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We don't know where Arua came from, nor how she came to be. We do know, however, that nothing existed before Arua.
Release Date: Oct 23, 2012
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“Rose Online has great graphics and plenty of content to keep players interested. Fast leveling and simple gameplay give Rose good pacing”

“There is a cuteness that is pervasive in this world, and the feeling is a happy one. You can lose hours in the game, especially during the initial foray into the world. ”

About the Game

We don't know where Arua came from, nor how she came to be. We do know, however, that nothing existed before Arua. The Goddess of life, souls, and all existence created the universe as she saw fit… a calm and beautiful place where souls could dwell peacefully. The deep matters of the universe cradled the waves of life, on which all beings would sway soothingly. This perfect universe was called the Sea of Souls.

Life would bring shine to the Sea of Souls, in the form of seven planets. Arua created these out of love, and dedicated each of them to the inhabitants that she breathed life into.

"The planets, as your lives, dear ones, are all yours. As am I. As are your souls."

These are the words of Arua that ring in everyone's hearts when they are born.

"To you, I give the Gods, to watch over you. Praise them well, for no love can ever match the one you will receive from them."

And thus, the Gods were created, to watch over all life that Arua had created among the seven planets. And Arua named the planets after each of the Gods and Goddesses that would look after them: Junon, Lunar, Eldeon, Orlo, Karkia, Skaaj, and Hebarn.

Each planet's inhabitants lived in happiness, idolizing their respective God or Goddess, and reveling in the pleasures that living under their protection and rule brought.

But all was not harmonious for long. The Dark God Hebarn disbanded from the other planets, and his plots to destroy Arua's universe began.

Soon, the gossips about strange visitors started. The Visitors protect life, and make right from all that is wrong. They are divine beings; they seldom suffer from hunger or thirst, they do not need as much sleep as most other creatures, but they can hurt, they can love. And they can help.

That is why Arua created them, after all

Key Features:

Customize Your Game Play
You pick your stats and skills that best fit your type of game play with multiple skill tree options for each class that allows for an experience that is your own.

Players Make their Own Legend
The quests in ROSE Online are affected by the activities of the user community. Who do you follow; Arua or Hebarn?

Customize Your Toon
You are not confined to ugly armors or a single look, you can outfit your toon to be just about anything you want to look like while you pick fights with monsters or engage others in PvP. You can look like a large Jelly Bean while fighting a Mech Castle Gear during PvP it is all up to you.

Party Play
Grouping with your friends doesn't just allow you to benefit like a traditional MMO, but you earn vastly more EXP and with player skills that help with the Party the enjoyment is vastly increased as well!

System Requirements


    • OS:Windows XP
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce2 MX 400/Radeon 7000
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection


    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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i played the beta many many many years ago, and started playing again recently after a couple years of break... its not the best mmo, the mechanics suck, the ui is ugly and doesnt feel good,,, BUT i just dont know wtf it is about this game but i love it... played it for many hours, and i guess i just love the adorable characters, and dont get me started on the music....

conclusion: if youre a hardcore mmo player, love questing and such etc. you will not like this game... But if youre looking for a mmo where you can just chill, talk to people, farm mobs, farm loot, spend many hours buying or selling stuff to other people, this game just might be for you...
Posted: December 15th, 2013
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
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ROSE Online is my favourite MMORPG of all time and will probably be for the rest of my life. Of course, it most likely won't be for practically anyone who will play this game in this day and age, because the strengths of this MMORPG to new players now only revolves around the history and idea that it is a classic. If you played this game in it's prime, you would feel totally immersed in the world of ROSE and probably never forget the ride. It really felt like an adventure. An adventure that made me believe that this game would might aswell be a RPG that loved me in it's world. There are plenty reasons why this game would irritate, annoy or even anger an audience of modern gamers through it's art style, UI, stability and overall simple gameplay, but considering that this game was a free-to-play (not pay to win) MMORPG that was introduced at the time when the World of Warcraft began, it really was a nolstagic game that contained plenty of down-to-earth players that at the end of the day, you would never see again. I have picked up and dropped this game HEAPS of times and everytime I remember what made my weekends an adventure. I'm not saying it will make any of you feel that way, or if you will even get by 10 minutes of this game without poking fun at it for being last generation, but sadly, it is what it is and if you cannot accept that this game was one of the best in it's time than you haven't REALLY experienced the vast worlds of MMORPGs. This game ties with Dragonica on my favourites list and I would love to play it again, but year by year the community dies. Out of the several hundred hours I've poored into this game during my childhood, I've never regretted it one bit. I'm not telling you to try it or waste your time on a game that you won't ever enjoy, but atleast respect this game for what it is or even what it was. If you do try it, I reccommend downloading it from the main client. Seriously though, LISTEN TO THE SOUNDTRACK!
Posted: February 17th, 2014
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Game is realy fun. Just try :D
Posted: January 18th, 2014
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(Don't use the lack of playtime recorded as a judgement of my review. I played this game on and off since 2006, long before this game was put on steam and have continued playing it without steam)

This is one of the best games out there in the mmo genre, could be considered the single best mmo when it comes to this type of graphical style, it's been around since 2006 and there are still a ton of people in the game and the developers have consistently added more to the game since then. The game has regular events, like Christmas, saint Patrick's day, World cup to name a few.

