Get ready to DEFEND THE WORLD! The biggest sequel in tower defense history is finally here: Fieldrunners 2 has arrived! From Subatomic Studios, creators of the award winning classic strategy game comes an all new adventure that was years in the making.
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Get ready to DEFEND THE WORLD! The biggest sequel in tower defense history is finally here: Fieldrunners 2 has arrived! From Subatomic Studios, creators of the award winning classic strategy game comes an all new adventure that was years in the making. Build epic mazes out of powerful weapons to defend the world from the invading fieldrunners!

The fieldrunners are back! With legions of soldiers and a gaggle of new tricks, they’re ready to conquer the globe. Or so they think! Our top scientists at SubaLabs have built a bleeding-edge arsenal of devastating weapons for any heroes willing to stop these dastardly invaders. Help your people by taking action - DEFEND THE WORLD!

Strategic-Action-Puzzle-Defense has never been this fun and addicting! Defend your world from the invasion by building winding paths out of imaginative, new weapons. Call in airstrikes and set explosive traps to hit the enemies where it hurts. Over 20 new levels span the grassiest fields, driest deserts, sparkling cities, and even an infernal volcano lair! Challenge your mind with the exciting new gameplay styles in Puzzle, Sudden Death, and Time Trial levels. Are you ready to stop the fieldrunners once and for all? Join the defense, now!

Key Features

  • Pint sized invaders seeking revenge!
  • A tower that launches bee hives!
  • Tons of levels in a 20+ hour campaign!
  • Revolutionary AI - each enemy creates a dynamic, realistic path through the battlefield!
  • Gorgeous, hand painted, 2D graphics by award winning artists!
  • 20 unique, upgradeable weapons!
  • Custom loadouts let you pick the perfect weapons for each battle!
  • Air strikes, mines, and powerful items so you can strike with the precision of a surgeon!
  • Time Trial, Sudden Death, and Puzzle maps bring all new challenges to tower defense!
  • Trenches, bridges, and tunnels add new dimensions to gameplay!
  • Collect all the Elite enemies to become the ultimate tower defense champion!
  • A tower that turns enemies into barnyard animals!



    • OS:Windows XP Service Pack 3
    • Processor:Single-core 2.2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 1.5 compliant with 256 MB of video RAM, no shader support necessary
    • Hard Drive:550 MB HD space


    • OS:Windows Vista or 7
    • Processor:Dual-core 2.4 GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 1.5 compliant with 512 MB of video RAM, no shader support necessary
    • Hard Drive:550 MB HD space
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張貼於:03 月 22 日
Overview: Traditional Tower Defense

The Good:

+ Bright colorful graphics. Towers, enemies and special effects are unique, vibrant and can be easily distinguished from one another especially when a lot is happening on screen.

+ 25 levels spread across different game modes and 3 difficulty levels. Each map provides a different entry/exit points along with different obstacles/hazards that you can use to your advantage.

+ Multiple game modes: Survival is your traditional tower defense game. Time attack has you killing a certain amount of enemies before time runs out. Sudden Death pits you against a never ending massive wave of enemies, forcing you to kill a certain amount. Puzzle mode is a twist on the standard tower defense formula by changing some of the rules forcing you to think very carefully where you place towers on the map.

+28 different tower types, 23 different types of enemies and 5 rare elite enemies that randomly show up in certain maps. Each tower is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses.

+The game has items that can be purchased with coins that you get by completing levels. These itmes are completely optional as every level can be completed on the hardest difficulty without them. The items are a good way to perfect your strategy and provide some help on some of the harder maps.

+ The achievements are much more bearable than its predecessor. Only a limited amount of achievements require grinding

+ Good difficulty balance

The Average:

The game is an ios port and that may turn some people off. In order to get items and some of the new towers you first must purchase them with coins. Coins are collected after every map. These however are strictly optional and are not required to finish the game. In app purchases have been removed from this version and the cost of each item/tower is significantly reduced over the ios counterpart. You will gain a lot of coins simply by playing the game and I never felt the need to grind for coins other than for an achievement.

The Bad

- Does very little to innovate the genre


This is a great tower defense game and makes some significant improvements over the first one. Anybody looking to get into the genre or is looking for a new game to play, this is a great game to check out just to expect anything new or exciting.
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張貼於:07 月 25 日
Amazing game. So much content in it you would think it would cost a lot more. If you like tower defense games then this is a must buy :)
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Day 1 - It begins anew. Another one spotted out on the perimiter. A new base, a new siege, it never fails to happen. I want to take a moment to tell my family that I love them very much. I fire up the two lone sentry guns remaining and await further orders from base...if they still exist.

Day 2 - More arrive, probably hearing the death screams of the first few shredded apart by the sentry guns. I found some industrial adhesive out back - anything to stop them. If this doesn't work I'll have to resort to the roofing tar.

Day 4 - They're starting to become quite a mob now.

Day 7 - And stacking up. No, seriously, I don't have to worry about the side there anymore because they've choked it with their dead bodies. At least I don't have to watch that side anymore.

Dat 12 - Awesome idea! Flamethrower.

Day 13 - Problem...burned dead clones. Now I get to try to move those so I can get back out and get supplies.

Day 14 - 1 was burn still nside n burn hands. Hunt n pek suks.

Day 16 - Found some new gloves...not so painful to write now. I can eat again.

Day 18 - Victory! I finished the maze of towers! Now it will take them longer to get to me.

Day 19 - In my celebration my hand holding the wine bottle went over the fence and a gatling gun activated upon it as if it was a helmet. I am now typing with one hand. I am so stupid sometimes. Saving my flask of whiskey tomorrow.

Day 20 - The blast from a missile hit me last night as I was drinking. Two teeth lost and I dropped my whiskey, Damn turret tracked on it and now I'm walking with a crutch.

Day 25 - Tesla turret ate my mobile phonograph.

Day 30 - I no longer care about my lost phonograph, as I am no deaf from the blasts. I have the worst song stuck in my head now. Why did I put that on there?

Day 32 - I thought moving piles of dead clones would have been an improvement, but now they're beginning to rot.

Day 34 - I guess I have no choice but to start burning the bodies. Took out some of the pyro tower's fuel...hope it's worth it...remebering to keep my hands hand out of it this time.

Day 35 - Regretting yesterday as I stupidly didn't check wind direction first. Contempltating new bald look once the burns heal.

Day 36 - I have taken refuge in the basement, hoping that the clones don't think about a Z-axis in a 2D game!

Day 37 - The stomping...keeps going on...

Day 38 - He is here, in my dreams, always marching onward at a beat that keeps going on day or night. That grin...that soul-sucking's everywhere...

Day...I don't care anymore...can't sleep...clones will eat me...
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張貼於:2014 年 06 月 22 日
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張貼於:2014 年 06 月 13 日

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