Real-Time Strategy Game. Guide your nation through the most violent era in modern history. Play massive campaigns as one of the principal nations, set-piece scenarios of famous battles, or set your own victory condition and play as any nation in the world in Sandbox mode.
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Data de lançamento: 9/mai/2014

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“Supreme Ruler 1936 gets all the basics right ... a solid, rewarding game for strategists who aren’t afraid of a challenge.”
3.5/5 –

“No other World War II—or any global war strategy game—can match the excitement of the series”
85% – Armchair General

“A Conqueringly good WWII Strategy Game ... brilliant diplomacy interface, tough AI and historical accuracy ... Supreme Ruler 1936 is a huge success.”
4.5/5 – Game Industry News

Supreme Ruler Ultimate

BattleGoat Studios is excited to announce that the newest release in the Supreme Ruler series is now available! Be sure to check out Supreme Ruler Ultimate on Steam:

Sobre este jogo

Supreme Ruler 1936 is Real Time Geo-Political/Military Strategy Game for PC (and soon Mac). Take control of a nation in the World War II era and guide it through a significant Military Campaign, or attempt one of many Set-Piece Historical Scenarios. Players can also customize their play experience with the Sandbox Mode and play as any Nation with their own preferred Victory Condition.

  • Play Multiple Campaigns from either the Axis or Allied perspective.
  • Take Control of any Nation in Sandbox Mode and impact the outcome of the era.
  • Challenge yourself with Historical Scenarios for a faster-paced gameplay experience.
  • The butterfly effect... Influence the timeline and outcome of thousands of historical events.
  • Use Diplomacy, Trade, Espionage, and Intimidation to influence the policies of other nations.
  • Research new Technologies to give your nation a significant military advantage.
  • Modernize your economy to support whatever social and military policies you choose.
  • Sophisticated Real-Time Strategic and Tactical Control of your Military Forces.
  • Detailed historically-accurate armies down to the Battalion level.
  • Choose your level of control. Make all decisions or use your Cabinet Ministers to help.
  • Battle the elements! Fully integrated weather model influences battlefield outcomes.
  • Significant graphic improvements to 3D terrain and Graphic User Interface
  • Up to 16 players in Multiplayer over local network or Internet

Requisitos de sistema

    • SO: Windows XP SP3 or later
    • Processador: Intel Pentium IV or better
    • Memória: 512 MB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: ATI/Nvidia/Intel DirectX 9 Compatible
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0c
    • Armazenamento: 1 GB de espaço disponível
    • Placa de som: Direct X Compatible
    • Outras observações: Screen Resolution: 1440x900 or higher
    • SO: Windows XP SP3 or later
    • Processador: Intel/AMD Dual Core
    • Memória: 2 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: ATI/Nvidia/Intel DirectX 9 Compatible
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0c
    • Armazenamento: 1 GB de espaço disponível
    • Placa de som: Direct X Compatible
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{TR} Reynaldo
( 30.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 17 de julho
-Veteran of Supreme Ruler Cold War and decided to tear ♥♥♥♥ up in the Second World War
-Choose France, because they're awesome
-Like to live dangerously, so set world volatility for "very high"
-Two weeks into 1936, both Germany and Italy declare war on me and numerous other nations.
-Instant two front war
-Decide to fight Germany in a defensive war while I take out Italy.
-It works. French soldiers storm Rome and troops are redirected to the stalemate going on at Alsace-Lorraine.
-The soldiers, being French, didn't help at all.
-Statemate battle goes on for three months
-Germany's soldiers suddenly disappear and are assumed to have killed themselves
-French soldiers with no resistance take Berlin.
-As a result of long war, economy is on the brink of collapse
-Spend three years trying to fix it
-Become best friends with Poland
-USSR declares war on me, Finland, China, and Poland at the same time
-French troops called to action once more
-Spend 6 months fighting to Moscow where a massive battle takes place.
-Lose 200,000 soldiers in four days
-Troops storm Moscow, USSR surrenders and is partitioned.
-France rules Germany, Italy, and parts of the Soviet Union with Poland, China, and Finland
12/10 would defy WW2 again
( 58.0 horas registradas )
Publicada: 10 de julho
Great Britian Took over all most all of eastern europe and took moscow after germany declared war on poland.

10/10 would see GB back stab france and destroy germany
Leftist Fascist ☭
( 14.4 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho

Incomplete, many historical errors, no faction-playing, completely directed at playing with Germany, and a very bad concept in general.

