Acest conținut necesită jocul de bază Dungeon Defenders pe Steam pentru a putea fi utilizat.

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Data lansării: 11 nov., 2011

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Acest conținut necesită jocul de bază Dungeon Defenders pe Steam pentru a putea fi utilizat.

Descarcă Dungeon Defenders Development Kit (Free DLC)


Despre acest conținut

The Dungeon Defenders Development Kit is a robust set of tools for players to modify all aspects of the Dungeon Defenders source and create their own content and games. Packaged with the game’s complete source code and art assets, the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit is one of the definitive Unreal reference codebases for anyone looking to create their own Unreal games.

Key Features:

  • Create and edit maps for Dungeon Defenders: These maps can include new game code, assets, and more which will be automatically downloaded online to new players so they never have to leave the game. Create awesome new mods and become famous as their popularity spreads through the online Dungeon Defenders community!
  • Access to all of Dungeon Defenders’ source assets: Build upon our vast library of Dungeon Defenders assets for your mod or total conversion using your art package of choice, so you can quickly create new content, animations, or characters without having to start from scratch.
  • Access to Dungeon Defenders’ full source code: Change ANYTHING and create your own completely new game as a Total Conversion! You could make a brand new FPS, a team-versus-team online MOBA, or a third person Role Playing Game. The possibilities are endless and the existing Dungeon Defenders code base and content will give you a head start. This is one of the definitive Unreal Engine 3 reference codebases and one of the largest complete codebase to ever be publicly released!
  • Utilize automatic online matchmaking for Mods and Total Conversions: Players automatically download new maps and content as needed when they connect to a previously un-played map or mod. Players can search online games for specific mods and Total Conversions will automatically connect, seamlessly matchmaking among themselves.
  • Distribute your mods and total conversions: We give you the rights to distribute your creations anyway you wish, as long as you don't include our EXE's.
  • Includes the pre-alpha source for a new, 16-Player PvP Capture the Flag mode, giving you a head-start on creating large-scale, competitive game types!
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Postat: 31 decembrie, 2015
Where the ♥♥♥♥ is it?! Google is of no help to find it when you download it. I'm searched everything in the game directories and there is no "dundefeditor" "dundefdevelopment" dundeftool" or anything of the sort that google results suggest. I restarted steam and that didn't work either. Restarted the game, nothing. About to restart my computer but I doubt that'll fix it.
I've seen what it can do and it is awesome, but I'm giving a thumbs down just because of this ridiculous inconvenience.
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Postat: 3 aprilie, 2012
Ever wanted to modify this game? Well with this DLC you can. Introducing the development kit were you can change weapons and maps to your liking's. There are tons of options to mess around with to create the world you have only dreamt of. Want the fireballs that your shooting out of your hand to shoot rainbow? Then this is the kit that will help you do that. Want the missions and levels to look crazy? Then this is the kit for you. If you have wanted to be a developer of a game and wanted to put your ideas into it this can help you do that. If you have created something really unique and special then send it to the developers and they may use it in some upcoming DLC and pay you for it. The possibilities are endless with this little tool at your disposal. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to create more with their world.
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