Kingdom Wars is a free to play 3D MMORTS with real-time siege combat, without the pay to win element so common in the genre. Kingdom Wars offers beautiful 3D online world, where players construct strongholds, direct citizens, complete quests and eventually manage a global empire.
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Release Date: Apr 1, 2013

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November 12

Patch # 1.12 - Fight Well

We have a pretty awesome patch for you today! And we promise we won`t wipe anyone`s towns this time around.

This time around we looked into making game run smoother, much smoother and to rework out combat model. We still have a bit of work left - and by the time we are done next week you won`t recognize the combat. Such thing as battalions fighting as one, and unit turn times and animation blending are still left to do, meanwhile we have added unit to unit collision and rebalanced a few things about combat.

We thank you for continuous support, and hope you`ll continue to enjoy the game.

::::: Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Added combat unit to unit collision - units will block enemy units
-Archer behavior changed not to chase enemies
-Improved visual performance on the homelands
-Improved visual performance on the world map
-Improved visual performance on the main scene

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Fixed crash in the Orc View mode
-Orc tribes in Orc View mode are now only hostile to player
-Fixed issue with Orc building refund on construction abort
-Archer units are in stand-ground mode on default
-Increase button size for New town and Delete town
-Flashing New town button for new players
-We don`t show Market button on the first homeland Run
-Main menu scales down on lower resolution
-Orcish elite buildings can no longer be constructed in the PvP unsafe zones

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Max price of large buildings now only goes up to 6X default, before was 10X
-Human Fire Cart population requirement is now 1, instead of 4

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November 3

Patch # 1.09 - Easy Begining

Patch # 1.09 - Easy Begining

Dear Players,

In today`s patch we looked into making things more appealing for our new players, The new Economic Boost features increases player income by giving 10X more resources their workers gather, and scales down as their progress through the early game. We hope this will help new players get attached to the game faster, and will eliminate all these "it`s very slow to start" concerns.

We also included several improvements across the board with notifications, announcements, email check and so on. And by popular demand - we are raising reward for inviting your friends from 1 to 3 Days Premium for each friend you invite. Thanks for supporting our game - and we are really happy to see hundreds of you inviting friends to join us!

::::: Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-New Players will now get major boost in resources income
-Fixed micro-transactions not working for players using non-English game language

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Improved Announcement notification window
-Add notification to Turn on Steam Overlay to use the Shop
-Added reward value text to the invite promo
-Option email check, and newsletter signup are back to the main menu as well
-Fixed micro-transaction issues with some currency values

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Inviting new players using referral window now gives 3 days premium instead of 1 day


-Mounted GrandMaster reduced movement run from 120 to 95
-Enchanters: +50 hp (now 500) +50 fatigue (now 200) +10 crush dmg +5 pierce res
-Bolt Thrower: gestation time -50% now 20 +50% hp now 1500 +75 crush dmg +50 pierce dmg +100 range now 1950 +10 movement speed run/walk
-Bladestorm: +20hp (now 550)

-Mounted Knight: reduced movement speed walk 60 from 70 and run 95 from 110, augmented strenght by 1
-Cavalier: reduced movement speed walk 80 from 90 and run 130 from 150, augmented strenght by 1
-Foot Knights pray ability health regen augmented by +4hp/sec (from 14 to 18)

-Warg: +80hp (now 400) +50 fatigue (now 250) +50 runspeed (now 160) +20 walkspeed (now 90) +20 slash res +20 crush res +15 pierce res +10 crush dmg +10 slash augmented strenght by 1
-Warg Howl ability +50 range + 100% duration (20 sec now) +10% dmg (+60% instead 50%)
-Berserker: reduced production time from 20 to 15 augmented hp by +25 (now 650) augmented str by +1
-All Goblins gestation time reduced by 50%
-Goblin Prowler: +70 stamina (now 300) +10 hp (now 250) augmented str by +1 +5 pierce dmg
-Goblin Raider: +20 hp (now 350) +70 fatigue (now 300) +5 slash res
-Impaler: +40hp (now 450) +20 fatigue (now 250) +5 slash and crush res +10 crush dmg
-Impaler Warg: +50 hp (now 950) +20 fatigue (now 250) augmented str by +1 +5 slash res +10 pierce dmg, reduced movement speed
-Ogre: reduced food cost by 50% +50 fatigue (now 250) +5 crush and pierce res +20 crush dmg
-Slayer: +20hp (now 640) +40 fatigue (now 250) +5 slash dmg
-Slayer Warg: +100 gold cost +100hp (now 1050) +40 fatigue (now 250) +10 slash dmg, reduced movement speed

