10,000,000 is an award winning hybrid RPG/Action/Puzzle game. Matching tiles controls your character enabling you to explore, fight and loot. When you are not facing monsters you will be back in your prison, constructing buildings and getting stronger for your next run. Can you score 10000000 and earn your freedom?
User reviews: Very Positive (1,054 reviews)
Release Date: Jan 15, 2013

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"A unique little matching game which will leave you obsessively gripping your phone into the wee hours of morning. PC Version is more or less identical."
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About This Game

10,000,000 is an award winning hybrid RPG/Action/Puzzle game. Matching tiles controls your character enabling you to explore, fight and loot.

When you are not facing monsters you will be back in your prison, constructing buildings and getting stronger for your next run.

Can you score 10000000 and earn your freedom?

Key Features:

Run the Dungeon
  • Kill monsters and find loot
  • Improve your gear and train skills
  • Find resources to improve your castle
Test your skill
  • More than 80 objectives to complete
  • Over 20 different monster types to fight
  • Find items and use them effectively
  • Fast paced action gameplay
Classic Gaming
  • Retro graphics
  • Old school music

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:Core2Duo
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any 3D capable card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:50 MB HD space
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Core2Duo
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any 3D capable card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • OS:OSX 10.5
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any 3D capable card
    • Hard Drive:50 MB HD space
    • OS:OSX 10.8
    • Processor:Intel
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any 3D capable card
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit or Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit
    • Processor:2.6GHz single core
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 256 MB shared or dedicated RAM (ATI or NVIDIA)
    • Hard Drive:50 MB HD space
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7.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2014
This is a highly addictive game. A very fast paced match-three puzzle/action/rpg. Match three swords/staves to deal damage to enemies as you run along to your exit, collect gold, wood and experiance to build better equipment and learn new skills.

It will have you rage quitting and then moments late, you find yourself oddly compelled to open it up again and continue where you finished off.

The graphics style is pretty neat, you don't really play this sort of game for the graphics though, the fast paced music keeps the momentom going as well. There is next to zero replayability however, once you escape, you won't want to carry on playing, as you will have already full upgraded your castle, armour and abilities anyway. Yes you can keep trying to beat your highscore, but that's just not my thing.

Most people will probably have this in their library from a bundle or maybe just for farming trading cards, but if you want a pick up and play game will keep you playing for hours on hours, 10,000,000 is really worth a shot.
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7.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 7
One of the most addicting games I've ever come across. Looks highly unspectacular, even ugly, and the playfield icons are not the most readable. Doesn't matter, this game will destroy your life. And you'll love it anyway. You'll match tiles until your eyes bleed and your fingers fall off.
Also it has a killer soundtrack. I'll never get tired of the dungeon themes.

Last night I found out that 10,000,000 is a very good hotseat game, and two people playing together sometimes can help each other out with pointing out tile combinations.
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7.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 9
A surprisingly fun game, 10,000,000 gave me more far more enjoyment than I had expected when I initially purchased it for a few dollars. Though the game is primarily a Match-Three, every single type that you match provides an effect that drastically alters your current encounter. Match three (or more for an increased effect) swords, for example, and you'll unleash a physical attack; match three magic wands, you'll cast a magical attack; match three keys, you'll unlock a treasure chest or door, etc.

The game is quite challenging, though each time you run through a dungeon path you'll acquire gold, experience, and items that will aid you in future runs. Gold can be used to upgrade your equipment (swords, staves, shields, armor, etc.) by choosing a specific trait such as the sharpness of your sword (critical chance) or the material that it is made out of (base damage). Experience can be used to purchase training upgrades which enhance abilities such as your lockpicking skills and increasing damage against certain enemy types.

All in all, it's a cheap game with a good amount of fun to be had as long as you keep that in mind.
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 1
I actually love Match 3 Games, but this one is not like the casual ones everyone is used to playing. It's very intense, and sometimes you're not sure exactly which tiles you should be matching, as the action is fairly intense. Overall a very good time waster to come back to here & again.
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14.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 21
+ Great "match 3" mechanics
+ Pretty good chip-tunes and pixel art (if you're into that sort of art)
+ Delivers the "just one more turn" mindset
+ Equipment upgrading mechanics

- Very repetitive and has little to offer
- Relies on pure luck for extremely high scores
- Obviously a mobile port, even though it is ported well for PC

10000000 is a "match 3" type puzzler with a "retro" art style with chip-tune music and pixel graphics by EightyEightGames. As with most games of this type, you don't need many words to describe how you play.

