Exciting new features, including four-player multiplayer in four modes and the ability to play as some of the game’s popular bosses
User reviews:
Mostly Negative (125 reviews) - 39% of the 125 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: 27 Sep, 2011

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Dungeons - The Dark Lord Steam Special Edition contains three exclusive multiplayer-maps. The maps Dunst, Playfreight and Labda were specifically designed for the brand-new game mode Piñata and are ideal for fast and thrilling multiplayer battles.

About This Game

Dungeons: The Dark Lord is the sequel to Dungeons, the game where the more evil you are, the better! There are a slew of exciting new features, including four-player multiplayer in four modes! Along with the addition of multiplayer modes such as Deathmatch and King of the Hill, there’s now the ability to play as some of the game’s popular bosses (Minos, The Dungeon Lord, the Zombie King and more) in multiplayer, along with the addition of an extensive single-player campaign, a new dungeon setting and 25 new prestige gimmicks.

Key Features

  • Four multiplayer modes for up to four players: Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Piñata and Survival
  • Entirely new, fully scripted and voiced single-player campaign
  • New dungeon setting (ice crystal cave) with new graphics, unique prestige gimmicks and a new boss monster
  • Playable bosses in multiplayer modes (Minos, Zombie King, Calypso and Dungeon Lord)
  • Various dungeon graphics sets and inventories are now available
  • New set of skills specifically for multiplayer modes

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 3 GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB free HDD
    • Video Card: 256 MB DirectX 9.0c Graphics card with Shader Model 3.0
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound: Windows-compatible Soundcard
Customer reviews
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Mostly Negative (125 reviews)
Recently Posted
0.8 hrs
Posted: 26 August
Combat is too easy, mostly just a waiting game. That's all there is in the beginning, especially in the tutorial. By the way, I never could figure out how to capture the dungeon heart in the tutorial, so I didn't even complete that part of the game! Too boring and kinda confusing at times. Don't buy this game.
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1.1 hrs
Posted: 19 August
I loved Dungeon Keeper back in the day...

I couldn't get through the tutorial for this game, I fell asleep...

3 / 10 zZzZzzz
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11.9 hrs
Posted: 10 July
Good Game
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13.2 hrs
Posted: 10 July
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11.3 hrs
Posted: 24 June
Im unsure why this game is rated so negatively, I enjoyed the game, for what it is. In comparison to games similar i think Dungeons works best. The expansion adds very little in the realm of features or new gameplay, but that being said, the new features were very necessary for me.
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52.3 hrs
Posted: 5 February
Wont start at all. Kalypson support super slow or non existent, still waiting. Dont buy this or Dungeons 2, cant expect it to be any better
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68.9 hrs
Posted: 29 December, 2015
buy it on sale its worth the sale prices not full prices though
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1.3 hrs
Posted: 24 December, 2015
worst dungeon keeper ever
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19.5 hrs
Posted: 2 November, 2015
This game is improved enough over the base game that I feel comfortable recommending the game at its current price (I got the base game + all DLCs + this Addon for $7.50.

This is a refinement of the base game. Everything is improved, and the only thing lost is the rpg-like skil tree... which is a shame, but everything else more than makes up for it (imo).

It's very moddable. The game just never got enough traction for any worthwhile mods to be created. It would have been a good idea to create some modding tutorials, but that never happened (edit: I was wrong about that). A shame, because with the proper mods this could have been a brilliant D&D Sadistic Dungeon Master simulator -- which no game does better than this.

EDIT: Everything that's available on modding this game can be found here: http://www.droolingfanboy.de/projects/dungeons/wiki
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Arlock The Cat
11.4 hrs
Posted: 7 October, 2015
Dungeons The Dark Lord is nothing but a lazy copy of the first game "Dungeons". There is nothing new here, no innovation or nothing. The storyline of the campaign is a PLAIN lord of the rings rip-off (and not in the amusing/funny way at all!) How anyone can defend this game is beyond me, I had to torture myself to keep playing it! The graphics are laggy as hell even with a really good computer such as mine, the in-game mechanics are sometimes outright broken where your so called "teammates" are supposed to help you in fights and defend your dungeon: big shocker, THEY WONT FUNCTION PROPERLY! They just stand around uselessly while your dungeon heart is torn down by heroes, standing idle the rare times you need them in a big group fight. They won't even level at your pace, meaning you are going to max out your favourite hero of the trio and leave the "rest" to hide behind your dungeon heart! What on earth where the programmers thinking?

