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Krever hovedspillet Dungeon Defenders i Steam for å kunne spilles.

Utgivelsesdato: 20 Des 2011
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Krever hovedspillet Dungeon Defenders i Steam for å kunne spilles.

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Nylig oppdatert

New for 2012:

  • Candycove Village Campaign Mission
  • Frostdale Keep Challenge Mission
  • 1 new costume (Barbarian)
  • 3 new customizable Crystal Cores
  • 4 new achievements
  • Terrifying New Holiday-Themed Bosses

Om spillet

Celebrate the Winter Holidays in Etheria with the Etherian Holiday Extravaganza! event!

Mega Snowman and his minions are out to stop Santa from spreading joy through the land of Etheria this Holiday Season. Santa can't do it alone so he's enlisted your help to deliver and defend his presents! Though, those aren't the only things that may need protecting... when Mega Snowman gets fed up, it'll take the strongest heroes to defeat him and save Christmas!

The Etherian Holiday Extravaganza DLC Includes:

  • The Etherian Holiday Extravaganza Challenge Mission
  • Mega Snowman Boss
  • 4 brand-new, powerful Holiday-themed weapons
  • 4 Unlockable Character Skins
    • Apprentice -Santa Clause
    • Squire - Mrs. Santa Squire
    • Huntress - Santa's Little Helper
    • Monk - Rudolph
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Good for the Christmas time or just when you want to feel the spirit and the costumes are nice, so as always - buy the new DLC :) 8/10
Publisert: 5 September 2012
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