Use your wits, weapons, and the city itself to save Franklin from the zombie apocalypse in this exciting indie action puzzler.
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Release Date: Mar 2, 2012

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About This Game

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is an action puzzle game like you’ve never seen before. The goal of Containment is to surround zombies with survivors of the same color. But watch out for the zombies—they'll fight back by infecting the survivors in the street. Through the game's pulse-pounding campaign and multiple survival modes, you'll use your wits, items you find you along the way, and even the town around you to contain the zombie outbreak.

Key Features:

  • Not a Match 3 In Containment, you don’t match three of anything—you eliminate zombies by surrounding them with survivor tiles.
  • These Tiles are Alive Each tile is a fully animated character that interacts not just with its fellow survivors and zombies, but also with the environment.
  • Unique Storytelling There's no time for cutscenes or dialog boxes when the undead are trying to eat you—the story of Franklin County and its survivors is told through in-world text as you make your escape through what's left of the city.
  • Real-Time/Turn-Based Containment combines the cerebral strategy of a puzzle game with all the real-time action you'd expect from a zombie attack.
  • WMD’s Playing the game well rewards you with useful items that you can use against the zombie horde to devastating effect.
  • The Environment is Your Friend Franklin itself becomes a weapon as you knock over signs, power up heavy cranes, and roll cars over zombies.
  • Boss battles Yeah, that’s right. We even have boss battles. You haven’t seen zombies like these before.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP or later
    • Processor:2.4GHz or equivalent
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:128 MB Video RAM and Shader 2.0
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:600 MB HD space
    • Sound:Windows Compatible
    • OS:OS X Leopard 10.58, Snow Leopard 10.6.3 or later
    • Processor:Intel Mac
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:128 MB Video RAM and Shader 2.0
    • Hard Drive:600 MB HD space
    • OS:Ubuntu 10.10+, SteamOS+
    • Processor:2.4GHz or equivalent
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:128 MB Video RAM and Shader 2.0
    • Hard Drive:600 MB HD space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 3
So, let's dispatch with the obvious first. This is a low budget game, that sought to capitalize on the candy crush formula and added zombies because they were popular.

That said, the game is deeply flawed. THe instructions are a joke, the mechanics seem to be applied inconsistently, and the game itself is terribly dated.

After saying all that, you'd think I didn't enjoy it. On that point, you'd be wrong. Once you figure out how to play, the game itself is an enjoyable time sink. The zombies force you to react quickly, but the mechanics are forgiving enough that you never feel like the game is punishing you. The graphics are dated, but the aesthetic packaging is good. I'd hazzard to say that even the price is right.

This game is a couple of hours of fun, marred by what is either a new developer or limited studio. Despite the flaws, it's a thoroughly enjoyable outing that doesn't overstay its welcome. I'm happy to have purchased the game, and would recommend it for a few hours of fun.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
21 of 24 people (88%) found this review helpful
18.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 6, 2014
Essentially it is a flash game, an enjoyable variant similar to the Candy Crush type game if you've ever played it, that will provide around 5-20 hours of fun. At its core its a puzzle game with strong elements of strategy.

The premise of the game is that you have to surround groups of zombies with the same type/coloured survivor to remove them from play. Survivors consist of the soldier, the policeman, the cheerleader and the thug, each providing a different voiceover when a group is cleared which is quite nicely done.

There is one 5 act/20 level campaign which should take you around 5 hours to complete. The learning curve is very well done which is good as there is only one difficulty setting.

A range of harder zombie types provide the bulk of the challenge is this game as you progress through the campaign. The simplistic gameplay is added to with environmental hazards that can kill off survivors or block more of them from coming through to reinforce the game board. Additionally you can have up to three power-ups to blast away groups of zombies when in a tight sequeeze. There are around 6/7 each individually adapted to provide a unique destructive effect when used.

There are three additional survival levels that you can play if you get hooked while the soundtrack is very basic.

If you are an achievement hunter it should take you between 14-20 hours in total to get the last one, as its a grinder!