Hero abilities
-Battlecry: health regen augmented from 5 to 8, duration +5 seconds (25 now) dmg bonus augmented to +40% from 30%
-Dwarven Horn: Duration +5 seconds (25 now)
-Healing Potion: reduced to half the effect but augmented the heal rate, so it work faster but no change in the amount
-Mass Heal: Augmented regen from 15 to 20, duration +5 seconds (20 now)
-Blood Purge: +27 magic dmg (60 now) -20 sec duration (20 sec now)
-Acceleration: speed bonus reduced to +30% from 40%
-Dwarven Horn: augmented effectiveness on movement malus from -50% to -75%

Dragons and monsters:
-Royal Dragon: Augmented food cost from 5200 to 8000 and gold cost from 11000 to 15000 reduced strenght value by 5 (65 now) +50 fatigue (350 now) +10 slash res +10 crush res +15 all magic res +50 crush and slash dmg +10 fire dmg -20 runspeed
-Red Dragon: +4000hp +50 fatigue (350 now) +5 strenght (50) Augmented food cost from 3700 to 5000 and gold cost from 8000 to 10000 +8 slas and crush res +30 crush and slash dmg
-Haunter Dragon:+2000hp +50 fatigue (350 now) -5 strenght (55 now) +20 slash and crush dmg +20 walk and run speed (faster dragon in game)
-Ice Dragon: +4000hp +50 fatigue (350 now) +20 slash and crush dmg +10 cold dmg +8 slash and crush res
-Green Dragon: Augmented food cost from 2500 to 3600 and gold cost from 5200 to 7500 augmented walk and run speed by 20 fatigue +50 (350 now) +2000hp , +6 slash and crush res 20 crush and a slash dmg
-Hydra: Augmented food cost from 7500 to 10000 and gold cost from 4000 to 18000 hp +6000 fatigue +200 (300 now) strenght -50 (80 now) reduced runspeed -30 (160 now) augmented walkspeed from 70 to 90 +30 slash and crush dmg
-Minotaur: + overall magic res and +15 walkspeed

-Firewall :+100 fire dmg +50 crush dmg
-Fireball: +100 crush and fire dmg +300 range
-Mages: Reduced all mages base strength value to 16 from 20, this will reduce the strength of a lev 100 mage from current 450+ to roughly 350

-Dwarf Axeman:+50 hp (850 now) +50 fatigue (200now) +10 walkspeed (40 now)
-Dwarf Battler: +30 hp (650 now) +50 fatigue (200now)
+10 walkspeed (60 now) +20 crush dmg
-Cannon: Augmented hp +1800,augmented crush and slash res +20, fatigue +100 (250 now) augmented run and walkspeed by 10 (35 now)
-Grape Shot: Due to difficoulty to land such shot at short range with an artillery the damage is augmented by 500 crush 500 fire (bringing current damage to 900 crush 900 pierce 700 fire = 2500 overall damage)
-Bonus of grapeshot damage against all kind of monsters +60%,also augmented bonus vs heroes from +50% to +75%

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Steam Greenlight

Free Empire Expansion

Our biggest expansion - Empire completely re-invents the gameplay - changing Kingdom Wars from a local city building game, into massive empire building simulation and greatly expanding the scope and length of the game. In Empire, players get to literally take over the world - commanding a huge military, political and economic empire that covers the entire game world - from the human Southmount Mountains to the desolate deserts of Brakental.

And, as has become our tradition, this expansion is once again absolutely free!

Free Arcana Expansion

The Arcana expansion introduces a new dimension to gameplay, adding magic to Kingdom Wars and the world of Mythador. Arcana brings with it powerful wizards to recruit, earth-shattering spells to research and cast, towering Wizard Guild buildings to construct and much more.

The free Arcana expansion is just the latest addition to an ever growing game and is a way for the development team to give back to the community that has supported us over the years.

Free Siegeworks Expansion

This massive expansion greatly enhances the gameplay experience by putting a strong emphasis on expanding the game world twice over - adding sixteen new siege ready towns and variety of new units. In addition, Siegeworks introduces new Guild Alliances feature, completely redesigned combat and pathfinding control system.

