Dead State is a narrative-driven survival RPG set at the dawn of the undead apocalypse. Drawing inspiration from classic RPGs like Fallout, X-Com, and Suikoden, Dead State combines strategic, turn-based combat with base building mechanics, character creation, and social management.
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Release Date: Dec 4, 2014

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Dead State: Reanimated

We’ve spent a couple of months of solid development time making Dead State stronger, smarter, and faster, and we’re happy to say that the results are fantastic. We’ve brought new life - or is it unlife? - to every aspect of the game. This isn’t just Dead State anymore - this is Dead State: Reanimated! DS:R isn’t just an update - it’s our definitive enhanced edition with brand-new content, full of improvements and fixes requested by you, our community!

The Highlights

  • Major overhaul of combat balance! Core combat systems have been thoroughly reworked to take advantage of all the data and feedback we’ve gathered over the months since Dead State’s original release. Ranged weapons, melee weapons, armor, special attacks, ally / PC healing, and more have been reworked and carefully tested to create an engaging and challenging combat experience. Even the core combat system has been tweaked so that AC is calculated before damage reduction; this change makes combat more consistent and more fair, and corrects the “invincible” armor problem.
  • Smarter AI! Medic, Guard, Grenadier, Sniper, and more - New AI behaviors and schemas exist for human enemies, making them more interesting and more challenging to fight! Enemies will notice your presence more quickly, follow you around corners and through doors, and fully utilize all of their tactical options, thrown weapons, and special attacks.
  • New PC Infection option on New Game menu! Create a new game with PC Infection checked and your character will be as susceptible to infection as your allies are. Carefully manage your antibiotics and change your combat strategies to ensure your own survival!
  • Hardcore Mode! Just in case living in the apocalypse wasn’t hard enough for you. In Hardcore mode combat becomes more dangerous, allies consume more resources and heal more slowly, and Morale is harder to keep up. Turn on Hardcore, Iron Man, and PC Infection for the ultimate challenge!
  • Alarms! That’s right - we’ve added alarms to buildings in several areas. Red, blinking lights warn you that there’s an active alarm on a building. Use your Science skill to deactivate an alarm and prevent a looting distraction from becoming a noisy attraction!
  • New areas and random encounters! Several new levels and random encounters have been added. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Chemical Plant, an area with a unique twist…
  • New combat sounds and animations! We’ve added new special attack, reloading, and healing animations and sounds. Special attacks feel smoother and more impactful now!
  • Stability improvements! We’ve rooted out every crash and progress blocking bug to make sure you have the smoothest possible experience. Several popularly requested usability improvements have been added, such as friendly fire conformation, looting piled up bodies, and an option to toggle Live Shelter movement on and off.
  • Pathfinding improvements! Both allies and the undead have received major pathfinding adjustments that will reduce lag some people have experienced as well as make movement more consistent and natural.

About This Game

About the Game

Dead State is a compelling, high-tension survival RPG set in central Texas at the collapse of civilization and the dawn of the undead apocalypse.

As society is beginning to fall apart, the player must organize a group of survivors together, fortify a shelter, scout for food and supplies, negotiate with or defend against other factions, and maintain order inside the shelter as humanity teeters on the brink of extinction. Dead State is a full-fledged RPG featuring base building and management, turn-based tactical combat, and reactive story and dialogue with an emphasis on survival at any cost.

Attract new allies, scavenge food and supplies, and protect your shelter at any cost. Do you have what it takes to lead a desperate group through a crisis? This is your chance to find out.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT / ATI Radeon HD 7290 (512 Mb) or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: December 21, 2015
There seems to be 2 reviews of this game. either it is the dumbest game due to ui problems or its the greatest game because you have a base and zombies.
was very concerned about the bad reviews before getting this game , because so many people said it had bad ui and how can that many people be wrong. well they were wrong... the ui granted is horrible if you dont know what you are doing and give up 2 seconds into the game.
things you need to know:
!. if you kill a guy/zombie you can move on that square still( seen a lot of reviews saying you cant)
2. right click the mouse on your guys, doors, dead bodys etc, gives you more options.
3 if you double click a square or container your guys will run to it, making it go a lot faster.
4.when you start the game hitting 'z' will show you an icon about containers that are lootable.( bad part is when you leave game it turns itself off.)
5.your bed looks like everyone elses bed, except when you put the mouse on your bed it make a bed icon and says players bed!!! ( saw a bad review saying it took him 30 mins to find his bed....)
6. in the base, if you go to the stash you can in the upper left corner select other people besides your main guy, making inventory and equiping items way more easier.

