Across any terrain, with any weapon, against any opponent—the war must go on! Test your prowess with modern first-person shooter action in intense warzones ranging from labyrinthine urban locales to dusty desert battlefields. The gear, combat, and settings are designed to create an exceedingly realistic and fast-paced style of gameplay.
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"One mode, and one mode only worth playing. Party Mode, Shatter - Funhouse. I spent tons of hours playing that mode only."


"Soldier Front 2 is looking to be quite the prize for online FPS players."

"A game that's enormously fun to play."

"This game is fun and definitely worth checking out."


Across any terrain, with any weapon, against any opponent—the war must go on! Test your prowess with modern first-person shooter action in intense warzones ranging from labyrinthine urban locales to dusty desert battlefields. The gear, combat, and settings are designed to create an exceedingly realistic and fast-paced style of gameplay.

A plethora of competitive modes await players looking for variety, including unique offerings such as Hero mode, combining the best of MOBA and FPS gameplay, as well as traditional modes like Team Deathmatch and Seizure. Progress through ranked leaderboards and unlock extensive upgrades for your weaponry to prove yourself as the greatest soldier of them all!

Key Features

  • Stunning, Realistic Graphics – Running on the Unreal Engine 3, Soldier Front 2 boasts incredibly detailed and realistic visuals.
  • Rambunctious Rankings – Assert your dominance within the individual rankings, or share the glory in separately ranked clan leaderboards for the most dedicated teams of soldiers.
  • Addictive for Anyone – With a finely tuned learning curve, the game is easy for beginning FPS players to jump into and still relentlessly competitive for veterans of the genre.
  • Plentiful Combat Options – Fan-favorite scenarios such as Deathmatch and capture point modes are joined by a unique MOBA-style map and a co-op battle against alien invaders!
  • An Ever-Growing Arsenal – Spend points earned while playing and earning achievements to unlock several improved versions of your guns, each with their own pros and cons.


    • OS:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
    • Processor:Intel Pentium 4 3.0Ghz or equivalent
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVDIA Geforce 6600 or equivalent
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
    • Processor:Core2 Duo E6600 or better
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVDIA Geforce 8600GT or better
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Soldier Front 2 is without a doubt the best F2P FPS experience i've ever come across. (And FPS is my main genre with quite a bit of experience) It in many ways manages to match and in some places exceed both its F2P brethren as well as its more costly retail alternatives. SF2 is as you can tell, is a sequel to a once very successful F2P title back in 2004/2007 in Korea & later internationally by the name of Soldier Front/Special Force. This game manages to not only outdo its (very) dated predecessor but also remain a viable option in todays overpopulated shooter scene. Everything from the animations, guns, and gameplay very closely mimics its big brother Call of Duty, and does a damn good job at delivering the same experience without paying every year for a new edition (map packs included). The game oozes quality and definitely is the best you can get when it comes to free to play currently at the moment if you're looking for COD-style shooters.

+ Fantastic presentation & graphics for a F2P.
+ Weapons are affordable with ingame cash & permanent.
+ Quality COD-Style fast-paced gameplay.
+ A slew of modes to choose from including Classic Defusal to Coop.
+ Entertaining for both newbies and pros alike.
+ Tons of people playing all the time.

- Sometimes laggy players ruin a good match
- Hacking players can be a pain in the ♥♥♥.
- Community is horrible and abusive to eachother. (They crossed over from the first game)
- No way to mute/report/kick undesirable players.
- Female characters run faster and are harder to hit.

Raging 12 year olds from the philippines who constantly spam the chat with incoherent things like "aw" "vovo" and "base"

I can hardly think of any free-to-play shooters that manage to compare with full retail games this well. It's very impressive if you enjoy COD-Style shooters. If they managed to fix the hacking problem, the game would be perfect.

Highly Recommended. 9/10
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Free2Play & Pay2Win
But it's still one of my favorite fps games.<3
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still better than call of duty ghosts 16/5
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If this was a taco, it would be a very good one
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A great FPS, maybe quite a bit P2W but all-in-all a 9/10.
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This is the best free FPS game I have played
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I can't recommend this game for several reasons.

For one, the game is hacker-infested, just like Combat Arms and CrossFire...

Also, if you try to download, you'll be wasting 2GB because all you're really downloading is the game launcher itself.

And just by looking at screenshots of the game, they are misleading because the game is almost broken and finished.

To finish off, this game is also "Pay-2-Win" as usual.

