Pilota 40 aviones históricos, desde el legendario P-38 Lightning y el Spitfire británico, hasta los temidos Messerschmitt 109 y el Kate japonés.
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Acerca de este juego

Pilota 40 aviones históricos, desde el legendario P-38 Lightning y el Spitfire británico, hasta los temidos Messerschmitt 109 y el Kate japonés. Participa en diferentes misiones históricas de la Segunda Guerra Mundial representadas con gran precisión, desde los épicos combates aéreos cara a cara, los bombardeos de objetivos estratégicos hasta la defensa de posiciones defensivas.

Características Principales

  • La explosiva acción arcade, la avanzada física y la concienzuda recreación de los eventos y los aviones reales se unen para crear una experiencia fácil de comenzar pero complicada de dominar.
  • Todos los aviones están basados en modelos auténticos y todas las misiones de combate representan enfrentamientos reales de la 2ª GM.
  • Batallas dinámicas y divertidas que ofrecen una acción variada y, lo más importante, objetivos para destruir. Cualquier batalla combinará combates cara a cara, misiones de escolta y ataques aire-tierra.
  • Modo Pelea de perros: Vuela contra un amigo en un combate aéreo cara a cara para determinar quién es el mejor piloto.
  • Modo Supervivencia: Vuela con tu compañero y luchad contra interminables oleadas de enemigos.
  • Modo Campaña cooperativa: Vuela con tu compañero a lo largo de varias misiones de campaña cooperativa y lucha contra la Alianza del Eje.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Win XP SP3 / Win Vista / Win 7
    • Procesador: Core 2 Duo a 2.2 GHz (E4500)
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 2.95 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: GeForce 8600GT con 256 MB
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
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Mayormente positivos (317 análisis)
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Publicado el 29 de junio
Goofy controls, total lack of real physics, uninteresting gameplay. Meh.
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Spizy Chicken
( 2.8 h registradas )
Publicado el 28 de junio
I LOVE this game! A flight simulater it's NOT. But it's really fun and challenging.
The more I play the more addicting it becomes for some reason.

I use the Mouse and Keyboard for flying but you can use a controller too.
There are a few different control options to set the dificulty of flying the airplanes.
You fly in a sqaud, going after other enemy planes, subs, boats. You are ranked after each mission based on how well you did.

There are also other game options to play local co-op, single missions, etc.

I got this on Steam Summer sale for a couple bucks and it's worth every penny!
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Vanilla Nut Creme
( 9.0 h registradas )
Publicado el 26 de junio
It's an okay game, I guess. I don't really think it's worth 10 dollars, but right now it's 2.19 and that is definetly worth. If you are looking for a more realistic dogfighting game however, I'd try war thunder if I were you. It's free, after all. I'd give this game a 7.5/10, because the story gets repetetive and it's pretty short. Also, war thunder is a free multiplayer version.
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( 0.1 h registradas )
Publicado el 29 de mayo
Dumpware. Doesn't even run in fullscreen and in windowed mode it is stuck between two of my monitors. Forces intro movie while freezing desktop. Had to use task manager shortcut to force it closed.

Dev/Publisher lists game on their website catalog but there's no support listing for it. It's an older game, sure, but reading the discussion threads shows it was broken and unsupported at release as well.

