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Ride your music - Audiosurf 2 is a customizable music game that works with any song! Choose a song, choose a mod, choose a skin - choose to earn the top score! The highlight of Audiosurf 2 (so far) is wakeboarding mode, but there's also classic modes, Audiosprint (party mode), and more to come as both official modes and Workshop mods.
Release Date: Oct 2, 2013
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What the developers say:

“Customizable mods are a big part of Audiosurf 2. I've finished a few already, but now I want to open it up to the community. There are lots of ways to play with Audiosurf's visual anticipation technology and I'm excited to see what the community comes up with. But more than that, I need you to tell me what to focus on next! Like the first Audiosurf, community feedback will shape it into the best game it can be. If you're interested in creating and sharing mods (scripting required) or skins (can be done with image, sound, and 3d model changes - and optionally with scripting), even better!

Wakeboard mode is my favorite way to ride (so far) because it uses the song's overall shape as a central part of the gameplay. You anticipate upcoming changes in the music visually and try to build up a big trick multiplier (full puzzle grid) just before jumping from a wavetop. The classic modes are still great and will evolve and twist in different directions. Audiosprint, the local-multiplayer party mode is simple (2 buttons) and a blast with friends.

Warning - there will be bugs! Please use the forum to report problems, request additions, or just discuss what's working well and what isn't. See you there.

Major Features not yet finished:
-- Scoreboard for every song, for every mod (scoreboards are currently sparse and unreliable)
-- Graphical music collection browser
-- Gamepad support in menus
-- Mac, Linux, SteamOS support
-- Translations from English
-- VR (Oculus Rift)
-- Even more official modes
-- Even more official skins
-- Important things I didn't think of yet!”
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Updated! Now on Radio: _ensnare_ !

February 11th, 2014

_ensnare_ is now up on the featured scoreboards! Two of the tracks are from Frozen Endzone, the awesome-looking next game from the developers of Frozen Synapse.

--Fixed gamepad allowing ship to go too far to the side when using two sticks
--Fixed Wakeboard and Wakeboard Grid modes sometimes not awarding points if landing just before a trick completes (thanks Orathania)
--Fixed 2 wakeboard exploits
--Skins: added mesh loading options: calculateNormals, calculateTangents, and submeshesWhenCombining. Lua example: BuildMesh{mesh="mymodel.obj", calculateNormals=true, calculateTangents=false, submeshesWhenCombining=false}

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December 29th, 2013

Mono Midway (which is headed towards becoming the new Mono) has been updated with support for sideswipe collisions (colors only) and an increased number of loops.

Last week's substratum skin has been updated with support for more types of video cards. If you tried it before and just saw a boring black background - please give it another go! If you haven't tried it yet, do so. I'm pretty excited about that one and plan to share more about how to make backgrounds like that soon.

On Radio this week: Pegboard Nerds!

Fixed: Added a couple extra seconds of track at the end of the song to allow matches time to clear.
Fixed: Alt+TAB now works correctly in fullscreen
Fixed: Song selector now returns to your previous position (as it did weeks ago)
Updated: game engine, steam integration, and in-game web browser to latest versions.

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About the Game

Ride your music - Audiosurf 2 is a customizable music game that works with any song!

Choose a song, choose a mod, choose a skin - choose to earn the top score! The highlight of Audiosurf 2 (so far) is wakeboarding mode, but there's also classic modes, Audiosprint (party mode), and more to come as both official modes and Workshop mods.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core i3
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD3000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 350 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Runs well on even older systems with minimal settings
Helpful customer reviews
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2 reviews
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Just when you thought that listening to music couldn't get any better... Introducing Audiosurf 2, the sequel to the very popular and acclaimed indie game released back in 2008. Any song from your collection can be chosen to ride, and the game will generate a unique track for the song you choose. At slower parts, the track will rise and the block traffic will be low. At more intense parts, the track will rapidly descend, greatly increasing the block traffic. Although the original Audiosurf only had a handful of modes to choose from, thanks to the steam workshop integration that the sequel offers, the amount of game modes and skins that are available is endless, although many of the game modes do generally involve avoiding a certain object or color, while collecting another. That being said, with the many different variations that are available to download, the fear of becoming bored with this game is never an issue. The visuals look beautiful, and are definitely an improvement from the first one, not to mention the vast amount of downloadable skins that are even more aesthetically appealing.

