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Necesitas el juego base Dungeon Defenders en Steam para poder jugar.

Fecha de lanzamiento: 16 Mar 2012
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Necesitas el juego base Dungeon Defenders en Steam para poder jugar.

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Acerca del juego

¡Esta vez os dejamos a vosotros, nuestra comunidad, votar por las clases y disfraces para nuestro Holiday costume pack! Así que... ¡Preparaos para celebrar el día de San Patricio con estos increíbles disfraces ganadores elegidos por los jugadores!

Este pack de DLC contiene:

  • Atuendo Trap Girl para la Cazadora
  • Atuendo Steampunk para la Adept
  • Atuendo Leprechaun para el Aprendiz
  • Atuendo Scottish Warrior para el Barbarian

Nota: El uso de los atuendos para Adept o Barbarian requiere que poseas sus correspondientes packs de DLC.

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These costumes for your characters are classy and well done. They are very creative and fun to look at. They have style that fits the game perfectly. This DLC doesn't give you any advantage to the game at all, it is just for looks. If you like how they look in the photos then get this DLC because then you will like them in game and it will bring variety to the game. The cool thing about costumes in the game is that you can change them when you want and don't have to stick with having one skin to look at all the time. I have really enjoyed having these costumes for my characters and having the option to change when I see fit. If you enjoy this game and want to add some flair to the game then this is the DLC to pick up. If you get it I know you wont regret it because you can always customize the colors of the costume as well to make it more unique.
Publicado: 2 abril 2012
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My beloved Irish, Scottish and furthermore Steampunk and Trapgirl costumes just for one Euro? Shut up and take my money! 9/10
Publicado: 5 septiembre 2012
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