A mysterious entity is absorbing and corrupting your music before your very eyes. You must battle through your own song collection and fight to reclaim your music!
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Release Date: Aug 6, 2012

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“Symphony is fun, pure and simple.”
84/100 – PC Gamer

About This Game

Your music is under attack, you must liberate it!

A mysterious entity is absorbing and corrupting your music before your very eyes. You must battle through your own song collection, discover items, customize your ship and fight boss enemies to liberate the Symphony of Souls and reclaim your music!

Symphony is one of the most music-driven games ever made. In this vertical shooter, re-experience each of your songs as it becomes a unique battlefield driven by intensity and tempo.

Your music collection is now an item collection! Each of your songs contains an item you can discover, equip and upgrade. Fully customize your ship to reach score targets, upgrade items and unlock new difficulty levels.

Showcase your skill. Symphony's innovative per-song leaderboard rewards you more, when you dominate with less powerful weapons. Find the loadout that suits your style and show what you can do!

Key features

  • Battle a mysterious entity that absorbs and corrupts your music as it plays
  • Cutting-edge music analysis adapts the game to any song you like!
  • Innovative per-song leaderboard system rewards you based on your weapons and the difficulty level
  • 5 unique sets of boss enemies to conquer
  • 6 difficulty levels
  • Discover, collect and equip weapons hidden inside your own music collection
  • 30 achievements/medals to unlock
  • Supported file types:
    • Windows & Mac: MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, WMA (Windows only), AIFF, WV.
    • Linux: MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AIFF
  • M4A & AAC supported via a DLC download for a small fee to cover patented decoder licensing costs (M4A & AAC also require the free QuickTime player)
  • Full amBX™ support (cool lighting!) - Windows only

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB
    • Video Card: MB, DirectX® 9.0c-compatible, Shader Model 3.0 or higher
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible
    • OS: OS X 10.8 or later
    • Processor: Dual core, 2 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 (with shader model 3 video card or higher)
    • Hard drive: 500 MB available space

    • Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics, Mac Mini's or early generation MacBooks
    • OS: Major Linux distributions from 2012
    • Processor: Dual core, 2 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 (with shader model 3 video card or higher)
    • Hard drive: 500 MB available space

    • Not recommended for any integrated graphics GPUs
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1.6 hrs
Posted: September 23
After alt tabbing to adjust my volume (The volume adjust on my keybaord would not respond while Symphony was full screen) I found that Symphony would not come back up. I tried to restore it to my screen a few times but ended up using task manager to shut down the process. After startingthe game back up my saved file was gone and it had forgotten all of my songs.
I wanted to like this game but total game wipe after alt-tab is a deal breaker.
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33.1 hrs
Posted: September 22
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The Deplorable
3.4 hrs
Posted: September 22
I expected a lot more from this game but it fails to keep me interested to continue playing after unlocking the higher difficulty. The corrupt mechanism doesn't work, which is why I purchase the game in the first place, I'm not sure if its broken or it never existed, I can do very poorly and still listen to the music perfectly, with that be said the game is really repetitive. The same enemies swarm into the area and you shoot them down and collect the music notes to reach your score objective. A new higher difficulty gets unlocked after randomly obtaining 4 pages of a song from defeating bosses. The game offers a soundtrack with a variety of artist, which I really didn't not enjoy but the game does provides the option to import your own music into the game.

I can safetly say your better off playing a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game like ghost pilot while having your media player in the background plays your music, without the corrupt mechanism the game doesn't really offer anything incredible to sink your teeth in.
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8.5 hrs
Posted: September 18
I hope they are able to fix the current problem with not being able to run quicktime on windows. I can't play half my library due to quicktime no longer being supported on windows. Thumbs down until something is figured out
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2.5 hrs
Posted: September 11
ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!.
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4.1 hrs
Posted: September 9
coming from a guy that typically just sticks to war games such as war thunder, hero's and generals, FPS's and so on. i found this game to be a fantastic combination of outstanding music and visual excellence. Holy crap, 5 minutes into the game and im hooked!
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13.3 hrs
Posted: September 6
comprehensive review of symphony
♫ :)
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0.3 hrs
Posted: September 6
I purchased this game knowing that it did not support a controller. However the game itself gives you no options to map keys/actions to your keyboard. The game is played with a mouse. Some people may like this, but the lack of remapping functions is a deal breaker for me, and is the reason why I can not reccomend this game.
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7.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 27
Symphony is a music based game similar to Audiosurf and Beat Hazard with top down shoot em up gameplay. Overall the game plays more like Beat Hazard with its shooter style, but also throws in some unlockable and upgradable weapons and even a full story complete with different bosses.