The core gameplay consists of sliding rows and columns of various icons so that three or more align, making the aligned icons disappear and making new ones fall out of the top to replace them. The spin that 10000000 has to offer is that you're a prisoner of a dungeon, and you must score, well, 10 million points to get out. You earn points by killing monsters and opening doors and chests, by matching staffs and swords, or keys, respectively. Matching backpacks gives a chance of earning items, which you can then use to kill monsters, to give you more time in the dungeon or to open chests and doors. There are also wood and stone icons, which give you those as a resource that stays the same between playthroughs. There are two other, similarly working resources: experience and gold, which are earned by killing monsters and opening chests. Once you run out of time in the dungeon, you return to the main hub where you can use the resources you've amassed to upgrade your statistics in rooms that can be upgraded. To progress through the dungeon you must complete quests such as "match x amount of y tiles", or "make x amount of triple matches". Eventually, a quest involving scoring a set amount of points during a round appears, and upon completing the quest, you gain a new rank and may now start the next run further in the dungeon.

Now, that looks like a ton of words, but that is literally all the game has to offer. There is nothing else in this game (apart from the ending, which I won't spoil, but trust me when I say that I wouldn't need many more words to describe what happens after getting 10000000 points).

The game sports a "retro" feel to complement the mechanics, which works fine. The pixel graphics are good, but not amazing. The music is also pretty nice, but there aren't many tracks. After a few runs, it gets very repetitive, to the point where I, a person who usually sticks through with a games music until the end, had to use my music library instead.

Unfortunately, all of these facts point toward the game being an obvious mobile port, designed to be played in short bursts of playtime. As a result, the interface is a bit huge when playing in full screen, and the options menu is very lackluster (not that it needs to not be, given the simple graphics of the game).

The RPG-ish equipment upgrading mechanics aren't bad (I love it when the name of your armor changes based on the aspects you choose to upgrade, possibly giving names such as "immovable cloth ring mail" or "soft diamond shirt"), but what's the point of having a visual representation of your character if he looks like a pixelated Indiana Jones regardless of whether he has mythril plate-mail or a cloth shirt? It's not like there's thousands of equipment possibilities.

Overall, 10000000 feels very repetitive. It's good at what it does, and presents a spin on the "match 3" puzzler mechanics, but this doesn't remove the repetitiveness problem completely. The equipment upgrades seem like an after-thought because of how they do not affect the character visually. This game hangs in the balance between "I recommend it" and "I don't recommend it", but equipment non-visualization forces me to say that I don't recommend 10000000.

This does not mean it is a bad game at all, but I just wouldn't recommend it to anyone but the most hardcore "match 3" fans. The developers still update the game though, so I promise to change the recommendation if they do visualize the equipment upgrades. In my opinion, a good "match 3" has to have a good core system and a great spin on the formula. Visualizing the upgrades would make the spin in this one great, instead of "just" good.
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1.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 10
It's not very easy to play at first, but its addicting and I love matching games. It gets harder as the level goes by. I had to choose between this game and another game, but the review for this game was a lot better. And so my friend help me got it for a special gift, so I thank him for it. I really love it, the trailer explains the game exactly. You basically attack if there's monster with the sword or wand, open doors/chest for keys, woods and stones are for resources that you need to unlock the storerooms in order to upgrade your stats. Basically, its like unlocking and collecting.
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15.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 18
Got this game for 50 cents during a sale years ago just for ♥♥♥♥♥ and giggles. Had a rager say to me "you just buy anything you can, don't you?"

Joke's on him, this is one of the best games of this genre that I've played. The dev's thought of pretty much everything that could make the gameplay a complete, fun, irritance-free experience. It's a high-paced game that keeps you on the edge of your toes, and the items and upgrades are well thought out and interesting to use. 10/10 worth it.
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11.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 20
After about 11 hours and all achievements, I can say this:

10,000,000 brings together elements of RPG, Dungeon Crawl and Match 3 to make for a unique experience all around. The system of improving your character as you go through the various difficulty levels of the dungeon is quite well-made, I would claim, and the challenge is high. And to get all of the achievements is a really tough job. But in the end, when you crack that magical number for the first time, it's a victory well-earned.

