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Building on the successes of their award-winning Midnight Mysteries adventure series, MumboJumbo has created an all-new adventure franchise. Boasting interactive backgrounds, story-driven puzzles, an animated main character, voice acting and a rich narrative filled with twists and turns, Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can is...
Release Date: Jan 7, 2013
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"Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can is a superlative hidden object game from beginning to end. Skillful writing, artistry and cleverness make it one of the most entertaining and unique interactive experiences released this year."
- 5/5 GameZebo

About the Game

Building on the successes of their award-winning Midnight Mysteries adventure series, MumboJumbo has created an all-new adventure franchise. Boasting interactive backgrounds, story-driven puzzles, an animated main character, voice acting and a rich narrative filled with twists and turns, Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can is action-packed and sure to be another hit!

Angelica Weaver, a detective on Chicago’s Special Task Force, must use her renowned deductive skills to stop a present day killer. The only way for her to get ahead of this killer is to first identify a murderer who escaped justice over a hundred years ago. Angelica has the ability to connect with the dead. Through supersensory visions she is able to jump back and forth between crime scenes on the streets of historic London and present-day Chicago where the victims reveal to her their final moments. Work with Angelica as she puzzles her way through the past and uses her insights to stop the pattern in the future in this hidden object puzzle adventure.

Angelica actively participates as you explore detailed environments and sift through hidden-object scenes for clues. Using Angelica’s journal and a highly developed hint system, close the case in the present and in the past, by piecing together game-changing information for an unexpected twist.

Angelica Weaver’s intriguing story is complemented with stunning visuals and sound effects that captivate and surprise. This compelling adventure, full of challenges and dozens of unique puzzles, delivers yet another thrilling experience from MumboJumbo.

Be the detective! Angelica Weaver and the city of Chicago enlist your help.

Key Features:

  • A gripping storyline providing many hours of in-depth game play
  • Over one hundred and fifty realistically rendered scenes
  • Unique story-driven puzzles
  • Captivating, life-like main character with voice-over
  • Collector’s Edition includes a bonus chapter and unlockable unlimited hidden-object play mode, plus additional content (available on most platforms): concept art, screensavers and wallpapers

System Requirements


    • OS:Windows Vista, XP, 7
    • Processor:1.6 GHz
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:1144 MB HD space
Helpful customer reviews
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I really enjoyed this game. You play through as cop named Angelica Weaver, who can receive visions from the dead, which she uses to solve crimes.

The gameplay is broken up into three different kinds of play. Most of the game will be spent in a sort of point and click adventure mode where you'll collect tools and other objects to help you progress through the game. I was actually suprised how much of like a classic point and click this felt like.

Every now and again you'll search a location more in depth with a more traditional hidden object screen with a list of objects to find. This was fairly well designed and only one or maybe two times was I asked to find an item that I wasn't sure what it would look like.

And thirdly, occasionally you will reach a puzzle or minigame to mix things up. I really liked the puzzles, I never really felt all that challenged by them? But, I have played a lot of puzzle games in my time so, I might have had a lot of prior experience on my side. However, I don't believe the puzzles were meant to be all that difficult, instead just rewarding and fun to play with. I was quite happy with the puzzles.

If I had anything bad to say, the writing of Catch Me When You Can is a little clunky at times but has a good payoff. And, the voice acting was a little flat, kinda under acted at times. But, these were minor hiccups and I was able to take them with a grain of salt.

This edition also features some extra content which was pretty decent too. After you finish the game, you can go back and play any hidden object screen in an infinite object mode, where you find every possible object in the screen. Also, there's an extra chapter which surprisingly added a lot more to the story than I was expecting.

I wouldn't just recommend this to fans of the genre, I'd recommend this to fans of adventure games with an open mind. Hidden Object games have come a long way and arguably have more room to grow, but this was a great bit of fun.
Posted: November 28th, 2013
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The only thing that annoys me about this game is the title. "Catch Me When You Can"? When I can what? Be bothered? Find the time? It doesn't sound like much of a challenge! However, the game itself is better than its title.

Angelica Weaver is a psychic cop. Wait, it gets better! Actually, it really doesn't, but when it comes to fruity storylines these hidden object games usually take the biscuit anyway. Honestly this one is better than most, and it provides as good a hook as any to find all those hidden objects. I also appreciated some half-decent voice acting for once, at least with the main character, who fortunately is who you'll be hearing most of the time anyway. I do like the fact that hidden object games have such strong female characters; some other games could learn a thing or two.

The game itself is a pretty good point and click adventure game for the most part, collecting objects in your inventory to apply them in other locations. It's not quite Monkey Island, but it's a good time. There are quite a few puzzles throughout the game, although you've probably seen their ilk before, and they're mostly easy. Stress free, you might say. You'll also find quite a few hidden object scenes, and really that's what we're here for right? Fortunately these are very good, some nice artwork and objects that help to push the story forwards, often prompting brief pieces of dialog from the main character. Even better, you can replay all of these from the main menu later to try and find every last object in the scene, rated by your speed. You'll only do this once after which you'll have memorized where most things are, but it's nice to see.

The game will last you at least 5-6 hours if you do the bonus content as well (which acts as a suitable epilogue to the main story), and another hour on top of that to do the infinite hidden object scenes, so it should keep you busy for a while. You can also unsettle your friends and family with Angela Weaver specific wallpapers and screen savers [not tested].
Posted: February 23rd, 2014
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+ very good production values for a hidden object game
+ interesting mini games
+ logical riddles, never needed to read a walkthrough (i'm an experienced adventure gamer though)
+ good story that unfolds nicely

- still a hidden object game at heart, which means casual (can be positive for some)
- short
Posted: January 7th, 2014
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Huh. It's a point-of-view point-and-click adventure from a company of casual facebookish games! Hey, this one isn't that bad, but not really gripping, either. The "plot" is really bad, right down to the ending of the mini-epilogue Ironclad Evidence. There's a bunch of puzzles of different types all over. You can ask for hints, but the game wasn't a terribly difficult thing even with the hint system disabled. A bit of "meh", this. Still, could be much worse. It's really professionally produced, I'll give it that, and that isn't a given in the modern indie adventure game niche.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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Angelica Weaver is an adventure/hidden object game that has you chasing a serial murdered in the present, while trying to solve a related, unsolved case in the past. The main character has psychic powers that are used for a few things, including seeing the crime scene of the past yourself.

This game is pretty stupid on all levels. Most of the gameplay involves either clicking everything on the screen or trying all of your inventory items on every you can interact with. This game has plenty of adventure game logic too... there are several times where you're given multiple items that all have the same purpose, but you can still only use one specific item in each place. There are no interesting characters, and the story is just awful. This is meant to be a mystery, but it fails in that regard too, because you don't meet the killer at all until the end.

The game has only two positive points. The first is that the art is nice. The second is that there are some actual puzzles, though they're so easy that this almost doesn't count.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone at any price above free. Even if it was free, I don't think this game will even be worth the time spent for most people, though if you're a fan of adventure games, your time may not be entirely wasted.
Posted: November 7th, 2013
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