Similar to other music based games, players can select their own songs to play with. The only limitation is that songs must be greater than 90 seconds. A bundled soundtrack is also included for players who don’t have many songs. The shoot em up gameplay of Symphony is similar to games like Galaga, with the goal being to score the most points, preferably by clearing out each wave of enemies and gaining a combo for each consecutive wave clear. Enemies appear based on the intensity of the song, with fast complex parts tending to put a large amount of enemies on screen. Each enemy drops a music note, which needs to be picked up for earning points and also repairs your ship. Additionally, bombs and invincibility power ups can drop from enemies once they are unlocked separately. There are a variety of enemy types, ranging from weak ships to tougher ones with devastating attacks. Deaths don’t end the current game, but it does incur a loss of points.
Once the song ends, if it is the first time a song is played, a weapon will be available for unlock. Then, two kinds of points are rewarded, one for the raw score and another for reaching a certain score goal. These points are used for unlocking and upgrading weapons. Symphony allows four weapons on your ship, and there is quite a variety of different weapons to choose from. On harder difficulties, new enemies get introduced along with new wave patterns. The harder difficulties also tend to add more enemies on the playfield and increase enemy health. Thus, it’s necessary to use some strategy when building your own ship, and weapon upgrades are required to stand against higher difficulties. Overall, Symphony looks much like other shoot em up games in terms of gameplay design. The progression based system with the unlockable weapons is quite unique though, and it does a great job of encouraging new playstyles and playing a variety of new songs. It’s good simple fun with new play styles to try with mixing new weapons and customizing your ship’s loadout.

With a mix of bright and flashy graphics, Symphony uses an interesting blend of different styles. During gameplay, the color of the screen is based on the current intensity of the song. Calm parts are blue while intense parts tend to a warm orange. Enemies and your ship are rendered as wireframes, kind of like in old arcade games. There are a lot of classical motifs in this game, evident in some of the particle effects and in the instrumental sound effects. The particle effects in this game are quite nice, with each hit spewing many particles on screen. In a screen with many enemies it can get pretty difficult to see things with the bright colors and many particles, but overall it does look nice and flashy. Sound effects range from typical weapon sounds to more classical inspired sounds. Taking a mix between colorful and bright design and classical music styles, Symphony forges its own style that stands as unique while fitting the themes of this game very well.

Believe it or not, Symphony has a full story. A mysterious entity has taken over your music, and you must free the five great composers and collect pages of the Symphony of Souls. I’ll be honest, the story isn’t exactly complex, but it’s a first for music based games to have some kind of story included. Throughout the game, bosses will appear randomly in a song you play and the boss must be defeated in a certain time limit. There are five different boss types and four different attack patterns for each type, with each appearance mixing up the strategies to take them on. Collecting pages of the Symphony of Souls unlocks new difficulties and each boss drops a lot of points to spend on weapons. It is very unique that Symphony introduces a kind of story to the game as no other game that focuses on using your own music has done this. The story is simple but the boss designs are quite nice and are a treat to fight when they appear randomly during a song.

