Pac is back in an all-new experience for a whole new generation of fans. Featuring an original storyline inspired by the show as well as all the charming characters from the highly anticipated PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures animated series created and produced by Avi Arad, acclaimed director and founder of Marvel Studios.
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Release Date: Oct 29, 2013
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"Bright visuals and nostalgic sound effects combine with well conceived, varied level design and a slew of unique power-ups ..."
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About This Game

Pac is back in an all-new experience for a whole new generation of fans. Featuring an original storyline inspired by the show as well as all the charming characters from the highly anticipated PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures animated series created and produced by Avi Arad, acclaimed director and founder of Marvel Studios.

Pac and his 2 best friends, Spiral and Cylindria, rise to the challenge of protecting their home, all the while fighting for: Friendship, Freedom and the Future!

Key Features


System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8
    • Processor: 2Ghz Dual Core or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB video cards Pixel Shader 3.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX sound device
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Posted: December 28, 2014
memes and cringy voices aside its actually fun
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Posted: December 24, 2014
As Fire Pac you can free frozen ghosts from their icy prisons and then proceed to eat them anyways.
You'll eat thousands of ghosts, not for sustenance, but for the joy of killing.

9/10 it's a good kids' game.

*On a more serious note, there aren't any graphics options other than resolution and fullscreen, which is disappointing, but doesn't really detract from the fun.
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Posted: May 24
Gobbling up your happy memories.

There has always been a sinister underbelly to Pac-Man's maze adventures. Like an unaltered version of a Grimm fairy tale, the Pac-Man games exist in a world in which he must constantly consume ghosts until he is eventually overwhelmed by the relentless determination of his poltergeist pursuers. But it was easy to ignore this endless endeavor when abstract visuals shielded you from the worst of Pac-Man's deeds. After all, how could a yellow circle eating colorful doodles possibly be ominous? And the eyeballs of your eaten foes--those shocked, disembodied eyeballs--drifted back to the ghost hideout like a silly gag. Prepare to have your happy memories turned on their heads. In Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, the abstract barrier has been removed, and in the process, there's a surreal wrinkle to this entry-level platformer. Who knew that Pac-Man had a dark side?

A benign introduction welcomes you to the city of Pacopolis. Characters loudly enunciate their lines as if they belong in a Saturday-morning cartoon, and the dialogue never ventures outside of the dry exposition that pushes the plot ever onward. For those who enjoy A Game of Thrones, it can be funny to imagine that Sir C is really Cersei Lannister, though the big-nosed professor isn't quite as ruthless as the queen regent, at least not as far as we're shown. A school serves as a hub world for Pac-Man, and though that's hardly strange given that he's just a boy in Ghostly Adventures, the company he keeps begins the surreality that flows throughout this game. Pinky, Blinky, Inky, and Clyde--the ghosts from the original Pac-Man--roam the halls as if they aren't spirits, and you talk to them instead of trying to eat them. It's nice to know that even the fiercest of enemies can make nice.

At this point, it seems as if Ghostly Adventures not only caters to a young audience incapable of discerning thought, but doesn't even respect them. Because the dialogue lacks any semblance of wit, there's nothing more to the plot than a remedial MacGuffin hunt, and the by-the-numbers platforming continues along that brain-dead path. Early levels set you loose in 3D worlds with nary a hint of interesting obstacles or clever level design. You simply walk along the constrained route, collecting pellets and hamburgers just to have something to do, and then mash a button to eat ghosts who stand before you. There's a certain appeal in chomping a group of ghoulies in a flashy display of your insatiable hunger, but everything is so by rote that it's pretty dull. It's as if the game expects the inherent fun of playing to drive you forward, even though there is nothing worthwhile going on.

And then, things start to get more interesting.

Who put a vending machine in a frozen tundra?
Pac-Man is a chameleon, and that's not just a figure of speech. Special pellets transform you from a double-jumping eating machine into a variety of creatures that give you different powers. As a chameleon, you can swing from poles using your sticky tongue and turn invisible to make it past searchlights. When Pac-Man becomes a giant boulder (complete with an indecent retractable nose), you can squash the baddies who are terrified of your girth and shoot off ramps like a pinball. Gobble a pink pellet to fill yourself with air and then coast along the currents. Ghostly Adventures injects variety into your escapades through these precious pellets, and thus raises the insulting early levels to a place of respectability. None of these specific elements are particularly well executed on their own, but simply rushing from one objective to another keeps you on your toes so you're always reacting to a new demand rather than being lulled to sleep by predictability.

