Dead State is a narrative-driven survival RPG set at the dawn of the undead apocalypse. Drawing inspiration from classic RPGs like Fallout, X-Com, and Suikoden, Dead State combines strategic, turn-based combat with base building mechanics, character creation, and social management.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (1,267 reviews) - 74% of the 1,267 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Dec 4, 2014

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Dead State: Reanimated

We’ve spent a couple of months of solid development time making Dead State stronger, smarter, and faster, and we’re happy to say that the results are fantastic. We’ve brought new life - or is it unlife? - to every aspect of the game. This isn’t just Dead State anymore - this is Dead State: Reanimated! DS:R isn’t just an update - it’s our definitive enhanced edition with brand-new content, full of improvements and fixes requested by you, our community!

The Highlights

  • Major overhaul of combat balance! Core combat systems have been thoroughly reworked to take advantage of all the data and feedback we’ve gathered over the months since Dead State’s original release. Ranged weapons, melee weapons, armor, special attacks, ally / PC healing, and more have been reworked and carefully tested to create an engaging and challenging combat experience. Even the core combat system has been tweaked so that AC is calculated before damage reduction; this change makes combat more consistent and more fair, and corrects the “invincible” armor problem.
  • Smarter AI! Medic, Guard, Grenadier, Sniper, and more - New AI behaviors and schemas exist for human enemies, making them more interesting and more challenging to fight! Enemies will notice your presence more quickly, follow you around corners and through doors, and fully utilize all of their tactical options, thrown weapons, and special attacks.
  • New PC Infection option on New Game menu! Create a new game with PC Infection checked and your character will be as susceptible to infection as your allies are. Carefully manage your antibiotics and change your combat strategies to ensure your own survival!
  • Hardcore Mode! Just in case living in the apocalypse wasn’t hard enough for you. In Hardcore mode combat becomes more dangerous, allies consume more resources and heal more slowly, and Morale is harder to keep up. Turn on Hardcore, Iron Man, and PC Infection for the ultimate challenge!
  • Alarms! That’s right - we’ve added alarms to buildings in several areas. Red, blinking lights warn you that there’s an active alarm on a building. Use your Science skill to deactivate an alarm and prevent a looting distraction from becoming a noisy attraction!
  • New areas and random encounters! Several new levels and random encounters have been added. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Chemical Plant, an area with a unique twist…
  • New combat sounds and animations! We’ve added new special attack, reloading, and healing animations and sounds. Special attacks feel smoother and more impactful now!
  • Stability improvements! We’ve rooted out every crash and progress blocking bug to make sure you have the smoothest possible experience. Several popularly requested usability improvements have been added, such as friendly fire conformation, looting piled up bodies, and an option to toggle Live Shelter movement on and off.
  • Pathfinding improvements! Both allies and the undead have received major pathfinding adjustments that will reduce lag some people have experienced as well as make movement more consistent and natural.

About This Game

About the Game

Dead State is a compelling, high-tension survival RPG set in central Texas at the collapse of civilization and the dawn of the undead apocalypse.

As society is beginning to fall apart, the player must organize a group of survivors together, fortify a shelter, scout for food and supplies, negotiate with or defend against other factions, and maintain order inside the shelter as humanity teeters on the brink of extinction. Dead State is a full-fledged RPG featuring base building and management, turn-based tactical combat, and reactive story and dialogue with an emphasis on survival at any cost.

Attract new allies, scavenge food and supplies, and protect your shelter at any cost. Do you have what it takes to lead a desperate group through a crisis? This is your chance to find out.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT / ATI Radeon HD 7290 (512 Mb) or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
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337.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 28, 2015
A pleasant way to spend a few hours.


+The Base-building Aspect is a lot of fun. The delicate mix and interplay of facilities, resource management, and character skills including your own definitely play a big impact on your crew's morale and survival prospects. Those who get bit (infected) during the game as a result of combat with zombies have to be managed with daily antibiotics. Each infected cause a potent little morale hit on a daily basis (fear those infected will turn keeps your survivors up at night).

Wounded characters heal in user built infirmaries. Recovery in HP can be slow, fatigue is implemented if you have your characters scavange the wasteland of Texas for too long without granting them rest, and the additional game modes with the most recent "Reanimated" update even make it possible for your own character to get infected.

+The Reanimated patch adds a few of the more interesting game settings to the original base game that ramp up the zombie threat to 11 without making it impossible and human enemies are much more aggressive and damaging if you elect to ramp up to Hardcore game mode. The Ironman mode I wouldn't recommend given the occasional save game related bugs in the game but if you save often there's no problem with anything else.

+The large map and variety of buildings is almost varied enough in their experiences to wipe away some of the larger pacing problems.