And the best part this expansion is absolutely free! This is a way for us to give back to the community that has supported us over the years.

About This Game

Kingdom Wars is a free to play 3D MMORTS with real-time siege combat, without the pay to win element so common in the genre. Having evolved from Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars this strategy game offers lively online world, where players gather resources, construct majestic towns, and impregnable strongholds, direct citizens, complete quests in the service of mighty nobles and fiendish rogues, and eventually manage a global empire. All within an online realm that grows, works, lives, and breathes even when you log off. All this in glorious 3d world with stunning level of detail and epic scale - with vibrant towns and thousand strong armies. And of-course let’s not forget the glorious siege battles all in real-time! Developed by Reverie World Studios, Kingdom Wars is the result of several years of hard work by a new Toronto based studio, with members all over the world.


Innovative MMORTS Approach
  • Wage war with neighboring regions or complete countless hours of quests as you unveil the dark secrets of Terria while managing a persistent kingdom and economy with thousands of other players. Socialize, trade, forge alliances and - best of all - battle against other players across the world, defeat their armies, and burn their towns!
Not Pay to Win
  • With Kingdom Wars free to play release our goal was to create a game of skill, not bigger wallets. We have followed player suggestions and tried to avoid the common pay2win traps. In Kingdom Wars majority of micro-transaction only effect cosmetic changes or unlock bonus content, that does not effect game progress and player interaction. All the other options are limited to one time use, to prevent anyone gaining unfair advantage.
Multiple Games Modes
  • Two additional singleplayer modes - including open-ended Campaign mode, and content-packed single-player Skirmish mode with both Lay Siege and Castle Defense maps - guaranteed to satisfy players of various tastes and gameplay styles.
Stunning Siege Combat
  • User-friendly Siege-oriented gameplay adds a whole new dimension to the battlefield as you ram the enemy gate, scale the walls, and place automated defensive systems, such as: stone tippers, boiling oil, and wall-mounted catapults.
Three Distinct Races & Styles of Gameplay
  • Kingdom Wars features three distinct civilizations: Elves, Orcs and Men, presenting a unique approach to these iconic races with three distinct styles of gameplay. Each race is complete with its own lore, language, world region and terrain, dozens of distinct units and buildings, hundreds of unique technologies, and each even has a different approach to economy and building style.
Fully 3D Dynamic World Map
  • Travel the MMORTS world using a beautifully-designed 3D World Map featuring scale replicas of all the NPC strongholds, quest areas, and the player's homeland.
Original Base Building Approach
  • Each player’s Stronghold features hundreds of buildings that look and behave like a City-Simulation game, but without any micro-management, giving the player more time to spend on the battlefield. In addition each race offers a different approach to building strongholds.
Complex Economic Model with Corpse Looting
  • Combines the complexity of nearly a dozen gathering possibilities, different for each race, with automated simplicity, allowing players the options to micromanage their economy, or leave it to run itself in times of war.
Realistic Weather and Season Change
  • The gaming world comes alive as you build and battle during winter or summer months, as you push your armies through heavy rain or snow storms. Your economy significantly changes from summer to winter, when different strategic options are available during different times of day and severe weather makes certain units useless.

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows Vista
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory:3 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GT 530 / ATI Radeon HD 6570
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:7.5 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional:Internet connection required to play the game. Software installations required (included with the game) include Steam Client, Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable, DirectX and Microsoft .NET 4.
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Quad Core
    • Memory:6 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti / Radeon HD 6790
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:10 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional:Internet connection required to play the game. Software installations required (included with the game) include Steam Client, Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable, DirectX and Microsoft .NET 4.
Helpful customer reviews
63 of 74 people (85%) found this review helpful
18.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 23
Kingdom Wars is a very interesting game. At first I had a very low opinion of it, but if you can overcome the first hour of the game and look past its shortcomings you'll find a very addictive experience with so much potential.

Negative impressions: Visually it looks as if it made in the early 2000s, and the combat leaves a lot to be desired. Once battle is joined unit formations devolve into disorganized mosh-pit like globs with very poor unit collision detection (if any at all.) The animations are primitive and very basic, not just in combat but for walking, idle, and cutscenes dialog. There are also a host of bugs, many of which are highly destructive and infuriating. The worst I encountered was when I lost an entire army, 28 units, because a quest sent them into a void and left me with an empty army on the map- without even starting the quest. I was left without my hero unit, and an entire day worth of invested resources that I used to build said army.

