This "spaceship simulation roguelike-like" allows you to take your ship and crew on an adventure through a randomly generated galaxy filled with glory and bitter defeat.
Release Date: Sep 14, 2012

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About This Game

****New Content Available****
The free expansion, FTL: Advanced Edition, is available now! Content additions include: new alien race, events, weapons, playable ships, drones, and more! Also adds additional musical tracks by Ben Prunty, and events by Tom Jubert and guest writer Chris Avellone.

If you already own FTL it should update the new content automatically. Advanced Edition is included free for anyone who purchases the game from this point forward.

In FTL you experience the atmosphere of running a spaceship trying to save the galaxy. It's a dangerous mission, with every encounter presenting a unique challenge with multiple solutions. What will you do if a heavy missile barrage shuts down your shields? Reroute all power to the engines in an attempt to escape, power up additional weapons to blow your enemy out of the sky, or take the fight to them with a boarding party? This "spaceship simulation roguelike-like" allows you to take your ship and crew on an adventure through a randomly generated galaxy filled with glory and bitter defeat.

Key Features:

  • Complex Strategic Gameplay - Give orders to your crew, manage ship power distribution and choose weapon targets in the heat of battle.
  • Play at Your Own Speed - Pause the game mid-combat to evaluate your strategy and give orders.
  • Unique Lifeforms and Technology – Upgrade your ship and unlock new ones with the help of six diverse alien races.
  • Be the Captain You Want - Hundreds of text based encounters will force you to make tough decisions.
  • Randomized Galaxy - Each play-through will feature different enemies, events, and results to your decisions. No two play-throughs will be quite the same.
  • No Second Chances! - Permadeath means when you die, there's no coming back. The constant threat of defeat adds importance and tension to every action.

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor:2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:1280x720 minimum resolution, OpenGL 2.0 Support, and recommended dedicated graphics card with 128 MB of RAM
    • Hard Drive:175 MB HD space
    Some integrated Intel HD graphics cards have been known to work but are not officially supported.
    • OS:Mac OS X 10.6 or above
    • Processor:Intel 2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:1280x720 minimum resolution, OpenGL 2.0 Support, and recommended dedicated graphics card with 128 MB of RAM
    • Hard Drive:175 MB HD space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully updated
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1280x720 minimum resolution, OpenGL 2.0 Support
    • Hard Drive: 175 MB HD space
Helpful customer reviews
874 of 907 people (96%) found this review helpful
138.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 25
There's nothing like the feeling when a game which wasn't even on your radar comes along, completely blows you away and reminds you why you love this hobby very dearly. And that's paramount. Even the best of us lose our faith sometimes. Faster Than Light is one of those games that comes out of nowhere and makes you a believer again. It is a testament to the brilliance of design over budget and as such is a shining beacon of this medium.

In Faster Than Light, the player takes on the role of a starship captain whose singular goal is to defend the Federation from a rebel threat. The concept is simple, you have to make it through seven grueling sectors to face the mammoth rebel flagship which will mercilessly put your nerves and skill to the test. It employs tough but fair school of design in which you will dearly pay for every single mistake you make, no matter how small. You may not even realize your mistake until it is too late.

You start with a barebones crew and equipment which you'll want to heavily upgrade by the time you reach the end. You'll achieve that by travelling through the galaxy, doing quests, fighting or aiding other ships or just buying whatever you can afford. This is a roguelike so every playthrough is completely different with randomized quests and loot drops. Sometimes you may feel slighted by the item drops or the difficult situations you find yourself in, but almost every piece of equipment is useful in some way and there's almost always a way out of a sticky situation. Being a roguelike also means that if you die, you have to start all over again. The sense of urgency is further heightened by the oncoming rebel fleet which won't allow you to roam the galaxy however you wish. Absolutely everything in Faster Than Light is subject to careful forethought and planning, otherwise you might just back yourself into a corner.

As the ship's captain, it is your duty to take care of absolutely everything that goes on your ship, the design is meticulously detailed. You have absolute control over a variety of systems including engines, shields, weapons, medbay, oxygen supply, helm, sensors, even doors. You also control every single crewmember. There are different races in the game and each specializes in a certain trait (except for humans). For example, Engis repair damaged systems faster, the Rock are immune to fire whereas the Mantis are great for ship intruders.

This all might sound overwhelming and there's actually a lot more various nuances to talk about here, but the tutorial is fantastic and you'll get the hang of the game quickly. This is a classic case of easy to learn, difficult to master.