There is no important pros in this game.
you feel it too dont you?
( 11.9 horas registradas )
Publicada: 29 de junho
at first they united with austria again but i did not speak up for i believed in peace for our time
then they annexed the sudetenland but i did not speak up for he claimed he was protecting the germanic people there
then they took the rest of czechoslovakia but i did not speak up for i believed we secured peace for our time
then they invaded poland so i declared war but poland fell
then i waited a long time thinking they werent gonna fight
then they went for my neighbours but i did not help
then they went for me and THE ♥♥♥♥ING ANGLO LEFT ME
( 132.8 horas registradas )
Publicada: 17 de junho
its a very good game. i think people should stop looking at it for its bugs or problems and start looking at the good points.
1st: it has a very detailed hex map, most games like HOI4 would have provinces the equivellant of 7 hex's together.
2nd: the economy management is very detailed
3rd: research&development goes from 1914 to the future. which is an impressive amount of effort, that needs to be awarded
4th: there is no restrictions to whatever you want to do, for example you could backstab your allies, demand 1billions worth of goods from your allies and pay only like a couple hundred million
5th: it simulates how your millitary performs, affects your evonomy. like if you have built too much units, the maintanance will take up your profits, and if you increase taxes, your gdp will slow down increasing/ start to go down.
6th: infrastructure is physical and can be seen whereas in HOI4, its just a value in its condition, so like if i wanted my enemy to lose all i have to do is bomb their land production.
7th: interesting things happen, random events happen to different countries. on one of my saves, america went into a 97 billion dollar debt, another one japans mainland got invaed by china, another one romania invaded russia while germany only pushed at infantry speed. another, finland gained ground on england, ireland took back the north (but later lost though, sad), america invaded all of the american continent, england became facist, south africa became facist, hungary invaded yugoslavia. and to be honest it gets interesting as time goes on, all of the above in the 7th category are from sandbox though.
8th: russia invaded germany(me) and i built a wall to keep them out, but they went around it, invading hungary, romania, italy and went through the austrian-italian border to get to me.

1st: files go corrupt
2nd: there is only 1 explosion animation
3rd: at about 1940-50 you cant keep up with the demand for consumer goods and eventually you have to buy them, then a bit more, then alot, and then youve no money to buy them.
4th: countries dont send you help, but if your lucky youll get that 1, ww1 infantry that gets blown up before it can touch the enemy
5th: if your not a middle eastern country or romania, or russia, say gg to getting oil.
6th: austria doesnt agree to the annexation thing, as far as i know it wasnt an invasion by germany but a contract handing austria to germany.(sandbox)
7th: japan loses the chinese war (sandbox)

a gernerally good game, i give it a 9/11, i would only be able to keep playing if my saves would not corrupt themselves
A.Wнιтe Gнosт
( 53.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 14 de abril
This game is one of the most complex strategy games I've ever played. I mean, I needed 12 hrs. of playtime only for the Tutorial. *lol*

Supreme Ruler 1936 is a global political-warfare simulation that begins in early 1936 and can be played into the 2070s. Yes, the 2070s. That is when the tech tree runs out. You can literally start the game with biplanes, and end up fighting with Mechs. You have the ability to play as any major or minor power, with thousands of possible unit designs to select from. Complex economic system and technology tree. You can choose between 54 different countries in the sandbox modus. World Ruler with Liberia? No problem in this game. xD

Gameplay is fairly simple; it is basically a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game. Controls are standard for most RTS games—the ability to select large numbers of units at once, and other basic RTS controls. Furthermore, selections can be screened for specific unit types (air, naval or land) allowing for mass movement of forces. Land units are further divided in general categories—artillery, infantry, transport, armor, etc. Technology is fairly straightforward. Some can be traded or bought from other countries, while some have to be researched by each country individually and are non-tradable. Diplomacy is fairly detailed, with a wide variety of agreements possible, but given the scope of the game can be somewhat odd at times.

The combat system in SR36 is really the shining achievement of the game. “Chaos” perhaps describes it best—explosions, units advancing and retreating, the roar of naval gunfire, strafing aircraft, often at the same time. Units have detailed statistics outlining everything from their defense rating to weapons ranges.

Supreme Ruler 1936 is an unique game and if you like detailed warfare strategy games then try it out!
( 789.1 horas registradas )
Publicada: 3 de abril
This game is unfinished, and because they've made a new game they've stopped updating this unfinished game, I feel somewhat cheated because they announced that they were making Ultimate shortly after they released 1936, and so 36 remains buggy and sadly it suffers because of it, but it's still pretty fun, especially if you get mods.