Positive Impressions: The economic system and a load of fun, and by far the best part of the game aside from the general idea. You can make profits by trading, harvesting resources, looting battlefields, and questing. Each option presents its own benefits and challenges. If you decide to harvest resources at home then you will looking at the safest and most reliable way, but it also means you need peasants working the land which drags on your unit cap. Trade is the quickest way, but it also means you’re at risk of losing caravans and thus your cargo. It also requires more management and the natural risk of losing money on a trade if you’re too hasty.

The game has a pretty mild pace, which is certainly a positive in my opinion. You won’t become powerful overnight, and all buildings and soldiers take quite a bit of resources and time to make. There is also a healthy variety of units and plenty of defining traits to pick from. Units gain experience from battles which lets you upgrade them, in addition to researching new technologies and equipment. From what I can tell there is no pay-to-win advantage either. The cashhop is purely aesthetics and speeding up the process of questing rewards.

If the combat would be overhauled then I think this would be an easy game to recommend, and if animations and visuals where modernized then it would be a jewel. However as it stands it’s a give and take. If you can overlook its issues there is a lot of fun to be had, but not everyone can do that.
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51 of 65 people (78%) found this review helpful
75.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 2
This is definetly the best Free to play game.Also as an RTS is very balanced and the AI is pretty intelligent.Also,the graphichs are amazing.It's the first MMORTS I've ever played,but I bet if there is any other MMORTS it cannot be as good as this.
Those 3 races you can play(elf,orc,human)and the existence of dwarfes(which you can also use in combat) + dragons and other creatures makes you feel like you are playing Lord of the Rings,and the combat makes you feel like you are playing Total War.Even it is Free to play,it is not a Pay to Win game,so you can simly be as good as others that pay.
The PVP sistem is very nice too,You can battle army versus army or siege a player's castle.You can also PVP army vs army at other castles(controlled by AI).And the variety of quests(which can be played co-op) makes the game even more interesting.But definetly by far the best thing in Kingdom Wars is siegeing.Take your mate and siege a castle,and I guarantee you won't regret seeing thousands of men fighting.IF you have a wizard,dragon or a hydra with you,the battle will be even more interesting.
Of course there are plenty o bugs,but the developers are trying their best to fix them.And there are always moderators online to help you get through those bugs and refund your lost resoruces/units. Also,the comunity is very nice and will surely help you questing,battleling,and maybe even giving you some resources :)

If you are an RTS/Medieval/RPG or just a browser games fan,you definetly have to try this game!
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27 of 33 people (82%) found this review helpful
37.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 6
A Fantasy free to play non pay to win fairly slow-paced RTS game with PvE and PvP elements, with an ever growing community
If that sounds interesting to you then this is the game for you

My first time playing this game I had mixed feelings. Low res graphics, buyable units, premium accounts and Purchasable city plots. All of it was too Pay-to-Winesque for me. But after having spent quite some hours into the Game by talking and bonding with the Community I very rapidly discovered how wrong my assumptions were. Buyable units are easily stomped on by non-buyable units. Premium is merely a small bonus. While it may not be Pay To Win on the gameplay part it does have a few knacks of its own, for example: ''Starting another city'' with another race and settings requires a payment of 4.99$ or by deleting your current City. This feature is very stupid as it limits you to only 1 race which limits the player from sinking more time into the game without sinking money into the game. A very positive change would be if they gave you 2 slots instead of 1, maybe when they release the Undead race they will give everyone a 2nd slot. HINT HINT

Updates are pumped in weekly so expect bugs/glitches that you might encounter to be fixed soon
Next to bug and glitches fixes new content is added to. Such as skins, units, buildings maybe even a whole new race.
On a side note, this game is still pretty unstable, on a daily basis people come in and complain about how they crashed during big battles or that certain things aren't working. One of the Major malfunctions in this game is the fact that Online gameplay isn't fully server hosted causing bugs with Resource gathering from time to time, but that is simply because they don't have the financial support to make everything more server dependent. Which is where you come in.

