Acest conținut necesită jocul de bază Trainz™ Simulator 12 pe Steam pentru a putea fi utilizat.

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Data lansării: 24 ian., 2014

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Conținut suplimentar

Acest conținut necesită jocul de bază Trainz™ Simulator 12 pe Steam pentru a putea fi utilizat.

Cumpără Trainz DLC: Nickel Plate High Speed Freight


Despre acest conținut

Relive the halcyon years of steam hauled freight services in the US with this stunningly modeled Trainz Simulator addon.

This DLC pack includes the following:

  • New York, Chicago & St. Louis / 'Nickel Plate Road' Class S-2 2-8-4 locomotive in early and late condition
  • Pere Marquette Class N-1 2-8-4 locomotive in 'as preserved' condition
  • NKP 40' Boxcar
  • NKP 400 Series Bay Window Caboose

Features Include:

  • Custom 3d Locomotive Interior.
  • Custom 3d Caboose Interior.
  • Animated ringing bell, including bell lever controlls in locomotive cab.
  • Configurable classification lights and flags.
  • Automatically assigned prototypical vehicle numbering for Locomotive, Boxcar, and Caboose.
  • Tender automatically displays the running number.
  • Automatic tail light on rear of tender.
  • Automatically configured end of train flags (day), marker lamps (night) and a lantern for backing up on the Caboose.
  • Interior of Caboose is lit at night.
  • Train crew will board / alight from caboose at the crew depot.
  • Automatic brake hose connection on all vehicles using the ACS standard.
  • Boxcar loads palletized goods by default, other loads configurable in surveyor.
  • Boxcar doors are animated and will open when loading and unloading products.

Cerinţe de sistem

    • SO: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7
    • Procesor: Pentium D 3.4GHz (or equiv)
    • Memorie: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafică: nVidia GeForce 7200/128MB
    • DirectX: Versiune 9.0c
    • Stocare: 500 MB spațiu disponibil
    • Placă audio: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound
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Postat: 20 ianuarie
i can't seem to get the program to open up, it shows that it is running ,but it dose not come up to play.all it dose is on the bottom it shows "steam" and at the top left it shows a little square box and that is all.i can not play the game.
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Postat: 10 februarie
Is this pack worth $20? Absolutely not! However if you have a particular intrest in the Berks and literally have $20 lying around then look no further. Apart from the bell not sounding at all on the Pere Marquette version they performed flawlessly. Downloading was also fast and should be automatic. At this point I've only had this pack for about 12 hours and I love them. (Warning! These models will spoil your expectations of details)
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