+Some characters that can join your fledgeling community of survivors are extremely interesting characters in their own right so there's enough variety in the mix of personalities on display in this game to intrigue the imagination. Its a pity that the NPC banter and dialogue for each of these characters (~30 altogether) couldn't be fleshed out a bit more than it is but its good enough assuming you are patient enough for their scripted events to come to you.

+The Crises events in the game add a lot of tension to the game and the amount of democratic support you have leading up to these events as well as the consequences of your decisions to resolve the crises are well thought out. Its a pity there weren't more Criseses to help with the pacing problems that occur in the mid-game.

+Pick your favorite picture of any flesh-toned animated flavor and your enjoyment and immersion into the atmosphere of the game will automatically increase by leaps and bounds. The portraits that come with the game I found - disturbingly - androgenuous especially for the men. The game lets you import custom portraits...use that. The rest of the NPC characters portraits are perfectly fine though so don't let that deter you. Its only the PC that looks...questionable, shall we say?

+The game allows you a broad choice of presets background and skillsets and lets you choose your own by assigning points how you will.

+The other factions in the game will definitely reach out and make their presence felt. Some will be hostile, some neutral, and some will be friendly. A few will change their status depending on your words and actions.


-Graphics and animations are good enough for an indie game of this type but there's nothing you would call clean or flashy. I don't mind this one very much just thought I would toss it in to cover my bases.

-Ambient Music track is super repetitive and the one combat song gets real irritating real fast. Play some of your own music in the background and crank the music volume in the game down very low unless you really love the unimaginative midi drum-beat ambient deathrattle. My zombie kill-count went up immesurably and I had a lot more fun when I turned to my own combat mix. Yours will too, trust me.

-No voice acting

-A pity the infected mechanic doesn't have a stronger thematic element than merely a morale and daily biotic hit beyond the fixed three day incubation period of Zombie turning.

-The dialogue after the introduction that you initiate in your community shelter is weak and repetitive outside of scripted events. This is one area that may be the most disappointing from a narrative standpoint. Each character gives you something to worry about and do and they will get into conflicts with each other in somewhat realistic fashion. They will even group themselves into factions under sub-leaders you come across which is also nice but the lack of depth in the dialogue still makes me find this game to be a flawed gem cut too early in the development cycle to reach its prime potential. The indie budget shows most severly in this area but the early game has the most content and in all honesty I found the early part of the game in the first month to be the best most fleshed out part of the game by far...

-The factions also suffer from a lack of fleshed out developement. They are interesting and do interact some but there is a gap between what is realized and the potential that might have been realized with more time and money. More diplomacy and more varied interactions and scripted events would definitely have helped the pacing problems in the mid-game.

-Pacing problems. The greatest content is at the start when you are busy trying to set everything up and get recruits and resources deal with opening crises and character conflicts but this dries up in the mid-game pretty fast leaving you scavaging and fighting the remaining areas on the map until the scripted end-game sequence leading to the finale and one of the game's true endings. That's all there is to say, I'm afraid.

If my hour count is any indication (I bought this game when it first came to steam early access), then I have certainly gotten my money's worth a few times over from this game. It took a very long time for my interest in the game to wane and it certainly improved technically and qualitatively from a gameplay standpoint from its most recent reanimated patch. Nearly all of the game related bugs are long gone by now and the game itself is a lot more tense and exciting with the hardcore and PC infected options enabled from said patch.

My only real disappointments with the game largely result from the fact that they simply did not have more than a matchbox budget to start with from their modest kickstarter and that has certainly plagued this game's development for a very long time. That said, I remain quite fond of this indie game company and its devs for the hours of tense enjoyment they have given me since this game's release to Steam for early access and what they accomplished with such a small low-budget. The indie team are, IMHO, very passionate about their work and considerately attentive in regards to their community.

For all its flaws and rough edges, this game is amazing in its concept, focus, and scope. Nearly every other game on zombies boils down to a button mashing action kill fest but this game takes a more cerebral approach to its gameplay mechanics where the focus is on survival not just of your one avatar or a few NPCs but an entire community of folks whose problems go far beyond the basic humdrum of scavanging and NPC questing. The game doesn't deprive you of either or from simply going toe to toe again the zombie hordes and the diverse medley of surviving human factions.

Bottom Line: This is an amazing little game for such a small indie team. Excellent Concept, decent implementation, a good mix of features that are especially rare for a genre plagued by first person shooter fare. You'll also find far more meaningful choices than can be found in any Telltale Game.