An overall well-rounded game for some casual fun. The 8-Bit graphics give it a nice touch as well. And seriously, it doesn't need any more elaborate graphics.

Would definitely play again.
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8.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 9
This is one of the true hidden gems on steam. It is simple in concept and highly enjoyable.

It has the rare ability to keep you on the edge of your seat with adrenaline, but also make you feel strangely relaxed. The retro style music score is also extremely good and fits the game perfectly. The hybrid combination of a side scrolling battle with a pattern matching game is very interesting and the enemies have different attacks and weaknesses, to succeed random combos will not work.

10/10 for sure grab this game even if you just want to kill a few hours.
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1.7 hrs on record
Posted: May 11
Bejewel meets, Indiana Jones meets, RPG in this odd mix. Fight your way through hordes of monsters, while using your puzzle skill to kill them off. Who knew one day that puzzles would be the bane of dragons.

Game play: 7
The game play is solid. You start off in a stone room with broken down doors everywhere, that leads into other rooms. With these rooms, you are able to increase your static, from better armor, to better spells, to better score multipliers, to more damage. To be able to unlock each door you must run the ongoing dungeon to earn experience to gain levels and to gain gold. While running the dungeon you are given a Bejewel style puzzle game. On the top of the screen you have the character running, He’ll run into monsters, doors, and chest. That you need to match up the squares to progress further into the dungeon. You are given a time limit. You will slowly be pushed backwards to the left edge of the screen. The faster you kill monsters or unlock things the closer you get to the right side of the screen. Once you pass a certain threshold on the screen you will gain a bonus to your score as long as you keep moving ahead. Each Square has an icon that you need to match up to be able to kill monsters or unlock chest or doors. Each icon has special ability to help you progress deeper. The icons you see are, Wood, Boulder, Wand, Sword, backpack, key and shield. Wood and boulder give you materials to use to build the rooms you see at the start. Wand and sword are attacks depending on the monster they can be either be weaker or stronger vs the type you are using. The backpack can give you items to use in your inventory on the right side of the screen. The key is used to open chest and doors, the shield gives you better armor to take hits better.

On the side, you have you’re inventory where you get power ups, From faster moment, to magic attacks, to keys and weapons. They can be very useful. After you die you are able to use the gold and materials you gained from the previous run to build the rooms, or you may hold on to them until next time. The overall object of the game is to get your score to 10,000,000 (Ten million). To be able to escape.

Story: 2

There isn’t really a story going on here. You are a guy who looks like Indiana Jones who has become trapped in this dungeon that is now trying to escape. Having to fight zombies, demons, dragons and such. That’s pretty much it. This game doesn’t really need much of a story to really enjoy it.

Graphics: 6

This game takes on the retro 8-bit style. Like many other indie games that uses 8-bit. They are pretty simple as it is. The mix of colors being used range from grays, to lighter colors like reds and blues. It’s a simple pallet of colors over all. The graphics don’t pop out as anything to flashy to it. they are Kinda of flat graphics. In its own right the graphics are decent.

Music: 5

Like the graphics it takes on an 8-bit sound track. The music is decent sounding but not amazing but yet not horrible either. It does keep in decent pace with the game play. Other than that there isn’t really much else to the music.

Final Though:

Overall I enjoyed this game a lot. It was fun, and challenging. I found the game play being the best part of this game. However this game kinda of lacks any real re playability. It’s a game that is great for a one time play and not touch it for a while. This game doesn’t stand out to other puzzle games. However the unique thing about this game is the RPG element which gives it a nice touch. Having the Bejewel style puzzle being what you use to fight monsters and unlock stuff with does give this game the bit of edge it needs to push it higher than your average puzzle game. With the mix of gaining gold and materials and being able leveling up to unlock more powers to make you stronger does make this game fun.

If you are a puzzle person or someone who simply loves Bejewel like myself you may want to try this game out. If anything this game is cheap so for a few bucks you can’t go wrong with this game.