Dev & Publisher have been placed on my blacklist.
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( 1.9 h registradas )
Publicado el 29 de mayo
A surprisingly fun arcade dog fighting game for such a low price.
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( 3.9 h registradas )
Publicado el 15 de mayo
Flight "sim" arcade game that is definitely more arcade than sim. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I've been after a decent flight sim game that doesn't have a massive manual or learning curve and this has delivered.
I've not had much of an issue with the mouse and keyboard controls. When I crash in to the side of a carrier I have put it down to my lack of skill rather than the controls themselves. The missions are quite varied including dog fights, bombing runs, carrier landings, covert missions, torpedo runs, landing behind enemy lines, and I'm only at the end of the first act.
This is real "jump in the cockpit and away you go" stuff. Low on realism but high on fun. Recommended unless you demand a high level of realism in your flight sim games.
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( 3.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 30 de abril
Yes it is an arcade flying game, but it is a lot of fun. Great graphics.
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( 3.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 3 de abril
Cannot Control the plane using mouse. Its terrible. The plot is good, but with my computer, amd a8 kaveri. Cannot control it using mouse
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( 3.8 h registradas )
Publicado el 29 de marzo
A bit more simple than "Heros of the Pacific" and "Secret Weapons Over Normandy", both of which I had to clear on the old PS2 without cheat codes, but it's still a good dogfight game . Actually I left the game for a while and managed to crash twice before taking off from the carrier in the Midway mission, and I had the controlls set on arcade mode, so I suppose that it's not overly simple that way, but the missions and objectives are more simple (get in there, hit the carriers with torpedoes and get out) . The local competitve and co-op play was a big selling plus for me . It has good war game effects - I would recommend turning your headphones down to about 30 percent when first jumping into the game for solo action - the engines and machine guns sound real good . Like other dog fight games, I wish I could swear back at that A.I. guy who's swearing at me on the A.I. radio, and hurt his precious little A.I. feelings - oh well .
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( 1.3 h registradas )
Publicado el 14 de marzo
Top Spiel!!! Action Pur!!! Läuft sogar in 21:9 mit 2560x1080 wenn man die cnf Datei selbst editiert.
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No recomendado
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Publicado el 29 de junio
Goofy controls, total lack of real physics, uninteresting gameplay. Meh.
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Publicado el 21 de febrero de 2014
Juego bastante divertido puedes jugarlo un modo simulador o un modo arcade, no esperes que el modo simulador sea como los juegos de la compañía MICROPROSE b17, f117B, f14 etc… que para mí son los simuladores más realistas de todos los tiempos, por ejemplo el b17 con el aire apagabas en una bajada en picada apagabas las llamas, este juego no es así de realista es más un arcade parecido a los juegos de aviones de la ps2, pero eso si es bien divertido de jugar y con un joystick, podrás pasar un buen rato y unas cuantas risas XD, aparte se puede jugar 2 personas en cooperativo local, tiene contenido descargable, su duración uhnn aún no puedo decir mucho ya que he jugado poco más de una hora, pero creo que para sacar logros, desbloquear aviones, etc… será un poco largo.

Por lo menos para mí es re jugable ya que te metes en el juego y de verdad ayuda a quitar el stress.

Gráficos: 8/10
Música: 7/10
Diversión: 8/10 (depende de los gustos)
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7.6 h registradas
Publicado el 14 de mayo de 2015
muy buen juego para jugar en local coop, recomendad 100%, sobre todo si se compra de oferta y se tiene algun amigo para jugar pasareis un buen rato juandolo y sintiendoos autenticos pilotos de la guerra. sello wamba de calidad.
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Publicado el 23 de agosto de 2013
Dogfight 1942 is an arcade WW2 airplane shooter where you pilot various planes on all fronts, jumping from hotspot to hotspot, taking roles of different pilots. You're be jumping from Pearl Harbor to Battle of Britain, from infiltrating occupied France in a captured Bf-110 to torpedo bombing the Japanese flatops at Midway, and many more. The controls must be played with an Xbox360 controller or similar twin-analog controllers (or mouse/keyboard), as this uses mainly the RC plane control method. The AI handles stuff like landing gear and throttle, you just concentrate on turn and burn. Landing is often done for a little extra challenge, and occasionally you need to go after an enemy ace. On easy the planes are responsive and the plane even "regenerates" if you don't get hit for a while. There's even kill cams where the victim of your gun mastery breaks apart in a shower of flames. There are variety of activities, from bombings to rocket attacks, from gunnery to torpedo runs, and if you are desperate you can even call in your wingmen to assist. Graphics are quite good. This is not a sim, nor does it pretend to be, as often your kills will be in the 20's, 30's, even 40's in a single mission. It's a fun game, and it delievers the shallow fun for the turn-and-burn crowd.
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Publicado el 30 de noviembre de 2013
A rather simplistic approach on World War 2 aerial combat, letting you enjoy the fantasy of participating in some of the greatest battles of the war without reading 800 pages of manuals and learning about aerodynamics. It is mindless and somewhat dull if played for too long in a single session, but in short bursts manages to pull off being a fun little arcade-game that is all about nicely modeled aircraft blowing up in spectacular kill-cam-cutscenes and some beautiful looking combat areas (particularly when you rise above the clouds towards the sun).

