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Çıkış Tarihi: 11 Kasım 2011
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Çalışması için Dungeon Defenders oyununun Steam sürümüne sahip olmanız gerekmektedir.

Dungeon Defenders Capture the Flag Pre-Alpha Pass (Free DLC) Oynayın

Oyun Açıklaması

This pass grants you early access to Dungeon Defenders’ 16-player Capture the Flag mode. Here you must form an 8-man team and score the most points by killing opponents and holding the flag for the longest time. The team with the most points will win. You will be able to play this mode online with your existing characters and provide feedback to Trendy Entertainment while they flesh out this gameplay mode.

Note: This is a pre-alpha version of the game. Trendy Entertainment encourages you to submit your feedback and balance suggestions to their forums while playing to help them build out this game mode.

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Fight in PvP in this great DLC were you can play a classic game called Capture the Flag. Play and fight against 8 opponents in a 16 player online match with this great DLC. The great thing about this DLC is that its PvP, the downfall is that there are limited maps to play on and not to many to play with. It is still in Alpha so there are alot of quarks to work out and fix. You can provide your feedback about the new mode to the Devs and they will listen to your feedback. This will be a great addition to the game when it is finally released and not in alpha or beta mode any more. This is definitely a DLC to look foreword to in future patches and updates to the game.
Yayınlanma: 3 Nisan 2012
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