Develop a successful trading company, lead your ships in naval battles and force your opponents to their knees!
User reviews: Mixed (374 reviews) - 66% of the 374 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 4, 2012

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About This Game

The Caribbean, in the turbulent 17th Century. The mighty kingdoms of Spain, England, France and the Netherlands fight over the colonies. And there you are, a young sea captain whose only goal is to become the most powerful man in the New World. To achieve that goal, you may choose one of the two available campaigns: will you become an Adventurer or a Trader?

If you chose the way of the Adventurer, lead an unforgiving campaign for the conquest of the seas: invasion, piracy, bounty hunting, raiding; do whatever it takes to build your own empire in the Caribbean. And of course, trade will have a less important role to play in your rise.
The way of the Trader is, on the opposite, mostly about developing your riches and your economic power. To be the most powerful Trader of the New World, you have to create trade routes, build industries and develop the economy of the colonies.
Of course, in Free Play mode, you can mix both of those in any way you want, letting you create your own unique and exciting story.

For the first time in the acclaimed Port Royale series, you are not alone in the beautiful and seemingly so peaceful seas of the Caribbean. The Multiplayer mode allows up to 4 players to play through LAN or over the Internet. Develop a successful trading company, lead your ships in beautiful 3D naval battles and force your opponents to their knees!

Key Features:

  • Two different single player campaigns: Adventurer and Trader
  • Naval battles, raids, plundering and invasions await the Adventurer, while the Trader will develop trade routes and the economy to earn glory, fortune and power
  • 16 different ship types, such as powerful Galleons or versatile Frigates
  • Organize trade with 60 different cities such as Port-au-Prince or Tortuga
  • A competitive Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players
  • A comprehensive trade system, with supply and demand dynamically setting the price of goods and wares, like in the real world

System Requirements

    • OS:Windowx XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor:Dualcore CPU
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Shader Model 2.0 PCIe (Geforce 7 Series, Radeon X2000-Series)
    • DirectX®:dx90c
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Quadcore CPU
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Shader Model 3.0 PCIe, DirectX 10
    • DirectX®:dx10
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Helpful customer reviews
11 of 11 people (100%) found this review helpful
149.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 23, 2015
You could spend your life playing this brilliant game. Well I have - .
Just imagine being in a time where you have more control over life - no atomic bombs just cannons swords and primitive guns and your own skills.
You travel from town to town as a merchant buying and selling and if you are good at it you amass quite a lot of money.
You make a lot more when you gain experience and title then you get assignments from towns - and oh how good is that - you feel good because the town folk or government leaders talk with you and want you to marry there daughters.

Going into a harbour which you eventually govern yourself if you take it by force or earn the right because you set up your businesses succesfully.

It is simply idealistic when you have a wife who feeds you gossip and says nice things to you and you put on a fair for the town via the church then when the fair is going you look back over the ocean , parks beaches and watch the fire works at dusk and all your town folk are happy and celebrating.
You watch the sun setting over the ocean at dusk with the golden cloud wisps - just brilliant.

when you get good at fighting then when you aquire a letter of mark to fight a governments enemy you attack their treasure ships and really make a lot of money, like $1,000,000 plus their ships where by if you are systematic and patient you can build your towns, you govern, to the maximum defence and then they are fairly secure. You also collect taxes.

It is great to have all these business's making goods for you and if you are savy you can sell all of it and keep the money flowing.

Fighting is just so rewarding - my method - don't know whether it is the best or not, but works for me - is you build up to a convoy of 2 liners, 2 carracks, and 2 caravels. You go in with a liner a carrack and a caravel. The graphics are the best I cannot emphasise how good it is and also the music is very very beautiful.

You have to have tons of chain shot, grape shot and regular shot (infinite).
Immediatly when the battle starts you select "attack my convoy", and chain shot for the sails and all 3 boats shoot the sails out of one boat quickly then choose another boat to attack shoot its sails out etc.
Follow up by shooting all the crew and boarding 2 of the enemy boats if 3 enemy then after that run around and collect all the swimming crew in the ocean by clicking "give me a hand" then board the last boat after you have shot out its remaining crew.
Having 3 different boats to fight with makes it a lot easier to choose which boat to control.

The trading is so well set up - that is the trade route convoys - which you need to do early as my memory isn't good enough to remember where you are upto with many convoys and tasks to complete etc. So some automation helps imensly.

The harbour graphics are simply beautiful except when there is a drought.
The minister in the churches where you can get missions but more importantly you get married and have celebrations etc is a kindly voice very rewarding.

The governor cgi is very good although more could be done there - like your father in law could have more interesting things to say to you when you take his towns by force etc.

I think the world view to harbour view is the best in this game the down side is when you look seaward at convoys coming and going they just appear (only way you can do it) or dissapear aproaching the horizon. In "rise of venice" the different aproach is good but loose the realism of towns being a long way apart so look like suburbs instead. Still good just the choice the devs need to make.

