Vuela a tus oponentes fuera de la carretera con Fireburst, un divertidísimo y trepidante juego de carreras estilo arcade con fabulosos gráficos.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 25 abr. 2012

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Acerca de este juego

Saca de la carretera a tus oponentes con Fireburst, un juego de conducción arcade explosivo, rápido y rítmico, ¡además con fantásticos gráficos! Pisa a fondo para adelantar a tus enemigos en una docena de circuitos totalmente diferentes, prendiéndoles fuego a tu estela gracias a nuestra exclusiva tecnología Fireboost. Conduce en el papel de 16 sarcásticos conductores con capacidades y talentos únicos, usando habilidades basadas en fuego y explosiones para hacer trizas al resto de jugadores. Haz que tus oponentes muerdan el polvo tanto en el modo de un jugador, el multijugador local para cuatro jugadores o el frenético y ardiente modo online de ocho jugadores.

Características Principales:

  • Elige tu camino mortal: Ponte al volante de 16 diferentes vehículos, entre los que se incluyen camiones, buggys, muscle cars y 4x4. Consigue diseños exclusivos y desbloquea otras geniales características mientras conviertes a tus enemigos en ceniza dentro de la carretera
  • Personajes excéntricos y carismáticos: Elige entre 16 originales personajes con personalidades únicas y molestas burlas
  • Habilidades Fireboost: Transforma cualquier vehículo en un bólido mortal con las cuatro habilidades especiales específicas de cada clase: Fireball, Fireblast y Firewheels. ¡Dale caña!
  • Abundancia de mapas: Conduce en 12 mapas para un jugador y 5 mapas multijugador incluyendo muelles, aeródromos, petrolíferas, cloacas y almacenes llenos de atajos, obstáculos y zonas de enfriamiento (para ayudar a tu Fireboost)
  • Varios modos de juego: Juega en el modo de un jugador para completar desafíos, crear carreras personalizadas o simplemente machacar a los oponentes de la IA. Los modos multijugador incluyen pantalla partida local para cuatro jugadores y carreras online de hasta ocho jugadores
  • Frenética banda sonora: Si no te parecía suficientemente bestial, la banda sonora incluye el nuevo éxito rockero del grupo Hawthorne Heights, titulado "Drive".

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Procesador: 2.0 GHz o superior
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Gráfica con soporte para Shader Model 3.0
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 1.6 GB de espacio libre
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Publicado el 22 de septiembre de 2015
Fireburst is a fantastic looking car combat game that lives and dies on its fire attack nitro boosts that can also kill you. When your car overheats you explode and respawn. Ramming through a red barrel will make your vehicle heat up considerably. To keep your vehicle cool there are plenty of puddles, water falls and blue barrels to drive through. Its an interesting mechanic that has you watching the flames on your windshield rather than the action on the course.

Its a game that puts forth a lot of style, attitude, presence and ascetic. Almost every locale is a beautiful vista whether its driving along side a dam or on an oil rig the game looks superb and even the most mundane areas look incredible thanks to light, shadow and style. This shadow can be your downfall, because there are no headlights even in a darkened train yard. Its easy to get stuck in a dark corner. You can always adjust the brightness in the options to see better.

The game plays good and runs smooth. Its like a lot of other arcade racers where you control with forward and backward rather than a real brake. There is a boost button that doubles as a weapon and you have the ability to see behind your car and change between a chase cam or a hood view.

The vehicles look great as well. There's a diverse array of cars, trucks, racers, muscle cars, dune buggies, jeeps and even vans. There's something to your liking each with its own stats for speed, acceleration, handling and heat resistance. They all have their own heat attacks such as leaving flaming tire tracks for opponents to drive over and heat up. A fire burst, a fire shield and a fire wall. The longer you hold the boost, the greater your range.

Of course the issue is using these attacks heats up your vehicle, so why even use them unless there's plenty of water around and even if there's a pool or waterfall, that means your opponents can benefit from them as well making it useless. I think of the combat as a gamble. Who will die faster? You or the foe next to you? That's my real problem with the game. So I relegate myself to using it only as boost when my engine is cool.