Its rare for a game of this type to hold my interest for as many hours as I've logged into it over the years; so yes, I would definitely recommend this game in its most recent incarnation without reservation to any fan looking for a more cerebral Zombie Survival RPG game that casts you as the Headman of a small community of quarralsome survivors struggling to survive the Horrors of the Apocalypse together.
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Posted: December 21, 2015
There seems to be 2 reviews of this game. either it is the dumbest game due to ui problems or its the greatest game because you have a base and zombies.
was very concerned about the bad reviews before getting this game , because so many people said it had bad ui and how can that many people be wrong. well they were wrong... the ui granted is horrible if you dont know what you are doing and give up 2 seconds into the game.
things you need to know:
!. if you kill a guy/zombie you can move on that square still( seen a lot of reviews saying you cant)
2. right click the mouse on your guys, doors, dead bodys etc, gives you more options.
3 if you double click a square or container your guys will run to it, making it go a lot faster.
4.when you start the game hitting 'z' will show you an icon about containers that are lootable.( bad part is when you leave game it turns itself off.)
5.your bed looks like everyone elses bed, except when you put the mouse on your bed it make a bed icon and says players bed!!! ( saw a bad review saying it took him 30 mins to find his bed....)
6. in the base, if you go to the stash you can in the upper left corner select other people besides your main guy, making inventory and equiping items way more easier.

ok with that being said dont be scared of this game because of bad ui, its not bad if you know a little of what you are doing!!!!

ok i do like this game i give it a 7/10 total. would be higher if it had more replay value. but i do have a bunch of time into the game so was worth getting it, still playing it too.
some people said they had lag or crashed with them game, but mine runs great i have had it crash a couple of times but its rare for me and it auto saves a lot so didnt lose much time.

the base is well done, and you dont see a lot of games with one.

story and dialog is good and you have to make choices that effect the game.

like the noise idea, zombies will come if you make noise with guns or breaking done doors. depending on the noise and the location of the zombies, also you can use this to your advantage. fighting ai humans, zombies can distract and soak up a lot of their bullets!! but remember if they die from a zombie now they become a zombie!! also their are items you can use to make a lot fo noise like firecrackers.

character making is cool and has good perks and you can differently make tons of different main characters. do you want to be a zombie killing machine? melee and strength! want to be a gun pro? go rrange and preception. want your base thrive? their is survial, mechanics, science, leadership etc.saw a bad review saying he couldnt hit zombes in the begining, yeah if you dont have enough strength to pick up a sledge hammer and no melee skills you cant use melee weapons.... and also you dont know how much life an enemy has, true but its around 60-80 for zombies and depending on the type of human you are fighting, like a soldier is harder to kill than a looter.

will say guns arent that realistic in terms of range but its balanced nicely. so is melee.

replay might not be a lot of that, every location is static and the enemies you find there are too and most events i think are static. items you find in those area can differ a little but not that much like you might find different special items like this had coffee and now its batteries. or the food types might be different(which doesnt matter at all).

minor con: is the ui but once you figure it out its pretty good.

leveling up in the game is dorky. basically you have goals you need to pass, like find x amount of fuel or food or this resource and if you pass it you get a skill point. there are goals you can complete as many times as you want and then there are one time shelter goals like build 10 upgrades to shelter, but some dont give you points... and not sure but as far as i can tell you just get one point, and every 20 skill points you get a stat point. also all other character you cant lvl yourself, they put there point into what ever they want based on the type of character they are i think. like my doctor she put her points into medicine( make sense) and for the most part its not bad just that you have to add skill point into stuff you dont want because i have poeple who have mechanic skill but no science skill and people with science skill and no mechanic skill and there are upgrades, jobs, crafting etc. that require both. also so far to me putting points into medical is a waste, i have 2 medical people in my base and so far that plenty.

wish there were more upgrades to shelter or that resources are done differnently. all resources are finite to a degree, but you can make food pretty easily and parts once you get a recyler. fuel on the other had and ammo are hard to deal with. you can make ammo if you upgrade your shelter but it costs fuel to make and you use fuel everyday for the generetor, wish there was solar panels or some way to make electricity besides the generator. this reason too is why i dont use a car in the game just horses. also the base seems lacking somehow, maybe if there was options to move to different locations gave different bonuses but then not sure how upgraded would work excatly if you did move. also you find tons of cars in the game, but you never can use them...

i dont mine the combat, but some people might fine it boring or tire some after a while. also comabt is very skill point based, if you dont have high range/perception you cant use a gun very well or melee/strength you cant use hand held weapons very well.

closing: good game i got for 10-11 dollars very happy i got it, get it if you like zombies but dont be scared by the bad ui reviews.
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175.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 20, 2015
Dead State is a RPG about surviving the zombie apocalypse in Texas. In terms of setting, the game nails it. Since society has broken down you’ll have to turn your group into a bunch of scavengers in order to survive. This is a dangerous endeavor in Texas where firearms are plentiful. Looting is dangerous business in Texas and some homeowners aren’t going to let you raid their pantries or medicine cabinets without a fight.