Gameplay itself is very solid. While the Army management is pretty flonky because of bugs with manual Army mapping and you can only select 18 Units at once, it is still fun and massive, there are some performance issues with big armies moving around and large fights (FPS drops and sometimes Crashes) it is still very fun, competitive and enjoyable. A few issues here and there make the competitive part of this game ALOT less... competitive, such as Battle protection pausing when going offline. But it is still carried forward by the massive rewards PvPing and PvEing give, especially late game.
The best part of it, when you start PvP you can't be put up against opponents with a larger or smaller army then yours, making it completely skill reliant.

-Solid game
-Solid experience
-Lots of dialogue
-Wide open-world with lots of provided Lore
-Updates are sinked in on a weekly basis
-Lots of playability
-Fun and growing community
-Lots of content
-Beautiful design

-Bad AI
-Inconsistent unit collission
-Workers not always doing what they are told to until you manually send them
-Extremely buggy
-Not enough is server hosted
-An extreme amount of dialogue (This could be a Pro depends on how you look at it)
-Extremely low res (Ruins the design part by quite alot)
-Some Pay to Win elements that do need to be removed
-Pretty hard learning curve for newcomers
-Unit management is not that good (HD patch would help xP)

This may look very negative but as a whole the Pros outmatch the Cons by far, since the Developers of this game are working very hard to take charge and improve this game as a whole. While some issues may not be fixed in a few weeks, months or even Years it still is a solid experience and a must play for Hardcore RTS players that want to enjoy both sides of an MMORTS, the Town management and PvP without PvP taking the cake like in most MMORTS games.
The best part of this, it's free.
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25 of 36 people (69%) found this review helpful
170.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 24
It is a great game and a mix of Total War, Age of Empires and one game I liked alot Tzar in the late 90s. Now that it is free to play there are hundreds of players different skills and all eager to advance trough their levels of play. Am not much of quests person but they do provide some fun and PVP in game altough it was before bugy now plays fluently. There is a mix of races and every opponent shouldnt be over estimated as everyone has their own tactic. I recomend this game as you will have hundreds of hours of fun.
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16 of 20 people (80%) found this review helpful
44.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 4
Been waiting for this game for a while, so glad to see it hit steam. Dawn of Fantasy combines classic Stronghold style RTS with Facebooks dull version of "Kingdoms of Camelot".
If you like the Stronghold series or the Total War games you can slide in to this game with ease. Starting your kingdom takes a bit of time but compared to most other MMO's the learning curve is minor and you can get rolling pretty quickly, anything you need to know about the game will be answered in game by the VERY helpful community via the help chat tab. and the quikly responding support!
bear in mind this game is new out and with surprisingly few bugs, patches and improvements are being made frequently and is rapidly flourishing in to an amazing game. It's totally free, I would 100% recommend this game,
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17 of 24 people (71%) found this review helpful
43.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 23
So i got this game, not exactly sure what it was. An MMO, RPG? Its an RTS, and a pretty well done one. The whole free-to-play is actually that, but they added a twist that i actually thought as something a whole lot better than the other ones out there that "need energy to complete actions, come back tomorrow". This has that ideal, but they did it in a way that keeps people entertained. You set some units to gather resources, and they gather small amounts over time, more units, more resources brought in. The best part though, is that you can constantly play, without having to check back up on your kingdom every few hours. You can create an army relatively quickly, and go out and fight (have not reached parts like that, just doing a quest to attack goblins at this point). This is when the RTS main fighting starts, though i should mention the home city is set up the same way, RTS style. This game is pretty fun, and i cant wait to either siege a castle, or get sieged. Im realy looking forward to the co-op battles.

