Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™: Out of the Shadows
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows takes you back to how it all began. Be the four Turtles Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael in the fight to save New York City from mutants, the Foot and Shredder. With seamless co-op, along with team combo moves and relentless combat, this is the game fans have been waiting for.
User reviews: Mixed (590 reviews)
Release Date: Aug 28, 2013

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About This Game

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows takes you back to how it all began. Be the four Turtles Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael in the fight to save New York City from mutants, the Foot and Shredder. With seamless co-op, along with team combo moves and relentless combat, this is the game fans have been waiting for.

Key Features:

  • Turtle Power! Switch between all 4 Turtles anytime!
  • 4 Dynamic Modes: Campaign, Arcade Mode, Challenge Mode and Dojo Training.
  • Multiplayer: Seamless 4-player Co-Op Online Multiplayer to allow you to truly play as TMNT!
  • Team TMNT: Engaging group-based combat system with synchronized combo attacks.
  • BONUS Original Red Bandana Code! Enter this code to unlock all four red bandanas from the original TMNT comic books! ALT+yabbayabba

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.40 GHz/AMD Phenom X3 8750 @ 2.4 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 GT series with 512 MB RAM or ATI Radeon HD3870 with 512MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0c or later Compatible Card
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection for Steam activation and multiplayer functionality.
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Posted: May 14
This game is a trainwreck on wheels but its still a fun short ride for what it is. The game is an old school button masher mostly just hit the x button for attack, there is a kick button but its not needed. The game is low budget and the devs did a great job with what little it seems like they had budget wise to work with. They opted out of cut scenes using a comic panel style to spend more time and money on the game itself. The gameplay is fun and easy for anyone to play, just hit everything in sight. The action stays fresh because you can switch turtles to use their different weapons.

Most of the game is very dark and some parts are just entirely pitch black or unfinished maybe? The camera is zoomed in real close and for some reason seems to point down alot making it one of those games where you fight the camera. The combat is like a cheap version of Batman but somehow balanced very well. In batman the combat is fluid while in this its stunted leaving your character swinging weapons in the air while facing an enemy. The game is real short almost to the point of feeling like its just an episode which would be great if they make more but it seems like the game is just left to rot even though people worked hard on it. All the turtles look sorta strange with elongated limbs and necks, so does April which must be some artistic choice like with Splinter where he looks more like a werewolf than a rat.

Even with all those negatives the game is still a fun beat em up brawler that anyone can pick up and play anytime without complex controls to master which is great and satisfying to play. Lots of fun dialog makes all those things you should hate about the game fade into the background somehow. Its really true magic to play a game riddled with normally gamebreaking mechanics and yet still have fun doing it.

Rating: 7/10 Value: $7.99
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Posted: July 31
This game is a third person action RPG essentially, with a laundry list of flaws I'll get too shortly.
I have spent over 36 hours playing this game, and after playing everything including ONLINE CO OP (yes it works), I just can't reccommend this game to anyone for the full price.
TMNT has you controlling all 4 turtles at once through a Story Mode that consists of only 4 stages, as well as some other gamestyles such as Challenge Mode, Arcade Mode, and Survival Mode. The game has Leaderboards for some of the gamestyles.
I do consider this game an action RPG as it has an experience and ability point system that allows you to increase the stats of the turtles, allowing them to have a larger variety of moves they can do in battle.
You control one turtle while the other turtles are A.I. controlled, but you can switch to them at almost anytime.

The highlights of this game for me was the somewhat fluid battle system which I enjoyed learning and the turtles relationship both in and out of battle. The turtles combine their attacks and specials together during battle, and talk about all kinds of things during the stages.The controls and battle system take some getting used too of course, and i actually have little complaints about that part of the game. They did well with the controls.
The ability to switch to any character during the game was a cool idea, and it allows you to use some of the turtles out of battle skills such as Don's increased control device hacking ability.

The game does have a great look and unique feel to it, but here we run out of good things to say...