Overall Id say the game does what it says in the store page. Its nothing special but it is enjoyable if you like this sort of game, as I have. If you are a hardcore game then this is probably not for you unless you like a dose of casual on the side!
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18 of 19 people (95%) found this review helpful
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 30, 2015
Puzzle games seem so sleek and perfected now, but stumbling out of the shadows comes a low budget, low production, yet solid, entertaining and engaging puzzler for your brain to chew on. Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is a tile based puzzle game where you need to surround zombies with matching people. Once you've surrounded a cluster of zombies with pink scientists, yellow punks, blue officers or green soldiers they kill the zombies and disappear themselves. Then the tiles fall to the south like falling tiles and others come in from the north. Its easy to shuffle your people around, click one and then another. No matter where they are, they'll exchange positions.

I say its like falling tiles, because the camera is overhead and these tiles are really people on a street. Its an easy, engaging and enthralling game. If a zombie is at the edge of the puzzle grid, you only need to contain it with three or two people if its in a corner. Zombies only need to be contained by north, south, east and west rather than including northeast, northwest, southeast and so on.

Spend too much time and the zombies will target an adjacent human. After more time, they attack and turn them into a zombie. That's when things get interesting, because you need more people to surround and contain them back to death. If there are enough zombies you might lack the same color of personnel to contain them all.

On top of a standard shuffling of people, there are special abilities. These abilities are dropped in crates and you can find them in trash cans unless there is a zombie lurking inside. They add more depth to the game. You can get a sniper shot that puts a bullet in a zombie's head to kill it instantly. An air drop that bombs a horizontal line of people and zombies alike. There's a line of radiation suits that turns three people into any color. Electricity will zap three people or zombies in a line. A grenade will destroy an area of seven people or zombies while a Molotov cocktail engulfs several tiles at random. While you can only hold three abilities at once, which is more than enough, you can carry them from block to block.

The campaign is broken into several blocks per chapter with five chapters making up each of the game's three acts. It tells a story between the puzzles. The areas around the puzzles are all unique environments. Wrecked autos, playgrounds, streets and abandoned buildings. When camera moves from one cluster of humans and zombies you see text floating in the air over the road. Its nothing ground breaking, but its more interesting to see the seamless integration of a hovering camera between blocks.

Each block is different, so the puzzles are more than just perfect square grids. Sometimes a gas station will explode and collapse blocking any new reinforcements. To keep things interesting the game throws new challenges, such as zombies coming in from the sides. Win the block before they get to your people or you have more to contend with. Other times zombies will target people from above and just drop in. Normal zombies turn into grander zombies that need to be contained twice, but the problem with this is that the mega zombies look too similar to the normal ones.

The campaign suffers a bit from no rewards for everyone surviving a block of game. You're just pushing on to complete block after block of each level resulting in no replay value other than its a good game. There is a survival mode that feels more like a traditional puzzle game where you get a score and graded at the end based on your time and survivors. You can get combos for killing two zombie areas at once and cascades for killing one area of zombies and then more people fall into place and kill other zombies.

Containment is a blend of great puzzle design with a sprinkle of charm, humor, bad voice acting that fits the unpolished aesthetic. The game is never horrifying, but it is bloody. There are overhead visuals of zombies eating people, blood splatters here and there and its done in a half bloody half silliness. The game itself could look better. The people could look more pleasing to the eyes from this overhead perspective.

If you can look beyond its visual flaws and cheesy voices, there's a good puzzle game here. The low price makes it a good investment of money for your puzzle entertainment.
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10 of 11 people (91%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 23, 2015
Sophie’s Choice

Games are great, I love them all, from hard core strategy through to frantic FPS action, but if I had to pick my least favorite genre.... well... it’s like asking a parent who their least favorite child is, it’s not an easy question to answer and you’ll almost certainly get the generic “I love them all equally” reply.

That’s the easy way out; the problem is that it almost certainly isn’t true.

Gaming Bones

Deep down we know the answer, even if we don’t want to admit it to ourselves, but I’ll be brave, I’m going to take a stand for absolute honesty.

My least favourite genre is probably the puzzler, that’s not to say that I haven’t sunk plenty of hours into playing them over the years, but they just don’t grab me like other genres do.

They’re just too shallow, too casual, they’re fine for killing time on my phone or tablet during a commute but when I’m at home and looking for a gaming fix it’s rare that you’ll find me sitting in front of my PC playing Peggle or Tetris.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy puzzlers, but when I’ve got the gaming itch and enough time to indulge it properly, I like a little more meat on my gaming bones.

