Team up with dozens of players and battle through the Realm of the Mad God, Oryx. With a retro 8-bit style, Realm is an evolution of traditional MMO gameplay.
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Release Date: Feb 20, 2012

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April 13

Patch Notes 27.7.X.13

Hey there people! Hope you all had your fair share of fun with April’s Fools content, because we’re back with a brand new dungeon as promised! Enter the first wing of the hidden Mountain Temple and defeat the High Monk Daichi to prevent the arrival of the Demon Lord Xil!



- The First Wing of the Mountain Temple is now live! Thanks to thq32df & Beige for the Art!

- Easter Egg Hunt has started! Eggs will spawn around the Realm, destroying all of them will spawn a Giant Egg! Be careful about destroying this one though, someone might get angry...

- Pet Eggs drop rate are doubled for Easter!

- Added In-Game Message Board (Scroll Icon on the top left of the screen)



- After being constantly exterminated by adventures, the Leprechaun community have decided to move out of Realm of the Mad God. The Leprechaun Chase Event is over.

- April’s Fools Reskins have been removed.

- Oryx Chicken will no longer spawn.



- Added a new batch of Skins and Pet Stones

- Made fixes to the following Skins / Dye Masks: Ascended Sorcerer, BB Wolf, Dark Elf Huntress, Demon Spawn, Hunchback, Jack the Ripper, Lil’ Red, Mischievous Imp, Nexus no Miko, Poltergeist, Slime Skins, Stanley the Spring Bunny, Vampiress, Zombie Nurse.



Servers daily restart time have been changed depending on their cluster:

- USW Cluster: 3am PST (UTC -7) / 10am UTC

- USE Cluster: 3am EST (UTC -4) / 7am UTC

- EU Cluster: 3am UTC

- Asia Cluster: 3am PHT (UTC +8) / 7pm UTC


Shops & Items

- Keys can no longer be purchased in the Nexus Shop by players under 10 Stars.

- Keys can no longer be used by players under 10 Stars.

- Keys’ price have been permanently lowered.

- Equipment can no longer be purchased in the Nexus Shop by players under 2 Stars.


Oy! What does that mean? To put it simply, the restrictions have been implemented to combat fraudsters, who create new accounts and buy / use large amounts of keys before charging back.

At the same time, we believe that a lot of items are currently too expensive. One of our goal is to make players feel good about spending a few bucks in the Nexus, without feeling forced to gamble with Mystery Boxes or having to spend more to afford expensive packages. We have permanently lowered the price of most keys, and are looking into repricing other items in future patches


That’s it for now! If you have questions, remarks or suggestions, fire away!

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March 23

Patch Notes X12 - Spring Cleaning Time!

Hey there people! We’re back at it with a new Patch! Not too many new things this time but a ton of fixes and some balance changes! Also read until the end to get a preview of what will be coming in the future!



- Spring time is here! Cherry blossoms are blooming all over the Nexus with the Hanami Theme, made with love by our Japanese artist Beige.

- Free cosmetics for all! Mini Stheno Skin, Mini Nut Skin and Bes/Geb/Nut Artifacts (Pet Stones) have been added to their respective bosses Drop Table!

- Added Exit Portals to Belladonna’s Garden, Lair of Shaitan and (for the future) Ice Tomb

- Added Portal of Cowardice to Puppet Master’s Theatre, Candy Land, Beachzone and Rainbow Road

- Leprechaun Hunt has been extended! You have a couple more weeks to chase after our green mini-Sonic. Gotta go fast!

- Added /p as alternative to /pause



- Ice Tomb Keys will no longer appear in the Nexus Shop / Mystery Box

- Ice Tomb Event Chest has now been removed

- Snowflake Tokens have now been removed from the game

- Winter Areas / Mobs are back to their usual form

- Winter Reskins will no longer drop



- The Sexiest Skin on Earth, the Beefcake Rogue, has been added to our files. **April Fool’s!** (or not?)


**Fixes & Tweaks**

- Password Recovery Email will now display the correct support link

- Error Message *"Could not find item in inventory. Please wait a few minutes and try again"* has been replaced by *"Please re-enter your Vault and try to use the item again"*

- The Tinkerer now offers a XP Potion (1h) as Tier 1 reward and Potion of Wisdom (SB) + Potion of Vitality (SB) as Tier 3 reward (small change while we work on the Tinkerer Rework)

- The version number is now X.12! Goodbye 27.7!

- Vault Chest Price Bug / Server-wide SB Bug should be fixed this time! God damn bugs!

- The ST skins for the Skuld and Phylactery sets no longer suffer from Cyclops syndrome when walking!