What a review this was. 2/10 because it nearly made my bode decompose itself.
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0/10 Game is aids. The bloody trailer has better and smoother gameplay than the actual game. I probably only have 30 hours on this game but since it is so ♥♥♥♥ it wont even close properly. The lag makes it unplayable and the hit detection is horrendous. Only reason i played it was because it was the only game i had on steam. Not to mention the hackers with wall and aimbot hack shooting at the ground ending games in about a minute going 125 and 0. Pay to win as all the guns are completely un balanced and anything "cool" will cost 14.99 on average. Over all a game that need alot of fixing. If you absolutly want to play it then the only game mode that isnt broken is shatter. I do not recomend this to anyone. Waste of 40 bucks and bad descision on my part.
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I've been playing SF2 for quite awhile and to be honest. It's amazing. I never did get bored as the game has constant patch and updates. (with new map packs etc.) The devs and forums are active. As you know this is a Free To Play game. In most FTP games you might expect a Pay To Win situation. But for SF2, the gun they first provide are pretty decent, and they also have daily log-in prizes. That way you're able to experience better guns, of course with limited time. Overall it's a great game, if you're looking to start off your FPS journey, you'll never go wrong with Soldier Front 2.

Battlefield & Titanfall
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Fun game! Would suggest for a person who does not have any money!
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Nice game,one of the best MMOFPS game I played
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launched once
never again
no stallion
do not play
said soldier front
do not play... ever again!
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Only problem is the hackers. And they do not hide. 55 kills 0 deaths all do not recremend this game.
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Aimbot, Aimbot everywhere,
Can be an enjoyable game if there are no H4x0rz
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Very good game i would play this all day long, there are a lot of guns to choose from, and a variety of maps to play.

There is a down side, it is kind of hard to earn money, i have seen videos of people hacking on there but i have never seen a hacker in game, the variety of guns have been there so long that i wish they would put in new ones instead of doing skins, and the maps do get boring after a while.

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Soldier front 2 is an FPS game. It is basically a free version of Call Of Duty Black Ops II. Made by Aeria games, Soldier Front 2 focuses on multiplayer battles instead of single player battles like Black Ops II in the campaign. Soldier Front 2 has amazing graphics and stunning features.

The guns in soldier front 2 have good and balanced damage, weight, firing rate and recoil makes gameplay smooth and great to play. The maps are well designed and they are easy to learn so being good at the game is based entirely on skill. Soldier Front 2 has developed their guns well with great skins and phenomenol muzzle flash. The lightiing isn't too bright or too dark and you can easily set the game options with a few clicks. The guns look realistic and the first person perspective makes everything look lively however, the guns are really similar to Call Of Duty Black Ops II. There are dual guns and guns similar to ACRs, M4s and lots others.

The game has lots of game modes such as alien survival, alien defense, competetive, open, newbie and . Aliens in Soldier Front 2 are called Xanthid. Xanthid survival is where aliens start swarming in from everywhere and you must survive for the longest time. Xanthid defense is where Xanthid invade your territory and you must kill them and complete waves while defending your core. Competetive channel is for hardcore players who play competetively to gain titles and earn a good reputation. Open channel is for all ranks for noob levels to pro levels. Newbie channel is for players who have just started playing the game or are for people wanting to troll beginners. Finally, the Xanthid hero mode is basically like league of legends in first person shooter mode. To win you must destroy the other teams nexus by buying guns, perks, upgrades and farming mobs/players/turrets.

To conclude everything, this game is awesome! Great graphics, great gameplay, great guns, great maps, great features and great game modes. Recommended for everyone of all ages. Can be played by kids in the newbie channels and can be played by teenagers/adults in the open/competetive channels.

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Used to play it, recently however it stopped working. For some reason my anit-virus keeps blocking it. Got a different anit-virus brand and it blocks it as well. No idea why, but the game wont work not.
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451.0 小时(记录在案的)
This game is not full of haker nowadays, it's not pay to win, most Sp weapons are permanent and it's totally not another type of any other FPS games such as CoD, etc, it has its own advantages, modes( like Shatter, Xanthid, Seizure,...). Some say that this game is unimaginative, how silly that is! If any of you like to shoot with your imagination, go get an "imaginative" capsule gun skin.-_-
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4.8 小时(记录在案的)
I have to say... This is about the most fun I've had in a free to play shooter so far. The maps are cleaver and interesting. The AI feel like normal players. The right balance of fun and challenge. Slow reward progression, feels like leveling in an RPG, it's earned. Graphics are solid and smooth on a decent rig. I also like that the item shop is not this intrusive thing, it's there for those that want it, but not in the way when playing.

The other thing is, the players seem to be friendly and mature so far, a big plus. That said, I played only Co-op against AI. I can see playing alot more of SF2.
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