Dont buy this, buy ultimate, maybe it's better.
( 27.1 horas registradas )
Publicada: 14 de janeiro
I have only put 30 hours into this game, but have easily put 500 hours into the series in total. My opinion? Stay away. If you want large scale strategy based around modern/semi modern warfare, get Hearts of Iron 3. It is a better game in almost every way.

The SR series of games are large scale stragey games based in the 20/21st centruries.You control the economy, diplomacy, government and military of any nation you choose.

The problems with this game:
1)There is no tutorial (or at least not a very good tutorial). Be prepared to spend plenty of time trying to figure out how the game works (The economy is especially convoluted)

2)The territory system is a mess. conquering a country will often result in it being broken up and divided in the most nonsensical way possible.

3)The AI is abysmal. For Example: As Canada, I helped France obliterate Germany, barely having to cede land at any point (Hard/Hard/Hard), not because of skill, but because the AI does not understand how to use their armies properly.

4)As the game progresses, the performance gradually gets worse, until the game is unplayable. I have never been able to "finish" a game because of this, usually after 6 years the game runs so poorly that I have to quit.

The only positive thing that I can say about this game is that once you figure it out, the economic system is somewhat entertaining. You aren't able to transform a fledgeling nation into a super power overnight, and resources have to be carefully managed and balanced.

I like the concept of the SR series, but the games are not rewarding or challenging in a fun way. If you are thinking of getting this game, or any game in the SR series, make sure you try Hearts of Iron first. It is better in nearly every way imaginable.
Mongoloid Mike
( 13.1 horas registradas )
Publicada: 21 de dezembro de 2015
I found the tutorial for this incomprehensible and gave up.
( 9.7 horas registradas )
Publicada: 17 de dezembro de 2015
Supreme Ruler 1936 is supremely boring. I can think of nothing good to say about this game. The tutorial is poor, in game help is pathetic, controls are terrible, economy is broken, and snails move faster than this games speed. Even the card drops are slow.
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11.9 horas registradas
Publicada: 29 de junho
at first they united with austria again but i did not speak up for i believed in peace for our time
then they annexed the sudetenland but i did not speak up for he claimed he was protecting the germanic people there
then they took the rest of czechoslovakia but i did not speak up for i believed we secured peace for our time
then they invaded poland so i declared war but poland fell
then i waited a long time thinking they werent gonna fight
then they went for my neighbours but i did not help
then they went for me and THE ♥♥♥♥ING ANGLO LEFT ME
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19 de 19 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
16.5 horas registradas
Publicada: 18 de agosto de 2014
Bem, primeiramente gostaria de começar dizendo que algum BR poderia ter feito ao minímo uma análise para esse jogo, mas como nenhum se apresentou, eu faço!

Quando comprei o jogo o preço dele tava saindo pela bagatela de 72 ♥♥♥♥ing dilmas !!!
Esperei sair uma promo e paguei 50 pila.

Você deve ter visto as imagens e pensado, não vale nem 36 reais (o quanto tá saindo neste momento da minha análise)
Mas você está muito enganado, esse jogo valeu os 50 reais e não me arrependo de ter comprado!

Vamos aos motivos do porquê o jogo é bom.

1º Seu personagem agora é o presidente da nação, não mais aquela sombra preta com o nome do seu perfil

2º Diplomacia muito melhor consegui fazer diversos aliados com o Brasil (muitos mesmo), vou dar um exemplo:

No Supreme Ruler Cold War eu fui jogar com o Brasil (como todas as minhas campanhas) e fui de 1949 á 1962 sem conseguir fazer uma aliança sequer, apenas pactos de não agressão e defesa mutua, mais nada de uma aliança formal, e o trade do jogo era automatico, já nesse você pode escolher automático ou não, e assim você consegue dar counter offers que lhe trás muito mais dinheiro e consegue deixar seu país muito rico pronto para desenvolve-lo militarmente e socialmente.

3º Cidades foram acrescentadas ao jogo, e em seu lugar certo, no Brasil mesmo você consegue ver cidades do interior que nem você mesmo conhece no mapa do jogo, isso ajuda muito pra quem quer ter uma noção do mapa de cada país.

4º combate um pouco mais realista, as batalhas por uma cidade demoram mais.

5º Os trades como havia citado antes está muito melhor mesmo, agora se você fazer bastante trade com um país e fazer um preço bom pra eles, tem muitas chances deste país ficar cordial com você (primeiro passo para uma aliança) e fora que se você investir em petróleo e agricultura, você consegue uma grana ótima pois todos os países ♥♥♥♥s do jogo (Alemanha, Grã Bretranha e França) não tem muito desses recursos em seu país.

