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The highly anticipated sequel to last year’s PC hit, Puzzler World 2 brings more puzzles, new games, fun rewards and an all new Master Mode.
Data di rilascio: 24 Ott 2011
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Informazioni sul gioco

L'atteso sequel del gioco di successo per PC dello scorso anno, Puzzler World 2 contiene ora più puzzle, nuovi giochi, divertenti premi ed una nuova modalità: la Master Mode.
Creato dallo stesso team che ha sviluppato l'originale Puzzler World, il team è stato capace di tirar fuori i muscoli e migliorare il gioco in ogni aspetto. Con una selezione rivista di puzzle e mini-giochi, la nuova modalità Master Mode, un nuovo sistema a premi e l'aggiunta dei trofei - Puzzler World 2 porta l'avvincente serie ad un nuovo livello!
Ogni puzzle completato sbloccherà un gioco bonus che a sua volta ricompenserà il giocatore con la nuova ruota dei premi. Il player girerà la ruota per vedere che premio può vincere. I giocatori possono vincere gettoni suggerimento che potranno essere utilizzati per comprare degli aiuti nel caso in cui un puzzle sia troppo difficile.
Puzzler World 2 permette anche ai giocatori di sbloccare livelli Master Mode speciali i quali forniscono sfide ancor più difficili.

Caratteristiche principali:

  • Oltre 1200 nuovi puzzle e mini-giochi dal fornitore numero uno al mondo di puzzle - PML
  • Gioca con una grande varietà di puzzle differenti, inclusi: Wordsearch, Fitword, Sudoku, Crossword, Hide and Seek, Link-a-Pix, Backwords, Silhouette e Pieceword
  • Sblocca mini-giochi bonus aggiuntivi - Picture Quiz, Splitwords, Chain Letters, Colour-In, Sum-Up, Jigsaw, Hangman, Chain Letters e molti altri!

Requisiti di sistema

    • Operating system:Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7(admin rights required). NOTE: 95/98/ME/NT not supported.
    • Processor: Min Pentium 4 2GHz or Athlon XP/64bit Equivalent
    • Memory: 1GB System Memory
    • Hard disk space: 3.5GB
    • Video:128MB Directx 9.0c Video Card
    • Sound:Sound card with DirectX 9.0c support
    • DirectX®:9.0c or higher
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Nothing diferent from the Puzzler World 1. Only difference is that this second part has bugged one achievement and that really sucks. Developers don't even care to fix that crap, they don't care for their game anymore. So my suggestion is: better buy Puzzler World 1 and enjoy play that one (as I said almost same game), then buy this bugged bad copy of it...
Pubblicata: 28 Aprile 2014
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Puzzler World 2 is worse than Puzzler World 1.

* PW2 has one achievement bugged (see worldwide statistics)
* PW2 link-a-pix needs scrolling (very annoying) even when it's not bigger than the link-a-pix in PW1
* Reward animations take twice as long = twice as annoying, with mandatory wheel-spin and all
* 4 new puzzle types
* only British English (PW1 had American/British/4 other languages)
* same difficulty level (easy-medium
Pubblicata: 30 Aprile 2014
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The first Puzzler World was better in my opinion as far as the interface goes. This one made some unnecessary changes that only served to lessen the quality of the sequel.

The new link-a-pix is a lot more annoying especially since you have to drag the screen around to find the corners of the puzzle. I'm not sure why they decided it was a good idea. They could have just as easily added in a zoom function.

They removed codewords and added 2 other types of puzzles to replace it. Why was it removed to begin with?

Aside from the 2 things I pointed out, the game is pretty much the same. It goes on sale often so it's a nice little purchase that can entertain you anywhere between 5-20 hours depending on your enthusiasm for puzzles both easy and challenging.
Pubblicata: 30 Giugno 2014
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A very good game for children in development, with a lot of different puzzles, it surely is the best puzzle game i ever saw, but the let down is the resolution, and the fact that it opens in windowed mode all the time.
Pubblicata: 15 Maggio 2014
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The Sequel to Puzzler World is just a little expanded version.
Some new gamemodes are added like Fit Word which is a drag and drop Crosswords , or one like a Crosswords reverse. There are also little optical changes. Now you earn your hintpoints after a solved puzzle on a wheel of fortune.
The biggest lack of this game is that it is only in english. Very hard for people outside the UK to solve some crosswords for example. Thats the reason I must invest lots of hint points into unknown expressions. But some of the old game modes and the mathematics riddles are still fun.
Pubblicata: 25 Giugno 2014
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