Final Score: 6

Check out my Tumblr for more! www.rogue32807.tumblr.com
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7.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 15
this is a fun tile matching game similar to Elements of Arkandia. In this game, you match swords to attack with swords, wands to attack with magic and can repair the doors in the room you start with.
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5.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 16
Great wee indie title. Definately worth the purchase.
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2.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 25
Don't get me wrong, love the game.

I beat it on Android, grabbed it on Steam... cannot stand the PC version.

If I were to have a touchscreen, I would still play on PC, but with a mouse??? I just do not find the mouse to be an intuitive device for this application.

Great game, but pretty reliant on a touchscreen. It is too bad they did not add a cursor like Yoshi's Cookie... In fact, that would be the perfect resolution to the PC port's only real flaw.

I hate to say it, but go buy it on mobile...eww... that left a dirty taste in my mouth...
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10.9 hrs on record
Posted: February 6
I wanted to like this, but in the end found it to be rather boring.

Conceptually, what led me to want to get this game:
  • Match-3 with a slightly different mechanism for moving the pieces on the board.
  • RPG elements.

What I didn't like:
  • It's basically an endless runner in Match-3 form. You play until you die, in a way like Tetris. Some people will like this. I was expecting Puzzle Quest-like matches against opponents.
  • That manner of moving the pieces on the board was different, which is commendable in terms of differentiation, but I found I didn't like it. For whatever reason, it just doesn't click in my head, so any combos I get are by chance.
  • Playing this game with a mouse. It would definitely be better on a touch screen.

Unfortunately I haven't finished this. I'm not enjoying it enough to continue. To beat the game, you need to get 10,000,000 points. I've maxed out my character but am topping out at about 7,300,000. And as stated before, I'm not "getting" the game, so there's no improvement. For me, 10,000,000 points is a dream, so I might as delete the game now.

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2.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 14
In this exciting reboot of Pitfall you run in a line looking for gold bars. Like most reboots it's dumbed down and has worse music than the original, but on the bright side it has squares and everyone likes squares in videogames these days.
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6.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 26
10,000,000 is a game that took me about five hours to beat. I spent $1.25 on it a year ago and just finished it.

I bought it expecting something akin to Puzzle Quest. What I got was a bit different. Sure, you have the same "match 3 tiles, get an effect" scheme, but the pace is quite frantic. There's no story at all--you're some guy in a hat who wakes up in a run-down castle, you repair the rooms to the castle in order to power up your gear, and you run the dungeon hoping to get the required 10,000,000 points to win the game. That's honestly it.

Gameplay's a little different from what you've come to expect from the tired-and-true match-3 formula. Instead of swapping pieces around, you slide entire rows and columns to make your matches. Pieces wrap around the other side of the field, and new pieces fall in when you make matches. Attack monsters by matching swords and wands, give yourself a damage buffer by matching shields, match keys to open chests and locked doors, and match backpacks to give yourself a chance at getting an item to use. Match wood and stone to give you resources to upgrade and repair the rooms in your home. Get gold from objectives and chests to upgrade your gear, get EXP from monsters to spend on giving yourself permanent boosts.

The game is also timed, through keeping your little guy from reaching the left side of the screen either by damage taken or taking too long to clear the current obstacle. Lose, and you're given a report on your run's score as well as the objectives you completed, if any. The game tracks your progress through ranks and objectives for those ranks. You have missions like "have an enemy die to poison damage" or "match five panels at once three times in a single run" among others. Completing these missions gives you wood, stones, gold, and/or EXP, on top of unlocking new missions, of which you can only have three active at a time. The final mission in each rank is to get a set score, and from there your rank (and difficulty) increase, but so do the score multiplier and the resource multiplier.

It's somewhat of a short game despite the high asking score to win. I haven't 100%ed the game, but a couple more hours (or more if I do really badly) will see my get the rest of the achievements I missed, and there's not a lot of replay value since you only have one save file and the only thing that can go differently is how much money you put into upgrades. Everything else is up to how merciful or cruel the game is regarding the board setup, but also how attentive you are with seeing potential matches and not panicking when you come across a boss creature during a particularly-good run.

For negatives, there's maybe a little bit of fake difficulty regarding how the game works with obstacles. If you make a swords or wands match right before you stop to attack an enemy, the game won't register it. Same with chests and keys. You also can't make any matches while there's a chain going on, though that's never screwed me over. There wasn't very much music, though that's up to the player if that's bad or not. I didn't mind the pixel art, though I know it's dealbreaker for some people. It's not terribly engaging, but this isn't a game that I'd sit and play for hours on end anyway.

