TRUST NO ONE BUT YOURSELF as you adventure into the dark world of espionage amidst the volatile atmosphere of impending war. As a double agent, you must find clever ways to pit enemy factions against each other while eluding pursuers in each of your increasingly dangerous missions.
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Data di rilascio: 21 nov 2008
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Acquista Mata Hari


Riguardo questo gioco

NON PUOI FIDARTI DI NESSUNO, SE NON DI TE STESSO. Lo capirai già da subito, quando ti avventuri nell'oscuro mondo dello spionaggio, nell'atmosfera cangiante dell'imminente guerra.

Dovrai giocare d'astuzia e trovare strategie per poter mettere le fazioni nemiche l'una contro l'altra ed eludere i tuoi inseguitori in queste missioni sempre più pericolose. Ma sei anche una femme fatale, ed è risaputo che nessun uomo sa resistere al tuo fascino. Ma la domanda è: riuscirai a conquistare l'uomo che ti ha davvero preso il cuore?


  • Basato su eventi reali che hanno portato alla Prima Guerra Mondiale

  • Decodifica, intercetta i telefoni, usa la tua ingegnosità e la tecnologia più avanzata di quell'epoca!

  • Rischia tutto e intraprendi missioni pericolosissime

  • 8 minigiochi impegnativi e 4 capitoli avvincenti

  • Diversi finali basati sulle scelte che porti a termine nel gioco

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP/Vista, XP, 2000

    • Processore: CPU: 1.6 GHZ minimo, 2.0 GHZ consigliato

    • Memoria: 512 MB minimo, 1 GB consigliato

    • Grafica: scheda da almeno 128 MB compatibile con DirectX, 256 MB consigliati

    • DirectX®: 9.0c

    • Hard Drive: 2 GB

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Pubblicata: 6 giugno 2014
non parte
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Pubblicata: 7 dicembre 2013
Really enjoyed this adventure game!! It's different than the average point-and-click adventure game in that the decisions made by the player will change how the story unfolds. Which, in turn, affects your scoring at games end. You play as Mata Hari and are recruited as a spy. As story progresses, you end up becoming a double agent. As with point-and-click adventure games, it is somewhat linear. However ... the key is to strategize. You're a spy. Stop and think. Even though some characters may suggest you go to one country, try going a different route via a different country first. There are side 'missions' that are at play while completing primary missions at hand. With my first playthrough, I pretty much did what I thought I was 'supposed' to do per the character interactions to get what I needed to further the story. My score was pretty sad at games end and I didn't understand why. On my second playthrough, I took more time, chose different routes than suggested by characters, tried to avoid interaction with certain characters until necessary, and was delightfully surprised that I could do much more than I thought. Any adventure gamer will really enjoy this game!!!!
(I would love to see achievements and cards added to this game!!!!)
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Pubblicata: 14 giugno 2014
Like some other reviewers I find it difficult to give this game a pure thumbs up or down. It does have a charm to it--where else can one drug a man to sleep and steal his secrets while dressed in a nightie and high heels? The problem lies not in the story but in the game play. First, there is A LOT of traveling between countires and while the attempt to turn this into a minigame might have meant well it quickly becomes tedious. Second, I thought the the difficulty of the minigames ramped up quickly, espeically the dance one. I know you don't have to be a dancer to finish the game but I hate it when not having great twitch reflexes gets in the way of playing the game how I want to play it--frustration is not equal to fun. Some people are going to love this game but I didn't. The story and the setting simply couldn't overcome what I experienced as poor game play.
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Pubblicata: 24 marzo 2014
Its an average game, the story doesn't really get engaging until towards the end.

The puzzles are decent, the graphics are meh, but not atrocious. The voice acting is done very well and makes up for any lack of polish the game may have.

The main character seems a bit out of touch with reality in some cases.

It would make a good stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys point and click adventures.
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Pubblicata: 2 maggio 2014
Mine is not a thumbs up, nor a thumbs down. The game has a particular charme: it's set in the first two decades of 1900, you travel in 4 countries of Europe, you meet some historical characters, and the main character is Mata Hari. That's probably the only good thing about this game. If you like the adventure genre and you have nothing else to play, and you find this game for a few bucks (like I did), give it a shot, but you better know that this isn't one of the best point'n'click adventure games out there: the puzzles are boring and too easy - most of the gameplay will be spent traveling from city to city to speak to someone (couldn't she use a phone?). The story isn't very addictive either, but there's something about this game that give you a good feeling. The setting is perfect, the puzzles are useless. Too bad, it could have been a great game, but it isn't.
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