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Release Date: Oct 2, 2012
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Posted: November 12
Largest waste of money i have ever spent. This game is boring, impossible and looks like it was thrown together by an autistic todler. Read the reviews and dont buy this piece of ♥♥♥♥, even if its on sale for free, it wouldnt be worth to put into your library
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Posted: July 15
Bit.Trip Core is the second entry in the Bit.Trip series, playing a bit more like a typical rhythm game in some aspects. The graphical and musical style from Beat is carried over from Core. In this game though, the graphics are not as crazy but still are trippy and weird, while the music is a lot more subdued. The story and cutscenes tend to revolve around Commander Video and 2 figures that look a lot like Commander Video.
The gameplay consists of controlling an object in the middle that can fire up, down, left, or right. The goal is to hit each block as it passes through a line. This felt a little bit like Guitar Hero in trying to match a block with a direction and firing the laser. Just like in Beat, blocks move on the screen and with different patterns or in huge groups. Bosses exist at the end of the level with 2 more Atari references, and included to the game are bombs to remove difficult blocks onscreen.
Core feels a bit flawed though. There are times when I was interested in the pattern of the blocks and the level designs, while other times I felt bored. Sometimes I would easily get the hang of a pattern and be in sync to the music, while other times I wouldn't and try to button mash my way out. The mellowed out design and more abstract gameplay in Core makes the game a bit harder to enjoy. As a whole, the game is roughly harder than Beat, although there are points where the game is easy and then it suddenly ramps up in difficulty. The time to beat Core is also roughly the same as to finish Beat as well.
Bit.Trip Core will be fine for players who played some of the other Bit.Trip games like Beat or Runner and want more Bit.Trip action. The game itself isn't perfect, but gives a different kind of game that isn't the most amazing, yet offers some interesting things to check out.
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Posted: June 27
Bit.Trip Core suffers from giving too little, too late. For the first two thirds of the game I was certain it was my least favorite of the Bit.Trip Saga that I'd yet to play, only to find the final third of the game (or in other words the third level) vastly improved on everything that came before. Even still, it's hard for me to even begin to recommend it, as by that point my experience was already soured and I was ready for it to be over.

As is the case with every Bit.Trip game, the gameplay of Core differs wildly from past games, placing you in the middle of the screen with the ability to shoot lasers in four directions. Blocks come out from the sides of the screen, and you need to time your shots to hit them as they cross over your line of fire. In theory and keeping with Bit.Trip tradition, these are supposed to line up with the beat of the audio track, but in practice there is very little rhythm at all to the patterns which makes it incredibly difficult to time shots with how short a window you are given. It's not until the last level that these designs finally come together and you can see what Gaijin Games was going for with a fantastic closer that feels really rewarding once you get in sync with the track, which makes it so disappointing that near everything that came before was just rubbish.

For a game you can finish in under and hour, it's hard to recommend Core when only a third of it is worth playing, and even then is likely to annoy those who don't posses a keen sense of rhythm. It's ideas are solid but its execution lacking, and on the whole I found little enjoyment to be had from what eventually showed itself to be an interesting concept. If only it had done so earlier.
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Posted: October 12
Good music, good challenge, short game, but all the BIT TRIP. games are. Worth getting if its on offer.
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Posted: June 24
BIT.TRIP CORE is a rhythm game and is the second entry to the BIT.TRIP franchise also being my favorite. Note that I have played the Wii (and 3DS) version of this game a lot more then I have on the PC so I have a lot more hours in the game then it shows.

The way CORE works is, you are playing at the + in middle of the screen. When a beat (square things) comes you have to take aim in one of the four directions and shoot the beats. The beats are in-time with the music and you will need to use the beat of the song to hit these accurately.

A staple to the BIT.TRIP franchise is the zones. The higher the zone, the higher your multiplier will be, thus more score. You zone up by hitting a certain amount of beats while not missing too many. Staying in higher zones results in more score, but it is really easy to fail out of it. The higher the zone, the better the music gets which is another thing to keep you motivated to keep doing better.

To fail a stage you will have to drop out of the Nether zone (the lowest zone) and there are no checkpoints. If you don't have experience then this game will be really hard at first. The difficulty curve is steep and the first level (Discovery) will be hard for first-timers. However once you get the hang of the game and mechanics, the next two levels will not be as hard.

Personally, once I pick up a good rhythm game I will spend too much time in it and this game is no exception. I find it very addictive to try to improve my score more and more.

Also, note that there are only the three 15 minute levels; Discovery, Exploration and Control. Playing through the game without failing will take just 45 minutes, but if you're motivated to get further improve your scores (like me), it shouldn't be a huge problem.

As a rhythm game, the game is partially dependent on the music, so is it good? Definitely, CORE probably has my favorite music of any of the BIT.TRIP games, though that is subject to opinion. Also as I said before, the higher zone you're in, the better the music gets. Exploration is my personal favorite. (*^▽^*)

As far as sound effects go, they're solid and they do the job well.

Between the three versions of the game (PC, Wii, 3DS) I feel that if you have the right controller (the Xbox 360's circular D-Pad design does not go well with CORE), PC is the best because of the increased resolution. Also, the challenges which flip the + 90 degrees are actually challenging on the PC cause you can't just flip the controller like you can on Wii. Don't bother with the 3DS version, it's basically broken as the music de-syncs after the first section of Exploration and Control.