ok with that being said dont be scared of this game because of bad ui, its not bad if you know a little of what you are doing!!!!

ok i do like this game i give it a 7/10 total. would be higher if it had more replay value. but i do have a bunch of time into the game so was worth getting it, still playing it too.
some people said they had lag or crashed with them game, but mine runs great i have had it crash a couple of times but its rare for me and it auto saves a lot so didnt lose much time.

the base is well done, and you dont see a lot of games with one.

story and dialog is good and you have to make choices that effect the game.

like the noise idea, zombies will come if you make noise with guns or breaking done doors. depending on the noise and the location of the zombies, also you can use this to your advantage. fighting ai humans, zombies can distract and soak up a lot of their bullets!! but remember if they die from a zombie now they become a zombie!! also their are items you can use to make a lot fo noise like firecrackers.

character making is cool and has good perks and you can differently make tons of different main characters. do you want to be a zombie killing machine? melee and strength! want to be a gun pro? go rrange and preception. want your base thrive? their is survial, mechanics, science, leadership etc.saw a bad review saying he couldnt hit zombes in the begining, yeah if you dont have enough strength to pick up a sledge hammer and no melee skills you cant use melee weapons.... and also you dont know how much life an enemy has, true but its around 60-80 for zombies and depending on the type of human you are fighting, like a soldier is harder to kill than a looter.

will say guns arent that realistic in terms of range but its balanced nicely. so is melee.

replay might not be a lot of that, every location is static and the enemies you find there are too and most events i think are static. items you find in those area can differ a little but not that much like you might find different special items like this had coffee and now its batteries. or the food types might be different(which doesnt matter at all).

minor con: is the ui but once you figure it out its pretty good.

leveling up in the game is dorky. basically you have goals you need to pass, like find x amount of fuel or food or this resource and if you pass it you get a skill point. there are goals you can complete as many times as you want and then there are one time shelter goals like build 10 upgrades to shelter, but some dont give you points... and not sure but as far as i can tell you just get one point, and every 20 skill points you get a stat point. also all other character you cant lvl yourself, they put there point into what ever they want based on the type of character they are i think. like my doctor she put her points into medicine( make sense) and for the most part its not bad just that you have to add skill point into stuff you dont want because i have poeple who have mechanic skill but no science skill and people with science skill and no mechanic skill and there are upgrades, jobs, crafting etc. that require both. also so far to me putting points into medical is a waste, i have 2 medical people in my base and so far that plenty.

wish there were more upgrades to shelter or that resources are done differnently. all resources are finite to a degree, but you can make food pretty easily and parts once you get a recyler. fuel on the other had and ammo are hard to deal with. you can make ammo if you upgrade your shelter but it costs fuel to make and you use fuel everyday for the generetor, wish there was solar panels or some way to make electricity besides the generator. this reason too is why i dont use a car in the game just horses. also the base seems lacking somehow, maybe if there was options to move to different locations gave different bonuses but then not sure how upgraded would work excatly if you did move. also you find tons of cars in the game, but you never can use them...

i dont mine the combat, but some people might fine it boring or tire some after a while. also comabt is very skill point based, if you dont have high range/perception you cant use a gun very well or melee/strength you cant use hand held weapons very well.

closing: good game i got for 10-11 dollars very happy i got it, get it if you like zombies but dont be scared by the bad ui reviews.
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Posted: February 5
Even being a fan of turn-based games, Dead State only scrapes being a passable game to play if you have nothing else to do. There are a few good aspects, though the negative aspects overrule a lot of the enjoyment which could be had.

Good Aspects:
- The micromanagement of each person in your shelter and prioritising finite resources is satisfying
- Unique survivor perks and characteristics which adds a bit extra decision making when deciding on a team
- The leveling up system is odd, but appears to function fairly well, allowing you to scale well relative to the dangers of the outside

Bad Aspects:
- Combat - At the start combat seems ok, but the further in the slower, more tedious, and painfully boring it gets. During each turn of combat, the queue of characters will cycle through the entire list of characters on the map until it gets to a relevant character/zombie/etc participating in that combat. With the larger, more zombie-populated maps, I was sitting up to roughly 15-25 seconds per round simply waiting for the queue to cycle to the relevant zombie. Plus, when a zombie is in the combat area, but unable to reach a player, it will stand there for 5 seconds or so, letting out a bored groan, mimicking my own, made worse again when 4-5 zombie were bottlenecked.