- Fixed text when connecting to Vault or Realm

- Fixed odd phrasing in options (hotkey tool tips)

- Fixed Yard Caretaker being tiny in the UI

- Fixed pet names not showing on arena leaderboards

- Fixed initial stacked Cursed Blasts in Encore and Halloween Cemetery

- Fixed stacked white arc in Ivory Wyvern's 2nd phase

- Fixed Skuld slowly migrating south when not activated


**Deadwater Docks:**

- Jon Bildgewater stays away from the spawn/portal

- Jon's Parrots no longer drop anything

-Buffed Jon's drop rates slightly to compensate


**St Patrick Event:**

- Fixed empty Oryx taunt when the Leprechaun is defeated

- Pot of Gold has more HP and much lower damage thresholds, giving everyone a chance

- Weapons now have (lovely) sounds!


**Balancing Updates**

- Slightly decreased Abyss drop rate and increased Sewers drop rate

- Coral Venom Trap drop chances are now more appropriate for a White Bag

- Tomb UTs will be less common

- To compensate for drop rate adjustments, damage thresholds have been significantly decreased


**Ocean Trench**

- Increased overall EXP gain (Sea Horses also give EXP again! And no worries, it will not be exploitable)

**Thessal the Mermaid Goddess**

- Paralyze Immune

- Increased HP from 69000 to 96000

- Coral Bombs inflict Pet Stasis for 8 seconds

- Waves inflict Weak for 6 seconds

- Increased Armor Break duration from 2.4 to 4.0

- Can't be stunned during Armor Break and Wave phases (warns with purple flash at the end of Tridents)

- Small invulnerability during Tridents (2.6s) and at the start of the last phase (8s)

- Shoots Tridents faster in the first phase, Armor Break slightly faster in the first and second phase

- All shots (including Coral Bombs’) now pass through players

-Deep Sea Beasts inflict Slowed for 2 seconds


**New Player Experience**

To continue our efforts of smoothing out the experience for new players there have been more changes and additions!


- The Tutorial has been updated with information about permadeath, nexusing, pets, fame, camera rotation and options

- You can no longer nexus from the main tutorial - this is to make sure new players actually finish it - and don’t worry, you can still go to options and click “back to home” or simply refresh/restart your client to escape if you need to

- Camera rotation is now enabled by default

- Toggle off-center view is now X by default (should not affect you if you already have X bound to something else)



- Adjusted drop rates in High Lands and lower level dungeons - Pirate Cave, Forest Maze, Forbidden Jungle and especially the Spider Den

- Slightly reduced the damage and chase speed of certain High Lands mobs

- High Lands mobs give EXP again like they are supposed to


**What’s Next**

- Four Dungeons are currently close to completion: Sil3x’s Mountain Temple (1st Wing), Sues’ Goblin Lair, Kiddforce’s Lost Halls and MrUnibro’s Epic Hive. Get ready because they’ll be released soon!

- Alchemist & Tinkerer Rework: The Tinkerer & Alchemist are being revamped to allow a better Daily Quest System!

- The promised Art Contest has unfortunately been on hold for quite some time due to us running out of time (mostly due to bugs and exploits). Don’t despair, it will still happen!

- Q&A Videos (may only be audio)! A few people have voiced their support for us to do regular Q&A sessions, and we’re exploring the possibility (mostly: do we have enough time).

- We’re still hard at work to fix the existing bugs and exploits that are plaguing the game! Please remember that using Real World Trading Sites or buying Gold Accounts is strictly forbidden and will get you permanently banned without warning (including your mules and your main account).


That’s it for now! If you have questions, remarks or suggestions, fire away!

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About This Game

Realm of the Mad God is the first ever free to play Bullet Hell MMO. Team up with dozens of players and battle through the Realm of the Mad God, Oryx. With a retro 8-bit style, Realm is an evolution of traditional MMO gameplay. A dozen classes and hundreds of items to discover means Realm is easy to play but difficult to master. Players can jump in Realm for 5 minutes or stay online for hours because there is nothing to install or download.

Key Features

  • Action combat! No turn-based battles here, only skilled running and gunning.
  • Epic boss battles. Navigate demented waves of bullets from nasty demons.
  • True cooperative play. All experience is shared and you win by playing together.
  • Great 8-bit art: Retro styling straight from the 8-bit era.
  • Over a dozen unique character classes. Play as a powerful wizard, a clever mystic, a brawling warrior.
  • Loot! Hundreds of weapons, potions, armors, and rings.
  • PermaDeath. Dying well means something in Realm. Earn fame if you survive for long enough and kill enough monsters.
  • Sheep. The sheep say 'Baa.'

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP or later
    • Processor:2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • OS:Mac OS X v10.6 or later
    • Processor:Intel Core™ Duo or faster
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
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