TL;DR: I enjoyed 10,000,000. It's short, it's cheap, and you can probably get a few of hours of enjoyment/frustration out of it. It's not really easy or hard, but it does require a keen eye and some patience since you will fail repeatedly on your way to the top score. It's fun enough and it feels good to do really well, just the same as it gets disheartening to keep doing badly. It's less planning and more quick-thinking action, so if you liked the timed modes of other match-3 games, this might be of some value to you.
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6.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2014
Warning for the gamers out there who don't have carpal tunnel syndrome. This game will make you want to trade your social life for this wacky, puzzle-rpg that will have you encapsulated for hours.
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5.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 6, 2014
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13.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 16, 2014
Many powerups. So fast-paced. Addictive. Tiles. Very distracting. Much Ragequits.
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13.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 26, 2013
To preface this review, I have beat the game. This review is not out of frustration for not being able to accomplish that, but it is out of frustration from the game in general.

For a match 3 game the concept is novel, adding a requirement of matching specific tiles to progress.

Unfortunately once the novelty wears off, it becomes a chore. And the novelty will wear off, because the game is stacked against you in multiple ways, and requires you to lose repeatedly to complete tasks and buy upgrades (which soon become an artificial barrier to gameplay) before winning it even becomes possible.

The main barrier to fun in the game is the manner of losing - not the inevitability, as with Tetris, but the speed at which it can happen. Every obstacle requires a specific type of match - attacks or keys - and the game can at whim decide to deprive you of these, leaving you helpless to do anything but wait until defeat.

Other problems with the control system compound this. For instance, sliding the tiles is not well designed. If you click a tile, it can only slide by the first direction the mouse moves. So if you want to drag a tile upwards but your mouse moves a LITTLE to the left first, your tiles will try moving left and right instead. You can try again while the mouse button is held down, but you've lost that time.

The matching detection is not great either. When you line or nearly line up a match, their tiles illuminate, however when you let go the tile you're moving can fit to an adjacent space, meaning the match does not occur and you have to start again. Once more, this costs time.

The game needs resource management - trying to keep a healthy number of attack tiles and keys on the board at all times to be ready for any obstacles that arrive, but a couple of things ruin this as a concept and make the game even less fun.

The monsters - particularly boss class monsters - require a LOT of matches and items to defeat, during which time you're losing time AND they hit you which also costs a nasty chunk of time. It goes without saying that despite the whole upgrade system, matching attack tiles is just not effective enough to keep the game balanced.

The game can and does throw numerous amounts of the same obstacles at you consecutively, such as two chests, a door and then another chest. Even if you kept a healthy number of keys available at the start of this, you probably won't have enough to get through it all which leads to a lot of lost time and defeat. The same applies to multiple tough monsters.

Matching tiles or using an item JUST before you arrive at an obstacle will cause it to be wasted. There's no tolerance whatsoever. This can lead to situations where you're not blocked by an obstacle, and too afraid to do anything because you don't want to lose the matches you can see available to you. This is contrary to the game's advertised element.

Finally, when you match tiles, more appear which can result in combos. Normally in this kind of game these are desirable, but in this game they can and will punish you by decimating a resource you can see yourself needing soon - for instance, if you're fighting a monster with a chest behind it, a few keys may fall in during the fight, matching with the ones already on the board and severely depleting the keys. Then when you win the fight you won't be able to deal with the chest.

Furthermore, when newly-fallen tiles create combos, this takes time during which you are unable to slide any tiles to make more matches. This results in awkward situations where you can see multiple matches you want to make but are unable to do so because a useless combo is ongoing and killing you in the process.

You do get a very limited number of items, but most of the time an item does not even clear one of its respective obstacles. After a few hours of play to finally be able to challenge for the game's namesake 10,000,000 points (yes, you need to play for a few hours before winning a game even becomes a possibility), key items will not be enough to open a three-lock chest or door, and you will need at least three damage items to defeat a single monster.

This game had promise, but its execution is disastrous. Its visuals and music are very fun for a few hours, but they do not last the extended periods of time demanded of you when the game becomes an unfair and repetitive grind.
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