Piloting a wide range of aircraft, players engage in aerial dogfights and dangerous fighter missions across the major theaters of war during WWII.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (139 reviews)
Release Date: Sep 21, 2012

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About This Game

Piloting a wide range of aircraft, players engage in aerial dogfights and dangerous fighter missions across the major theaters of war during WWII. Featuring realistic aircraft, DOGFIGHT 1942 introduces cutting-edge flight dynamics with unprecedented arcade accessibility. Fly over 40 historically accurate planes, ranging from the fabled P-38 Lightning and Britain's Spitfire, to the feared Messerschmitt 109 and Japanese Kate.

Key Features

  • Explosive arcade action alongside advanced physics and painstaking recreation of actual events and aircraft creates an experience that’s easily accessible but hard to master
  • All aircraft are based on authentic models and all combat missions are representative of actual WWII engagements
  • Fun, dynamic battles offer a wide variety of action and most importantly targets to destroy – any given battle will combine dogfighting, escort missions and ground assault
  • Dogfight Mode - Fly against a friend in head-to-head aerial combat, to determine who is the top Ace.
  • Survival Mode - Fly with your wingman battling countless waves of enemies.
  • Campaign Co-op Mode - Fly with your wingman through various Co-op campaign missions fighting the Axis Alliance.

System Requirements

    • OS: Win XP SP3 / Win Vista / Win 7
    • Processor: Core2Duo 2.2GHz (E4500)
    • Memory: 1024MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 2.95 GB
    • Video Card: GeForce 8600GT 256MB
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
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This game apparently doesn't know what 'English' is.
Posted: October 18
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6.6 hrs on record
Oh..... my god. SUCH a good game!!!! It COMPLETELY hooked me! I finished it quickly because I played it straight through, that's how much I loved it. I SERIOUSLY recomend this game. Pick it up at your next opputinity, you will NOT be sorry!
Posted: June 2
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4.5 hrs on record

A surprisingly fun little arcadey dog fighting game. As of writing this the price is £7 and while I'm not sure I'd pay that, I certainly would pay pretty much any sale price.

The game can be a little confusing at some points with regards to how to execute certain parts of a mission, but other than that the game runs really well and is a genuinely fun experience in a genre which is currently very sparse.

My only minor gripe with it is that it's rather short and the controls feel a bit floaty, but other than that it's an enjoyable game.
Posted: May 17
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A conditional thumbs up. This game really isn't that great, but I was looking for an arcadey as can be flight game. The planes almost fly themselves it's so simplified. Ripped through the game and both DLCs in a few hours. Enjoyable, but the whole time I was thinking "Ummmm, this game is just silly as can be." Oh - giant thumbs up if you don't like Japanese people for some reason. Every other word in the dialogue is "Jap" Woo Hoo! Our grandparents were racist as Hell.
Posted: July 9
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3.5 hrs on record
I couldn't get into this game due to the controls being very clunky. Not bad graphics for its time but gameplay could use a lot of enhancements in terms of replayability.
Posted: August 24
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i had this game on my ps3 and i am very disapointed its very hard to controll its laggy and way overpriced i want my money back
Posted: June 28
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Symulator lotu ziemniaka. Nie wiem czy powstawało na konsole a to tylko port ale tak prostej mechaniki lotu nigdy nie widziałem
Posted: August 30
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No joystick support--->worthless!
Posted: August 28
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The game may be an arcade flight sim, but not adding joystick support on the pc just screams bad console port.
Posted: May 7
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Pretty awesome actually......loads of relaxing fun once you get the hang of it.
Posted: June 6
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Recommended, but only if
1) You can get it cheap, because it's short. (took me 4 hours to finish, including DLC's, on normal difficulty)
2) You're not looking for a realistic sim. This is pure arcade action. You single handedly drop squadrons of aircraft and sink entire fleets.
3) You don't mind repetition. You only have four types of weapons, of which three are basically against ground targets. Missions basically consist of shooting aircraft, shooting ground targets and sinking ships. Couple of mid-mission landings excluded.