Monster Connoisseur

Monster movies are great; I love them all, from werewolves and vampires through to undersea kraken and outer space aliens, but if I had to pick my absolute favourite movie monster genre, it’d have to be zombies

I’ve exposed myself to so much zombie culture over the years that I can’t walk through a shopping centre or mall without thoughts of Dawn of the Dead playing through my mind.

Could the undead break through those glass doors? How long would the cakes and cookies in Starbucks stave off my hunger? Would I really be lucky enough to be in a mall when the zombie apocalypse strikes?

These are the sorts of questions that keep me up at night but rarely do I have the same thoughts about other supernatural beasties. If I’m out at night and there’s a full moon, I don’t check my pockets for silver bullets.
On the rare occasion that I’ve seen a bat, I don’t reach for the crucifix and the garlic.

Werewolves and Vampires don’t stalk my waking thoughts but zombies... the “what if” of the undead apocalypse is always there, shambling beneath the surface of my mind.... but enough of my problems...

Apathetic Fanatic

Seemingly random questions at the start of reviews are great, but why am I sharing my aversion to puzzle games and my unhealthy zombie obsession?
It’s because these particular personal preferences have presented me with a dilemma.
You see I’m about to play through a game called “Containment”, a zombie themed puzzler which means I should both love it and be completely disinterested at the same time...

Survival Flavour

Containment certainly takes an interesting twist on the puzzle genre, instead of having colourful gems, blocks, fruits etc. to play with, here your puzzle pieces are zombies and survivors.
The survivors themselves come in various different flavours from chainsaw wielding punks to gun toting cops.
Each level presents you with a block of these survivors and some zombies mixed in for good measure. If you do nothing the zombies will infect the survivors around them, turning them into zombies too!

This encourages you to play through quickly, spend too much time mulling over your decisions and your group of survivors will turn into a shambling horde, so expect some frantic and rushed decision making as you play.

Shuffle Around

The game mechanic itself is a fairly simple one, you swap the positions of the different survivors by clicking on them, and your goal is to reposition the survivors in such a way that a zombie is surrounded by the same survivor type.

So if you’ve got a zombie that already has a couple of redneck survivors standing next to it, you’d quickly want to scan the closest survivors for more rednecks, if there are some close by, you’d start clicking on them to slide them into position around the zombie.
As soon as our red necked buddies have the walker surrounded, they’ll take it down.
That’s one less to worry about, time to move on to the next.
It’s a simple rinse and repeat formula that makes this, like most other puzzle games, quick to learn, initially addictive but ultimately a little repetitive.


There are lots of nice touches in Containment.
Different survivors have different attack animations when they take down a zombie, it’s a fairly simple thing, but this variation really does add to the experience, you’ll find yourself looking forward to taking a zombie out with a group of survivors you haven’t “experienced” yet.

When you complete a level, instead of the screen fading to black then loading in the next challenge, the camera will move away from your last victory and rush through the city until it focuses on the next group of survivors waiting for your point and click salvation.

Migraine Free

With regards to the aesthetics, it’s refreshing to play a puzzler that isn’t all bright primary coloured eye candy and flashing lights.
Containment knows its setting and has a palette appropriate for its post apocalyptic theme.
Everything is pretty good looking too in its own top down, mostly static kind of way.

This isn’t just any puzzle game...

This is a refreshing entry into the genre and one which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would.
It avoids the migraine inducing bright cheeriness which infects most other puzzlers, it’s gritty, it gives a nice “end times” vibe and if you’re in the mood it can be genuinely fun to play.

Is it the sort of game that will make me want to rush through my working day to get back home and play?

No, puzzle games don’t do that for me, too shallow, remember, but it is a fun distraction in short bursts and one which I’ll definitely load up again.

This is a post apocalyptic puzzle game.

If puzzle "match up" games are your thing and you’re looking for something a little different in the genre, then Containment should fit the bill.
It’s a stylish, quick hit, post apocalyptic puzzler and there aren’t many games you can say that about!

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11 of 13 people (85%) found this review helpful
9.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 12, 2014
Another zombie game, you're thinking? Well, no, not really. At least, not a TYPICAL zombie game by any means.