The universe in Faster Than Light is pretty basic, it borrows liberally from various other sci-fi sources. Nevertheless, it is expertly put together. It is a very believable universe in which you'll learn about what's going on mostly through direct gameplay when interacting with other races and factions.

The Advanced Edition adds more content to the game most notably a new race with a new ship, fantastic new weapons and new upgrades such as mind control, cloning bay and hacking. The completely free expansion fleshes out the universe even further, but much more importantly it adds a myriad of new combinations of tactics that are at your disposal.

Faster Than Light is an exceptional work of game design. Its biggest accomplishment, which so few games manage to pull off, is that it draws you in, hooks you and never lets go. It is extremely addictive, even when you lose horribly and quit the game, all it takes is a few seconds and you're thinking about what you could've done differently and what tactics you will use next time you fire it up. And then you click play. Again.

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585 of 644 people (91%) found this review helpful
16.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
An amazing spectacle for the avid strategy gamer. FTL: Faster Than Light is a beautifully crafted, well-written space strategy game that consistently builds on it's gameplay, and writing. It constantly gives you a feel of tension and suspense as you fight off rebel reinforcements with your last missile while opening your airlock to extinguish fires, then sending your alien mantis-like crew members to attack oncoming pirate boarders. It gets you thinking and on your toes all the time and I would definately recommend this awesome space strategy to anyone. 9.5/10
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1,049 of 1,214 people (86%) found this review helpful
9.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 13
kind of like you're in Firefly, except you get cancelled after 3 hours instead of 16 episodes
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670 of 830 people (81%) found this review helpful
44.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 17
Playing FTL is like going rock-climbing. You need to choose what path to take to get to the top. But halfway there your legs explode and the rocks turn into spikes, and you can only get to the top by growing wings in 1.69 seconds.\

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209 of 236 people (89%) found this review helpful
44.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 8
Faster than Light is a 'Space Rogue-Like' game that came into being by virtue of a Kickstarter project by Indie Developer Subset Games. It promises a starship captain experience where the player can manage both crew and ship in relative detail.

The player takes the role of a Starship Captain with vital information that will help turn the tide of war in the on going conflict between the Rebels and the Federation. The player is allowed to select and manage a variety of ships, each having their own set of crew and abilities which can expand as you progress. Once again, upgrade your ship, expand your crew and try to stay alive till the very end.

+ Gameplay over Graphics: - The game sports simple pixel art graphics that invokes a retro feel, and, in my opinion, suits it very well. The gameplay is what makes this game shine however and as stated in the INTRODUCTION, this game attempts to simulate a Starship captain by letting the player assign crew to man the ships internal systems, order power to be diverted to different parts of the ship, focus fire on an enemy ship's weapon systems and many many more.

+ Stratigically Brutal: - Easy, Normal or Hard, all extremley unforgiving. This is a game where you need to bite down hard and take the consequences of your actions and choices like an adult, much like all 'Rogue-Like' games. You die, then you start all-over again. Learning from your mistake is part of the game's charm.

+ Wide Variety of Stuff: - Good varriety of ships, weapons, and crew all of which unlocks as you progress. The unlocking system was set up to ensure that every new game will be different and provide unique experiences.

+ Soundtrack: - Great soundtrack from a small indie game. Bigger game developers should learn that not every game needs orchestral pieces to make a game's music pleasing.

- No ship customization: - Aside from purchasing weapon system and ship components, you won't be able to customize the ship's looks or the layout since said layout is on a preset. I would have liked to construct my own ship.

- One Game Mode: - The only available game mode is the default escape scenario. It would be nice if they would add new campaigns or scenarios like, escort mission, defense campaign etc. It would definitely spice things up. A much more expansive map would also be welcome.

- Crew Interaction: - Being able to talk and may be train your crew outside combat (specially if you find an empty system) would be a welcome addition. More interaction is needed like basic dialogues between the people on your ship to give it more life. It would be a statisfying feeling if you have resolved a conflict between two crew members.