Rushing from one objective to another keeps you on your toes so you're always reacting to a new demand rather than being lulled to sleep by predictability.
These powers have a positive impact on the combat. When you become imbued with fire or ice energy, the ghosts keep pace, and you need to use your elemental abilities to stop them. How else could you devour an ice ghost if you don't set it on fire first? Having to put thought into dueling ghosts keeps you engaged in ways that evaporate when you're just slamming on the chomp button. Still, the raw mechanics aren't so hot. Targeting specific ghosts with ice and fire projectiles is tricky, especially when there are teleporting and vomiting ghosts floating across the environments. This imprecision removes much of the skill that could have made conquests satisfying, so instead, you partake in fights of attrition where you hope you nibble every baddie before they chip away all of your health. Because it's so kinetic, combat doesn't become boring, but it merely serves as another dose of variety rather than an enjoyable activity in its own right.

Pac-Man seems ambivalent even surrounded by searing-hot lava.
It's in the platforming that Pac-Man reaches its potential. There are so many ways to navigate these colorful worlds that you're always doing something different, and that alone keeps you invested. Zipping across vanishing platforms is very different from walking vertically along magnetic columns, and that not only nicely mixes up your actions, but also pushes the levels to new places. The tired designs of the early levels fade away when you have to figure out how to cross a lava lake (freeze the geysers!) or reach that floating island (find an air draft!). All of these elements have been found in previous platformers, but that doesn't diminish their appeal here. Zooming through a tunnel on a crumbling piece of rock is still fun because you have to think fast as obstacles rush toward you. And the repulsive way that Pac-Man just shoves any old thing into his mouth is good for some gross-out chuckles.

And the repulsive way that Pac-Man just shoves any old thing into his mouth is good for some gross-out chuckles.
Through all of this ridiculousness is the surreal undercurrent that flows through the game. Pac-Man eats ghosts, it's what he does, but there's a joy to his consumption that's unsettling. He eats the entire spook (those eyeballs no longer escape), and then keeps track of how many eyes he's digested. It's a little unnerving. After playing through every level, I have eaten exactly 2,426 ghost eyes. How could Pac-Man pal around with Pinky, eat her kin, and keep a morbid running tally of his conquests? And your victory animation when you nab the fruit at the end of each level cements just how twisted this game can be. When Pac-Man burps as any foodie would, you can actually see the eyeballs in his mouth fumes. It's as if the game repeatedly wants to remind you exactly what Pac-Man (and, by extension, you) are doing, so your actions swirl in your head even when you go to sleep for the night.

The creepiness continues in the four-player mode. Here, you and up to three friends embody ghosts in 3D representations of the classic Pac-Man mazes. Explore the labyrinthine passageways as you nab fruit and collect power-ups, all while a computer-controlled Pac-Man roams, hungry for ghosts. You may find the pellet ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ near the north corridor, and you rush toward him with unwavering focus. Now is your chance to put that Pac-Monster in his place. And then he nabs a power pellet, turning you and all of your friends blue, and devours you whole. Except your eyes, of course. You're sent back to your hideout as just a pair of eyes, and you realize how scary it is to hunt Pac-Man. Sadly, this mode is much better in concept than in practice. It's a slow-paced affair that lacks the unpredictability that could have made it engaging. Still, it's enlightening to see the world through the eyes of your long-standing enemies.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures travels down the same road as so many. 5/10
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Posted: May 25
I saw this and it reminded me of Super Mario 64 so I got it on sale for 5 bucks and it is actually fun. Way easier than SM64 but still fun. It is locked at 30fps but it's okay for this game as it runs fine and controls well. The different forms you can morph into during levels are pretty cool and overall I like the game's graphics and design. Some of the sound effects are similar to the original Pac-Man which is a cool throwback. I have fought some bosses so far and they were fun too, although as I said really not a challenge at all as I think this game is rated E.

Worth it on sale, 7/10. Would be a 8/10 if it provided some challenge.
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Posted: January 24
This game is sadly rather boring and very easy. While it is a kids game and i can see why it's easy, this is too easy even for children and it's really not as entertaining. It took me days to complete this game because i kept quitting the game to play something else due to how low my interest with it was as i went through it.