As leader of a rag tag group of survivors you are going to be in charge of determining who to take in, how rations are divvied up, what improvements to build at base with your meager resources, and how you will relate to outside groups like motorcycle gangs, militias, and remnants of the US Army. Sub leaders will emerge within your group whose council you will need to take into account. They may try to pull off a coup against you. Maybe you can accommodate them or maybe you can put a bullet in their head during a mission and blame bandits.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the setting, character interaction, and government game aspects of Dead State there were a few issues that might be major turn offs for some players. First off, it pretty much plays exactly like the old turn based CRPGs of the late 1990s. Think Fallout 2 with zombies. It also looks a little like Fallout 2 (as viewed through nostalgia goggles – obviously it is more attractive than Fallout 2 if you’ve played Fallout 2 recently). I personally don’t like the art style because a friend pointed out that all the NPC’s have facial features characteristic of Down’s Syndrome (and now I can’t unsee that… thanks, bro). The lack of voice acting made Dead State’s NPCs feel a little flat. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines’ NPCs were really interesting because of excellent voice acting coupled with great dialogue by Dead State lead Brian Mitsoda. Also, be prepared for an assortment of bugs and crashes. I don’t know if there is anything game breaking you need to worry about but that could be a possibility.

I was able to get 175 hours of enjoyment out of it and I am actually contemplating starting a new campaign to try more stuff out. So consider this highly recommended, if you can put up with the flaws I mentioned.
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Posted: August 20, 2015
Just no.

This game honestly feels like they had a beta version, went out to lunch, and an intern accidentally released it as a full game.
The combat system is mediocre, and the AI is rough. There's almost no tatical options, with the only real strategy being " beat them on the head until dead, or run away if they're stronger than you."
The basebuilding aspect, which I was most excited for, ended up being extremly boring, with no customization. You always have the same upgrades, that do the same thing, and your base always looks the same.
The writing, which they touted as a strong point, was okay at best. NPC interaction is trivial, and it feels like they had huge plans for it, but decided not to implement it at all for some reason.
It was a huge buggy mess on release, and as they had an early access period to work through that, that was pretty unacceptable. They did gradually fix some of the worst bugs, but it took a long time and was a gradual process.

Overall it was honestly a really disappointing game. It had promise, but failed to deliver on almost every aspect, and ended up being a pain to play.
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Posted: September 13, 2015
I was waiting so long for this game to get out of Early Access and now it turns out that I paid £23 for unfinished, unpolished product full of bugs and annoying features.

The game has a lot of potential and is enjoyable (unless it crashes), but this is far too low quality for that price.

Also, there is no any long-term goal. Sometimes a character will ask you for some item or suggest visiting a specific location, but for most of the time you are left with nothing to do. After 40 in-game days when you have storage full of food, parts, fuel, antibiotics, when you have all shelter upgrades constructed and when all your characters are equipped with the best available items the game gets really boring and repetitive.

  • Moving in combat mode is completely broken, costs shown are often incorrect, characters chose longer paths, are unable to avoid obstacles etc.
  • Game freezes and crashes.
  • Inventory management is a real nightmare. Multiple bugs, no way to easily move chosen items, items often do not stack, tabs in the storage are useless - you will have hundreds of (non-stacked) items in first two and about 20 items in the other 4. There is no way to easily find weapon/armor or sort them by type/damage. When equipping characters you cannot see their stats, when looting there is no maximum carrying weight shown, you have to constantly keep changing between inventory and character information.
  • When upgrading shelter or crafting items the remaining time shown and estimated finish time are often incorrect. Sometimes having fewer people to work on an upgrade allows to finish it faster.
  • Sometimes your turn is ended after first attack even though you still have action points. If the same character acts twice in a row, their action points are not refilled.
  • Running around the shelter and trying to find constantly moving characters is a real pain in the ♥♥♥. Same when giving them items to improve their mood - constant running between storage and survivor. No way to handle this from some overview panel.
  • Micromanagement gets quite annoying with 30+ characters. In the morning 5 characters come to you asking for a day off and if agreed they are automatically moved from their current job to "sick". You have to remember where they were assigned to or check all possible jobs.
  • You often give survivors promises but there is no track of it. You cannot see any conversation history or any hints.
  • Very poor choice of items, workshop/laboratory are completely useless as there is nothing really worth crafting there.
  • There is far, far more to this, but there is a limit of the review size so I couldn't list them all even if I wanted.

A very few nice things:
  • experience is not equal to the number of kills - main character gains skillpoints for fulfilling goals which are mostly how many items of particular type were scavenged, while other survivors gain 1 skill point per day
  • the game loads/saves very quickly
  • you can load a game during enemy's turn
  • the loading time of maps is very short, usually a few seconds only
  • you can swap positions with friendly character for 2 action points
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