From the developer of the smash-hit Virtual Villagers series comes the new casual game that captures the drama of life—Virtual Families! Virtual Families is a casual family sim that runs in true-real time. Adopt and nurture a needy person in the computer. Help them meet a mate, and start a family.
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发行日期: 2009年5月6日


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From the developer of the smash-hit Virtual Villagers series comes the new casual game that captures the drama of life—Virtual Families! Virtual Families is a casual family sim that runs in true-real time. Adopt and nurture a needy person in the computer. Help them meet a mate, and start a family. Pass on the house to the next generations.

  • Unique and fascinating adoptees from 1000's of combinations
  • Fully trainable people: shape/adapt their personalities through praising and scolding!
  • Dynamic illness system. Play doctor!
  • Over 100 trophies
  • Hidden puzzles around the house
  • Weather, day/night cycles (synchronized to the player's system clock, so it is nighttime in the game when it is nighttime where you are
  • Uses the technology behind Virtual Villagers for an accessible and stable player experience


    • OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
    • Memory: 96 MB of RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 7.0 or later
    • Hard Drive: 50MB Free Space
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No. Just no. You can make food, make the people shower or make them pick up socks and wrappers.
There have been NO UPDATES, no new content, no improvements.
This game was thrown together for the devs to make a quick 10$.
Get the Sims.. at least its an actual game.
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8-bit sims with less freedom, but good for killing time or pretending to take notes in class.
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A short review.
The graphics could be so much better. It's like two different artstyles decided to come together and argued about custody for the game and got joint custody. It's not good.
The gameplay itself is rather straight forward. In the beginning there's some puzzle elements which draws you in. I do wish there were more of them though as they are fairly easy to complete. The upgrading to the house can be made within a couple of generations and once that is done, what is left is achievements and collections. Some achievements will take forever and the collections are a game of chance. (after 35 hours of playtime I'm still missing a lot of bugs)
But despite the game lacking so many things, and the poor art style I keep going back to keep playing it. The pace is nice, the people don't live on forever but you can start up the next generation after about 3 days. It's a casual game where you end up caring for your family and it's lines in a very short amount of time.
I would recommend this game to someone who doesn't have a lot of time on their hands every day to play and who likes the more casual sides of things. It left me wanting more, but at the same time, it's good enough.
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Virtual Families is like Tamagotchi evolved. Think of it like sims, only that the game continues even when you're asleep. The music is terrific, you can bond with your virtual family really good, and keep them on their toes, to guide them to prosperity. Its simple yet addicting.
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Nice and super casual game to play.
+ A nice and managable pace and you can pause as well
+ Progresses nicely
+ Gives you activities and little quests so you always have something to do
+ Some subtle puzzling

- The art could be a little better
- Takes forever for all of the collectibles to be found
- Wished there were more features

Overall, its a fun little pet game without being far too complicated.
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can't make them ♥♥♥♥, i wanna see ♥♥♥♥ in ♥♥♥♥♥ action i wanna see these little 8 bit ♥♥♥♥s doing it
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Meh, takes a while, (T3T)
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This is actually the most terrible game ever...I mean look at the trailer, it's made in Windows Movie Maker, for pony's sake...
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101.3 小时(记录在案的)
Now this is a casual game. You can play it for 5 minutes, not even, and then shut it off to come back hours later to find them only a few "years" older or you can leave it for a day and it's the same thing really. I'm on the second generation and I still haven't purchased all upgrades. O_o
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421.4 小时(记录在案的)
10/10 is ok
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There is a free version of it in the Googleplay app store that is ultimately better content-wise, but I think I personally would rather just stick with this rather than throwing away money into a "freemium" game.

Overall, I think the game is OK. I like the simplicity of it. It's cute. It's also an amusing way to kill time or entertain yourself. I also like that it is easy to walk away from when you get busy. However, it is not very graphic heavy and could use a bit more features.
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23.7 小时(记录在案的)
I'm kinda' iffy on recommending this one or not.

It's a very nice game if you like continuing old routines and enjoy checking up on it once in awhile. It's a pretty dull game once you've gotten everything in it, though. Once you do have all the upgrades, you're left to just do the same thing over and over again per generation. It gets very boring.

Really, the only thing you can do is try and complete all the challenges or see how many generations you can run through. Once you start a new game, it actually feels a lot more boring and aggravating than having to deal with the same situations all day long.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend it unless you like doing the same thing. If you're bored easily, then, yeah, wouldn't recommend.
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