The first few worlds and the arcade machines offer some challenge, in which children can enjoy. However... the last two worlds are jokes and the bosses offer no challenge. I would really be concerned for my own children if they ever had issues fighting any of the bosses in this game, as they are easier than some of the levels in this game. They all have at least 3-4 health points and they all get defeated by a certain, very obvious way. It's obvious how many hit points they have just by noticing these things. And it mainly consists of them getting hit with their own attacks.

The final 2 worlds and the bosses in those worlds are jokes though. They are all very short. They are all very easy. The first of the two is basically a waste of time (even the cutscene after the last one calls it pointless) and the final and second of the two worlds is the biggest disappointment, as it is the easiest part of the entire game. The player should be given a challenging final few levels so that when they complete the game, they feel like they succeeded in something. However, because everything in the final world is so easy, it offers no challenge and doesn't give you any rewarding feeling. Just huge disappointment.

It's also very bad when you have to redo an entire level again just to get a token that is required to 100% the game, because it just adds to the boredom of the game. And once you get all the fruit to play the arcade machines, not only are you disappointed by now because of the fact that the optional, bonus arcade mini games are HARDER than the final world of the actual game, but they are all so short that they don't really last long and still don't feel very rewarding.

If you are an achievement hunter, buy it because this will be a breeze for you to get every achievement in the game. Outside of getting achievements, this game should be avoided because it will bore you and your children, it's not a fun game and there are far better games to get on Steam for your child that are cheaper than this one.
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Posted: October 31, 2013
This game is the biggest pleasant surprise I've had in gaming for a while! It came out of nowhere and I didn't know anything about it. At $40 I didn't want to chance it but when I Amazon had it briefly on a price mistake for $10 I snapped it up and I'm so glad I did!

It's a 3D platformer (a rarity for the PC these days) along the lines of Mario 64/Sunshine but with a decidely Pac-Man spin. All the basics are there, chomping ghosts, power pills, fruit etc but much expanded on of course.

And it all works really well to make for a ridiculously fun game. I never though I would be playing Pac-man in 3D in a chameleon costume trying to shoot a long sticky tongue at ghosts while being on multilayered conveyor belts moving in different directions but it was great!

Admittedly, I'm still early on so I'll have to see how it holds up but I'm really enjoying the ride so far.

The game is laid out with multiple areas each with a map with levels that you progress through, very much like a Mario game. You can also go back to the school (a home base basically), talk to the various characters and when you earn enough fruit by completing levels play various mini-games on arcade machines.

Speaking of school, the story. Pac-man is in high school. And he's friends with Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde, and a few other assorted characters. Don't think about it too hard. Actually, it's supposed to be based on a new Pac-Man cartoon series which I haven't seen and the game just sort of assumes you are familiar with the setting and characters which by the way can be a bit hokey in a kids show sort of way at times. Still what the game lacks in expository dialogue or deep story it more than makes up for in gameplay and fun factor.

Unlike so many games these days it's not ball bustingly hard which is great for people like me who want a fun game you can play leisurely with a moderate degree of challenge without being frustrated. It also would be great for kids and there's absolutely nothing objectionable in the game. That being said, people looking for a very high degree of challenge might not be satisfied. I'll have to see how the game goes in the higher levels but for right now for me it's in a Goldilocks spot of being just right for challenge without being too much of a cake walk or too excruciatingly hard.

From a technical standpoint the options are very scarce, as console ports frequently are, however the game looks excellent visually for the style it's going for, runs very smooth and I had zero issues with it all unlike some other console ports I've tried.

I've used a (360) controller and the game handles great that way. I'm assuming it at least has token keyboard and mouse support but I can't even imagine playing it without a controller. It would feel odd to me.

Would I pay $40 for it? Probably not, but that's only because I'm a PC gamer spoiled by all the insane deals we get. Having said that, it's a really well put together fun, fresh game and I wouldn't hestitate to, say, buy the console version as a gift. Actually I'm probably going to get it for my niece and nephew for Christmas.

I definitely recommend getting this game if you have and interest in light hearted 3D platformers. I totally get that PC gamers would balk at paying $40 for this and I did too but keep an eye out for a sale.