GREAT GAME for a great price. It's definitely not for everyone, specially people who has no patience for Rogue-Like games. This games requires 25% skill, 25% planning and 50% luck. Everytime you start a new campaign it would be a different experience from the last. The game allows most sci-fi fans to totally immerse themselves in the shoes of a Starship captain much like the heroes from the great Space Travel franchises such as Star Trek, Firefly, Babylon 5 & Battlestar Galactica.
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138 of 145 people (95%) found this review helpful
80.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 24
One of the most fun little games I have played in a long time. Frustrating in places, and yet always an entertaining journey.
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182 of 203 people (90%) found this review helpful
276.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 28, 2013
FTL is a unique rogue-like title: It features all the common elements of the genre such as randomly-generated events that may help or harm you, permadeath and high difficulty. What makes this one special though, is that instead of controlling a single character, you control the crew of your ship.

This game puts you in control of almost everything: You order your crew to specific rooms, be it to provide your ship with a bonus, repair a broken system, patch a hull breach, fight enemy boarders or put out fires.

Meanwhile you as the player has to make smart decisions which involves opening or closing airlocks to "kill" fires or suffocate enemy invaders, managing your reactor's power to decide what do you want operating at full, partial or no capacity at this particular moment, and figuring out which enemy system you want to try and take out with your ship's weapons.

Almost everything in this game is randomly generated with very few exceptions such as your ship's starting equipment.

This game also features achievements (general and ship-specific) and unlockable ships: You can have 9 different ships, each with 2 different layouts for a total of 18. They are really different in playstyle and can make your game way easier or way harder depending on your choices. This can provide you with some replayability, if you are into "collecting". Some ships can be really hard to find, however.

The difficulty may discourage some people from playing it, but that's a fact with nearly every rogue-like. The way I see it, this is how it goes: When you start a run, there's a chance you will fail and that chance will never go away. What you can do about is use what you can find and devise good strategies to make that chance of failure as minimal as possible.

The graphics and soundtrack are not "high-tech" but are very artistic instead. If you are a fan of pixel art and chiptune music (which you can also buy as DLC). This game delivers an incredible experience in that aspect. Not everyone likes those though, so I recommend you watch the teaser to get a feel of it if you haven't already.

Finally, if there's anything bad I can say about this game is that the random encounters/events are kinda limited and you'll soon figure out the best course of action for most of them. They could use slightly more variety. A very minor complaint, in my opinion.

So, if you are after a game that will provide you with a unique "star-trek-ish" crew/ship managing experience based on randomly generated elements, then FTL is well-worth the price for you!
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326 of 392 people (83%) found this review helpful
4.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2013
A bit about the game and developers.
FTL: Faster Than Light is a space simulation game developed and published by a tiny indie company that has just two members, Subset Games. Great job developers!

About Gameplay.
So, as I said, FTL is a space simulation game. In it your objective is to fly from one point of the galaxy to the other. You're being chased by rebels, because you've stolen something from them. I say that this game is space simulation because you need to tell your ship crew what to fix, where to go, where to put fire down, and so on and on. You also decide where will your ship shoot at your opponent.

Don't let this game fool you. It looks very fun and relaxing, but it is actually quite complex! Imagine how much you have to attack next - enemy's shield, or maybe guns.. Maybe their engine so they couldn't dodge... Or maybe their medical area so their crewman can't heal - while you have to make sure that there are no hostiles on your ship, and if there are, you have to order your crewmen to kill them. Then you have to put down the fires, fix your guns, fix your shields, fix your oxygen and so on and on.

Now, don't get me wrong. This game is amazing! Also, in case that your ship gets destroyed, you have to do everything from the beginning. And that is what actually makes this game hard. There are never more than just one opponent (at least I've never faced more than one!) in one battle, but it's still quite hard to beat them. There are a lot of ships and ships skins that you can unlock as you progress in the game. Sadly I don't know what is your reward for beating the game, since I've only got to the half of it after trying the game out many, many times.

In the game there are a lot of other areas in which you can jump to that can actually hurt your ship. In those areas there can be either meteors, which can "beat your ship" to death, or you can come too close to the sun which will then make your hull get damaged, which means you can die! There are also some random planets on which you can, randomly, get more crewmen on your ship. They can all even be different races! Every race has their own bonuses, but sadly I don't know them so I can't talk too much about that.

Graphic and Audio
Graphically speaking, the game is very pixelish. Well of course, it's an pixel, indie game! And I have to say, it's very well done! I love the artwork, the explosions, the space, the look of ships. It's very well done. Audio is very relaxing as well. I really enjoy all of the background songs in the game.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- A lot of ships to unlocks (and skins!)
- Very nice background pictures and audio.
- Cheap!

- Quite hard.

