Haven't heard of Dragon's Lair?! Well, you play the heroic Dirk the Daring, a valiant knight on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon! Originally released in the summer of 1983, Dragon's Lair has solidified itself as a cultural icon in gaming.
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Date de parution: 17 mai 2013

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Haven't heard of Dragon's Lair?! Well, you play the heroic Dirk the Daring, a valiant knight on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon! Originally released in the summer of 1983, Dragon's Lair has solidified itself as a cultural icon in gaming.

Control the actions of the daring adventurer, finding your way through the castle of a dark wizard, who has enchanted it with treacherous monsters and obstacles. In the mysterious caverns below the castle, your odyssey continues against the awesome forces that oppose your efforts to reach the dragon’s lair.

Dragon’s Lair is a fully animated classic arcade game from legendary animator Don Bluth. You’ll make your way through the castle and caverns below and wield your sword against some strange creatures. Beware of your foes, as they are numerous!

Lead On Adventurer. Your Quest Awaits!


  • 720p HD Remastered Video
  • Original Arcade Release
  • Remastered Game Footage
  • Bonus Extras!

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP SP3
    • Processor:1.8 GHz dual core CPU
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256 MB GeForce 8800, Radeon 3850, or Intel HD 2000 Graphics
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo at 2.2 GHz, or AMD Athlon 64 at 2.2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB GeForce 220, Radeon 4550, Intel HD 3000 Graphics
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • OS:Snow Leopard 10.6.8, or later
    • Processor:Intel Core Duo Processor
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:ntel HD3000 or better card with at least 256 MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
    • OS:Snow Leopard 10.6.8, or later
    • Processor:Intel Core i Series Processor
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:ntel HD3000 or better card with at least 256 MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
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Posté le : 18 juillet
Faulty's scorecard :-

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Save me!

Dragon's Lair is a bit of an odd duck to review because behind all the cultural significance to video gaming history, the revolutionary graphics for its time and the addictive and compelling nature the game fostered in the arcades back in 1983 (countless 20 cent pieces were fed into the belly of this beast) is an incredibly short little adventure that has unfortunately not aged particularly well at all. Yes, video game purists are going to probably hang me out to dry and disagree vehemently with my opinion but I am totally fine with that. While I agree video games were most definitely a lot simpler back then that does not automatically give them free passes when looked at with a more modern eye. One can after all still admire them through the historical lens that captures the passage of time even if one no longer enjoys them. Divorcing the nostalgia from the actual reality; Dragon's Lair sadly ends up not being particularly good at all where it counts the most - actual gaming. While it may have succeeded on many other levels, gaming was certainly not one of them. While I agree it had us captivated in the early eighties the distance of a few decades has shown the gameplay up for what it really is - a gimmicky trinket.

From a game culture and historical standpoint I admire Dragon's Lair more and there is no denying that Dragon's Lair had a massive impact on the then gaming landscape and was pretty much a technical marvel at the time and was a pretty dam fine showcase of what could be achieved when it came to the medium especially since the industry was going through some serious growing pains after its collapse in 1982. When I look at Dragon's Lair from this standpoint I wholeheartedly agree that the game deserves its place in video gaming history as something to be admired - not necessarily enjoyed or loved though. One has to remember that at the time video games weren't particularly pleasing to the eye as they are today and to have a game come out that looked like a moving Disney cartoon (it was animated by ex Disney employee Don Bluth who made a bit of a splash in the early eighties with movies like All Dogs Go to Heaven and An American Tail) while containing gameplay elements was unthinkable at the time. It's for this reason the game remains so popular amongst those who grew up in the era.

By today's gaming standards Dragon's Lair feels a bit old hat as gameplay solely consists of quick time events that drive the narrative forward. The player will simply have to rely on a series of button prompts that interject as the tale unfolds to progress. There are no combat sequences at all which makes sense since the actual animation around the game was never programmed as such and are simply video reels that get executed based on the input the user enters at various interludes. While back in the early eighties this may have been a novel approach - today's gaming climate takes a very different view on QTE implementations in games with most of us agreeing that they truly do suck the donkeys balls and offer the player very little involvement in the action that is taking place on screen bar a few prompts to mash a button here or a button there.

The objective of the game is simple enough though. You take on the role of a brave knight called Dirk the Daring on a quest to rescue the fair princess Daphne from the clutches of an evil dragon and the animation is still as lovely to watch as it was back then in the day. The port is as bare bones as they come though. Considering the signifigance of this title in the annals of history it would have been nice to have a few documentaries included in the menu to expand a bit on the experience and why the game was and still remains so popular to this day amongs us old timers. The PC version for some reason though does not play nice and proper with a gamepad (which I sadly could not get to work even though I know this game was released on both PS3 and the XBox 360) which is a bit odd given that this PC version would not allow me to select a controller as my desired input device.