This is a really well made fun game that looks and plays great. Much higher quality than most games I've played lately, though admittedly I tend to play a lot of indie stuff.
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Posted: April 5, 2014
Sir Faulty's Scorecard

Personal Rating: "Worth purchasing during a sale"
Traditional Rating: 6 out of 10
Genre: Platformer

Chomp chomp chomp

Years ago when I still owned a PS2 I landed up buying PAC-MAN World 2 for the system. As a gamer who is almost 40 years old I grew up on the PAC-MAN arcade game as a kid. The original game swallowed more than enough coins of mine than I care to admit but it was always a solid good time with school mates when looking to kill an hour or two. Goodwill prompted me in the end to purchase PAC-MAN World 2 and all I remember of it was that it was a dismal game that failed on almost all the levels it tried to attempt. This was the period when platforming was king on consoles and everybody and his dog was trying to ensure their mascot became the champion mascot - the mascot that got to sell consoles ala Mario. However, PAC's transition to 3D platform hero was a horrid affair with terrible 3D graphics and even worse platform mechanics. It was a game that was quickly regulated to the bargain bin.
Unbeknownst to me I soon found out that PAC had been busy in the interim since I last saw him. Starring in his very own short lived cartoon show (seems the yellow chomping dot just can't get a break with today's modern audiences) and yet another attempt by Konami to make a platform star out of him with his newest adventure - PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures. I bought this title with great hesitation because when you have Nintendo and Mario in one corner and Ubisoft and Rayman in the other and then Activision literally dominating the space with its Skylander figurine's and game, a platform title emerging into this market has really got its work cut out for it because the market is already saturated with other middle-tier heroes such as Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and Sonic the Hedgehog. Very little breathing space when all things are considered.
One can't help but feel sorry for poor Namco Bandai who haven't seemed to be able to get it right when it comes to branding and delivering a platform PAC that is a PAC for the ages. PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures is not a bad game by any means - it certainly plays and feels like a platform game but Namco is a little behind the curve here, about 20 odd years behind the curve to be exact. If ever a game was made from an early blueprint of what a platform game should play and feel like then this is that game. It has the all the obligatory levels you would have expected to find in a platform game circa 1990 from levels made out of ice to levels set in molten lava. The game is so old-school in its design and implementation that you would think it was literally an artifact dug up from that time period. When you have platform games like Rayman Legends pushing the boundaries in literally hundreds of different creative directions it becomes much harder to recommend a title like this one.

Whilst certainly not bad in terms of PAC-MAN World 2 kinds of terrible - it's certainly not top tier stuff either for the gamer who demands just that little bit more from his platform games. It's all very middle of the road but despite itself it's still fun to play in small bursts. In fact this may be the perfect game to get for the little ones and I would heartily recommend you do pick it up when it goes on sale if you have bambino's running around but if you are an old time gamer like myself who has seen and done it all, PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures will offer you nothing new. You will get a solid, short little game that can be played through in about 5-8hrs and then when you are done with it you will have already promptly forgotten it. Get it on sale if you must pick it up. Already within the month of purchasing, playing and writing this review the game has dropped from $29.99 to $19.99. I wouldn't pay full price like I did for this but it appears that some old childhood icons will die hard. Well for me at least.
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Posted: December 31, 2013
This game feels like something that would've been put out around the time of the early Playstation/Nintendo 64 days. It's a 3D platformer, with a bit of a collect-a-thon going on. If you've played Mario 64, you'll have an idea of what you're getting into.

-Controls are tight
-Voice acting is pretty good
-Graphics are bright and beautiful
-Cheaper price point than other new games (at this time)
-Interesting power-ups

-Encounter the same enemies over and over (you'll be hearing, "Get the Pac-Man!" so friggin' much)
-All levels are generally the same

This game is meant more for fans of the show, than it is for people new to it. There isn't any introduction for the characters you meet, or anything of that nature, so if you aren't acquainted with the show you won't understand the relationships between characters, or anything. However, that doesn't really get in the way of the game (I went in knowing nothing about the show). The graphics are very nice, and the worlds are bright and colorful (so, playing this on a big screen looks great). Only problem is that, while the levels look like nice are appear big, they're pretty bare. Gameplay-wise, you run, jump, chomp ghosts, and collect power-ups and other collectibles. Most of the platforming is fairly easy, aside from a few random hard sections. The chomping function works like the homing attack in the modern Sonic games (so, watch out if you use it over a pit!). Aside from the main quest, there are a few minigames, but I haven't bothered with them.