Nothing really wrong with it, but doesn't excel at anything either. Decent fun for an evening or two.
Posted: May 2
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There is the worst game like this I've ever played. Seriously. DON'T buy it. Graphics are ugly and piloting are hopeless.
Posted: August 2
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Grea game,graphics so good it's hard to play and watch your surrounding at the same time.Only draw back I had to retire my old sindewinder forcefeedback 2,seems microsoft abandon it, for a xbox 360,It's not a simulator but for casual play it's great.
Posted: July 31
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I got this game from a friend. And he hit the spot. I love games like this, but the games I played weren't that incredybly done. I mean, the graphic's, the command's we can give to our team, and the mission's... It is too awesome! I give it the best, and if you like games like that, definetly try this one!
Posted: August 5
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A nice overall game, took some time getting used to controls though.
Posted: July 8
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This game totally blew me away very soon after I began playing it ... Where do I start with the positives of this WELL not regrettable purchase from Steam. Full of fast and furiously paced arcade and 'casual' control mode action right from the word go things just get better as the player progresses through the game. There is also a 'simulation' control mode which I have yet to try out. But considering the lack of a cockpit (at all times during gameplay the view of the aircraft is external and from behind) I reckon the first two control modes will be the best ones to use. There is a multitude of aircraft available to fly and in selectable alternative colour schemes too. On the Allies side these begin with 'Woodland' or Green / Grey camouflage, Desert colours, 'Sea' or navy-type colours and finally there is an 'ace' colour scheme. The same type and breadth of selection is also available for Axis side aircraft.

There is only one down-side: No Joystick usage! The options being available are Keyboard, Keyboard and Mouse (which I use) and XBox 360 control pad. Bearing in mind the 'arcadiness' of the game I selected Keyboard and Mouse mode having always been an avid Joystick user. This is something I am quickly becoming accustomed with. But given the overall quality of this game and the two DLC Add-On Packages available for it on Steam this controller-related whinge is indeed a short one. A definite 8/10 with a recommendation to buy this game from Me.
Posted: August 8
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I like this game. It gives you a good dog-fight feel. You know, for when you have that urge to just shoot things out of the sky. We all have that feeling sometimes. It reminds me of an updated arcade game put on PC.

Is it worth 10 bucks?
No, not at all. It's worth 3 dollars at the most. Still, it's a good game. Just not worth the money. Whether your buy it or not is up to you.
Posted: June 7
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10/10 alot of BOOMs
Posted: September 14
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Dogfight 1942 is an arcade WW2 airplane shooter where you pilot various planes on all fronts, jumping from hotspot to hotspot, taking roles of different pilots. You're be jumping from Pearl Harbor to Battle of Britain, from infiltrating occupied France in a captured Bf-110 to torpedo bombing the Japanese flatops at Midway, and many more. The controls must be played with an Xbox360 controller or similar twin-analog controllers (or mouse/keyboard), as this uses mainly the RC plane control method. The AI handles stuff like landing gear and throttle, you just concentrate on turn and burn. Landing is often done for a little extra challenge, and occasionally you need to go after an enemy ace. On easy the planes are responsive and the plane even "regenerates" if you don't get hit for a while. There's even kill cams where the victim of your gun mastery breaks apart in a shower of flames. There are variety of activities, from bombings to rocket attacks, from gunnery to torpedo runs, and if you are desperate you can even call in your wingmen to assist. Graphics are quite good. This is not a sim, nor does it pretend to be, as often your kills will be in the 20's, 30's, even 40's in a single mission. It's a fun game, and it delievers the shallow fun for the turn-and-burn crowd.
Posted: August 23, 2013
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A rather simplistic approach on World War 2 aerial combat, letting you enjoy the fantasy of participating in some of the greatest battles of the war without reading 800 pages of manuals and learning about aerodynamics. It is mindless and somewhat dull if played for too long in a single session, but in short bursts manages to pull off being a fun little arcade-game that is all about nicely modeled aircraft blowing up in spectacular kill-cam-cutscenes and some beautiful looking combat areas (particularly when you rise above the clouds towards the sun).

There is no clutter in this, get in there, blow stuff up, return home - rinse and repeat. If you are expecting more, you need to look elsewhere - especially realism has been dropped to provide a more fun, arcade-ish experience - which I feel is the way this needs to be played as it reminds me of earlier Ace Combat-titles or Crimson Skies (while not being as good as both of these series). If you just want to blow some fascists out of the sky, this is the way to go - just don't expect a simulation like IL-2 Sturmovik and you will be fine.
Posted: November 30, 2013
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