posted: July 28
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1.9 hrs on record
To be honest, I'm not sure what I was expecting from this game. I never heard of it on the major game sites and if it wasn't for Steams ability to showcase unknown games, I more than likely never would have bought it. With that said, I must admit that I was pleasantly suprise by the game. Usually when games mix space and ground battles, they suffer greatly for it. I only play the first couple of mission so I can't rate the overall game yet, however, besides the slow strafing for the foot soldiers, which may or may not be adjustable, I haven't delve that far into the game yet, I am glad I bought this game.
Posted: May 15
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8.3 hrs on record
The game bills itself as a sprawling space epic, or whatever. Listen, forget about that. Let me break it down for you right here: This is the kind of space simulation game where you become a wizard, who summons dinosaurs to destory your foes. That's really all you need right there.
Posted: July 5
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2.0 hrs on record
Ok, If you liked Starwars BattleField 2, Then this game is a MUST HAVE, I understand i only have played 2 hours but that is because i literaly bought the game 2 hours ago lol. Anyway. The game has amazing Land battles, but the space exploration and space battles are where the real meat is at.

Let's go into details, Shall we?

First off, In most space shooters, are you allowed to warp between wormholes and jumpgates? I didnt think so.

Secondly, The land battles arent just spam spam spam spam blow that up spam spam, you auctually need to follow your squad and try not to get singled out (if you are playing on a decent difficulty that is)

Thirdly: The game has multiple factions to choose from, wich in all games is a nice little addition

Finally: The game doesent "beat around the bush" with what it tries to be. It is a Sci-Fi Third person shooter. It is quick, clean, and to the point, the game does have some nice little humor kinda thrown it too.

Now that we have looked at the pros, lets look at the darker side of things.

Con 1: The game does get EXTREMELY Repetetive, so i would go ahead and be prepared to get bored if played for too long

Con 2: The models created for the game look OK, your not gonna be blown away with astetics here.

Con 3: The textures are... Lacking. I mean, I understand the game is older than most, but it has aged worse than most too.

After all of that, I have concluded that the game is a very nice addition to your Steam Library, its fun, has great space and ground battles, and although it doesent have a Spot on Story, has a nice narrative going for it. Overall, I give it a 8.0/10 in my book, So if u have 20 dollars layin around, why not buy it!
Posted: July 6
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3.5 hrs on record
This is a good game overall and I would recommend it to my friends, but there is one thing I have to say. You do not know how many times I have been trolled by the worm hole and warping mini-game. I got out of a space station assult and it took me aleast five tries to get back to the nearest station. My friends I showed it to would not stop laughing at me! Anyways it is still a great game and I recommend it.
Posted: May 1
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