This is, at the time of this review, an early access game, and as such, expect a few bugs and glitches that are still being worked out. In my experience thus far, however, I have yet to experience any problem that would be considered anything more than slightly inconveniencing. In conclusion, this game is a unique experience that provides endless hours of gameplay, all while enjoying your own music and having the choice of seemingly endless ways to experience it. If you are still unsure, pick up the first one during a sale, if you enjoy that one, you will undoubtedly enjoy this one as well.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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46 of 50 people (92%) found this review helpful
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12 reviews
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Note that the game is in an alpha state: if you expect next to no bugs and is perfectly playable, buying this during early access isn't a good idea.

Now as of the state right now, it's simple you pick a mode, a visual skin, and a song on your computer or from people you follow on SoundCloud and you're on your way to surfing on your own music. The game is very fun, and the new modes are a blast. Older modes seem much better thanks to the new visuals. The mods from Steam Workshop also add a lot of content to the games such as new modes a nd visuals. Plus as the game is still in devolpent there's always new features on the way.

It's hard to show the cons of the game, as they can all be fixed in due time, or are being fixed as I write this. The menus are by far the biggest problem, they are a little bit cumbersome, scrolling is iffy, and gamepad support isn't in supported in the menus, however don't take it to heart, as all of these will be fixed in due time.

Fina say: I can recommend this to anyone who knows how a beta/alpha works, and loves their own music library.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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There are roughly any improvemnts on the game. The good change is that now song scores are divided by mode, so you don't have a mode dominating any longer. The new surf mode is interesting, and the integration with the workshop is nice. If you enjoyed the first one, you might enjoy this one, though its pretty much the same stuff with a new look. If you haven't bought the first one, then I do recomend picking this up, as the rides are unique to the songs.

Posted: November 25th, 2013
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Audiosurf 2 is still in Alpha stage, but I do really think it already stands up to it's predecessor this early, and I cannot wait what is to come when it's considered "finished"

The main new feature in Audiosurf 2 is Wakeboard mode, where you ride the waves of the song to catch air and do tricks (and finally living up to the name of the game) It does take some getting used to at first. Why would you want to jump over parts of the song? Isn't the fun in catching point blocks rather than catching some sick wicked air? Wakeboard Grid mode answers that question: the amount of blocks in your grid affect the multiplier for when you hit waves and get air. This turns it into an amazingly complex battle of choosing when to hit a wake, or when to stay on the ground and collect blocks for more points.

The other great feature is Steam Workshop integration and gamemode modding. Find that one of the new modes isn't fast enough for you? Make it faster. Don't like the color of that map? Change it. Want to turn Audiosurf into Beat Hazard? Nothing is stopping you. The mods use the simple to learn LUA language, which you may already know if you're into Garry's Mod.

However there's still a long way to go before the game is ready to be released. Many features are still being added for modders, and the UI is still plain as heck (and the plain UI makes it VERY confusing to use!) but I do think this is all obvious stuff that will be fixed or changed before it goes to release.
Posted: November 26th, 2013
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Although at first glance it may seem this is merely a remake of the first, is it so much more than that. It captures everything that was fun about the original, and builds upon it.

The graphics are greatly improved to deliver a louder and more immerisve experience, there are new modes like Wakeboarding, as well as classics like Mono, and the Steam Workshop integration allows for much more customisation and many more fun games modes and skins than before. Finally, the new layout and menus give it a much more polished and fluent appearance.

The game is constantly being updated and exciting new features are continually being added, but even at this stage, I would recommend to anyone, regardless of whether they've played the original or not.
Posted: December 12th, 2013
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