Final Thoughts
BIT.TRIP CORE is up there in my all-time favorite rhythm games. The great music and addictive gameplay keep me coming back to spend even more time in it.
Despite the difficulty curve, this is a very solid game. If you are a fan of rhythm games, definitely consider picking CORE up, and check out the rest of the franchise for that matter.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll like this game as much as I do if you decide to pick it up!
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Posted: June 29
BIT.TRIP CORE is much easier than BIT.TRIP BEAT, but has many similarities as far as game styling. I actually prefer this one for gameplay since the directional input is easier to manage than the tilt/mouse/joystick style of BEAT, though I think I like the music in BEAT better. Overall, a good addition to the BIT.TRIP line and worth a play if you like the style.
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Posted: October 16
Its another bit trip, you know what you're in for
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Posted: June 18
This is, in essence, Asteroids without the thrust button. As such, it's as awkward and cumbersome as you would imagine. The usual stylish charm of BIT.TRIP franchise is still there, yet it's sadly overshadowed by the nagging feeling that you are constantly struggling against the contrived control constraint forced upon you.

Some may call it a challenge, but for me it seemed awfully unfair, and ultimately, unfun. My least favorite entry in the series.

Update: comments to this review inspired me to remap the input scheme to the "DDR method" (4 buttons), as opposed to the "Guitar Hero" method employed by the game proper. It improved the gameplay immensely.

If you got this one on the cheap, and have suitable tool (I used Pinnacle Game Profiler), it's worth a shot. It transcends the game to a challenging and unique brain teaser, and you wouldn't have to fight with the interface anymore.
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Posted: August 6
When you first play this it may seem a bit overwhelming, but with a small bit of practice you'll get the hang of shooting beats coming in from four directions. That said, the levels aren't that difficult; it's the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ bosses! Half the difficulty stems from rather overwhelming patterns; the other, unpredictible beats.

On the second level, you have these beats that come in, stop, and fly in a different direction at high speed. You also have these beats that just zoom across the screen. The only way to blast them is to memorize what they do, but their nonexistant pattern is often times flooded out by mush that you keep seeing because these is no ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ checkpoint before the boss fight!

This game is more difficult than that one taboo BIT.TRIP game for the wrong reasons. Wait... oh god! The memories, they're flooding in! DESCENT, I see DESCENT. It keeps repeating over and over again. Then I see GROWTH. Oh for the love of the good Lord. It just keeps repeating... and repeating... and repeating... and repeating...
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Posted: October 7
It couldn't be any easier to get into the game and it's crzy hard to master. Must buy for any "old school styled game" lover.
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Posted: September 29
This is the worst port I have ever played. There is no fluidity with the controls and there is some lag between your input and what is displayed. This is the worst game in the ported series because of that. It has good music, though.
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Posted: June 30
It's an interesting concept but it's way, way too hard. You'd have to be an alien to be able to play it well. Even harder than beat.
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Posted: August 10
too hard for a pc casual like myself
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Posted: January 2
This game just isn't right. The main issue I have is that there is a huge delay between pressing fire, and actually shooting your beam. It really ruins the experience. The Wii version, where this is ported from, has no delay at all. Now, you're not getting the game for $1 on the Wii version like you are for the winter sale, but it is SO much better than this game. If anything, I recommend picking up a copy of Bit.Trip Complete on the Wii for about $20. It includes all 6 games in the main series, fun extras, and it includes the true story of the Bit.Trip games. It's a great buy.

SO, final results:

Wii Version- Very fun and challenging for all the right reasons! Recommended, 8/10!
PC Version- Kind of fun, and challenging for all the wrong reasons. Not recommended, 4/10
Bit.Trip Complete- ABSOLUTELY worth your money, 9/10
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3.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2013
Along with the rest of the BIT.TRIP Saga, this game is definitely unique. Only more so. But if you like simple, yet unforgiving music oriented games (I know you do), then do yourself a favor and check this one out. Commander Video FTW!
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Posted: December 6, 2013
I absolutly love the Bit. Trip Series. CORE is a little more toned down than its brother BEAT, but it is still is one of the best rythem games out there. It has unimaginably good music (as we have come to know and love from these games) that just make you want to play and play more. The only thing i wish they added to this game was support for user created bit maps and impemented the bomb feature better. It kind of feels like they threw it in last minute because they needed something for the top right corner. Its just to hard to use effectively, maybe a sound que to tell when it is ready?. My rating overall woud be an 7.5/10
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Posted: January 26
The game is really short, only 3 levels long. In fairness, each of these levels have around 8 sub sections, Each of which need to be cleared on the hardest difficulty to perfection if one wants to truely beat this game. Unlike another game in the series, Runner, the lowered difficulty setting actually makes the game a Bit.Easier, and so the game can be finished by anybody with a little practice. Gameplay is fun and challenging, missing a beat doesn't interrupt gameplay (Unlike in runner, where you have to reset the whole level) And the music is fun. A solid rhythm game, recommended to anyone interested in getting into the series or style of games, and even to fans of the series who like a challenge.
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Posted: January 6
... and also really fun.
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Posted: October 4, 2012
So far my least favorite Bit.Trip game. The controls (using a controller) are just so awkward, I can't get used to them. Like all the other Bit.Trip games this one uses the same formula, so I think most of us know what to expect. I expected better.

[Rating: 74/100]
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Posted: December 21, 2013
Get this if you hate your own life.
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