6º História... Esse jogo é feito pra quem foi a procura de um jogo de estratégia da 2ª guerra e só achou HoI3 mas já jogou e quer algo novo, ae está o jogo perfeito para vocês jogarem.

O jogo está constantemente mudando o preço e agora (19/08/2014) está 36 reais CORRE E COMPRE pois vale a pena, não vale 72 reais, mas de 50 pra baixo tá ótimo, e é sempre bom você dar uma olhada em algum gameplay né...


Bom galera ai está minha análise do game, espero que vocês tenham entendido o que o game quer trazer e se comprarem add ae pra nóis jogar um multiplayer, e até mais.

Nota (9,5/10)
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Não recomendado
44.1 horas registradas
Publicada: 11 de março de 2014
I hate to "hate" on an otherwise good game, but it's such a HUGE part of WWII, that without it, this is way off from being Grand Stratagy. The tech tree is good, battles are a little boring, but all in all, good. There is NO supply chain though. There is for your forces on the ground (local level), but not in the big picture (country level). When Germany needs more oil, it can just get it instantly from Mexico, or anyone else who will sell it to them. Like wise, the German U-boats serve no real purpose (the Battle for the Atlantic doesn't exist) as you can't sink cargo ships and attack convoys as they don't exist. There is no real point to having/building/researching any submarines as they pretty much ineffective in game. But this single point is a show stopper for me.

Update to this from Battlegoat:

"While Supreme Ruler 1936 simulates the wide span of WWII, like other games of the genre we have strengths and weaknesses to what we can simulate in high detail. Naval is currently not a "specialty" of SR1936, though we do have every intention of continuing to improve this area.

-- George / BattleGoat."

From page 2 of the descusion from link:
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Não recomendado
75.6 horas registradas
Publicada: 2 de outubro de 2014
They've been releasing the 'Supreme Ruler' title ever since 1983 and the original Z-80/DOS version. That version is the only one they've ever finished. SR 1936 here was 'fully released and finished' just a couple months ago (summer 2014) and in many peoples opinions is far from finished. Not to worry though, they've already got SR Ultimate on Early Release.. this'll be about the 5th iteration of the title and just as unlikely to be actually a finished game as the others.
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183 de 245 pessoas (75%) acharam esta análise útil
91.4 horas registradas
Publicada: 7 de dezembro de 2013

I love this game, I stumbled upon it years back now and I was so happy to find it. The game is very In depth and is the type of game where you can do anything you want in the game. There is alot to it so take your time but you can learn it. Not everyone is goin to like it, but if you like strategy games, like C&C or othe planetary control type games this is what you have been waiting for, I mean everything from government control, resource management and development, diplomacy, trading, military, soical spending, space race, researching units and tech on huge tech tree of detail and scale and to top it off, you can be any country in the world from the small island nations to the USA, China, Russia, France, and England - and there resepcted colonies of the time, also there is many other small and medium sized countires which are independent and playable from a very unique perspective. Military production and personell are under your direct control or you can let the AI do the work, you have a load of options on how they approach through user controlled to cpu/minister control also there is options for how agressive and how many casualities you should sustain during battle. There is setup-up options galore for the map, you can win by economic, military, sphere, complete and many more options so the game is playable at many angles and replayable (try being Ireland, Liberia, Haiti, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and more) Also the historically acurate points of hisotry will/should kick in i.e. 1939 invasion of Poland, Austrian takeover, Rhineland re-occupy, Invasion of france and Russia, now For military building and deployment there is a very thorough and detailed unit line up with historically accurate units of the period army, navy, airforce.

check out my youtube intro video :

If you like hearts of iron 3 - this is a shoe in and I personally prefer it over HOI

This is a very detailed game - and it is not a resource hog untill mass units (keep fog of war on) -

Great Value at $30.00

It's in beta and this is just the beginning so Its only going to get better, with your constructive involvement with the fourms.