As the title states, it's a puzzler - no hybrid zombie shooter-♥♥♥-puzzler. Just a puzzler. So why the zombie inclusion? For the most part, it's not relevant really at all. It could be anything that takes the place of those zombies, but the important thing is it's a pretty good puzzler.

It's based on the "match 3" style of puzzle, and you start with a full grid of objects/zombies (a bit like Bejeweled) - and just like Bejeweled, once you clear a group, the spaces are refilled. That's about where similarities end.

Your basic aim is to clear the zombies on the board, and the way you clear a group is to surround them with a colour-coded group of your little guys, doing their utmost against the contagion (go little guys!) As the game progresses, slight variations and hurdles are introduced to up the ante. Difficulty is kept nicely linear, and paced just right. I could go into deeper description of these hurdles, but I think doing so would rather spoil it for you. There's not much else to say about the mechanics - it does what it should rather well indeed.

The levels are tied together in a "story mode" format, and to be frank, the story is pretty rubbish, and terribly amateurly written. However, as this is in the form of text on-screen, there's no awful voice acting to listen to, and it skims along quickly enough, so that you soon progress onto the next level with a minimal of fuss. In short, you can easily ignore it, and it impacts the game in no other way than this.

So, even if you've completely had your fill of the over-used zombie craze, this is a worthy purchase, especially if "matching" puzzles are your thing. I picked it up in an indie bundle and was pleasantly surprised - so much so that I replayed it as soon as I'd finished the story mode. It's not exactly very graphically intensive either, so a moderate/low PC should run it capably too.

All in all a pleasant little puzzler that very much does it's own slant on a formula, and well worth the purchase. As always my metric is price, and I'd say this is worth a good £6-7. If you aren't so into puzzles, then I'd still recommend it, although you should adjust the price accordingly.
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
4.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 25, 2014
A wonderful match-up game. This game has unique humor and good story.
If you seek for intensing match-up game, weel, this one is what you're looking for.
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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2013
Bejewled with zombies.
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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
4.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 1, 2013
Decent little puzzler with an amusing bit of tale-telling to it. Not just the usual match 3 , the mechanic is about creating barriers of matching pieces. There are a good few item drops, which you keep between levels, adding to the tactical depth. Also there are a lot of environmental elements which you (or the enemy) can use. There are not too many levels, and each one seems to have been carefully hand-crafted, rather than just thrown together randomly. If you like puzzles, get it at 50% off, or cheaper.
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5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
19.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 8, 2015
If you like matching games and if you like zombies, then this game is for you. The premise is very simple but the gameplay is very fun. I love killing zombies, but sometimes I don't feel like running around to do it. This game is an interesting puzzler. I enjoy this as a casual game to rest my brain from all my all pointing and clicking :). There is a sense of urgency since the zombies can kill the survivors, turning them into zombies. With each map, the only soundtrack you get is a pulsing heart, which hightens the sense of "must kill them all before I have too few survivors!". Using certain survivors to kill zombies will cause loot to fall. You can have bio-suits, missiles, grenades, lightning bolts, and mystery items to help you fight. This game is worth the price and it is an enjoyable little game.
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8 of 12 people (67%) found this review helpful
7.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 19, 2014
Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is a surprisingly fun little game! I'm enjoying it a lot.
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Recently Posted
0.6 hrs
Posted: September 12
Just not very fun or interesting. Moving survivors around to encircle zombies got old after about 15 minutes. The game also has sloppy interface issues, like how it's hard to tell which zombie the sniper attack is aimed at. And be aware that the game is partly in real time - when a zombie threatens to attack a survivor, you only have a few seconds to prevent it. It won't wait for you to take your turn.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: July 31
Fun puzzler, shades of tetris.
Not really my bag, but I bought it for my wife and it's been awesome to watch her going at it for extended time periods.

Fun mechanics, well done, nice bits of story between puzzle bits to keep it interesting.
Graphics are nice too and add some excellent icing to this cake.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: July 11
Very hard puzzle zombie game.
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249.2 hrs
Posted: July 2
Containment is a "bejeweled style" of puzzle game, only rather than connecting colors, the object is to surround individual and groups of zombies on all sides (up, down, right, left - NOT diagonal) with the same type of human in order to kill it. Zombies on the edge of the puzzle are much easier to kill as you don't have to surround the side on the edge. So there are cases throughout the game where only 1 human is needed to kill a zombie, however rare, but there are many cases where only 2 or 3 are needed.