Just 5 hours in this game and i already love it, it has an excellent RTS-RPG mix, and i cant wait until i experience multiplayer. Plus this game is free, no need to buy things. Download it and try it, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Being a WoW fan and playing as the orcs is extremely delightful too!
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14 of 19 people (74%) found this review helpful
8.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 25
Kingdom Wars has the same concept and battle physics as Age of Empires which is one of my favorite games. But in this game you get to make a kingdom, though if you want to make another city you have to pay $2, thus it's trully an origional MMO. But there really isn't anything good to buy in the story other than buying city slots, skirmish mode which you don't need, the campaign, and a few custumizations. Other than that it's all up to you which is really nice. LOVE IT!!! 10/10
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10 of 13 people (77%) found this review helpful
31.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 13
This game is pretty cool. I love RTS and managment games. Its like clash of clans when it comes to buildings and units. But thats ok. Its not a P2W. Its a play2win and Its FREE. Give it a try, worst thing that can happen is you spend 15 min downloading the game, play it for an hour and delete it if you dont like it.
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12 of 17 people (71%) found this review helpful
8.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 27
This is by far in my opinion one of my favorite real time strategy games, i love everything about it......the beginning of starting out is kinda slow but it gets better, and better! 10/10 i wish there were more RTS games like this one (maybe from a different time-zone also :P)
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13 of 19 people (68%) found this review helpful
50.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 27
This game is pretty freaking cool. I love RTS and managment games. Its like clash of clans when it comes to buildings and units. But thats ok. Its not a P2W. Its a play 2 win : ) Its FREE. Give it a try, worst thing that can happen is you spend 15 min downloading the game, play it for an hour and delete it if you dont like it. My Advise....Make LOTS of peasents and dont start your first seige until you have a **** load of soldiers.
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14 of 21 people (67%) found this review helpful
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 26
Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is an RTS with some "unique" features, it wraps up some RPG and MMO elements in an RTS shell, I have got to say Dawn of Fantasy is not a bad game really. it takes patience, lots of it and can be pretty time consuming (from my admittedly little experience). Dawn of Fantasy looks and feels pretty "rough" but dont let that completely put you off from the game if you find it interesting. You choose from one of three races, then from one of three starting zones, you choose your heroes gender, and then name your city. Afterwards it should drop you into your tutorial. After the tutorial your loosed upon the world to build your forces and manage your city. Other than that I dont know how else to describe the game. In the end, all I can say is, does it look interesting to you? if so go ahead and give it a try, its free now!
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10 of 14 people (71%) found this review helpful
10.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 27
Beautiful game. Outdone itself. Has a cool idea of an Total War taste. Try this first before you get any other game.
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10 of 14 people (71%) found this review helpful
17.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 2
Set in the fictional-mideival lands of Mythador, Kingdom Wars gives you a chance to play in a
3-D land with your kingdom. Highly detailed maps offer an excellent gameplay experience, as well as a fantastic look into RTS style strategic gaming that took me in for hours of fun. I give this game a 9/10. I've had a blast and will continue to in the future. Some things to be improved on are the graphics and animations because they were made a while ago, as well as the variety of bugs and glitches.
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11 of 16 people (69%) found this review helpful
55.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 25
this game is a tremendus amount of fun for an ftp. I recommend this game how realy likes strategy
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11 of 16 people (69%) found this review helpful
11.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 26
Well, I must say, when I started to play I thought it was not that good because I believe it lacks a tutorial and so when you start you start to get confused on how to play but just go to the top right and there should be a help menu, that helped me do some things but this game does not allow you to place buildings, which kinda sucks you cant custimize your city layout.
But it does get pretty fun when you start to understand it and get troops to attack. Thats pretty fun. I think it is very stragetic. Its not a bad game,
But don't plan on customizing your hero and he wears some pretty basic armor, your town, well good luck it looks like a village for a while and i believe you can buy crowns to speed up building progress.
If you ever played clash of clans on tablet, its like that but with more cons then clash but its pros are pretty strong where you can control what your troops do but lack building placement, (does this mean that all our towns look the same)
Well this is a positive review cause i still find it somewhat fun, but give it a try if you think your into games like these.

p.s. never send 3 squadron of troops into a army triple the size. they never come out alive.
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12 of 18 people (67%) found this review helpful
70.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 2
Kingdom Wars is a fun packed game, Very Interresting, And easy to learn. First i would like to say how Kingdoms Wars is free, That just makes it such a better deal, For Everyone. I do like how there are multiple teams, Humans, Elves And Orcs. But that is not all, if you need you can even spend your money to get more and better stuff. Finally i would like to say i personal love this game. I have had this game since you had to pay for it, And now my friends can play and get it for free! That is all i have to say, Thanks For reading.
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9 of 14 people (64%) found this review helpful
87.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 27
First I find this game really neat because it has many units to create, coop battles, and a really cool community. I find this game to be fun to play for when I get home I can get on skype/teamspeak with my alliance and plan strategic battles on towns etc, and even better part is when you buy battle protection the time does not go down when you are offline! this game has a really cool building feature where you can place down spike traps to enhance you town/castle/village!
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
7.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 22

Dawn of Fantasy features both Online PvP play as well as a few single player modes more geared to the casual player. Single Player mode is broken up into three sub-sections; Lay Siege is a quick jump in and play random scenario that starts the player with a squadron of troops and siege weapons (such as Belfries and Trebuchets) in a basic camp just outside the enemy fortress .The goal is to invade the enemy fortress break open the main gate and kill the king. There is only one wave to play in lay Siege and the outcomes does not affect your save file Homelands.