Live Long, For give me 100,000 men and I shall conquer the world.
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202.5 horas registradas
Publicada: 9 de dezembro de 2013
I stumbled upon Supreme Ruler 2010 years ago and ever since then I have been hooked on the Supreme Ruler series. Having played the previous titles and almost 60 hours of 1936 I can say the game is great so far even with the current beta issues. The issues which are to be expected as the game is still in beta do render the game unplayable and require you to start over but when the issues’ happen you can report them and usually find a way to avoid it in the next game until a patch is released. I myself have reported a few issues and made a few suggestions all of which the developers took note of and added to their system. The gameplay in of itself can seem overwhelming to new players but if you spend the time learning to manage your economy, military, technology and diplomatic relations you will find the game very rewarding and challenging. My favorite aspects about the Supreme Ruler 1936 excluding the gameplay right now would have to be the ability to mod the game, the ability to communicate directly with the developers, the amazing community, and the lack of any anti-piracy system screwing up or limiting my ability to enjoy the game.
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35.7 horas registradas
Publicada: 5 de maio de 2015
I have many hundreds of hours into SR 2020 from before the time of Steam.
I have bought 2 of the newer versions of Supreme Ruler on Steam... Cold War and 1936. Both of which seem to be unfinished versions of the same game they continue to re release every few years with a new and improved version. Ultimate being the newest version.

Is the game bad? No... but it will leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth when you realize the limitations of the game and the seemingly lack of desire of the devs to actually make the game work like it should.

If you have never played a Supreme Ruler game then the newest version might not be too bad of an investment... but dont be bitter when they decide to make Super Ultimate version and leave your copy unfinished and unsatisfying.
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Publicada: 16 de dezembro de 2013
supreme ruler 1936 is a rough gem, i would recommend it to people who love RTT games like command and conquer.

the good;
-extended tech tree with technologies and units that go to around 2150.
-good simple and very functional economy, though it takes a while to understand it.
-good logistics system that may be a little obscure to understand

the bad;
-unit controls, it still suffers badly from a lack of good management option for your units, your battlegroups are overly simplistic and it can take hours to create a functional OOB for a major nation only to see it destroyed within a few days of combat as the units throw themselves away against entrenched defenders one by one.
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66.4 horas registradas
Publicada: 9 de maio de 2014
The Supreme Ruler series is one of the best grand strategy games you can find on Steam.

I started out with Supreme Ruler 2020 and played the hell out of it before and even after the Gold version came to Steam. With Supreme Ruler 1936 you not only get a better optimezed engine that can handle even more units and events than the previous one, but you get a time period that is extremely interesting to play in the Grand strategy scenario.

While the game might not look like much (graphics wise), it makes up for it with its superb and in-depth gameplay. You are the ruler of a nation, you take all the important decisions and even command your troops into battle as you take the territory of your enemy bit by bit.

What I like about this game compared to other Grand Strategy games is that while it is hex based, the style in which your units or the enemy units capture a territory is shown in a more interactive way making it feel like your actions truly have a great impact on the world.

The tech tree is also something to be amazed of, each tech you unlock as you progress through the years has a significant impact on the game and how you play the game and if you are able to survive the onslaught of enemies.

The economy is also complex and at times quite hard to manage, luckily the difficulty level can be adjusted to give new players an easier start on managing their resources. The buildings you can construct to help your economy range from simple wood managing complex to uranium mines. The economy also plays an important role on your armies, without petroleum your units will not move, without ammunition they will not fire, without construction materials you will not be able to build new structures and without food your population and army reservers will die.

The game is a must own to all Grand Strategy players, the game not only offers a singleplayer campaign and different skirmish / scenarios to play but also a multiplayer mode where you can fight with other players that control their own nations in real time.
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32.5 horas registradas
Publicada: 18 de outubro de 2014
The game isvery unique and very in-depth however there are just a few things i can't deal with while playing it.

- Tons of bugs and crashes; be prepared.
- Few updates. They made this game and updated it a little and now they are working on supreme ruler *ULTIMATE* which they ask another 30$ for. So don't expect ♥♥♥♥ to change unless you buy the new game which may or may not carry all the bugs and crashes with it.
- Ai is dumb. If you like to micro some parts of your country and let the ai do the rest you will get screwed. Expecially if your ai control your military. They will suicide ships and ♥♥♥♥.
- Diplomacy is really bad. Ai will spam you the same trade offer multiple times even though you decline it. Also, trading is unfair.
- The speed meter thing is really bad. If you get like a year into the game the fastest speed lags and becomes really slow. Give it a few more years and it'll slow down to be unplayable. Even with a really good computer don't expect anything different.
- Going back to the ai being dumb, don't expect them to be challanging.

I can't recommend this game because it feels like an early access game. Also I feel jipped that they released this game gave it a few ♥♥♥♥♥♥ updates then went off to make another game. I also own Supreme ruler 2020 and I do not recommend that either. If you go off to buy the ultimate version expect it to be unfinished and buggy too.

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