Symphony does a great job of having music based gameplay in a top down shooter. Enemies appear based on your music’s intensity with a good variety of enemy types, while unique features such as unlockable and upgradable weapons and a story with randomly appearing bosses sets Symphony aside from other games. A good visual style that is modern yet sticks to classical music for inspiration goes great with the theme of the game. Symphony offers a solid amount of exploration with your music, using different sets of enemies per song and offering various weapons to customize your ship and your play style.
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3.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 2
So firstly I just want to say:
I'm a big videogame soundtrack nerd which was initially why I went for this game in the first place. THIS IS THE GREATEST MUSIC GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!
I've been looking for a game like this for a long time - something that I could play my own music to but with a story-based purpose. Granted the story isn't particularly extravagant but BOY is it epic to be in the middle of The End Run from Mass Effect when all of a sudden you are confronted by a virtual demon that wants to corrupt your music. Anyone who doesn't like this game because of the gameplay clearly hasn't played it while listening to Duel of the Fates or Megolovania or the rest of the soundtracks from Star Wars, The Elder Scrolls, Undertale, Dragon Age and Mass Effect. This game is absolutely amazing for an indie-game. The menu is so satisfying and smooth to use and DAMN that menu music. It's such a basic concept but it works tremendously well as a music game AND as a shoot 'em up game. Fair warning - if you're looking for a rhythm matching game where your actions have to match the music then this isn't it. But if you're up for some good ol' fashioned shooting while listening to your fave tunes then you'll love it. The music isn't just there as an added feature though; the louder and more intense the soundtrack is, the harder and more intense the gameplay gets - I would know because I played Duel of the Fates in the background and it was EPIC.
Sure some people might not like the over the top arcade style effects but each to his own. I for one love EVERYTHING about this game and encourage any music nerd who has hundreds of different soundtracks on their computer to get this. Seriously. It's the best.
Big thank you to developers for making my life a better one :-)
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 5
Won't read 90% of my library of songs thanks to it requiring DLC and Quicktime. The DLC I have no issue with, in fact I bought the bundle so I have it. Requiring Quicktime is my issue. Quicktime is a huge security risk to Windows users and until this game can read my library without it then it's thumbs down. Shame, since the game is fun when running properly.
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 1
Wasn't sure what to make of this game so I took a chance and it's awesome.
Jamming to your tunes and shooting ships as they appear to the beats.

Before launching the game, add the music you like/want in a seperate folder instead of adding all your music library. Trust me
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 11
Love it dont understand how to play but love it 7/10
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 3
For me in particular this game is extremely underwhelming.

First of all, the UI and songs selection are fairly clunky. This game wholly lacks a search function or file browser so just selecting the song you want can be a nightmare, particularly if you have a lot of songs that are lacking the correct info tags, as searching is based on artist and albums. The UI just feels very unintuitive and clunky, but that can be gotten used to. There are a lot of just minor annoyances like tabbing out means you have to shut the entire game down with crtl + alt + delete sometimes and all options resetting on creating a new game.

Then there’s the gameplay which really is hit and miss for me at least it just did not work for the music I listen to. I initially tried just some upbeat jazz, Charles Mingus – Moanin’ to be exact and the game really didn’t do the song justice what so ever. It just has a hard time dealing with any kind of complex rhythm and multiple layers of sound that you would see in jazz and it often times just felt like a really disinteresting shmup that didn’t match the rhythm of the music. Also doesn’t do anything interesting for slower songs at all. Then I tried The Family Chrest – Beneath the Brine, and worked better than the other things I tried for sure, but still I felt it didn’t do it justice, like even in the like when the song kicked in nothing really started happening, like even during the climax of the song there where only few ships to shoot on screen. The thing that really got me though is everything that happens on the screen is extremely formulaic and really didn’t change to fit the music well it’s was just the same sets of waves that seemed like they were just randomly assembled like a tile set. Really through most of the game I felt like I was playing a boring shmup with a music visualizer in the background and in addition the sounds of you shooting and exploding everything was really intrusive and didn’t fit the music since of course you shooting things isn’t synced with the music.

Really this game failed for me on many levels, but that doesn’t mean it will for you. In general I feel like this game is really just optimized for Dubstep and other electronic style songs, so my advice is to try it, see if it works for your style of music then if it doesn’t refund the game, if it does you probably have a real nice game despite the clunkiness here and there. For me though I’m going to go back to playing guitar to all of the music I like rather than trying to find a game like this that gives me the same feeling.
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2.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 22, 2014
It's like audiosurf and asteroids had a baby.

and it was beautiful.
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39 of 42 people (93%) found this review helpful
10.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 23, 2014
Symphony is a must have if you are a music games fan. It allows you to enjoy your favorite musics while shooting stuff, you can also find new weapons to customize you ship according to your play style. Very relaxing! :)
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36 of 41 people (88%) found this review helpful
3.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2014
This game is amazing. Not many words to describe it on its own, so I'll take two games and put them together to describe it. Space invaders and AudioSurf. Nuff said go have fun!
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