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Data de lançamento: 31 Jan, 2012

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Este artigo requer o jogo base Dungeon Defenders no Steam para poder ser jogado.

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Acerca deste conteúdo

Oriundo das densas selvas das terras do sul, o Barbarian é um mestre de combate capaz de manejar duas armas corpo a corpo em simultâneo e de executar combos devastadores! Usando cinco diferentes posturas de luta em vez de torres, o Barbarian é capaz de se adaptar a qualquer situação de combate. A sua habilidade Battle Leap permite-lhe anular instantaneamente a distância dos alvos que estão mais longe, enquanto que com a habilidade Battle Pound ele dizima todos os inimigos próximos. Se procuras dano massivo e destruição incrível, então o Barbarian é o herói que procuras!

Descobre novas maneiras para dominar o campo de batalha combinando duas destas posturas de luta (stances) em simultâneo:

  • Tornado Stance Corre mais depressa, ataca mais rápido, salta mais alto e empurra os inimigos com um turbilhão de ataques rápidos e de pouco dano.
  • Lightning Stance Usa o poder do relâmpago para atordoar os teus inimigos assim que os ataques lhes acertam, enquanto recebes uma pequena dose de dano com cada golpe.
  • Siphon Stance Sacrifica algumas das tuas resistências para roubar vida do teu inimigo enquanto que lhe causas dano.
  • Turtle Stance Coloca-te nesta postura defensiva para aumentar drasticamente as tuas resistências, mas reduzindo a velocidade a que te moves e a altura a que saltas.
  • Hawk Stance Invoca as forças do poderoso falcão para causar uma grande quantidade de dano no teu próximo ataque.

Ou usando estas poderosas habilidades:

  • Habilidade "Battle Leap" Esta habilidade permite ao Barbarian reduzir instantaneamente a distância dos seus alvos mais distantes com um poderoso salto de ataque.
  • Habilidade "Battle Pound" Este é um poderoso ataque em área que permite ao Barbarian dizimar todos os inimigos à sua volta.
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Publicada: 28 de Março de 2012
If your really into having different characters to control in this game then this is the DLC for you. This is the Barbarian that wields 2 melee weapons at one time, its tower defense is very strong and its a hoot to have this guy yell at those Orc's while killing them. You can use this character to wield 2 different melee weapons which can be fun to mix and match each weapon with him. This DLC doesn't add alot to the game, just a new character to customize and play with. I have liked using the Barbarian but it doesn't always suit my fancy. There isn't much more to say about this DLC other then get it if your really into this game and want to have all the available characters at your disposal. Get it and dont regret it.
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Publicada: 21 de Fevereiro de 2015
The Barbarian is by far my favorite class why you ask?
-Instead of towers focuses on stances that increase his attack speed,damage,etc.

-Friends having trouble on a mission? Go Barbarian! It's so rewarding when you plow through enemies like a lawnmower

- He has alot of useful skills like being able to leap long distances and slam the ground with alot of damage

- His design is awesome reminds of me of conan XD

- Sadly, even with the high damage attacks he is very fragile which lead to many deaths i suggest to roll with some health if you manage to buy and play him.

- Barbarian relys on his stances 24/7 and use huge chunks of your mana, You will be scavenging for mana like a hobo searching for leftovers. Trust me YOU WILL DIE WITHOUT THEM put some into your mana stat.

- He can be helpful, but alot of the players are kill greedy and get upset when you take all the glory. PREPARE FOR KICKS

Rating: 8/10
Yes Barbarian may have flaws, But he the most Highest DPS Class in the game Besides Jester and Knight. I've played this class almost all the time for the fun rewarding hack and slash play style, If you prefer to get out there and kick ♥♥♥ with a few stances instead of building defenses and camping
the barbarian is for you.

*Next wave song plays* Now excuse brothers and sisters *Picks up axes* I got some slaughtering to do....
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Publicada: 26 de Janeiro de 2015
This dlc is so fun, even though you don't get to place any turrets or anything, you just get to ram into the enemy wave and basically become Olaf from League of Legends. its amazing.
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Publicada: 20 de Julho de 2015
This DLC nay deserve a better review than the game itself.

IMO, Dungeon Defenders, the main game itself, deserves a mixed review.

It's allegedly a tower defense, but mostly becomes a mindless grind.

The Barbarian, though, makes no pretense of towers and long-term strategy,
so you get exactly what you bargain for.

If you're tired of the mindless grind getting boring, and want a slightly
more interesting to way to shut off your brain and beat the heck out of
stuff up close and personal, rather than spinning in place and firing,
this DLC is the way to go.

On the other hand, if you are grinding XP or mana, or want to help a friend,
the Barbarian's combat really doesn't seem to be able to compete with the
effecctiveness of ranged weapons... so the promo about "help your friends"
and "do more damage" is pretty wrong.

The descriptions of the stances seem leave out the fact that every one of them
has a downside, and although I'm certainly no expert on his use, normal seems fine
rather than picking a stance that either reduces your damage, attack speed, or ability
to survive damage.

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Publicada: 7 de Maio de 2015
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