Join two kindred spirits, Fargus the Jester and Nikki the acrobat in a fantastic 3D world of magic and mystery as they bounce, tumble and jump through 18 massive and diverse levels in search of the Wishing Engine!Key Features: Fast-paced 3D platform action in a lush, texture-mapped environment.
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发行日期: 1996年10月31日


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Join two kindred spirits, Fargus the Jester and Nikki the acrobat in a fantastic 3D world of magic and mystery as they bounce, tumble and jump through 18 massive and diverse levels in search of the Wishing Engine!

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced 3D platform action in a lush, texture-mapped environment.
  • Over 18 levels, hilarious power-ups, tons of secrets, huge bosses and shape-change from a bull-dozing rhino to a fire-blasting dragon.
  • A totally immersive experience complete with beautiful soundtrack and cinematics.


    • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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A classic platformer from the PS1. My only main gripe about this game is that there are some serious leaps of faith that annoy me greatly. Other than that, the level design and the music is very lovable, or maybe it's just my nostalgia talking.
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A classic game that everyone must own
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Almost exactly as I remember it on the PS1. Excellent game, but the double-jump still sucks, the FMV emulation doesn't work particularly well, and the button prompts are keyboard-only. Other than that, it's awesome. :3
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I just finished the game and ... **** yes!. It was great. Since i played it when i were a little kid it was also very nostalgic for me though i never finished it because it was to hard. It was still hard, unforgiving, but still somehow fair and a very fun, i cant believe it was made so long ago.

For those of you who are expection a graphical bump or something extra, no.

Btw for those who finish the game, wasn't the credits the most awesome credits there is?

I had some problems when i tried to double jump (sometimes it didn't take my input or something) but other that that no problems at all.

Loved it! 9/10
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Pandemonium hmmmm the old days this is one of my Favorite game in PS1 its more like crash bandicoot but in diffrent characters and levels, my Favorite character is the crazy joker ^^ .
there is 18 level in this game each level even more fun then the other and there is Level Codes
like this
i totally recomand this game ^^
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I can't even remember how much time i spent playing this beautiful game back then.
Probably the funniest and most entertaining game i'll ever play..
The nostalgia is real :D

Huge shoutout to the devs

10/10 would nerd on it 24/7 again
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One of the best Platformers of the 90s by far.
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got this on the ps1 and its amazing, its amazing on PC too.
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Old school, simple yet fun. Great game to kill time.
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Super nostalgic! It's basically exactly as I remembered. Just good, old-school fun.
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My old ps1 favorite cant beat this game really funn as its just a classic.. Thanks steam for making this buyable ...
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The camera jerks around to the point where you start to feel sick, the controls are floaty and make it feel like the characters are careening out of your hands, and you die in two hits.
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Buy this game now.
DO IT!!!!!
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NiGHTs isn't the only assclown from the 90s.
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Nostalgia, sometimes you should just keep this stuff as a nice memory. This was a great game on the PS1 that I loved. It was one of three games I got with the PS1, and one of my favourites, blowing my mind away with it's 3d goodness (coming from a Sega Megadrive).

This game, by modern standards, is just plain frustrating. The first couple of levels are fun, but later levels (lv 14 expecially) are so fricken hard with only 2/3 hearts per level and very long checkpoints. Also the game speed stutters from slow to sometimes stupid fast, making jumps and timing difficult.

This is a lazy port, with NOTHING to add on the original, but is not as good as the original. It's also not aged very well. Don't bother with unless you really need to remind yourself of fond memories.
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Weird controls, passwords required for levels (no saves), and 2 hit kills. It doesn't really fit well with gamers these days, but for those 90's kids out there, you can feed your nostalgia with this stuff.
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Ah, Pandamonium. Before this was gifted to me recently on Steam, I could vaguely remember playing this while on holiday, and staying at my big brother's house. I had stayed up until the small hours of the night to try and finish this, which was not allowed at that young age!

Alas, I never finished it, even though I remember having so much fun, and thinking how radically new it was. 3D graphics? Whoa!

But, after playing it again, it has reinforced why some games just have to remain in your memories. As nostalgic as it was to open it up again, and see what the world was like; it fell way short of how I used to feel about it.

Unfortunately, Pandamonium does not have that classic appeal, such as the likes of Crash Bandicoot or Spyro.

Farewell Pandamonium, and off to my memories you go. Hopefully I forget you the second time around.
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-----------------DO NOT BUY THIS GAME-----------------

if your expecting an updated version of the original then your going to be upset, Eidos or Square Enix are tiking the mick this is just the original low res game not woth the asking price of £4.99 or even the discounted price of £1.99

-----------------DO NOT BUY THIS GAME-----------------
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Don't buy this version, they put zero effort into this release.
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Really simple - question 1, did you play this when you were younger? Question 2, Are you playing for pure nostalgia? As long as both of these are yes, then get it (on sale it's about £1, which to be fair is about what it's worth given it's not an updated HD version). This is literally THE SAME game from 1996. If that's what you want, get it, if you're not sure what it is, then don't get it.
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