The game starts with eight racers to chose from each of which is a caricature of a stereotype that gives Fireburst its flavor, flair and style. You have the seasoned stock racer, the juggy goth, a big money businessman with a mohawk, an old hippy ladies man, a slim blonde nerd with glasses, an Asian schoolgirl that might be too young to drive and so on. They all have their own stats and they all say things as they race. Its part of the game's attitude for the old hippy to say "I could be your father," or someone else that says "yes they're real."

The voice work is good and believable and sometimes what I think is glitched. The old hippy keeps sputtering the same random comments over and over with no break in between. Perhaps it was just him or that circumstance. I've come across another visual glitch that had the game stuck in black and white until I quit the race and went to a new one.

As for the game itself there are three major modes, a challenge campaign that lets you participate in different challenges for each driver. I consider this to be the main mode because its the one that lets you unlock new vehicles and new drivers. I'll be honest and say while I'm not into drivers as characters, this game does a good job of making me want to unlock them. The real problem is the challenges themselves are difficult and convoluted due to the fire mechanic.

Some events are simple like make it through a warm-up lap and then a qualifying lap. Others force you to win or win without wrecking more than three times. Then there are some which force you to hold your boost twenty seconds without wrecking. On paper this might sound easy, because let's just put a bunch of hoses, puddles and blue barrels around, but that's what makes it challenging. Doing all of it for twenty seconds. Even doing it for five is a challenge, but you need to start somewhere. These challenges turn me off, but for anyone that's into them, they are different for each character with each one putting you behind the wheel of a different vehicle.

With the other two modes, they're more mundane, a race and a destruction derby. The derbies are built in figure eights and they're really a testament to game design. This ensures that someone will always zoom by you giving you enough time to destroy them and that way the maps stay short and sweet. The races are what I care about and there are twelve in all at least from the start. After one race, the same race starts again and that's a let down. These are closed circuit courses with two or so laps taking place in real world environments. Airfields, an oil refinery at night, a fright port, a gorgeous giant bridge similar to the Golden Gate with a different bridge below it and so on.

I stress even if these locales seem ordinary, the game and its aesthetic makes them incredible. You'll find ramps, jumps and branching paths in each of the courses. There are places to drive through parked cargo planes. Other areas have shipwrecks or driving by moonlight. The look awesome and they play awesome. A lot of work was put into each one to make it feel special with a twist. The refinery lets you drive through moonlit water. The oil rig has ramped walls and even the fright depot has jumps and tunnels beneath towering cranes.

For people that like to hand tweak settings there's a program launcher that lets you update controls before you get into the game, along with advanced settings to let you update the ini files yourself. It would have been nice to have all of this in game rather than having guess work, but something is still better than nothing. You can tweak your graphical settings the same way. The texture pop in is noticeable when outside of a race. The character and vehicle textures both take a split second to load and its a problem larger developers still struggle with, so I can see past it.

When you respawn, you're already driving and you just fade into reality again. Its a good way to keep the action going, but make sure not to respawn in any other vehicles. I've also managed to hang up on some questionable places and explode even when trying to get unstuck. It feels like that issue could have been better. The whole exploding for ramming something too rough in an arcade racer seems to take away from the fun factor. I found myself exploding far too frequent. What's odd is the fact you can explode on the simplest things, yet try as I might, i could never roll a vehicle. Sure I'd drive on the side of a wall, but never roll or explode.

There is local multiplayer splitscreen and online multiplayer, but a budget title a year after its release always has a struggle keeping players playing online.

Fireburst is a tough game to enjoy its main challenge mode. There's a higher than necessary skill level for what is essentially an arcade racer. You can always slide the skill slider to your preferred level, but even then it feels like there's no happy medium where racers can be competitive. Take out what makes the game unique and it would make for a better experience while crushing the soul of what makes it unique. Its a tough toss up, but it should stand on its gimmick even if sucks the joy out of an otherwise fun experience.
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Publicado el 11 de agosto de 2015
First impression: well-designed tracks, driving is predicatably aracde but handles reasonably well, the heat system provides a challenge even when you're doing split-screen (which has no AI). Looks good, sounds nice, it's no 100-hour game, but no disappointment either.
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Publicado el 28 de mayo de 2012
¡Dame fuego, dame dame fuego!