Final grade: 8/10

Extra info: Get this game. You won't regret it! It's just amazing.

Thank you for reading my reviews! Don't forget that I'm usually posting new reviews on my blog weekly and you can check them out here:
Thank you!
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200 of 231 people (87%) found this review helpful
23.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 24, 2013
This is one of my favorite games on Steam. It's incredibly relaxing and intense at the same time. The highs are lofty and the lows, crushing. With a phenomal soundtrack this is a very fun game, and I don't even really care for most strategy games. Buy immediately.
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725 of 931 people (78%) found this review helpful
59.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 11
Why be socially inept, when you can be socially inept, in space?
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178 of 207 people (86%) found this review helpful
117.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 19, 2013
Faster than Light is a pretty awesome starship simulator, because its fun, challenging, diverse and random. There are some real difficulty spikes that lead me to believe that its a dead end and impossible to beat that specific random challenge. But that's what random is. This is one of the only games that I sank time into and it was fun doing it.

You have a limited crew and your ship has areas that get damaged, so you send the crew to repair those areas. If your engines get taken out you can't move. If your oxygen room gets taken out everyone on your ship will die. Holes get punctured in your hull that you need to fix. Fires that start which you can either have your people extinguish them OR you can open up the exterior doors of your ship and suck out all the O2, but enemies can take out your door controls where you can't open your doors without having someone manually do it.

You can purchase or find weapons from destroyed ships or in random events. The weapons have a lot of diversity. Missiles and bombs go through enemy shields. Lasers can damage shields and rooms. Various types of beams can't damage shields, only rooms and crew. Ion weapons disable room systems. Shoot the shield to disable the shield temporarily. Shoot the engine room to disable their engines. Every weapon has a different recharge rate so you need to time your attacks. There are also robot drones that have weapons too and swarm around your ship or the enemies. There is a lot of play diversity and different strategies for every ship.

There is a lot of strategy with this game. Do you take out your enemy's engine, shields, weapons or robotic drones first? There are random events that make new challenges. Its a wonderful game worth $10.

The game devs have updated and upgraded the game for free! The upgrades add a lot more quirky fun, things like mind control, new weapons, a new race and new playable ships give you a lot of reason to return.
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117 of 126 people (93%) found this review helpful
27.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 19, 2013
Real game story:

"Oh god it's the mantis people OH NO THEY'VE BOARDED MY SHIP okay okay, open the airlock, drain the oxygen from their rooms! No! Shields are down! Reroute engine power to weapons! No!! A missile breached the radar room, I can't see the other ship's rooms, OH GOD THERE'S A FIRE ON THE BRIDGE, SOMEBODY PUT IT OU--" and then my ship explodes because I'm in an asteroid field and shields and engines were down for too long.

This game makes you wish we never explore outer space for all the right reasons.
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340 of 428 people (79%) found this review helpful
27.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 23, 2013
apparently going around in space with rock people and robots isnt cool, so beings of pure light/energy ignored my distress call and then a bunch of bugs boarded me, ♥♥♥♥ed my wife, ♥♥♥♥ in the engines and left me for dead. but this story isn't about that... it's about my revenge.
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238 of 298 people (80%) found this review helpful
112.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 23, 2013
This has to be in any gamer's list. This is what gaming and especially PC GAMING is all about.

Awesome game mechanics/structure.
Awesome atmosphere.
Awesome spaceship management.
Awesome soundtrack.
Awesome random events.

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127 of 148 people (86%) found this review helpful
25.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 13, 2013
Best indie game of 2012. The only one I still come back to regularily.

Lot's of replayability and a great concept. There is also mod support and a free content update is in the works.It also nicely manages that difficult balance for Roguelikes and gives you the feeling that deaths aren't completely random but can be avoided with skill and strategy.

Well unless you run into a super nova as your third sector ;)
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107 of 124 people (86%) found this review helpful
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 23
- Named my crew after my best friends;
- They died charred like hell after a solar flare ♥♥♥♥ed my spaceship;
- Was depressed for 35 seconds;

Life is unfair.

11/10 would burn them again.
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70 of 74 people (95%) found this review helpful
33.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 9
You're in an Asteroid field where the enemy has disabled your shields with a drone, your weapons have been damaged, the o2 levels are dropping rapidly and their crew has boarded your vessel. Oh look, here comes another rock!