So count out the so called "story" , the cool-sounding group hero mechanic and smooth gameplay, what is left? The new dungeon-type: Ice is the only new cool thing I saw while playing. But the rest is so ugly and glitchy, you are going to wish you could try out those tourture machines instead of playing your role as a badass dungeon lord!

Please, spend your money somewhere else, this is not a game for ANYONE! Not even fans (as I am) from the first Dungeons game. Play that one instead, I insist!
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2.8 hrs on record
Posted: 27 November, 2013
Its an alright game if you realize what it is. This is NOT A DUNGEON KEEPER Clone nor is it ment to be. Think of it like SimDungeon or DungeonTycoon. Thats the best way to describe it.
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3.4 hrs on record
Posted: 21 July, 2015
Its the same with every kalypso game on here; I see a game I think I'll like and i has so many negative reviews that I don't buy it till its on super sale one day. Then I love it.
This isn't dungeon keeper. I don't know what dungeon keeper is, but scanning the negative reviews will tell you that people bought this game not called dungeon keeper, and then discovered that it isn't dungeon keeper, and were very upset.
This is a dungeon-making/ time management/ strategy game. It's pretty easy, but fun and a good time killer. There is a lot of micromanaging. That's what the game is; managing things. Managing and building.
Gameplay is pretty much the same as the last dungeons but with more objects and upgrades and a different story.
It's fun, really, if you like time management and city building or dungeon building sims.
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Not Recommended
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: 12 July, 2014
Firstly, don't believe that Dungeons is a Dungeon Keeper remake. It's not. Dungeon Keeper was about massing armies of minions and then trashing the incoming heros with them. Dungeons is more about indirect hero management (very much like a Dungeon Master in D&D) and this is no bad thing.

Actually I prefer the concept of Dungeons far more than I did Dungeon Keeper. Are there enough piles of loot for hero's to find? Are they being adequately challenged by you minions? Is the dungeon decor affecting them? If yes then torture the statisfaction right back out of them! Maniacal Laughter(tm)

The problem I have with Dungeons is that it's seriously unpolished. Trying to target the correct hero with a spell can become an excerise in twitching the camera until you can finally get the cursor to select him. The early game generally moves too slowly and is the same process over-and-over again.

Your commandos need micro-management. They'll happily stand by and watch as the Dungeon Heart is destroyed next to them rather than attacking. Which becomes more of a problem if one turns off the horrible voice acting; then it's hard to notice the heart is under attack.

Imps sometimes can't be bothered to mine out walls - 6 imps running around uselessly won't mine a wall bang in the middle of my dungeon.

Autosaves are a mess, instead of saving at meaningful checkpoints they're sometimes saved on a timer. I've played for two hours in a dungeon to discover the last autosave was in a previous dungeon. Which bring me to my last point. The early game is tediously slow but the whole game could have been faster paced.

Unless you know what you're getting and are really looking to play Dungeons - The Dark Lord then I can't recommend it. Which is a pity; it had the potential for greatness.
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16.5 hrs on record
Posted: 8 December, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Has more freedom of control and design then dungeon keeper. Both making/decorating your dungeon and controling your dungeon lord to hunt heroes is a lot of fun. Only fun braking difficulty I experienced was constant soul gathering need and racing with heroes for endless leveling, leaving you always needing to push yourself harder untill immenent defeat from op heroes rather then having fun. But I guess no dungeon boss stays undefeated after all..
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8.6 hrs on record
Posted: 12 February, 2014
Do you want to be your own dungeon master? Ever have that itch to kill heroes and not finding a way to scratch said itch? This is the game for you!!!! Although it does get tough. Its NOT a Dungeon Keeper CLONE. Its more like the Sims. Editing the levels to make your level unique is easy to use. Maybe people don't like this game because it is fully 3d and has similar controls to a 3D design program. So far, it's has entertained me for about 3 hours and that is more then I can say for many other games. $7.49 for the gold edition was a good price and I would recommend this game to other users. $30 isn't a bad price could be $20 and it would be perfect
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Not Recommended
2.2 hrs on record
Posted: 12 February, 2014
Dungeons - The Dark Lord is a 3/4ths top down dungeon digging, operating, micro managing game with most of the emphasis on micromanaging instead of digging.