It may not seem like a lot, but if combat has as little as 4 or so rounds, I am essentially waiting triple or quadruple the length of time than is actually necessary to finish combat. And, the more you play and the harder areas you get to, the worse the issue.

- Descriptions - You will need to use Google. A lot. Descriptions of the various skills, leveling system, and user interface are very poor, meaning you will either need to have a second monitor with a wiki page helping you understand the basics for the first several hours, or you will be re-loading previous saves after realising you screwed your character up.
- Bugginess - While not the worst game bug-wise, there were many instances of characters occupying the same cell and making it difficult to issue certain commands, a few times I was attacked by 'invisible' zombies, which only appeared during the second round of combat, and there were a few crash to desktop moments, though I can forgive this.

In short - big problems, which could be quite simply fixed, potentially raising the score from 4/10 to 7.5/10.
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Posted: December 30, 2015
It's just not fun. Plays like something from 15 years ago.

The Last Stand - Union City has more base building depth, is more fun, and it's free.

Dead State forces you out on EVERY mission - no sending teams out to do something unless you're a part of them. This diminishes the feeling of being a leader and makes the gameplay quickly repetative, which might not be so bad except that the combat is so boring.

Zombies and looters will single you out EVERY time. This makes it hard to keep your health up and makes it unenjoyable to be forced to go on the missions.

The base management is unenjoyable and essentially plays like a worse version of free web games. Everything feels flat and uninspired.

I can't overstate how slowly this game moves. There aren't any parts of it that I find fun. It would be more exciting to just read a good zombie novel.
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Posted: November 2, 2015
Wanted to like this game alot but its crap once you start playing So many thing odd about it that makes no sense at all like a zombie will hit me twice with no weapon, just hands and they do 80hp dam, while I shoot them at point blank range twice and miss, next I am knocked on the floor and they eat me to death. Could understand this happens once but not every dam map and starter map as well.

Another example, first map quest go get drugs. I sneak around map killed a few zombies, near use all my med kit up but made no sound. Went into the chemist and 2 looters there, one has a gun and fires, this makes a noise and 3 zombies join in plus the two looters I finaly killed turned into zombies. In the end they killed another char with 2 hits then eating then my turn to get hit with fits for 90hp dam then bleed to death.

works out I am only doing 10% dam to zombies armed with knives, gun and such yet they kill with 3 hits, does not make any sense at all and makes it impossible to even start playing when you cannot even finish the first quest. I have tried it with dif weapons. skills and make no difference at all.

Seems like a great idea and has good maps, anims, items but lacking in any fairness of play as you start off with nothing and after a few maps end up with nothing but lost hp due to never fully healing. You only start with 110hp and after just one minor scuffle end up dead.
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Posted: November 13, 2015
Oh my god.

I'm really disappointed of this game. Basically the mixture of rpg, survival and round-based strategy is a nice idea but there are some clouds covering the sun here.

I'm not talking about the grafics which are okay but about some big design problems. The menus are far away from
intuitive. it takes hours to manage your inventory ♥♥♥♥. Sometimes I feel like doing my taxes instead of playing a game.
The game is also sometimes annoyingly complicated. After the first mission I searched for a place to sleep for 10 minutes. I clicked right and left on every bed until I finally found THE ONE I could sleep in. What is the point ???
Even if the game is so "realistic" that you don't want to sleep into someone else's bed - it could give you a hint like "I want to sleep in my bed" I seriously thought this is a bug.

In the fights your are always surprised. I mean the game shows you a perfect straight street on a sunny day and you're strolling around with your party and suddenly 5 zombies appear in front of you ! Have they been invisible ? Can everyone in your party only look into 5 meters distance ? Same counts for weapon range. I can throw my keyboard farther than these guns can shoot.

Best joke is to heal somebody. I was wounded and found a complete, full medkit. Nevertheless I could not heal myself because you need to put the contents of the medkit into your medic satchel to heal someone.
Imagine this: " doc ! doc ! help me!" "I can't I have to put the bandages in my special purse first!"

In conclusion: Nice idea - terrible implementation. 5 of 10 stars.

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