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Classic <3

play it for the first time on ps2 when i was a little boy :D beautiful memories
still good

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Made me the man I am today.

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One of the best games i ever played, memories..
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Although the PC version of Conflict: Desert Storm is actually quite inferior to the console version, it still stands as the greatest third-person perspective co-operative war-themed videogame to ever exist and I'm going to explain why in extremely thorough detail.

The ability to command a squad actually has significant value in this game. Because the squad consists of merely 2 to 4 unique soldiers, progressing through the game will actually have you grow a heavy attachment toward them (some more than others, due to either preferring a specific weapon set or merely for the personality of the character). For this reason, this game could be considered the original Team Fortress, and the game's sequels further elaborates upon their existing personalities.

As the squad is your most viable resource, you are made to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of every man. This is a very fun task as you are given almost literally complete control over everything your squad does. Don't want Foley to carry his sniper rifle for some reason? Give it to Bradley! Don't even want Foley to participate? Leave him behind! I must admit, the storyline and graphics are sadly not quite up to standard and could use some work, but in the end the gameplay is all that matters, and it more than makes up for the lack of creative in-game dialogue and pleasing textures.

The best thing about this game in my opinion is the freedom you're presented upon entering a mission. I've already explained controlling the squad, but another aspect that many other games don't seem to implement very often is the freedom to be able to tackle the situation anyway you desire. Whether it means trying to find and destroy every enemy vehicle and collect every weapon pickup, or merely sprint through each stage achieving the bare minimum, as long as you achieve the task one way or another it doesn't matter.

This game is great stuff, and I hope to see some of the other games in this franchise in the Steam store sometime, perhaps even with a more stable multiplayer mode or something.
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Oh the memories... 10/10
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This Is A Cool Game! Been Playing it since i was a kid on PS2!
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amazing game, but wheres the second one and vietnam?
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AMAZING game better played with friends seen as it's a squad based game and need to use all 4 characters for different things yet it's still awesome on your own a must buy in my opinion
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ahh my childhood when i was 10 playing this games today are good but games like this are great
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I literally have this game for all consoles and I got this for PC last and I still have at least a day gameplay time.

This should show this is a classic
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I played this game for a long time on the Xbox for a long time and then I found out that it was available on Steam. Even though cut-scene animation is pretty terrible, the gameplay is actually really fun. I highly recommend this to old-school and third person shooters. 8/10
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Doesn't launch in Win 8.1 for some reason. It gets past the splash screen with all the logos before minimizing to the desktop. It keeps running but clicking on the program in the taskbar doesn't work.

Compatibility mode made no difference. Shame... cos this was all I played as a kid on my good old PS2, along with the rest the Conflict games (Apart from Denied Ops, I didn't like it).

Would still recommend it if you played the original and can get it to work! Good memories. Ah well, £5 that could've been spent on something that works, suppose you can't expect any better from a 12 year old game lol.
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Oh the greatest war game I've ever played. I've played tons but this just made all war games for me on the old PS2.
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Best game I played as a kid. Would 100% reccommend and would love steam to release, Conflict: Desert Storm 2, Conflict: Vietnam and Conflict: Global Storm
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Childhood. 8/10
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my game is fail to start something wrong
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One of the best squad based games I've ever played.

Lots of people might say this game is clunky and awkward. But once you learn to pass through some of the lumps, the game is rock solid. The game has a quasi-realistic atmosphere to it, you die quickly, but there's still tons of fire fights to keep you excited. The ability to switch between squad members is an astounding feature that I wish most games would have today. Level design is above par with most games today, open ended with no signs that say, "You must go this way."

All in all I'd recommend this to somebody looking for an old school solid 3rd person military shooter.
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fuuuuuck the memories, they need to have the 2nd one on here though
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A Blast from the past, Over all great game. nice gameplay, good engine and nice missions 9/10