There is no clutter in this, get in there, blow stuff up, return home - rinse and repeat. If you are expecting more, you need to look elsewhere - especially realism has been dropped to provide a more fun, arcade-ish experience - which I feel is the way this needs to be played as it reminds me of earlier Ace Combat-titles or Crimson Skies (while not being as good as both of these series). If you just want to blow some fascists out of the sky, this is the way to go - just don't expect a simulation like IL-2 Sturmovik and you will be fine.
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Publicado el 30 de marzo de 2014
Little WW2 arcade sim... it runs quite smoothly, there's some mission variety to keep things from getting boring and it controls OK with a gamepad.
I played at the default difficulty level + Simulation mode; it is a bit on the easy side, but not without some mild challenge here and there, missions do not drag too long, and there is at least one checkpoint, usually more, in between, so you'll never have to repeat too much if you fail.

Completed the main campaign in about 3.5 hours, and i guess there is a couple more hours to play to complete both DLC.... all in all, not a bad title if you like this sort of gameplay and can get it cheap.
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Publicado el 1 de junio de 2015
Dogfight 1942 is exactly what it sounds like, an Aerial combat game taking place after the events of Pearl Harbor during The Second World War. Instead of being a Flight Combat Simulator, Dogfight 1942 is more of a Flight Combat Arcade-type game. Playing with a traditional Keyboard and Mouse, I found the flying to be slightly unrealistic and to smooth to classify it as a simulator; However, it still has appeal as a fun aerial combat game. Similar to the Ace Combat series, You attack a varying range of adversaries both Aerial and ground-based, using a variety of different period aircraft you unlock through campaigning. The game can be played in Campaign mode, Through Single-player as well as Coop play with online friends. Graphically, I think it looks decent for the type of game it is. The scoring system, as well as earning 5 stars on each mission are what really give it an arcade feel. For a World War 2 type combat game, you could do worse. For an Aerial combat game, I've played much worse. Dogfight 1942 has some appeal, especially if you have friends whom you want to thrash with your own high score.
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6.8 h registradas
Publicado el 27 de octubre de 2014
I bought this game soon after its release. It was 10% off I think, and it seemed great at first. The campaign got tiresome and was insanely difficult because of the dodgy controls. If you like arcade shooters, get it. If you want a WW2 air combat simulator, play war thunder. I like it for the arcady feel.
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Publicado el 1 de agosto de 2015
I love WW2 games and I saw this one in a shop and it looked fun so I bought it. I played some hour with this game and its fun but the its not realy realisim like War Thunder and the Storyline is realy short too. You can only play as the Americans and Britanians in the Storymode. I like the Idea of a coop Battle you can play but you need a X-Box controler wich sucks. The DLC's are some fun but end realy quicky too, but in my opinion they are to expensive. I had fun playing this game.
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Publicado el 16 de marzo de 2015
**edit below**
From a purely arcade standpoint, this is one heck of a lot of fun. Only 3 missions in so far, but this is the best flying fun I've had since the Aces series by Dynamix (Sierra). Take-off and landing are quite simplified in arcade mode, which is fine by me. I wanted an up-close dogfighting game with nice graphics for this decade and that's what I have got. All the more modern war-flight sims focus so much more on reading the radar screens and locking on targets to take down the enemy. This is up-close, personal, get 'em in your cross-hairs and take 'em down fun.
So far, 4 out of 5 stars

Finished Act 1, parts of Act 2 and some QuickPlay. rating goes higher - 4.5 outta 5 stars
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