I liked port royal 1's lots or a little business per town better than always 5. Some gamers must have winged about it but more realistic to have maybe just 2 items say wood or corn at one town then 7 or so at another. I think if you start a new game then the goods need to change at the towns but keep the area produce still like dyes up north , tobacco in the middle and cocoa south etc.
That way you have to learn the town roster again which keeps you interested.

Allthough I liked the ex pirate den as your own town, as it was in the original port royale but the way it is done in this version is better much better just that the pirate hideouts are so attractive with there smaller cabins etc i wish you coud get one of those and develope it but only cabins a warf a shipwright for free repairs etc and maybe the larger infinite supply hall.

The only down side to this game is I liked the extra jobs you got from the governors like raiding an enemys merchant fleet and steel a shipment of wine or whatever or sink an enemy captains convoy etc

Bottom line -- I really wish the developers would grow this game to version 4 with the same beautiful or better if possible graphics etc. Use the same town to world map switch. A few more business's

Simply brilliant - 10 out of 10.
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
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29.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 4
Stick to Port Royale 2. This one is a step back in almost every single way and to top it off, the 3D takes away a lot of the charm of its predecessor.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
269.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 30, 2015
This is one of the best games in the genre. Similar to the original Koei New Horizons, Patrician series, Port Royale 2, Sid Meier's Pirates, Anno. Buy ships and make trade routes. Quests, taverns, ranking system, build boats, take over your own towns, grown the towns and build business and improve the city defense. Pick your nationality and help them, maybe help others or go pirate. DLC is worth having mostly for the harbor defense. The steam achievements do not work properly... some work, many do not. Great game overall.
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8.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 6
I really don't know what to say about this game. It isn't very good and certainly lack upon a lot of things compared to port royale 2. Although they tried to replicate that old carribean feeling port royale 2 had, it feels souless as it lacks the big and tiny bits that bring out the wow! factor. It's patrician 4 into blue seas. Patrician 4 was great. This is just ok, especialy for the one who loved port royale 2.

I will give a thumbs up cause i feel it will be unfair to lower the general score even further. It's not a bad game after all, it's just not that good.

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103.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 29, 2013
I got this on sale with all 3 DLC expansion packs for 10.19 during the Black Friday sale. I'm an avid fan of the Port Royale series, and loved Port Royale 2. I was nervous getting this will all the mixed reviews, so it took me well over a year to finally go through with it.

Overall, I thought it was pretty good. For anyone wanting a comparison of this to Port Royale 2, they are very similar in most aspects, with some differences good and bad. First off, trading in port looks very different. There's a slider to select the amount, as well as green and red bars to tell you how over or understocked (and priced) a particular item is. A lot of people hate this new layout, but it's really not that bad if you can get used to it. The town palace now holds both a town administrator and sometimes a governor to hand out distinct missions. This is a bit unbalanced, especially once you advance in rank, as bringing lets say 67 crates of tobacco can get you a hundred thousand dollar bonus. One thing I HATED was the nation's reputation system. It drops way too quickly on it's own, that unless you're constantly doing missions you're going to be stuck at 25. Also, when two nations form an alliance, your reputation between them gets averaged. This is the most frustrating thing when you're trying to take over a town economically and suddenly your 100% reputation gets dropped down to sixty because your mother nation decides to form a treaty. Fortunately, this also means that nations that hate you get bored pretty quick. Still, they can pack quite a nasty punch if you're not prepared. War is also completely different, but in a way I enjoy. Each convoy uses 3 armed ships each battle, and you control all 3. It's a bit tougher to fight and board enemy ships, but now you can't make a fortune capturing and selling Ship of the Lines. There's a really dumbed down system for attacking in the harbors. Most nations will first have anywhere between 3 and 10 military convoys you have to fight through to make it to the harbor, instead of the max of 1 in the previous game. And thank goodness they got rid of those annoying harbor cannons that would completely obliterate your fleet one ship at a time. Instead, you send in your three ships that park, bomb the heck out of a fort, and then unload your soldiers for a land battle. Pirates have no fort, just a gazillion soldiers. Luckily, they are a lot easier to take down this way later on, if not more difficult in the early stages. The last part I really like is that you can take over pre-existing towns forming your own nation (Long live the free people of America!). This can be done either economically (own 75% of a prosperous town, and then go whine to the Viceroy and he'll probably just give it to you). Or you can attack the town and annex it for yourself! If the nation you attacked liked you enough before, they'll let you keep it. Also, there is no more waiting til a nation is weak enough to annex a town.

The only DLCs that seem to do much is Harbor Master. None of the campaigns seem to amount to much compared to the sandbox game. Still, the new buildings are very effective in preventing droughts, outbreaks, pirate attacks, etc. Ship building is pretty cool, if not expensive and time consuming. Still, it's better than having to travel port to port searching for that particular ship you want.

Overall I recommend giving this game a shot. Not sure if it's all worth $30, but if you get it during a good sale I say go for it!
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