Where this can get very challenging and out of hand quickly, is that groups must be completely surrounded. Depending on the size and shape of the group, it's not always easy to see how many you're going to need right off hand, or where they need to go, and as you're thinking this through, the puzzle is changing as the zombies start to eat a human next to them. That human then turns into a zombie and suddenly you need more of the same human to complete your zombie corral.

To avoid making this incredibly repetitive and boring (not to mention nearly impossible, but that will make more sense in the next paragraph), there are a few additional game mechanics, the first of which is special zombies - for example, zombies that take 2 hits (must be surrounded twice), zombies that spawn other zombies when killed, wizard zombies that seem to have a shield, and a few other special/boss zombies.

The other game mechanic involved is weapons. Throughout the game boxes will spawn, whether from clicking on an interactable item such as a trash can, or from getting a combo. These boxes contain "random" (there's a system, but it's not worth explaining here) weapons that range from killing a single zombie to wiping out an entire row of zombies or humans, whatever gets in the way. I'm estimating about 10 different weapons. It may be possible to beat the game without these, but I doubt I could pull it off, and I don't see a point in trying.

The campaign is set up as a story, like most games. It's very linear and between puzzles it gives you a few more lines from the survivors' point of view as they try to escape and survive this zombie apocalypse. As you move from block to block, or puzzle to puzzle, however you view it, not all puzzles are the same shape. Obstacles will split the puzzle into smaller chunks, remove a small section of it, or in some cases, remove most of it. For example, you might click on a propane tank that explodes, dropping a billboard onto the puzzle, smashing and eliminating 1/3 of the entire puzzle within the first 2 seconds of the puzzle starting. Or a vehicle may come crashing into the puzzle.

Overall the game is fun, if a little short. The story, as you might imagine, is quite basic and cliche, not extremely well written, but this isn't a game you buy for the storyline, so if this turns you off the game, you should seriously reconsider your priorities.

The gameplay is fun, but while I can easily see it being incredibly addictive to some and giving them dozens of hours of play in survival mode, reaching personal bests, it's something I beat (the campaign), it entertained me for a few hours, but I don't see myself replaying it. If you get it on sale, it's well worth it. I don't think I'd pay more than about $5 for it, though. Who knows, maybe I'll find myself craving it down the road, but as of now, having just beat it, I'm ready to play something else.

Bottom line: If you can pick it up cheap and enjoy puzzles, give it a shot. I doubt you'll be disappointed. But if you're looking at paying more than a few bucks for it, maybe see if you can find a demo or someone else to let you try it first. All in all, I'm glad I got it for cheap and got to experience it. It's an indie title that works fine and plays well, but it's not extremely complicated, nor highly polished, but it's cheap.

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weightloss kingboy [Hanno]
399.6 hrs
Posted: June 28
This game is awful. It's the best circlejerk game to come out since Bad Rats.
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15.2 hrs
Posted: June 28
An action block puzzler in a zombie world. Zombies can be killed when you encircle them with human survivor blocks of the same kind. The game can be interpret as descendants of Go, Tetris, Puyo-puyo, or Cleopatra Fortune (by Taito), though its playing experience is original from its possible ancestors. While many zombie games are wasting the concept of zombies, this game has succeeded in making good use of zombies, who bite human survivors into another zeds if the player takes too long time.

Though this game contains more elements of luck/randomness than in its ancestral games, it is fun and requires quick and precise decisions to beat it. A zombie game value for money.
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11.8 hrs
Posted: June 11
The most fun Bejeweled clone I have played in quite a while. Surprisingly, it has a lot of depth, boss fights, special items and many challenges as well as a long campaign.

Played both the desktop as well as the mobile version, both perform good and intutitively.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: May 8
The game quickly gets repetitive as there isn't much that helps the player to drive forward. The mechanics are dull and the whole game lacks polish.
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1.4 hrs
Posted: May 1
Fun, different take on match three style puzzle games. Wish it had more levels though
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