The game is supported by a item shop, but realistically you could play the whole game without ever spending any money in it, most of what is sold on the item shop is cosmetic and the things that are not are mostly things that speed up your process in the game, like for example Exp boost. The item shop does sell a few skills, but you do not really have to get these and you won't feel gimped if you don't have them, that is the only thing you could consider needing to spend money on, but it is not required. A great thing about how Rose Online does the item shop however is that everything that is sold in the item shop can be given or resold to other players, so if you really did not want to spend money in the item shop but still wanted an item from the item shop you could easily buy it from another player who is selling it for in game money, be aware though that you probably won't be able to do this early on in the game, because the prices of item shop objects are not cheap.

The game has an amazing crafting system, it may not be in depth as other games and may not feel as satisfying when you craft objects but it's massive. Nearly ever single drop in the game (like 90%) is used as a crafting component, the rest of the things that are not are gear, health/mana pickups, vendor trash or a gift box, which there are different types and contain something in it when you open it, like having a random chance of getting a crafting component out of 5 types, basically it's a dirty crystal and when you open it you find out what color crystal it is and crystals are used to craft objects.

CAUTION, it is not recommended you sell your loot to the first few shops you find, there are a few people in the game that try to take advantage of new players lack of knowledge and will pay you very little for your loot (some people may call them scammers,me included, but they are not really, as a new player you should be cautious of things like this in any game) , it may look like a lot when you only have 200G and a player offers you 2.000G for a object you picked up 7 of, but you will kick yourself when you get to the second city and find out the average price you could have gotten for that item was 40.000G. Do NO sell any of your materials before you get to the second main city in the game called City of Junon Polis. When you get to this city take some time and look around at a bunch of shops, there are many players shops set up here, take your time go around and look at the prices of stuff when you have looked at a good selection of shops, you will have a better idea what stuff is worth and can make a better decision on how much to let things go at.

If you want to craft your own objects, you will have to roll a Dealer, which is the only class that can craft objects. If you do choose to craft objects, do not go and pick up every crafting skill there is as doing so will make your character at killing stuff and thus be very slow at leveling. Crafting skills are part of your normal skills and putting a point into crafting means one less point into a damage dealing ability. Usually just pick one or two crafting discipline, and get a few combat skills and save the rest for your advanced job. Also to help you if you choose to become a crafter CON (concentration) increases your chance at succesfully crafting and objects and SEN (sense) increases your chance of getting extra stats on the crafted object. Carts,Castle Gear and Gems can't have extra stats so, sense is less useful if you want to craft these items

There are 4 basic classes and 8 advanced classes in the game, everyone starts out as a visitor and when you reach level 10 you can choose on of the basic classes, the basic classes each have two main trees, Muse (mage) has a healing tree and a damage tree. Soldier (Warrior) has a 1 handed tree and a 2 handed tree (1 handed is more for tanking and 2 more for dealing damage). Hawker (rogue/assassin) has a Melee tree and a Range Tree (and then melee has two types, Katar (firstweapon) and dual swords). Dealer has an offensive tree and a crafting tree (crafting tree has some offensive abilities but for the most part it's crafting focused). Each of the basic classes has a basic tree, which help them no matter what they side they go, Muse has increased INT, mana and mana regen. Soldier has increased Strength, increased damage and increased health. Hawker has increased Dex, increased attack power and increased attack speed. Dealer has Increased CON (Con increases their damage also), increased SEN and increased movement speed.

Try to always be in a party, Rose Online rewards you for being in a party, it has this system called Party Level, it starts at and can go all the way to 50. Party level gives you bonus EXP, the higher the party level the higher the bonus EXP is, this rewards people for grouping up. Some people even leave their game on to save their party level when it gets really high and then when they come back to play tomorrow they don't have to rebuild the party level and get increased bonus EXP from the start You can be in a party and gain exp as long as nobody in the party is more then 20 levels apart from each other. Getting an AOE skill is highly advisable, what many groups do is go to a location on the map where there are a good amount of mobs, have someone pull a group of mobs and that that person brings the group of mobs the the party and then everyone AOE's the enemies down, this way you speed up your leveling by a lot.

Hope this extended review helped you and have fun in Rose Online.
Posted: December 31st, 2013
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Comparing it to the old (and most likely the first) version "ROSE Online Evolution" which I used to play, after trying this steam version I saw a lot of improvements! It never gets old, I hope it will hit the gamer crowd again. Such a beautiful game.
Posted: March 3rd, 2014
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