GET YOUR BRAIN BUZZING with each new challenge in the latest installment of the multi award-winning wacky contraption series - CRAZY MACHINES ELEMENTS. Play with Fire, harness the power of water and control the wind to set off the most insanely creative chain reactions!
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Release Date: Dec 6, 2011

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About This Game

GET YOUR BRAIN BUZZING with each new challenge in the latest installment of the multi award-winning wacky contraption series - CRAZY MACHINES ELEMENTS. Play with Fire, harness the power of water and control the wind to set off the most insanely creative chain reactions! Build crazy machines from everyday objects and bizarre components. Utilize the elements (fire, water and wind) to discover all the fantastic possibilities available to you! Experiment by night, in the snow or rain! Use the cloud machine and generate lightning, tornadoes and rain to complete your crazy chain reactions; real physics will simultaneously be your best ally and your toughest enemy. Take your pick of challenging and zany puzzles to solve, using cool parts like the clone cannon, monster trucks, fire breathing dragons, and more! Compete with your friends to see who can make the coolest machine. Design and try out your own wacky inventions using the built-in editor. Loads of totally wacky chain reactions are just waiting to be created, so put your brain to the test by carrying out zany experiments as the nutty inventor in CRAZY MACHINES ELEMENTS! Your lab awaits you.

Key Features:

  • Harness the Power of the Elements: Fire, Water and Wind
  • True Newtonian Physics
  • Next Gen 3d Graphics
  • Hundreds of Levels and Parts
  • Control the weather: make it rain, snow and even light up the sky with lightening!
  • Experiment by day or night

System Requirements

    • OS: Win 7/Vista/ XP
    • Processor: 1.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compliant card, 256 MB VRAM
    • DirectX®: DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB Space Free
    • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
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Not Recommended
23.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 23, 2014
As you can see by my playing time, I beat the whole game and in no case I would recommend this game.
Don't get blended by the graphics and buy Crazy Machines 1, Crazy Machines 2, The Incredible Machine or if your kid is just 6 years old Crazy Machines 1.5.

There are 3 terrible terrible mistakes in this game:

1) Inconsistent Physics: Imagine an object is flying on the left side of the screen. It always has the same trajectory, but if you place an element on the bottom right corner, which doesn't interfere with the other object, suddenly the trajectory changes and making it often impossible/very difficult to finish the task.

2) The grid on which you place your elements is way too big, causing a lot of unnecessary trouble. Imagine your idea/plan is absolutely correct, but you cannot execute it, because the laserbeam misses your mirror by 2 length-units, but you can move the mirror in the grid only by 10 length-units, causing the beam to miss your mirror again. This makes a lot of trial&error work necessary, even though it could have been easily avoided. In no other Crazy Machines game this was as annoying as here.

3) And that is the absolute deal-breaker here. You get punished if your solution is more intelligent than the default solution. The rewards are not task-based (the less you use, the better), but instead path-based. This means you have to place objects the way the game thought for you. Because if you don't, the trajectory of objects might be different and you won't be able to collect the cogs in the level. This is such a horrible design choice, I can't imagine why any sane developer would make this.

There is also something other bothering me and that was the "help". By looking at the shape of the background you can instantly see what object has to be placed. For example mirrors belong onto circle-shaped wood and generators on square-shaped wood. This dumbs the game down and no, that's not suitable for very young children, because Crazy Machines 1.5 makes it right. In that game are easier tasks, and more puzzles in between, so the difficulty doesn't rise too fast, but it does not dumb the puzzles down.

Stay away from this game and don't bother playing it. Get the other games I listed in the beginning of the review.

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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
28.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 4, 2014
This and the other Crazy Machines games are lots of fun for my 5-year-old daughter and I. She learns about simple physics, and we both like problem solving contraption games. Elements is probably my favorite of the bunch, with a decent interface and graphics, and the professor isn't making comments all the time about your progress like at least one of the other Crazy Machines games. The puzzles in this one aren't too tough so far, but we're not very far in yet. I really appreciate that some puzzles have a quick solution, but have a way to get a better bonus if you want to keep at it. This lets my daughter choose how much we work on each puzzle. Again, lots of fun.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
7.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 3, 2015
This entire series of game is based on "The Incredible Machine" series from Sierra back in the 1990s.
That said Crazy Machines Elements is not quite as good as Crazy Machines, Crazy Machines 1.5, and Crazy Machines 2 (and all related DLC) mostly because the puzzle applicability is "dumbed down" for the today's "short attention span" audience.
There are too many "free clues" in the baseboards on each puzzle, and the place of pieces can sometimes be a little frustrating based on the applicability of the physics.
Overall, if you buy the Crazy Machines Complete pack, I believe the cost will keep you entertained for some time.
However, buying Crazy Machines itself is somewhat of a mixed bag, but I will give it a thumbs up due to the variety of different parts available to use in editor mode, the ability to set fire to most pieces to expand puzzle options, and the extra DLCs content available.
Start solving those puzzles!
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 19, 2013
This game is wonderful. You spend the entire time playing puzzles to make the machine do something. They start off pretty simple, but they can get quite complicated, which is a great thing. I LOVED this game. :)
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
21.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 7, 2015
Crazy Machines Elements is a 2011 game from the Crazy Machines series, could be called "Crazy Machines 3". It's a game of Incredible Machines genre, where you have to solve the linear puzzles by placing lacking elements in the contraption. This game also came out for Xbox 360 and PS4. If I am not mistaking, those versions had leaderboards implented, while Steam version doesn't make use of any online features. Even achievements are done in game itself, no Steam ones.