The primary issue I had with this game is that I was somewhat expecting a game similar to the Pac-Man World games, since those were pretty fun. However, while this game is definitely not on par with the Pac-Man World games, it still isn't a bad game. Since it's geared more towards a younger audience, it functions as a nice introduction to 3D platformers (something that's missing these days). I can imagine it would be much better suited, and offer a bit more difficulty, to younger players. Only real oddity that sticks out to me is that Pac-Man can eat ghosts without consuming a power pellet. I'm assuming they're some reason, detailed in the show, for why that is; same goes for why Pac-Man is friends with all the iconic ghosts from the arcade game.

I played this game with an N64 controller mapped as a Xbox 360 controller; this game is fully compatible with a 360 controller, and does have keyboard/mouse support (however, I haven't tried the latter).

For a better experience, I'd recommend getting a USB device to hook up an N64 controller, since it just feels right.

tl;dr: if you crave a 3D platformer that feels like something out of the Playstation/N64/Saturn era, this game is a good fit. If you know someone younger that isn't a big gamer (and also a fan of the show), this game is also a good fit.
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Posted: June 21, 2014
If youve played pacman world on the playstation this will bring back happy memories
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Posted: March 9, 2014
I have all the achievements. I have only ~9 hours playtime. It is simply too short. It's also really easy, perhaps that's to be expected for a game marketed towards kids who watch the TV show.

- In-game, Pac-Man can transform into a variety of unique and fun forms, fire throwing, ice beams, magnetic powers, bouncy ball mode (for walljumping) and such, all keep the gameplay from being too bland.
- Each level is very quick, but are plagued by constant cutscenes (again, designed for young kids) that distract from any flow in gameplay. Expect to enter a zone via a cutscene (all unskippable) and watch another cutscene that explains that pressing 3 bright red buttons will open a door; then each button has a cutscene to show you've pressed it, then when you go through the door, you watch a cutscene of Pac-Man enter the next zone. This is how much of the game plays out.
- The collectibles for bonus levels in game are the rewards for completing each level, so there's not much incentive to explore the (sometimes) slightly open areas, though much of the game is strictly linear. The only collectibles that aren't collected via story-play are the colourful Slimetanium which respawn in the same place every level.
- Bonus arcade levels themselves are very entertaining, playing out like arcade games, that vary in difficulty, but none of them too challenging. However, they are all only 4 levels long. Unfortunately, if you happen to run out of arcade tokens to play these bonus levels, you'll have to go hunt for them in levels (some as hidden collectibles in levels, some as level completion reward bonuses). [Notably, the game refers to the extremely short levels that spit out tokens for these arcade games as the actual "Bonus Levels" when they appear as otherwise normal levels on the world map.]
- Achievement Hunters will find that completing the game to 100% will likely reward you with all the achievements, bar ~4 achievements for killing X enemies with Y form, or for completing the bonus arcade games.
- The multiplayer mode is primitive, limited to local 4-player split screen mode in which you take control of the 4 ghosts, Inky, Pinky, Blinky & Clyde, trying to hunt down Pac-Man competitively, using weapons against each other in hope of claiming Pac-Man's short yellow life. 3 of Pac-Man's lives later, the person with the most points wins (Destroying Pac-Man's worthless cheese-like body earns many points). It's fun, but without friends, relatively pointless and offers no longevity.
- Boss battles are entertaining and unique, offering, usually, a puzzle revolving around the latest new Pac-Man form. They are very simplistic, often bosses only have 3 health; however, the game does not offer any help in figuring out the boss health, nor are the boss attacks telegraphed very well, and random jumping and dodging is usually the only system for victory.
- Criminally, there is no way of playing the original Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man (who happens to be non-existant in this canon). Seems odd to not even include a graphically upgraded version of the arcade classic.
- Graphically, this game isn't at all taxing (it was designed for Wii U) but the visuals remain crisp and colourful, with no impact on performance at any stage.
- Finally, the story is pretty much what you'd expect from a game based on a show. Pac-Man has to take on the evil Ghost Lord Betrayus, and follows him through many worlds till the climactic final boss showdown.