On the surface it looks pretty much like the old Dungeon Keeper series of games. However, in the 3 dungeon 2 hour tutorial, you'll learn its about 'entertaining' heroes that invade your dungeon and then killing them for their soul points or whatever. The heroes are attracted to certain things. Some want gold, so you need to let them collect gold before you kill them. Others look for armor and weapons from your forge, invading magicians look for your library. Still other heroes look for combat, to either take punnishment or dish it out. Thieves will come to disarm traps. It is all about making them happy to enrich their soul. So you can kill them, have your imps... I mean goblins take them to a prison where they can die. You can also torture them for bonus soul points!

With soul points you can buy things to make your dungeon more prestiegous to bait heroes in certain directions. The more prestiege you have, the wider your reach. The wider reach helps cut into rival dungeon keeper territory in multi player. You can also use soul points to level up your character's skills and magic, but really, you're pretty overpowered even if you do not upgrade anything.

Like Dungeon Keeper, you have a dungeon heart. If it dies, you lose the game. This will happen in multi-player, but not the solo campaign. Everything is like Dungeon Keeper, but without charm and it all seems like so much work. Keep a hero happy then kill him. That's a new level of micro management I don't care to get into. Plus the voice acting is terrible to bad if not annoying 'A hero is about to leave your dungeon with a smile on his face,' says an imp... I mean goblin in a dreadful voice.

The first dungeon of the tutorial just lets you guide your character through combat and its an easy 20 minutes. Very misleading as to what the game is. The game doesn't really show you what its about until 30 minutes into the tutorial and then its actually interesting. You put things into empty rooms instead of building rooms like Dungeon Keeper. A forge becomes a forge, because you put forge equipment in there, not because you insta-make it with a forge room like Dungeon Keeper. Again, its micro management to a higher level. Everything you put in a room has a use, such as quality, efficiency and speed. The heroes will keep coming, they don't stop so like a factory your goblins need to be quick and churn things out before a hero comes looking for a book, but because the last hero took a book, there are no more books, so that hero wanders through your dungeon, wondering where are the books? And there are no soul points when your creatures kill him.

So its all for soul points. Who cares? Get more soul points to get more stuff? Its good for competitive multi-player, but that's not how I want to spend my time. While this game looks like Dungeon Keeper, and plays totally different, I'd much rather play Dungeon Keeper 2 with all of its charm and great voice acting. A lot of the ideas and mechanics in Dungeons: The Dark Lord are good, but its just too much micromanagement for me.

I'd rather dig, explore and send waves of minions invading after heroes.
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59.8 hrs on record
Posted: 27 September, 2011
Oh yeah! A VERY nice sequal to Dungeons. The game graphics are better, the gimmicks are more clearly defined and overall it's an extremely well done game. Bravo Kalypso!!! For sure worth the price tag!!!!
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: 19 April, 2014
A solid worldbuilder in which the primary goal is to upset NPC adventurers who stumble into your lair. As a mad scientist, I can definitely appreciate that, though the fact that the game spends a good half of its time spouting "AM I FUNNY YET?" jokes at you is kind of a downer.
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264.8 hrs on record
Posted: 11 September, 2014
I love this game!!

But sadly, it needs more content. More dungeon decor, more maps, and a revamp of skills for ones Dungeon Lord of choice.
It's like they took the sheer awesomeness of decor and skill/ability selection of the first game and flushed it down a Multi-Player sewer, thus robbing a sadistically funny single player/ custom game experience.

Buyer beware, the first game Dungeons was much better. This game may just be a spiritual sucessor, and very much following the theme of creepy ways to rob would be adventurers.

That being said, I love this game!!! It still has a core of disappointing fun, at a reasonable price point. But only when on sale.

Definitely worth picking up for below $15. Good wholesome hero slaying fun!!!
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18.3 hrs on record
Posted: 18 March, 2013
Basically, a play on being a Dungeon Master from Dungeons & Dragons. Funny, fun, and recommended.

This is really just the multiplayer version with a few tweaks. Still a sequel though.

9 / 12
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