Geneforge 2 is an Indie fantasy role-playing adventure with a science fiction twist. Explore a huge world, choose which side you will fight for, and make your own horde of completely obedient mutant monsters. Geneforge 2 has a huge and open storyline. You can join with any of several factions and reach dozens of different endings.
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发行日期: 2003年7月1日



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"Geneforge 2 is a fantasy role-playing epic with a science fiction twist. A truly addictive series!"


Geneforge 2 is an Indie fantasy role-playing adventure with a science fiction twist. Explore a huge world, choose which side you will fight for, and make your own horde of completely obedient mutant monsters.

Geneforge 2 has a huge and open storyline. You can join with any of several factions and reach dozens of different endings. Help the rebels, or fight them. Fight your enemies, or use stealth and diplomacy. When you finish the game, start over, join a different group, and experience a completely different game. No matter what you choose, Geneforge 2 offers an enormous adventure with plenty of replay value.


    • Operating system:Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
    • Processor:1.6 GHz CPU
    • Memory:512 MB
    • Hard disk space:300MB
    • Video: OpenGL compliant graphics card
    • Sound:Sound card
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2代的故事紧接着1代,玩家开始依然扮演Shaper学徒,不过这次不是落难荒岛了,而是跟着导师一起调查一个贫瘠的山谷,随着调查的展开玩家开始接触到山谷背后的秘密,开始和1代扯上大量关联,Sucia岛上的Geneforge的风波在这个封闭的小山谷延续下去了,甚至可以看到不少1代中熟悉的NPC,而1代主角的故事也多次在对话中被提及(官方世界线里1代主角走的似乎是Obeyer线)。比起1代可能有点慢热,毕竟玩家要走不少地图调查完部分山谷后才会卷入阵营间的冲突,不过这次有了4个阵营(1代的Taker和Awakened都在,另外两个是对基因改造看法相反的Shaper叛徒阵营,可惜不同于一代,某些阵营要到比较后期才有可能加入),而且阵营间的冲突比1代激烈多了,另外还可以选择彻底忠于Shaper Council的中立路线,选择面上多了不少。越是偏离Shaper Laws获得的力量越强大,虽然1代中学习技能用的canister在2代也有,但如果结局想要回归Shaper学院的话,最好全部别用,不然只能和1代主角一样回归Shaper圈后一辈子受人冷眼,当然不用canister改造基因会导致游戏难度上升,只能靠训练师来学法术(而且训练师不教终极法术),另外选择中立的话很多早期训练师都不能用,所以说严格保持中立是最艰难但可能也是结局最好的一条道路(除非玩家对Serviles有好感,中立线因为忠于Shaper导致Serviles会遭到屠杀)。


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The world to explore is huge, non linear for the most part. Expect to die many times, the game is challenging and I like it this way. Expect to read too, and I mean read a lot. Geneforge is a well-written story heavy RPG where your choices will matter, with diplomatic situations filled with gray areas (it's not at all your classic good vs evil scenario), tactical turn-based combat, several different ways to play the game (I choosed a solo Agent, but you might as well play a Shaper with an army of creations), I think there are 5 different ways to "win" the game and complete the story.

I did not enjoy the story as much as the first game of this saga because the moral choices and the diplomacy were not as entertaining in my opinion, but they were far from being weak! Probably because of some similarities with Geneforge 1, it lacked the surprise and excitement to discover more about the whole plot. The first few maps were rather boring and linear, so it took me some time to get into the story. However areas turned out to be much more balanced than Geneforge 1 and the hand holding of the first maps didn't last long. At some point I became addicted and put some other games aside in order to see where the Geneforge 2 story was going to bring me.

If you are able to disregard the basic graphical quality when playing a game offering a rich world, deep story and a challenging yet enjoyable gameplay, the Geneforge saga and Spiderweb games in general are meant for you and will give you a great gaming experience, you should not hesitate to give them a try. Otherwise, I cannot recommend these games to you.

My rate: 8/10, I'm looking forward to play Geneforge 3 to 5.
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Despite what the negative review said, it worked perfectly fine on my computer.

I have a Samsung office model that is about 2-3 years old and it runs fine on my computer.

It's not as good as the first game in my opinion, but it is still worth playing! I would buy the bundle to get all 5 games for the price of one!
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A game along the lines of a Spiderweb title always contains a vast, vast, amount of content in terms of story, lore, conversation, etc. It's essentially like writing an entire interactive novel...three or four times, because there are always multiple endings based on your actions. Even if an action might have seemed insignificant at the time, you can bet you will feel it later on. Choosing from a handful of factions means choosing from a host of significantly different plot lines. Every named character you kill, you could have had a conversation and an alliance with.

This level of detail and development is pretty uncommon. You have to find titles like Bastion and Transistor in order to match the level of depth that comes from a game with the screenshots that make it look little more than an arcade game. Even then, the story is pretty linear. When we start up a Geneforge game, this diverse gameplay options inside a rich and immersive environment is what we are looking for. Fortunately, it's what we get; Geneforge 2 happens to be my favorite out of the series and one of the primary games that I grew up with. If Steam was able to record how much I played this game when it first came out, it would be over 500 hours. And since the story is just as good today as it was then, I see no reason why someone couldn't get half that time without even noticing.
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An amazing game, far more playable than the first game, and actually more playable than the third. If you like top down RPGs like Baldurs Gate, Geneforge is the game series for you.
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..who picks a class which partitions his skill sets based on cost. It remains possible for any class to purchase any skill but variable skill costs are in general dissuasive. Each of the three classes represents a different approach and contributes to the overall replay ability. There also appears to me at least one major choice (GF 1) via a factional alignment that is mediated by dialogue choices over time.
The slow-burn story and exploration of the culture of various factions within the game is also much as it was in Exile, as is fairly sizeable amount of gameplay and world. Geneforge has, however, created a rather distinctive setting surrounding an Academy of Biomages and their creations, sentient or otherwise, on an abandoned island you become stranded on. The difficulty curve is accommodating for those familiar RPGs, short of jumping straight to the hardest difficulty and/or punching through into distant territory. Fun, intricate and as charming as talking magical giant spiders.
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My favorite of a great game series. Anyone that likes fantasy or anything else, this game is for you.
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Pretty complex adventure rpg, I do not like the poor artstyle and slow pace
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will not work with modern computers. Mouse function extermely difficult. waste of money
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