This game is pretty entertaining, I had a lot of fun for 9 hours, but it is far too short and too easy for the price tag. Get it really cheap in a sale (as with all things on Steam, Praise Gaben).
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Posted: September 26, 2014
This game was surprisingly great. I'm a big fan of the 3d platformer and collectathon genres, so when I saw this game on sale for $10 I knew I should pick it up. I went in expecting a poorly designed budget game that was only made to get money from kids that are fans of the (bad) cartoon Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. Instead I was greeted with a cheery, well designed game with a great style overall. The soundtrack and level design is solid, and the different forms of Pac-Man keep the gameplay interesting.

It isn't a very long game by any means, nor is it difficult in any way. But considering there aren't many 3d platformers being made anymore, this is a must buy for any fans of the genre.

For fans of achievements, completing this game also isn't hard at all but will probably involve a little grinding and playing some absolutely dreadful minigames. Seriously, the minigames are horrible. Why were they even made? Come to think of it, my biggest complaint in this game is the lack of an arcade version of the original Pac-Man. Why spend development time on crappy arcade titles when you could just port over some old ones and give an actual reason (besides achievements) to play the minigames?

Overall though , great title. Recommended.
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Posted: March 23, 2014
After covering half of this game so far, it's not bad to say that as far as platformers go, this is worth your time if you're A.) Fan of the series B.) you don't mind skillful platformers C.) You love Pac-Man or something different in its entirely. Since it's based off the show, it might give you some insight on what the show's about. Game-wise, it's Pac-Man with superpowers, some good and not so good, depending on how it works for you is what matters. Although I can say that this is a platformer that really makes you think and how Pac operates really helps things. Now this is NOT your parents' Pac-Man, it's a whole new Pac-World with a story that you might get a few laughs out of it and well, you get Pac-Man burping at the end of every stage and it's worth a good laugh. I recommend this game only if you're into platformers and otherwise.
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Posted: November 10, 2014
I'm so confused... I actually had fun

I thought it was gonna be a soulless cash-in but I actually enjoyed it.. It's no Pac-Man World 2 but it's far from terrible
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Posted: November 14, 2014
Falsely advertises as "Local Co-op" but it's actually local multiplayer (VS). you cannot play the main game with another person.
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Posted: June 25, 2014
This game is fun but frustrating. Those vanishing plat forms are very hard. I keep dieing and needing to start the whole level over agian. They need to put in more check point things, a lot more.
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Posted: July 1, 2014
Pacman is one of my fav games i love it and it seems that anyone else who has played it hates it i dont know why its fun with cool power ups and decent graphics and i an understand why people are upset about how they made it more "hip" but realy thats a turn for the better by introducing pac-man to a new era of gamers and helping the old washed away hero become popular again sure they changed his roots but thats why they needed to do in order to keep the pac surviving and dont get me wrong here this IS NOT A GREAT GAME ITS NOT 10/10 GOTY but its stil good and a nice to see a "New Pac" so while this game has its negatives it also has its ups and downs.

I give this game a 8/10 Namco did not take a ♥♥♥♥ on pac-man they did what they had to do to survive in this day and age of gaming and i respect them for that and yes it is true THE PAC IS BACK
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Posted: July 4, 2014
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Posted: November 2, 2014
Very easy and simple most likely for children, but for whatever reason I liked it. It controls well and is a decent platformer. The only thing I didn't like was Pac-man and some of the enemies constantly make stupid puns.
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Posted: June 30, 2014
good distraction ill rate it about 7/10 with it having the same voice acting from the tv show (the newer one) but the levels are sometimes too short there are only six worlds which is a shame and the maximin hearts you can have is six and the bosses are somewhat easy when some levels are kind of hard and there are some power ups that suck chameleon pac and ballon pac suck eating the ghost is a pain and is only there for those swinging bits but the worse is ballon pac i swear that i got a game over because of this power up controling it is a pain it runs out anyways im done complaining now for the stuff namco done right i love how this game looks see c.o.d you dont need to look relistic to look awsome the voice acting is somewhat good althought some dont match up with the tv show and... whoa i think i rambled enought so 7/10, 70/100,3/5 what ever you whant it too rate good game (unless you have rayman 3) damn tryed not to say that this is my longest review yet or what ever you what to call it so 7/10 good game with minor flaws
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Posted: October 12, 2014
Good old fashioned 3D platforming is back! There needs to be more games like this today. I really hope Namco Bandai brings more of their games to PC
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