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Este artigo requer o jogo base Dungeon Defenders no Steam para poder ser jogado.

Comprar Dungeon Defenders - New Heroes DLC

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Comprar Dungeon Defenders Collection (Summer-Winter 2012)

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Want 4 new Dungeon Defenders Hero Classes? Want a chance to play all 8 at a time in the new 8-player PvE Uber Monster Fest Challenge mission? Well get ready. This pack contains gender-swapped versions of the main characters, equipped with all new abilities, stat ramps, and more:

  • The Initiate
    A student of the mountain monasteries, the Initiate has joined her counterpart to discover the truth behind her master's demise. While her time in the mountains may have decreased her endurance, her increased spell-casting and movement speeds coupled with powerful radial abilities make her a strong ally. Her Enemy Drain ability allows her to debuff all nearby foes and her Remote Defense Boost ability buffs the defenses of any nearby allies. She will not give up until she discovers the truth behind her master’s disappearance and avenges him!
  • The Countess
    A proud Etherian warrior of noble descent, the Countess can hold her own against any of the other great warriors of the realm. Though still favoring brute force melee combat, she can often run circles around her Squire comrades. Her Joust ability allows her to push through enemy lines with unstoppable force, while her Call to Arms ability allows her to rally allies to the cause, boosting their morale. Though she can be stubborn at times, she'll never back down from a fight!
  • The Ranger
    Hailing from the wood elves’ traditional home near the great forest of Mistymire, the Ranger is a formidable warrior. Unlike his nimble female counterpart, his slower speed is coupled with a hardier constitution enabling him to take a great bruising. His Invisibility Field ability enables him to cloak nearby allies and defenses along with himself, while his Piercing Spreadshot ability can tear through lanes of enemies in a wide arc. This pointy-eared warrior is a powerful ally to have in your travelling party!
  • The Adept
    An introverted trainee in the arcane arts, the Adept has focused her energy to hone several unique spells. Her Purifying Blast ability can unleash a magical explosion which will destroy skeletons in a single blast and greatly damage their necromancer masters, while her Instant Upgrade ability allows her to channel her mana into an instant upgrade for any Defense. Though she can be a little shy at first, her increased speed allows her to hurry across the battlefield to wherever her urgent attention is required! well as an all new 8-player PvE challenge mission: Uber Monster Fest!!!

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Publicada: 25 de Maio de 2015
These classes are helpful. I've seen some of the reviews. What you dont realize is this: The countess is much more faster then the squire. Therefore, if she is building, she can run a lot more faster. about 2x faster.The rangers abilities. He can cloak everyone around him and his piercing arrow shot shoots 3 birds. Much better then the huntress. The adept has Instant upgrade, which can be useful in some situations, and purity bomb, which is good when there are skeletons around. The intiaite has REMOTE DEFENSE BOOST, probably the most helpful ability in the GAME. You can boost everyone's defenses, and you dont even have to be near the defenses! I recommend this.
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6 de 10 pessoas (60%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 3 de Novembro de 2014
Well they are same heroes but nice skins... They change sex and they look better that way... I prefer Countess instead of Squire
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16 de 31 pessoas (52%) acharam esta análise útil
2 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
Publicada: 5 de Outubro de 2014
Should we have to pay to be able to choose character gender separately from the class you want to play? No.
Am I grateful it is an option at all? Yes.

Pick it up if you're a fan of a class but not the way they look, I got a copy of this with the "Complete Collection" and enjoy the hero variants but would not have picked it up separately, just... stopped playing the base game sooner.
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25 de 51 pessoas (49%) acharam esta análise útil
3 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
Publicada: 4 de Outubro de 2014
They aren't new classes. They're reskins of the original four. Boy do I feel ripped off.
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1 de 3 pessoas (33%) acharam esta análise útil
Publicada: 7 de Maio de 2015
well done and not a bad price
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