Next we have Castle Defense, a little more involved, where players instead are given a hometown with peasants,soldiers,and walls. Tower upgrades, many archers, and spike traps are key to surviving the long siege as wave upon wave of enemy troops march towards your castle front. One problem with this mode is that the enemy troops swarm up by their target gate but do not move out-of-the-way for the battering rams to do their job. Soldiers don’t break in, siege weapons stand around, in fact everyone stands around slowly getting picked off by a single battalion of archers perched within the final keep. Even when the next wave arrives the only rip apart what they can easily access. Again all spoils go to no one after victory/defeat is declared.

Lastly for single player there is the Kingdoms mode. This is like a campaign but more open ended. It uses the World Map but with less instruction than the Online Kingdom provides. And instead of quests and tutorials players are given an expected battle every few minutes regardless of progress made. The goal of this mode is to conquer the entire World Map without your Hometown being captured by the enemy forces. This is in my experience the hardest part of the game,and if you are new to the game and confused on how the world map works, don’t fret, it is explained in the Online Kingdom mode, the main mode of the game,which is next.

The Online Kingdom mode is a go-at-your own pace experience that guides players through a story based on the player’s selected Kingdom. This game differs from the single player games because it revolves around taking armies out from your hometown and bringing them to the World Map so that they can travel to other towns and quest locations. Other towns give means of trade, buying mercenaries, training units to do other jobs; and in a pinch acting as a place holder for precious units when the town population cap(s) are full. Swapping between the two perspectives, world map and town, is the vital key to Dawn of Fantasy’s uniqueness.

Along with all the mechanics introduced in the other modes, this one has an extra influence resource known as crowns that can be used to buy other resources,speed up building constructions, and most importantly buy special units such as dragons and Dwarven fighters. For $9.99 you can buy 120 crowns which grants one the option to purchasing the Royal Dragon, the most powerful unit in the game. Unlike the Kingdom’s Mode of single player, battles are engaged at the pace of the player. The image below is a swarm of Orc Riders actually waiting to speak with my towns hero before deciding to attack my precious colony.

With all these gameplay modes spending an hour or two building armies and raising an effective economy is quite easy. Units are created in squads of multiple members. Instead of training one peasant for 180 food the game actually trains 5 little guys on the screen, same goes for infantry. Despite these 5 little workers being spawned the towns’ population is only increased by 1 for doing this. Building houses also increases the total population cap by 1, making a booming economy a very long-term goal. Paradoxically, gathering times for resources in Dawn of Fantasy are a slower than some may find comfortable. This is to encourage the World Map exploration and trade, as well as looting the dead corpses with peasants for that extra economic boost. Erecting buildings requires no peasants, but takes on average an hour to complete without the use of any crowns.

Presentation of the game has a few minor bugs in it as well. Some background cameras in town menus do not stay on course and can be ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Leaving your mouse on a button can provide information, but it does not help when the information box is in front of another button. The ticker above head saying the resources gathered per minuet is also inaccurate, and will not update even when there are peasants collecting a resource .

Despite these few hiccups the game itself is a treat to play. The camera controls are well done, same can be said about the speech banks. Unlike Age of Empires, the characters in-game actually say what needs your attention, instead of the sound cues you has to learn about through multiple session will not disappear Dawn of Fantasy is a game filled with hours of gameplay for the strategist waiting to capture castles and rule a world of fantasy. The PvP options now are for the competitive player mostly, because you cannot share resources with other player in-game, however alliances in a multiplayer game .
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Posted: November 13
Awesome game. Played all three classes and enjoyed the gameplay. Devs are active and helpful. Community feedback is a big plus. A+ in my book. Now free to play, Try it out.
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Posted: November 16
Has good support&mods to assist you.

But still lacks from plenty things, the most terrible is the matchmaking on PvP: I fought one with my troops around 30 units with level 5 against a guy around 50 unit troops with level 20. He wipe out me from the map obviously.

Play on single player, avoid PvP. And as you may though, for playing alone there are better games on Steam than this.
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