Download Burnout™ Paradise: The Ultimate Box today. Paradise City is the largest and most dangerous setting yet for the best-selling Burnout series. The massive setting gives players an open-ended world to explore, as they race their vehicles through hundreds of miles of roads and underground passages with more than 70 different cars.
User reviews: Very Positive (6,514 reviews) - 86% of the 6,514 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Feb 3, 2009

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"One of the best racing games to ever come out. Its older but still hold up to this day. If you want good music and great racing elements this is a must"

About This Game

Download Burnout™ Paradise: The Ultimate Box today. Paradise City is the largest and most dangerous setting yet for the best-selling Burnout series. The massive setting gives players an open-ended world to explore, as they race their vehicles through hundreds of miles of roads and underground passages with more than 70 different cars. Speed through the streets from event to event, racking up points that are saved to your Paradise City driver’s license. Earn the vaunted “Burnout” license by smashing through billboards, jumping ramps, and sustaining crashes with the improved damage system.

The Burnout™ Paradise: Ultimate Box features all of the great gameplay and modes of the original game, as well as added enhancements especially for the PC. Now you can cruise the streets of Paradise City at night with the new Day/Night time cycles. There’s nothing like racing at night. The Ultimate Box also includes motorcycles for an all-new thrill ride. Take on 70 new motorcycle-specific challenges. Two bikes are available at the start, including the FV1100 and Nakamura Firehawk V4, with additional rides that can be unlocked or downloaded. We’ve also added dynamic weather that features a variety of new conditions. Even if you’ve played Burnout™ Paradise before, you’ve never experienced a challenge like The Burnout™ Paradise: The Ultimate Box. Download it today for the PC.

System Requirements

    • Supported OS: Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 XP / 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 Vista
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM XP / 1.5 GB Vista (2 GB recommended)
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible with Shader Model 3.0, requires 128 MB or more and contain one of these chipsets: Nvidia 6600 or greater, Radeon X1300 or greater
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB of free space or more


Helpful customer reviews
40 of 41 people (98%) found this review helpful
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3.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 4
- Well what can I say, Burnout Paradise is the best sandbox racer that was ever made period.
- I got over 240hrs of playtime on PS3.
- Best 240hrs spent on a racer in my life.
- If you buy this game, invest over 5-6 hours into it and I assure you will be hooked for another 50. Unlocking cars, finding all the jumps/shorcuts/garages/billboards is fun.

The single player is a blast. The online portion is also. I was amazed that there is still plenty of people playing this online on steam, even late into the life of this game.

I don't mind coming back to it every now and then. The best thing about coming back to this game is that I still have a blast like during the first 240hrs I played this game.

- Too bad that the ultimate box on steam doesn't come with Big Surf Island.
- You can't add your own music playlist easily like in the console version.

Since this Ultimate box doesn't come with Big Surf Island and plenty of optional awesome cars in DLC format. I better go add my precious time on the PS3 version and start a new game again.

- God I love this game.
- I and plenty of other gamers still wish Criterion would make a sequel to Paradise. Because we would throw our money right into the screen if we ever see an annoucement trailer for a Paradise sequel.
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126 of 189 people (67%) found this review helpful
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13.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 11
Lies. This package includes absolutely no DLC as advertised. And for no reason. The online hasn't been shut down, like EA notoriously does with sports games. This game hasn't been cancelled in any way. It ain't Silent Hills P.T. The PS3 version is still fully functional and offers "the Ultimate" package to this day (Jun/12/'15) for a flat $20. Yes, with those fake movie cars, so this isn't a matter of corporate deals expiring. Why the hell A) EA decided to simply stop including DLC, B) continues to nag you to buy it on like every pause screen in the ♥♥♥♥ing game even though this bundle says I already do, or C) Steam refuses to simply call this Burnout Paradise and remove the misinformation... is a strange mystery, especially for the mostly on-the-ball and honest Steam service.
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83 of 123 people (67%) found this review helpful
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1.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 16
I like the game, I got it on sale, however the DLC are not in the "ultimate box". I can't recommend this given the misleading title.
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18.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 13
I love the Burnout Series so when I saw this on the pc I had to have it.
As always it has cool music, races, take down and other modes.

Unlike in other parts you must drive up to for instance a race so start it.
Which can also be annoying if you mess it up and have to drive a long way back.

The game has allot of game time, atleast 30 hours if you go for 100%
Many cars, cars also have different boost types now and it was a good buy.
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9.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 29
-Quick Review-
Welcome to Paradise island, the island where you can run over almost everything, jump over everything else, and crash with little to no consequences. Burnout Paradise is an Open World racing game developed by Criterion Games and released in 2009.

-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: You start the game with a quick introduction to Paradise Island, after your introduction you try to accumulate “marks on your licenses” to progress to the next licenses and unlock new vehicles.
You earn Marks on your license by completing the various challenges, there is always a challenge at every intersection.... leaving you plenty of races, bumper cars, stunt drives, and chases to keep people entertained.
The primary vehicles you'll play as are Cars, but they do have some motorcycles in the game and some “toy vehicles”. In general this has a lot of vehicles which are very much wasted on me, because I just crash into the other vehicles because I'm childish and want to play bumper cars.

Gameplay: There are three car “classes”, and different stats with each car. Stunt class cars will get you boosts by preforming tricks, Aggression class cars get you boosts by being a jerk (I really like playing Aggression cars and cackling evilly as I push an NPC into the wall), and lastly Speed class cars, which you fill by near misses, upon filling the boost you can preform “burnouts” which let you boost after your boost meter runs out, so in a way you could just keep boosting... as long as you don't crash in between boosts.
Like most car games, there are also specific stats on the various vehicles, some cars have high Speed, others have high boost, and still others have high Strength. Speed = you go faster. Boost = you have more boost you can charge up. Strength = your car can take a bigger beating from the competition.

Achievements: There are no steam achievements for this game, at this time. However there are plenty of in-game unlockables that you can obtain. It's important to note someday there might be steam achievements, because on the Xbox there are 60 achievements on the core game, + 10 with the various DLC expansions.

Price: Burnout Paradise is priced at $19.99, you can easily spend an hour for every dollar spent playing this game, there's a lot to do. That is the theme of Open world games. As I commonly do in my reviews, I suggest you wait for a sale to purchase this game, if you purchase it... I got my copy of the game on a Humblebundle.

Before you buy, one final note: There are a number of reviews out there on this game saying that this game has been falsely advertised. I cannot speak from experience because I never played this game anywhere else. You're only getting the core game with the Purchase of “Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box”, in other words if you look up DLC for this game, all of that is unavailable. You cannot even purchase the DLC on steam. For die-hard-Burnout Paradise fans, that's a tough knock. So it's worth noting that you're not getting “the Ultimate Box”, you're just getting the core game.

Conclusion: To quickly recap: Story – not really a selling point. Gameplay – fun, even if you're not very big on car and/or racing games. Very forgiving when you crash early in the game. Achievements – Nonexistent. Price – Fair, I suggest waiting for a sale. Remember – you're only getting the core game.
All in all, this is a fun car game which can be appreciated regardless of how obsessed (or couldn't care less) about cars. I recommend this game for people who enjoy racing games, or want to give a driving game a shot, keep in mind the open world aspect is a big appeal to certain gamers rather then others. (Open world is my favorite)
As always, thanks for reading my review.
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