Por Rojo e independiente pueden considerarse sinónimos por estas pampas futboleras. También podríamos incluir en la analogía, aunque no de forma directa, al fuego, martirio favorito del diablo. Fuera de las canchas, no había encontrado nada más que los vinculara. Hasta ahora. La desarrolladora alemana independiente exDream acaba de publicar Fireburst, un alocado juego de carreras donde el fuego es a la vez protagonista y antagonista.

Ya sé. Me van a decir que esto ya lo vieron. Que no es el primero. Ni el último. Que les parece recordar haber leído en este mismo sitio y hace muy poquito un review de algo por el estilo pero en el aire. Que patatín. Que patatero. No. No. ¿O sí?

Fireburst tiene lo suyo: a favor, y también en contra. Le sobra actitud. Escasea -por el momento- en rejugabilidad en línea. Deleita con escenarios gestados en motor de Unreal 3. Sufre de arrebatos físicos ante ciertas piruetas. Como todo en la vida, no hay dicha sin adversidad.

Seguir leyendo...
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Publicado el 14 de julio de 2014
I don’t know if I should give this game a THUMP UP or DOWN. ;( I have mixed feelings about this game, maybe because I am totally in love with this Rock 'n' Roll / Bikerstyle. Anyways here are the most important facts in my eyes:

First of all a WARNING:
You can play this game just in Singleplayer OR you host a game local with a friend. When I played it local with a friend the game hasn’t filled the other slots with bots so this seems to be bugged. Multiplayer online isn’t possible because there are no servers and the developers aren’t doing anything since the release in the year 2012.

So for the Multiplayer there are just 1/10 points (because you can only play local and this is also bugged lol).

Whoever still is interessted in the game here are the main facts:
• Genre: Racing game
• Music: Rock 'n' Roll ♥ Great tracks! I really love and enjoy them. 10/10
• Graphic: Not perfect but really beautiful with great details. 8/10
• Characters: You can choose a typical biker, a nerd, a tattooed woman and many more. 10/10
• Vehicles: Many different vehicles with different aspects but no special weapons (besides the fireboost which is standard for every vehicle). 7/10

You can just kill enemies with bouncing them from a bridge, cliff or whatever OR you KILL THEM WITH THE FIREBOOST! The fireboost is normaly to get faster but you are also able to burn the other vehicles with the flames. You should just take care that your vehicle don’t gets too hot (if it’s too hot you burn yourself to death). So always look around for water which cools you down and whatever you do DON’T DRIVE THROUGH THE RED BARRELS. ;p

The original price is 9,99 € (valuta calculator says about 13,61 $) and this price – to my mind - is just justified with a mulitplayer server and support / updates / bugfixes. For a game in graveyard the price is even with this cool bikerstyle way too high… so 0/10 points.

Total points: 36/60 = 60 %
The game isn’t bad it’s just bad that the developers have given up. I can just advise to buy this game if it’s really cheap (on sale, coupon) + if you are in love with racing games & rock 'n' roll.
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Publicado el 4 de mayo de 2012
This is actually a surprisingly good game. The track design is very nice. There's an array of cars and drivers, which you select separately. Each car and driver has their own stats, and they add together for some customization. Each car has a different paint-job depending on the driver as well.

The game's main gimmick is heat. There's a strong risk-vs-reward element, and it's all about managing heat. When your car overheats, it blows up. When you use boost, your heat gauge rises. As you boost you also cause one of a few flame effects, depending on your car. Some cars leave a trail of flame when boosting, some have a ring of fire, etc. These are your weapons, since any opponents caught in your flames take on more heat themselves.

Any water on the track will cool you down if you drive through it, be it blue water barrels, puddles, waterfalls, or skimming the surf.

No idea how well multiplayer works, haven't seen anyone online to try it with.

I can see this becoming a sleeper hit.
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