And presentation is really great here. The graphics are really amazing. Well, sure, maybe technical side lacks whatever graphics-crazy people are hyped over nowadays, but with more colrful and nice art style it gives us incredibly atmosphere. Each element appears more of toy-like, jolly for eyes. Thanks to that, you can tell away what contraption is about from the first look, unlike Crazy Machines 2 where you had to focus to tell away what is what. Well, game sure doesn't try to be too realistical, you suck UFOs into vaccum cleaner there after all.
Music playes it safe. Nothing terribly original or memoriable. But it's great and doesn't repeat often, helping you to immerse yourself on thinking over the puzzle.

The game takes place at outdoor placed, like Professor's backyard, where he screws gravity up with his inventions with no care for neighbours. Professor himself finally took care of his hair and rarely appears in the game itself, not even talking to you anymore. Actually, there isn't even hint on intro plot for puzzles anymore. Previous games had little instructions written for each puzzles, like "I need that basketball to 1v1 Einstein". But that's not something people will miss anyway.

Outdoor enviroments not only give you gorgeous scenery, but you also can't place elements just in air. You can place them only on the walls, in whatever way they are placed. The layout of the wall can also give you visual clues to help you. And you will have to appericate that, as there is no hints system in this game. You will have to figure it out on your own and with visual clues. At least it doesn't have cheap puzzles with ridiculous solutions like Crazy Machines 1 does.

Gameplay-wise it's somewhere closer to the first Crazy Machines. If you don't know, Crazy Machines 2 was more focused on building and connecting complex systems of gears and pipes and lasers. Elements reverts gear system back to simplicity of the first title.
Completely removes steam pipes. Less things to do with laser. Perhaps it tries to focus more on physical puzzles, removing every other fluff and "time-wasting" parts. Even dominoes aren't in this game. It does add few more elements and focuses on Elements. Well, or more exactly electricity and fire. And how bolt of electricity can set things on fire. And wind messing your experiements up too.
As said, think of Crazy Machines 1, with slightly different focus. At least I don't miss having to decide if I need small, medium or large gear in CM2.

Oh, and now description of each elements shows you a bunch of icons too, that explains it's special properties, like "can be set on fire, can be tied to rope". If you get stuck, feel free to check each elements. Perhaps you will find out that some element is electricity conductor too.

Oh, and bonus. Instead of providing bonus objective, there are now golden gears placed through the puzzle level. They have to be touched by elements to be picked up, and you should get them all to count puzzle as 100% complete in a proper way. It's developers way of making sure that those who want to fully beat the game have to fully find the most complete solution. But I have to say, in some puzzles I found some elements aren't needed to solve them. No idea.

Didn't go without technical flaws though. While it's not as broken as Crazy Machines 2, it still got some small stuff. Mostly, rare cases of physics bugs. When placement of unrelated to chain reaction element may lead to change in behavior of another object. I also think that in rarely I encountered some slight placement-grid part, where element seemed slightly misplaced on the grid. Could be just me. But sometimes it may be good to restart the puzzle fully, just in case.

The game has three modes to play:

Puzzles - Your classic Crazy Machines puzzles where you have to place given elements to solve the contraption. There are 100 of them, plus 40 from DLCs.

Challenge - Now that's something new to the series. For those who complained about linear puzzles. Instead you have simple goal and then given full list of elements, with some of them locked for sake of challenge. And you are given 2000 or so points that you spend by placing elements of different costs. Game also tracks the amount of elements and time it took you to beat the challenge. The less the better.
There are around 20 challenges, plus 10 from DLCs. They are either easy, designed for sake of getting high score, or quite a tough nut to crack. Lost of placement tweaking around.
I know that consoles has online leaderboard for this mode, so you could see all the creative ways that players solved challenges by. But in Steam version you will not challenge anybody, I am afraid. Just beat the stages.
Not really fan of this mode myself.

Editor - Your usual sandboxish editor that allows you to build contraptions. Some silly fun, I guess. You can build proper puzzles too. But there is no online feature to share your creations. I didn't even find the file where puzzles are saved. So, I am afraid, you may not have fun with community works and not going to awe online friends. Dissapointing.

So, in conclusion, Crazy Machines Elements, while not being true continuation of Crazy Machines 2 ideas, still delivers. Combined with presenation, it's one of the best Incredible-genre games you will find on the Steam. Not to mentioning that it doesn't have technical problems of CM2, nor cheap ridiculous puzzles of CM1. So, all the fun.
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Not Recommended
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 6, 2015
An interesting game, it reminds me of a very old game that I used to play... Unfortunately, they didn't test run several of the challnges... Meaning that they missed out vital problems, so that you can't really complete them, and if you do by some dodgy way, it just doesn't feel right...
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0.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 20, 2014
Very fun game once you figure out what you are supposed to be doing. Sometimes you get stuck from going foreward which can be aggravating. It can still be fun.
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2 of 5 people (40%) found this review helpful
5.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 16, 2013
Very good game 7/10
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0 of 1 people (0%) found this review helpful
8.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 12, 2015
Очень хорошая игра) Играл во все части (С диска) Эта самая красивая! \ Good and nice game!

Минусы: \ All "-"
Please Add Water (I really want) \ Добавьте воду (Очень хочу)
Please Add Russian Language \ Добавьте русский!
Please Add More Parts \ Добавьте больше крутых штук для головоломок
Всё это можно сделать в DLC
All this can be done to the DLC
Thanks for reading!

Stop! When will the Crazy Machines 3?
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20.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 16, 2014
About 20 hours of funny puzzles for a low price (got it in complete pack in discount). It sure is worth the price !!!
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0.4 hrs
Posted: July 24
Idiots made this crap!
There is no obvious way to rotate, which is what is required for the plank placed used under the ball. With out rotating, the ball stays where it begins and you fail.
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