The game has horrible video settings to choose from. On my computer, it only offered me three choices on display resolution and little else useful. There were no texture settings or shadows or anything like that unless you go into the .ini file. I found the game laggy on any setting other than 640x480 but I was using a 1.87 GHZ Dual Core with a Radeon HD 6450 1024 MB.
Expect a lot of conversation between the Turtles at the worst possible times generally. You can turn voices off though in settings if you want.
Online co op is a big highlight here, however it does not work as well as you would hope. Steam invites do not work, but hosting a quick match seems to help. You can only play story mode though. The game seems to have in game voice chat which worked for me.
The big issue I have with this game is the price, the bugs, and the amount of gameplay you get here. With only four Story Mode stages I found that to be pathetic, especially compared to the other Turtles games from the past. The maps are a decent lengh, but you'll breeze through them.
There are some other game modes I mentioned, but they are played in the same stages as Story Mode with the same enemies. It's just doing the same thing in a slightly different way.
Finally, there are many bugs I've seen in this game, such as interacting with team attacks when your across the map and kicking at nothing in the air, or using special moves and finding your weapon following you around like a floating object.


How about spawning on the opposite side of a locked room because you were too far away from the other turtles and having to switch to get to the other side? (Not a big deal but shouldn't happen).
The camera I found to be REALLY bad. You will constantly need to adjust it as it likes to move around and zoom in and out in the heat of battle causing you view to be obstructed by floating crossbeams above you.
The ending was terrible too. Just kill him already, it's been like 20+ years guy.

In conclusion, I would say ONLY CONSIDER buying this game if its on sale and your a big fan of the TMNT series and just can't find ANYTHING better to play.
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Posted: May 2
This is probably the best Ninja Turtles game to date, and its a shame how much crap it has gotten since its release. Lets get this out of the way:


But these are minor bugs, the only thing that may bother some is the VERY close camera, which isnt that big of a deal for such a linear short game. You wont be looking around to explore anyway. This game is a lot of fun, you dont need online coop because the AI is fun to play with. You go through missions with comic book style cutscenes, exciting Team fights in the same style as Arkham Asylum, and listen to Michaelangelo talk about his love for pizza and quirky thoughts. The game is exciting, offers a classic style arcade mode, and generally makes you feel like your one of the turtles. Aside from fixing the bugs, I wouldnt change anything about this game. I highly recommend picking this up, it's fun and well worth it.
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Posted: April 25
While there are some good positives to this game, I have to say skip it. I'm going to get down to the point of what bothers me most about this game instead, it's not a lack of online multiplayer or anything like that, I can get past the new turtle image and some of the constant turtle chatter at times. It's the control system that really puts this game to a loss for me, the controls are terrible. I don't know why anyone thinks the controls are good as I've seen some posts say. So here I go pointing out why I hate the controls.

-For the target market which ranges from the youth of today to the youth of Atari and SNES the controls are far more complicated than they should be. (Think similarly to Soul Calibur or any other "Fighting" game with a lot of combos & linkages. For an example there are 8 different counter combos.)

-The controls are clunky and ill designed, particularly with the poor/slow camera control & follow. Even the D-Pad and Control Sticks are thrown into combo orders while still requiring direction specific input. Yet the camera is often so out of place that it gets in the way. I'll also add that the camera is controlled by the right control stick which is also used for some combos.

This game would have been far better and in more keeping with the old ninja turtles games if they had gone with a control scheme similar to Prince of Persia Sands of Time rather than those of the sequal or any fighting game.
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Posted: June 30
A game that the devs poured their heart into. However it is heavily comprimised by the coop being broken, even if you trick it into working it is very poorly implemented. The LAN play was non functional and removed as part of the scope of the game's support being cut post release. I bought 3 copies of this at the time (after playing it myself single for a while) - very dissapointing that we never could play together.
Single player is patchy, some sections have real love poured into them - but overall there is too much shonky and broken here for a satisfying immersion.
The training room and arcade machine show the potenital of the game - but ultimately Activision killed this game before it was even released it seems
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