If you are planning on purchasing Dragon's Lair and want to add a little bit of history to your library then I would say go for it. Just don't expect that history not to be swathed in cobwebs and decades of dust when you finally get around to installing and playing it.

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Posté le : 26 novembre
This game is one big QTE marathon with a simple yet charming story.
At first the animation style was strangely familiar to me until I realized that Don Bluth was the man behind this.

(Insert Titan A.E. and Land Before Time childhood nostalgiagasms here.)

The gameplay itself can get a bit annoying occasionally when it wants you to react with the reflexes of a fly, so you better learn the inputs of the electric knight room segment and the final boss "fight" if you want to spare yourself a handful of restarts, but aside that I can't say anything negative about it.

If you're a gamer of history or just a general appreciator of QTEs, you should totally give it a go.

(10 euros are a bit much for it though, imho, as the game does not have that much of a replay value and even during ONE playthrough the player gets to go through mirrored versions of level segments.)
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Posté le : 12 décembre 2013
Plus qu'un jeu video, Dragon's Lair est un véritable dessin animé intéractif qui vous permettra de suivre les pérégrinations de Dirk The Daring parti sauver la princesse Daphnee des griffes d'un dragon maléfique. Sorti à l'origine en 1983 et bénéficiant régulièrement de rééditions, ce jeu a été le premier à intégrer les QTE (sur lesquels il se base entièrement, d'ailleurs), mais aussi le premier à bénéficier de graphismes dignes de ce nom... Comparé aux Pac-Man, Space Invaders ou Pong de l'époque, c'était une vraie révolution !

Graphiquement, on peut dire que Dragon's Lair n'a pas trop mal vieilli. Certes, on est dans le dessin animé un peu rétro, mais les expressions de Dirk sont toujours aussi poilantes... Surtout en cas de faux mouvement. Les graphismes ne manqueront d'ailleurs pas de rappeler à pas mal de "vieux" joueurs certains dessins animés made in Disney... Et pour cause : Don Bluth, le "réalisateur" est un ancien animateur de chez Mickey qui a participé notamment à Robin Des Bois, Bernard et Bianca ou Rox et Rouky.

En termes de jouabilité, c'est là que ce trouve tout le charme de Dragon's Lair : tout est basé sur des QTE : le sol s'effondre sous Dirk ? Appuyez sur gauche pour sauter sur une corniche et se rattraper au bon moment. Des serpents géants sortent du plafond ? Vite, barre d'espace pour donner un coup d'épée... À moins qu'il ne faille appuyer sur la flèche droite pour esquiver ? Certaines salles mettront vos réflexes à rude épreuve avec des "fenêtre de tir" souvent inférieures à la seconde... D'autant plus que la moindre erreur de touche ou de timing sera immédiatement sanctionné par la mort (souvent hilarante) de Dirk.

C'est d'ailleurs votre capacité à mémoriser les mouvements à effectuer et vos réflexes qui vont définir la durée de vie du jeu qui n'est, en lui-même, pas particulièrement long : en effet, l'ensemble des "cinématiques" ne dépasse pas une demi-heure. Du coup, histoire de gonfler artificellement la durée de vie, on préfèrera jouer sans le guide des mouvements... D'autant plus que les "Continues" sont illimitées. Et puis ça vous permettra de découvrir toutes les morts de Dirk possibles et imaginables (bien que certaines ne soient disponibles qu'en mode Hard, mode qui rajoute quelques QTE).

Autre déception du jeu : la bande-son, quasi-inexistante : certes les petits cris d'effroi de Dirk ne manqueront pas de faire sourire, mais une seule musique commune à l'intro et aux credits et des bruitages plutôt bof, c'est moyen... On appréciera (ou pas) le doublage complètement WTF de la princesse Daphnee.

Le dernier gros point noir du jeu n'est pas des moindres vu qu'il s'agit de son prix : 10€ lorsqu'il n'est pas en soldes, c'est à mon avis beaucoup trop pour une si courte durée de vie et pour un jeu aussi vieux.

Donc oui, Dragon's Lair est un jeu interessant, drôle, des fois un peu frustrant et qui permet de découvrir un jeu qui a marqué son temps, mais c'est aussi malheureusement un jeu un peu trop court et un peu trop cher pour ce qu'il a dans le vendre. On le recommandera donc, mais uniquement en période de soldes.
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Posté le : 30 août 2013
Jeu culte des salles d'arcades des années 80 dragon's lair et un portage sur PC très réussi, proposant le jeu dans une version soft quoique très ardu par moment mais aussi la version d'origine qui vous fera arracher les cheveux ^^
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Posté le : 3 octobre 2014
In 1985 an arcade owner gave me a prize T-shirt that said "I Beat That Dirty Dragon at Video Command".

Today I finally earned it.
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