Welcome to FML, easy difficulty
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5.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 20
The game that shows you:
If you play fairly, you will die.
If you be ruthless, you will die.
If you are the good samaritan of the galaxy, you will die.
If you are tactical, you will die.
If you are a coward, you wll die.
If you cheated yourself everything needed to survive, you will die.

Apart from that, great game!

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15.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 31
Click for Gameplay Trailer - Review

+ harmonious pixel art
+ clearly designed
- little variety

+ perfect retro soundtrack
- no voice output

+ smashing retro charm
+ bonding to crew
+ exciting hunting through the galaxy

+ good and clear interface
+ easy mouse and keyboard control

Game Size:
+ huge replayability
+ 10 spaceships with different layouts
+ many items, upgrades and tactics
+ new contents with the FREE advanced edition
+ easy, normal and hard difficult
+ quests with several solutions
+ units gain exp
- elements repeat with time

+ enemy crew react clever
+ ki shoot specific systems

Control my own ship through the unknown that is the final frontier. FTL (Faster Than Light); a space simulator with strategic and tactical elements. It’s also a game where when you die, you have to start over - there are no spare lives.
The setup for FTL is simple: you are captaining a Federation ship with information how to beat the Rebel fleet. The problem is that you have to get across the mostly hostile galaxy (which is broken up into eight sectors).

The majority of the gameplay is running your ship, which uses various main systems (weapons, shields, engines, lift support, medbay etc) and sub systems (piloting, sensors, and doors). The catch is that every system uses power, and you only have a limited amount.
You can see with a single top-down glance of your craft, shields are in one room, weapons in another etc. Enemies damage those rooms of your ship, the corresponding systems shut down. If your shield room goes down, every shot will damage your ship. If you lose O2, your team will soon be gasping for their next breath.

Your ship is upgradable, so while you can increase the total power your ship has, you also need to upgrade your systems, which takes up more power. You never have enough power to have everything at 100%.
You gather or buy weapon upgrades, various ship gear and crewmen, and the scrap that you need to upgrade your ship. You put scrap points into enhancing the main reactor, shields, life support, sensors, and so forth. There is a great balance between improving systems and improving the reactor. You are on a constant seesaw deciding how to spend your scrap to make for the most efficient ship, as all these systems give you offensive and defensive ratings and abilities that are crucial in battle.

The true beauty of FTL is the journey through the galaxy. Systems are divided into sectors, most of which come with themes where they are loaded with nebulae, controlled by pirates or coming across a space station under attack by giant alien spiders. Many of these points will give you the option of whether you want to get involved or just leave.
Some of your options will change depending on your crew composition and equipment, like if you send your robotic Engi crewmember into a quarantine zone, and that keeps them fresh for replaying. Some even turn into quest chains that unlock new ships for your next playthrough.

When you’re fighting an enemy ship you have a lot of decisions to make. You have to pay attention to your power levels and which systems you are using. You'll need to make sure your crew is in the right places and dealing with any issues that may come up.
Battles run in pausable real time, with you in control of all ship functions and crewmen. All ships in the game are shown with dedicated rooms housing systems like shields, weapons, engines, sensors, and oxygen.
Do you take down the enemy shields to try to finish off a foe quickly, or go after his weapons to keep him from destroy your hull? You also have to make tough calls on what weapons to use. Missiles, for instance, can go right through enemy shields, but you have a limited number of them available so you have to use them wisely. At the same time, you have to make the same calls on what systems to repair on your own ship when you take damage, as everything needs to be fixed manually, and you never seem to have enough crewmen to take on everything. Do you restore the shields? Do you get the weapons back up? Do you tackle those fires in the sensor room?

In FTL, you will die a lot and have to start over a lot, but that is OK. You will enjoy it, because each time you die, you learn something. After a couple of hours, you realize that there are a fairly small number of encounters in the various star systems. All of them are randomly mixed up for each new game, but this just changes up the order in which you see them. But there is a lot to do for a Captain, unlock new ships, beat higher difficulty and explore the galaxy.
The free Advanced Edition update added a new eighth race called Lanius, which drain oxygen from any room they occupy, making them good for deterring boarding parties and for attacking drone ships. There are a ton of other additions as well.
Faster Than Light is a great and that will take over your life for many, many hours.
It’s amazing and you should definitely check it out!

Thanks for reading! If you Like my Review, give me a Thumbs up in Steam.
I make this for the Community and your help is greatly appreciated :)
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42.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 21, 2013
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